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Good Young Girl Gets Cocked!

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Three days ago,while I was home getting the house ready for my daughters birthday sleepover,my wife called to tell me she had to unexpectantly leave town for a business meeting,and wouldn't be able to help me with the (girls!),at the party. She said she would be home in an hour,but had to leave right after. After 19 years of marriage,I was use to it,seeing as she was a hard working business woman. I told her I had everything under control,and would have her things packed for her when she arrived. After arriving home,making small talk,she asked:"Are you going to behave with these pretty young girls,or do I have to put a leash on you?" I laughed and said:"I'll just do what I always do,if I get excited,I'll just think of your ass,and beat off,sound good?" We kissed,and she said:"I'll see you on Sunday,be a good boy",and off she went. Now,I'm 48,still good looking they say,in shape,and love to still have fun. My daughter is 13,good kid,plays sports,and her friends are all very hot! As the evening came,I took the 5 of them to the movies,and after having pizza,I picked them up at about 9:30pm. Once home,they did the typical pillow fight,played music loud,talked about boys,school,and stuff,and finally by about midnight,they crashed out. In the meantime,while they were doing their thing,I started to drink some beers,and decided after seeing these hot young girls,walking around in their see thru nighties,I needed to spice up my night a little,by watching a porno,and smoking some sex drug(that makes you get really horny!!),and just beat off. After checking on them,to make sure they were asleep,I went into my family room,turned on a porno of young girls with tight asses(my favorite!),and perky tits,and took a hit of my love drug. In minutes,I was feeling so horny,and started to stroke my 7.5"cock. I love the feel of my cock when it gets big,as I do still beat off at least 3 times a week. After another hit of smoke,and only being in my boxers,my cock was rock hard. I pulled them off,sat back down,and continued stroking it. The porno had me going,along with the love drug,when all of a sudden,I heard:"Mr. B,I need you for a second." Turning around,my cock sticking straight out,and me butt naked,I was staring at my daughters friend Amy. Now Amy is 13, 5'1",90lbs,short,red hair,pretty face,34b tits(I think!),and she has one of the best,little asses I've seen in awhile. She was in her white,see thru nightie,no bra(her nipples kinda hard),and a white thong. Thinking of what to say,as she stood there staring at my cock,I asked:"Whats wrong? are you okay?".Slowly looking up at me,she said:"I can't sleep,can I sit in here with you?" I said hesitantly:"Well.....I'm kinda the middle of something you probably shouldn't see!!" She walked towards me,looked at the porno,saw my love drug pipe,and said:"Can I have some? I already know what it is,and I've tried it a couple times anyway." Seeing this hot,young girl,the porno,my smoke,my aching cock,I answered:"Only if you never,ever tell you parents,or my daughter,cause I could get in big trouble!" She said:"I promise,and with that,she sucked up a big hit,and sat down on the couch with me. In seconds,she said:"So you like pornos,doing this love drug,and jacking off,huh??" I answered:"Well,sometimes,when I'm alone,I do. I still like getting off!" Hearing that,she said:"I bet you like me too,don't you?" She stood up,took off the nightie,dropped her thong,and sat on my lap! I didn't know what to say. She started rubbing her sweet,young pussy against my throbbing cock,and leaned in to kiss me. At that moment,I went for it! I kissed her long and hard,and while I did,I played with those hard nipples of hers. In minutes,she said:"Do you want me to suck your big cock Mr. B??" I answered:"Yes I do,and then I'm going to eat your fine,little pussy,fuck you,and then your going to get my big cock in that great little ,girls butt of yours!" She looked at me,took another hit,and said:"I'm going to be the best,little fuck you ever had,and I have never even fucked before!" At that moment,she swallowed my cock like a pro. Up and down she went,caressing my balls,stroking my cock with those 2 little hands of hers,making it look so big,I loved it! In minutes,my cock was throbbing so hard,and as she looked up,I said:"Don't make me cum yet,in awhile,okay?' She pulled that sweet mouth off my cock,and I layed her down on the couch,spreading those hot legs. She hardly had any pubic hair! And that virgin pussy was begging me to eat it. She said:"Make me feel good Mr. B., make my pussy cum all over." I attacked that pussy,like it was the last one on earth!God!,it was good! Sucking,and licking,and kissing,drove her wild. Pulling apart those tight pussy lips,I stuck my tongue in and out. I then started to lick that beautiful butthole! Mmmm!!Mmmmm! She went wild! Pulling my head tight,down on her pussy,she said:"That feels so fucking good!,I love you licking my asshole!! She then screamed:"Mr B.,I'm going to cum.....I'm cumming...She buried my head in her pussy,as I licked that butthole. Then BAM!!!!! Pussy cum everywhere!!I loved it! She grinded her pussy on me for a few more seconds,when she sat up and said:" I know your going to fuck my pussy,but would you like to fuck my virgin butthole first??" I'm so turned on right now,and I know you want it,right?" I said:" My god,yes!! I've always wanted to fuck a tight,little girls ass like yours,and you have a perfect butt!!" She turned over on all fours,stuck her great ass up high in the air,and said:" Put it in Mr.B,fuck my little ass,put your big cock in my little hole......PLEASE!!,FUCK ME!! As I stood behind her,staring at that perfect ass,my cock throbbing hard,I couldn't believe what I was about to do! But I didn't care! I grabbed onto her small hips,eased my cock up to that pink hole,spread apart those tiny cheeks(God I love little girls butts!!)and with her wet,pussy juice still everywhere,I started to ease it in that love hole. She screamed:"Holy shit!!,that hurts,but do it...just do it!!" I held those little hips tighter. I had to push as hard as I ever had before in my life. Then,in a few more seconds,I succeeded!! In and out my big cock went. That virgin butt was like a visegrip on my cock,and it felt SO GOOD!!!We were both screaming ,when she said:"That is so fucking good!!,I love you in my ass!!",as she rocked those little cheeks up and down my cock. I was just about to explode,when she sat all the way down on my cock,I grabbed her hard,perky nipples,rubbed her tits,and she said:"OH MY GOD!!,I'm Cuming again Mr. B!!" I'm cumming.......Hearing that,I exploded like a rocket,deep in that fine young butt!!Holding on to her,my cum was oozing out of that tight,love hole,onto my legs! I hadn't cum like this in years!! My whole body shaked!!After a few minutes,she eased off me,sticking that fine ass up in the air again,and turned to me and said:" That was fantastic!! You have a wonderful cock Mr. B!!" We kissed again,when I said:"I don't know if I have any energy left ,or any cum to fuck your pussy baby." She answered:"I'll take care of that,as she handed me my love pipe,I took a big hit,then she proceeded to start sucking me hard again!!Does this get any better??? I now have a hot,young girl,to fuck anytime I want,and she totally loves anal sex!!!!!! Which I do to her at least 5 times a week!! Who cares if the wife goes away!!


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