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Here, Kitty, Kitty

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"Here! Kitty, Kitty."

The rain had just stopped and it was quiet. More quiet, it seemed, just because the rain had stopped. Perhaps more green in the garden as well. Cleaner and therefore, greener. The air more sweet. Spring again. My favorite time. My Iris were filling and would soon bloom for a few weeks after all the work through the year and, of course, weeding. It was something that never stopped, especially since I learned that weed killer harmed little froggies that kept me company in the garden. Let them live even at the expense of my increased effort.

The kitties came to garden with me; actually to impede the gardening as they would sit on my trowel, weave between my legs, do rollies in the weeds, before and after they were pulled, licking themselves clean while sitting on my gloves that were impediments to weeding in large part.

It was that kind of morning--kitties--all of them!--weeds and the sky was clear blue emphasizing tufts of white cloud cruising along in the heavens. It was cool enough that the sun felt welcome on my back. One cat was sunning, another in the shade, sitting point for any and all gophers, thought they were elusive, even to cats. I didn't want to see it, or the result of the hunt, but I was glad to know the news so my Iris and pansy would have another day.

But, first some coffee and evap and the paper--got to check Ann and Abby and the letters. Here was one: "It Ought to be Banned While your editorial about freedom of speech was admirable, there are limits. And the latest book about sexual behavior is disgusting and ought to be banned. Some hairbrained feminist says consensual sex between an adult and a 15 year old girl can be beneficial because the girl should learn from some ill-informed fellow 15 year old about a beautiful human experience. Ban the book and the writer, I say. Abigail Birthright, Clovis."

That was my morning paper: book burnings, suppression of ideas, and it would send me to an early gardening morning! Coffee done, paper in the bin, dishes clean...check of the weather...short-sleeved blouse weather. My favorite. the garden...just gardening and kitties and......wandering thoughts.

About the letter. I wondered just what that writer meant. I had my share of fumbling young boys who fumbled and fiddled, as did I at the time...but there was one time, actually a few was educational in one way, very memorable in another, and...

I took a wheelbarrow load of weeds to the compost pile and after the fourth load I was finished. The sun was making me hot and the kitties were all in the shade now. It was time for a shower and my favorite late morning TV Show. I had just time for showering, toweling and housecoat and eased into my recliner for the show. My hair was still damp and cool, my skin was warm from the shower; I looked at the garden, flowers, and settled into the chair, moving my feet up off the ground. Commercials! The scourge of American TV! I wondered about that letter and began to see things again, but not waht was on TV. It was a repeat of an episode I had already seen.

I reached for the remote control and turned off the sound and pushed my chair further back. I closed my eyes. I could hear loud purring. It was one of my cats and the sound soothed me. More atmosphere. Suddenly, she was on my lap and purring and settling on my housecoat nestling between my legs. I could feel her purr it was so strong. It all made me drowsy and I totally relaxed.

* * *

"Gena!" It was one of the boys in school. "Can I walk home with you?"

"It's a free country," I said and so we walked together toward home. First across the road and then into the large field that separated the area of the school from our housing. "I brought something for us to drink," he said. It was almost like a date, I thought, and I hadn't had many dates at the time and this might as well be a date. "And a sandwich." I had already eaten lunch but date etiquette required me to say: "Fine." "And a blanket so we can sit and have a little picnic," he said. Uh oh, I thought, maybe this is a real after school date. I had never had one before. A blanket, why to cover oneself with, Right. Or to lie on...and maybe, if I got lucky to be kissed on?

"Let's go over where we can't be seen and we can eat in peace," he said. His name was Jeffrey and we were both 15 years old. And, by this time, I had declared this an "official"date. Just the two of us, and a picnic on a blanket where we wouldn't be seen. That constituted a date. I could hardly wait to tell my girlfriends!

We walked among the trees and he found a level place with grass so it would be soft enough and spread out the blanket. I was careful not to let him see up my legs when we sat down for the picnic. I didn't trust him you see and that excited me a little. Dates should be a little exciting up until a girl puts a stop to it, at least that's what I thought at the time. A little adventure.

I knew he'd try to see up my legs when I sat down like boys all do because he sat down first and looked up at me. My skirt was just below my knees and it's hard to sit on a blanket and be ladylike at the same time though a lady on a date wasn't required to be a lady for the entire date. So I sat down but not as carefully as I should have and that was part of the fun and the tease and I knew he got a glimpse. I hoped he did. I had pretty legs and a pretty body and my breasts were filling out. I think I had the largest set in class. Some of the other girls were jealous though they lied about it and said they weren't jealous; that theirs would soon be just as nice. Meanwhile I was proud of my body. "You're very pretty," he said. That was nice and I believed him right away because I knew it was the truth. I looked in the mirror sometimes before I got dressed for bed. I was very pretty. In the mirror I saw a real woman even at my age.

One time I checked myself out carefully on a day all my family had gone on an outing and I had stayed home. I looked at myself a long time and felt my breasts, how soft they were, but my nipples got hard while I was looking. They just rose up and got stiff. When I stopped feeling they went soft again until I touched my legs and up between my legs and admired my soft growth of light brown hair. They got stiff again and I kind of felt stiff all over too and had to breath more. My face was flushed. It all embarrassed me and, at the same time, made me feel warm. Then I put on my dress and went downstairs to soak my feet and cut my toenails. I liked to be alone when I did that. Not entirely alone actually. Just me and our little doggie. He liked to watch me when I soaked my feet and cut my nails. Sort of our time together.

I sat down on the blanket first putting down one knee and then the other and giving Jeffrey, who was lying on his back and looking up, just ever so slight of a glance under my skirt and up my leg. I wondered if he could see I had no knickers on. His face got a little red so he must have gotten a glimpse of something good!

"What are we having?" I asked. "My Mum makes really good ham and cheese sandwiches," he said and got one out of a sack. "Too bad we don't have a soda," I said. Jeffrey got up and went behind one of the trees and pulled out two Coca Colas. "I didn't know if you'd let me walk you home but I could always come back and get them later if you said 'No'" So that was it. Confirmed. A real date and during the week. That was even better. How to open the bottles was another matter. Like I say, he wasn't very experienced and, then, neither was I, but he found a way to laboriously pry off the bottle caps and we sat and ate and drank, not knowing what to say and not knowing what would happen next.

I sat on a stool with my feet soaking in the warm water and daydreaming about myself and how much prettier my body was than some of the girls. One of my best friends had almost no breasts at all even thought we were both fifteen and she had no body hair. She had just a little hairless slit where I had a nice folding of skin delicately covered with light brown curls. She wanted to touch me there one time but I said "No." She didn't mention it again. I wasn't ready for anyone to touch me there, except myself, of course. I slept over at her house a couple times. She lived alone with her Dad.

She and I slept in the same bed but nothing ever happened--not in bed, that is. There was a time her Dad bought us both nightgowns so we put them on. That was the time I saw that she wasn't very developed. She admired my body and it made me proud of myself. That was when she reached at me in amazement and I stepped back. I was surprised at her reaction.

We looked at ourselves in the mirror in our new nightgowns. They were on the short side and didn't hide much. She didn't have much to hide, but I did. Anyway, I was proud and didn't feel like hiding myself. Then, together we went into the lounge. It was an exhibition and her Dad's eyes were staring hard at us when we entered. It made my face hot. He was looking very hard at me, not his daughter, and I could almost feel his eyes under my nightgown, traveling up my legs and feeling them touch my light covering of hair...I was sure his eyes were admiring my pretty fanny...I felt hot and cool at the same time, between my legs, and my friend and I sat down together, across from her Dad.

The TV was on and I focused on the TV even though nothing good was on and hoping, in a way, her Dad was looking at the TV, not me, and also hoping, maybe he was taking a peek at the pretty girl in the pretty nightgown; taking a peek at her nice breasts and her beautiful fanny that was really hot right now. I crossed my legs so he couldn't look any more at my fanny but I knew he was looking at me and my friend and I were watching TV. It felt good when I crossed my legs and sort of squeezed myself together. I don't think his looking meant anything to her, after all, it was her Dad and he had seen her many times. But for me his eyes were feeling me all over. This was just the same thing to her, but to me it was very different and disturbing and I was scared about what might happen next. And a little hopeful. This was an adventure. I liked adventures. I wanted to have one now.

My kitty shifted its position on my lap and awakened me for a few moments and then it started purring again. I petted its head and down its back and it nuzzled and nestled itself into just the right spot and let out a large sigh and purr and went still. I closed my eyes. Where was I?

On the blanket chewing my sandwich, drinking a Coke, on a midweek date after school. I didn't especially like Jeffrey. Not that I didn't like him but he was just a boy, not a particular boy, and I didn't know much about boys and hadn't been on many dates, just dances at church and such as that and boys were very shy about girls and didn't talk. I knew they looked when we thought we were unaware and talked when we weren't around but otherwise they were different and strange and interesting in their own way. How girls made them nervous I don't know. What was there to be nervous about? So we ate our sandwiches and didn't talk much except that it hadn't rained and might not rain for a few days and it was warm and then about our teachers and the school and science class know...talked basically about nothing.

At the picnic with Jeffrey I had no knickers and wondered what he would say if he knew. Maybe that would get him to talking or probably just make his face red. My new nightgown had next to no knickers either. Just a flimsy little covering of my fanny. And her Dad knew it and enjoyed it...just a flimsy covering. I know I liked the way it made me feel, being almost, but not quite naked. There was a hint of my flesh, hiding slightly. And there was no need for any covering when I was soaking my feet. Our doggie could be counted among the silent though his mouth was open. Knickers or no knickers. They were a special part of my life. Sometimes I put them on for school and sometimes not. It made me feel dirty when I had nothing on underneath at school. Like I could show a boy any time I wanted what a real girl was like. An adventure every time I sat down or bent over.

Jeffrey, our little innocent doggie, my girlfriend's Dad, they seemed the same in a way--and here I was: a girl before them, almost naked at the waist--if they only knew: Our doggie certainly didn't know of the importance of my nakedness...I even let him look, what did it matter, his tongue out, panting, his pretty eyes, looking eagerly at me, probably for a biscuit or something...something?...anything maybe, but looking eagerly at me, at my wet little cunny with the slight covering of hair, my legs apart, soaking my feet. I knew I was wet and wondered about it. I could feel the air cooling me there, just there, and it made me even more wet. Was I making me wet or was the looking at me causing it. I reached and felt my slippery opening. It made me shiver. It was hard for me to remove my fingers. If Jeffrey would have been there, at that moment, what then? If my girlfriend's Dad had been there?

He was there when I was on the couch with my girlfriend. She protected me from the situation and then again her Dad was also across the room in his armchair. I glanced over but he wasn't watching the TV he was looking at me again and smiled. "Thank you for the nightgowns," I said. "You both look very pretty in them," he said, including his daughter in the remark and making me feel more comfortable but I kept my legs crossed. I knew I had to keep them crossed or he could see right through the filmy gown and see me just like I had seen myself in the mirror at home with nothing on at all. I was virtually naked, in front of a grown man. Isn't that what women do sometimes? But I wasn't a women. I was just a very pretty girl with her girlfriend for protection.

Then she fell asleep! What now, I thought. She was my guardian and asleep on the guard. Nothing happened is what happened...and we watched TV...then her Dad got up and said he was going to put his daughter, to bed. He was removing my guardian and I was scared but not the least bit tired. I couldn't wait to find out about the next part of this adventure. He bent down to pick her up and I saw his eyes on me, all over me, between my breasts, between my legs, which I kept crossed, and put my arms around myself to protect against his dark brown looking-all-over-me eyes. I relaxed when he left the room and maybe he would go to sleep as well and thus would end my little adventure. Less than I had imagined, though I wasn't sure what I had thought would happen.

Jeffrey finished his sandwich first and laid back looking up at the sky through the tree branches. He reached out and held my hand. I wondered what he would have done if he had known how close his hand was to my naked fanny. Her Dad came back to the lounge and I put my arms around myself again. He didn't look at me this time but sat down next tome. "It's a little cold in here," he said. It actually was a little cold and he put his arm on the back of the couch. "Move over her and Ill keep you warm," he said. I moved only slightly. I was already practically in his lap! Our little doggie moved closer to me and looked at the water in the foot bath and looked up at me again. I opened my legs and let him look. What did it matter?

I laid back on the blanket and closed my eyes. Jeffrey squeezed my hand and we both laid there. Neither of us saying a word and maybe not knowing what to talk about. What is there to talk about with boys anyway. He moved closer to me and we were shoulder to shoulder. Body next to body. I got bold and turned on my side and put my arm over his waist. He put his arm under my head. Our doggie must have known my fanny was wet. I'm not sure if Jeffrey knew. I didn't know myself at that moment whether it was or not. Then her Dad put his arm on my shoulder. I felt a little sleepy and rested my head on his arm. My nipples were stiff and the nightgown rubbed against them. I felt his eyes on me, down my shoulders and between my breasts and I caught my breath.

That naughty doggie was sniffing my legs, looking for something, and sniffing me! Jeffrey and I laid there, our eyes closed, not moving, and the doggie licked my fanny, more than once. It was my fault for opening myself to him and I closed my legs and pushed him back. He was determined and kept at me. I hadn't finished cutting my toenails and so I stayed right where I was, the doggie licking my thigh and getting under me and up between my legs again. I thought what the heck. I was alone. Who would know? It didn't matter. It was just a doggie and it really felt good. Then I hoped he wouldn't stop. Another adventure and I didn't know what would happen next.

Her Dad kissed me all of a sudden and it shocked me. But not enough that I didn't kiss him back. He whispered: "You're a very pretty girl." I didn't know what to say or do and thanked him for my nightie. "I wanted to see you in it. With your school clothes off." This was going too far I thought so I kissed him back. I opened my eyes and saw Jeffrey not her Dad and then it was her Dad again and my persistent little doggie and the kitty was readjusting itself on my lap. "Stay still," I thought, "I don't want to be disturbed."

I was back in the field, on the couch and soaking my feet and my hands were busy now. The kitty jumped down and walked out of the room. Her Dad was really kissing me and not saying anything more, just little whispers and I was catching my breath between kisses. I'd never really kissed anyone seriously like this so I put my arm around him, like in the movies, and nuzzled against him, his mouth was on my neck and I felt my nightgown leaving my shoulders and my breasts being suckled and kissed all over and then he sucked on my nipples and my legs went apart. I don't know why that happened. I didn't care. I wanted more of these feelings. Suddenly my flimsy nightgown knickers were gone! Where had they gone? I didn't care but felt more open and completely naked. My nipples and my legs seemed connected and making me dizzy. "I'm going to make you a woman tonight." His hand was down and between my legs. I listened for my girlfriend and hoped she wouldn't interrupt us. His fingers massaged me. They moved easily in and out of me because I was wet and hot. "You're wet and hot," he whispered. I could barely hear him. I didn't care what he said only what he was making me feel Hot! Dreamy! Exploding! I was dizzy all over! I couldn't get enough of his touching and lifted myself with each upstroke and lowered myself against his fingers with each downstroke. I was an instrument and he was a musician magically making me respond. A symphony and my ears were full of the sounds.

My little doggie forced himself upon me. I was glad for his persistence and opened myself finally as his reward. His tongue slavered me eagerly and I lifted my dress out of his way watching him lick me. His tongue was hot and pushed aside my hair and into me. I closed my eyes and let myself feel deep forbidden sensations that went from my legs to my thighs up my waist and to my cheeks and temples. A boy glanced at me across the classroom and I felt him up my dress where I was naked. I looked down at my pretty new nightgown and at her Dad's head between my legs. I felt his breath on me and his fingers spread me open. The boy across the room smiled and looked directly up my dress. I opened my legs a little. He looked at me again and looked through me, into me and his look traveled through my legs and thighs along my body making my face hot and my breath short in lightning waves and I knew something was happening inside me that was new and an adventure and held her Dad's head tight against me. He couldn't leave now. None of them could leave yet. Not yet. They needed to finish something. Finish me like her Dad knew how to do. Like Jeffrey wouldn't know for years. Like my doggie wouldn't understand and that would puzzle me. But her Dad knew how to finish me so I held his head and felt his ears and his mouth moving. A same kind of feeling, a school boy, a pretty doggie and a different feeling that a Man gives a Woman, in the evening after removing her evening gown. After removing her nightgown. After opening her body to touches and licking and, not this night, but a later night when she is older, sharing his prick with her cunt; pricking her cunt as only a man can do and a woman can have done but this time, first at a picnic a beginning, with a doggie and his hot tongue a further step, with the look of a schoolboy on her naked cunt and with her girlfriend's Dad and his knowlegable fingers and searching tongue, the adventure of making her more of a woman than a few minutes before. She liked being a woman and all the feelings that went with it made to be so from someone who knew how to bring her up to be a bring her off...finishing her off...making her come.

He covered her with a blanket and carried her to bed; she pushed her dress back over her legs after her doggie had finished thoroughly licking her fanny; she had slept on the blanket among the trees in the field and then it was that she opened her eyes where she lay on the recliner and removed her hands fromwhere they had been, at her waist, dipping in and out and along her fanny, and then quickening on her stiffness, bringing herself until her nipples were tight and her fanny rising and falling to each upstroke and each downstroke, then she was resting and covering herself with her housecoat, settling back against the chair. Her mind was somehow clear just now. It was very quiet. Even so, in the next room she could hear the kitty purring loudly.



This is probably the best erotic story ive had the pleasure to read. Its not fitting to have it posted here with all the other "wank fics" this story was deeper.. it had more meaning... it was well written.

Its clearly novel quality and the comparison


a very good story that gives the reader a well rounded view of this womans past adventres that have shaped her throughout her sexual desires, and in enfect bring her closer and closer to womanhood. though only an 8 becuase there was no detailed sex scenes

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