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In the Pink

gokothegiant on Taboo Stories

IMike Selbin was fixing himself a rum and coke when the doorbell
rang. Shit, he thought, he'd just got rid of the rest of the family
for a few hours and he was looking forward to a nice relaxing
afternoon alone, just him... the game on TV... and a 26oz bottle of
rum. Carrying his glass down the hall, Mike took a long, satisfying
gulp before cursing under his breath and opening the door.

    "Hi, Mr. Selbin!", Suzy smiled as she saw Mike peek inquisitively
around the door. "Is Timmy home?"

    It was Suzy Wilson, from down the street... one of his son's
"regulars".  Sixteen-year-old Timmy had so many young girls chasing
him right now, that Mike could hardly keep track of them all. But he
remembered Suzy alright, she was only thirteen, but she was one hell
of a sexy-looking little kid. The other night he had overheard his
son talking about her to one of his friends on the phone. And, if the
idle chatter of two sixteen-year-old boys talking about girls could
be believed, this gorgeous, innocent-looking little girl was
really... (and Mike remembered his son's exact words vividly)... "a
hot cock-hungry little nympho" who was "dynamite in the sack" and
"constantly horny". Looking at Suzy's sweet, dimpled young face and
long slender legs, Mike's cock twitched with sudden involuntary
arousal as he wondered if it was true.

    "Ahh, No honey! Not right now!" replied Mike, looking the pretty,
young brunette up and down with more than a passing interest.
    She was wearing a translucent cotton blouse, that ended several
inches above an extremely tight, black miniskirt, and the whole
outfit displayed her hot little figure to full advantage. Mike found
it hard to believe that the girl was only thirteen years old!  His
mouth actually began to water as his eyes roamed freely over her
firm, round tits and nicely curved little buttocks.

    Thinking fast, Mike opened the door wider. "Timmy won't be long,
honey," he lied, knowing full well that his son would be away with
his mother and sister for the rest of the afternoon. "You want to
come on in and wait for him?"

    Suzy didn't even hesitate.

    "Okay, Mr. Selbin!", she said, stepping inside.

    Mike looked quickly up and down the street before closing and
locking the door behind her. "Where's he gone?", asked Suzy
innocently, as she ambled into the living-room.  Mike felt his cock
stir stiffly in his pants as he followed her, watching the girl's
firm, round little butt, bobbing seductively under the tight mini.

    "Um... He.. Ah.... He had to go nextdoor to the Howell's with a
message.", Mike lied, "He won't be long, Suzy, I promise! Can I get
you a drink?"

    "Yeah, thanks! Got any coke, Mr. Selbin?", asked the girl,
flopping casually down on the sofa.

    Mike licked his lips again, as Suzy's impossibly short skirt rode
up over her firm, creamy young thighs. When she noticed him staring
at her legs, Suzy smiled and slowly opened her thighs, giving Mike a
good, long look at her panty-encased mound. She liked it when boys
looked at her cunt, it gave her a feeling of power, but this was
different, Mr. Selbin was a grown man, and it made her hot, little
pussy crawl to think she could turn him on just like she did the
younger boys.

    By now, Mike was staring at the girl's shamelessly exposed crotch
like a child eyeing off a tasty lollypop. He could even see the
pouting groove of her moist little pussy-slit, clearly visible
through the tight material of her panties. 'Christ! What a cute
little snatch!", he thought, licking his lips involuntarily.

    "Nice view, huh Mr. Selbin?", giggled Suzy boldly.
    She let her slim young thighs fall open even further. Mike
reddened when he realized that the young kid had caught him staring
at her crotch.

    "I... Um... W... what did you say you wanted to drink, Suzy?",
stammered Mike.

    "Coke, Mr. Selbin, remember?", she answered, a sly smile playing
devilishly over her pretty young features.

    "Uh.. Yeah! Sure, honey! One ice-cold coke coming up!" Mike could
hardly control himself, as he poured her drink. No wonder his son was
fucking her, she was absolutely gorgeous! And from what he had
overheard Timmy telling his friend on the phone, it wasn't hard to
persuade the sexy young thing to put out, either. Mike made up his
mind, nobody would be home for hours, so he had the place to himself.
Just him and gorgeous little Suzy, and if her sexy smile was any
indication, he'd have his cock in her tight little cunt before you
could say, 'Nymphomaniac!' Her age didn't matter to him, quite the
opposite, it turned him on!  The gorgeous young kid simply oozed sex,
and he didn't care if she was one of his son's girlfriends or that
she was only thirteen... he simply HAD to have her!

    Mike looked at the half finished bottle of rum and had an idea
that was sure to get things happening, real quick. Making sure she
didn't see him, he quickly topped up her glass with a generous
measure of the potent liquid and went back to join her on the couch,
purposely sitting as close as he could.

    "Here you go, honey! Get that into you.", said, Mike handing her
the glass.

    Suzy's shapely, budding, breasts moved seductively beneath her
top, as she took the glass from his hand. He could see her hard,
little nipples sliding around under the thin fabric of her blouse,
almost drilling holes in the translucent material. 'Christ, tits like
that, and she isn't even wearing a bra!', thought Mike, watching the
firm, pointed cones rub against the front of her blouse. Suzy took a
big, long swig, smacking her tiny, pink lips in appreciation.

    "Mmmmmm! You put rum in this, didn't you Mr Selbin?" Mike looked
at her blankly, trying to figure out a plausible explanation. Before
he could answer, Suzy surprised him by saying, "I like rum, Mr.
Selbin. Can you put some more in it, please? Daddy won't let me have
any at home. You don't mind. do you?"
    With a feeling of relief, Mike took her glass and stood up.

    "No, honey! I don't mind. I like few stiff drinks occasionally, it
makes me relax.", he laughed nervously, "How about you?"

    Suzy turned and looked at him over her shoulder.

    "It always makes my Daddy horny!", she said, matter-of-factly.

    Mike almost dropped the bottle of rum he was holding, and stared
at her incredulously.

    "W..What?", he stammered, filling both their glasses to the brim
with rum. "I said, it always gets my Daddy horny, Mr. Selbin.",
winked Suzy, "You know,.... turns him on... gets him in the mood!"

    Returning to the couch, Mike sat down next to her and handed Suzy
her drink.  Immediately, the young girl surprised him again by
finishing off half of it, in just two large gulps!

    "Yes, honey, I know what it means, but how do you know it makes
your father horny?" asked Mike, intrigued by her utter frankness.

    "Well...", said Suzy, taking another long swig, "...every time my
Daddy has a few rums, he takes my Mom into their bedroom and fucks
the shit out of her."

    Mike, who was just about to swallow a mouthful of rum and coke,
almost choked on it!

    "You don't pull any punches, do you Suzy?", laughed Mike, putting
his arm around her shoulders, "I like a girl like that!"

    She turned toward him, and Mike caught a flash of pink, pointed
boobs, as the top of her blouse parted briefly.  Suzy's eyes flashed

    "I hope so, Mr. Selbin! I like you a lot too!"

    Her warm young thigh pressed tantalisingly against his leg, and
the growing bulge in his shorts was getting a little uncomfortable.
Mike looked down at her. She was only a little girl, yet she had him
completely off guard. He didn't know how to react!  With a grown
woman, it was easy! You knew the score. But this was a whole new ball
game for him, and for the first time in his life, he was completely

    "Do you play any sports, Suzy?", he asked lamely, eyeing off the
exposed flesh of her thighs.

    "Yeah! I play netball at school, Mr. Selbin.", she replied.
looking up at him with deep, brown, little-girl eyes.

    Suzy wondered why he didn't do something. Timmy would have had
her legs in the air by now, fucking her little brains out! But
Timmy's father was different, he was taking his time, letting the
excitement last, treating her like a real woman, and Suzy realized
she liked the attention. Especially from Timmy's hunky father. He was
so tall and muscular and handsome... and the way he looked at her
made her moist little pussy itch with a familiar desire.

    "You do have nice, long legs, honey!", breathed Mike, as he
reached out and put his hand on her knee, "No wonder you play

    The man's long, slim fingers felt cool on her exposed flesh, and
Suzy snuggled closer, delighted at the intimate contact.

    Mike felt himself melt as little Suzy squirmed closer to him on
the couch, rubbing her right boob firmly against his shoulder. His
breathing was heavy, and he was acutely aware of the heat generated
by her closeness. Mike moved his fingers higher, rubbing them gently
but firmly up along the youngster's damp, inner thigh, up under her
dress, until his fingertips brushed against the elastic of her tiny
silk panties. Her little legs seemed to fall apart automatically at
his touch, inviting him to explore her further.

    "Mmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhh, Mr. Selbin!", she moaned, spreading her
trembling legs even further apart. By the time Mike's fingers reached
her prominent little mound, Suzy's ass was squirming around on the
couch, in ever-decreasing circles.

    "You like that, don't you, Suzy?  You like me touching your
little pussy?", panted Mike.

    "Yes! Oh, God yes, Mr. Selbin! I love it!", whimpered the young
girl, hunching her hips up against his probing fingers. She lifted
her mouth to his, and Mike kissed her full on the lips, excited by
their soft and pliant fullness. He slipped his tongue into her tiny
mouth, and Suzy's was right there to meet it. The cute little
thirteen-year-old was getting hornier by the minute as she eagerly
returned the pressure of his Mike's, moaning loudly. "Mmmmmmmm!
Ummmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhmmmmmmm!"

    Mike's hand was wedged firmly between her wide-spread thighs,
rubbing and stroking the soft, puckered lips of her adolescent little
pussy, through the thin silk of her panties. There was moisture
there, and plenty of it. Her age didn't stop her from responding to
his busy fingers. She reacted instinctively, just like any other
female in heat. He wondered if any of the boys she had played around
with, had made her cunt feel this good.

    "Christ, Suzy, honey! Your little pussy is so fuckin' hot!",
groaned Mike, cupping her tiny, quivering mound completely in the
palm of his hand. It seemed so small, that Mike began to doubt if his
fully erect cock would ever fit inside. Suzy on the other hand had
no doubts at all!

    "Ohhhh, Jesus, Mr. Selbin! I'm so wet! Take my panties off. I want
you to touch me. I want to feel your fingers in my cunt!"

    Mike moaned as he dropped to his knees between her legs, almost
ripping the flimsy garment to shreads in his haste. Suzy tried to
help him as much as possible by lifting her round, little butt up off
the couch as Mike tugged at the waistband. Finally Mike managed to
peel Suzy's stubborn panties over her hips and then down thighs and
off over her knees. Impatiently, she kicked off the tiny bundle of
cloth from around her ankles and spread her thighs wide apart. Mike
gasped as Suzy's pre-pubescent little cunt flowered open before his
eyes. It was beautiful, as only a pubescent young girl's pussy can
be. A light, peach fuzz covered her tiny pubic mound, failing
completely to hide the puffy, pink lips of her compact little twat.
With no hair to hide it, her narrow pussy-slit stood out like a long,
livid gash, glistening with moisture.

    Suzy smiled and reached down between her thighs, parting the
tight, elastic lips of her cunt with both hands. As dave watched in
awe, the dainty pink, innermost folds of her pussy were revealed to
his lustful gaze. Her prominent little clitoris peeked out cheekily,
just begging to be sucked.

    "Do you like my pussy, Mr. Selbin?", she whispered, staring down
at him.

    "It's fantastic, baby! I've never seen such a beautiful, sight in
all my life!", he muttered, with a glazed look in his eyes.

    Mike reached out to touch her, dipping his fingers eagerly into
the hot, juicy, wetness of the little girl's gaping cunt.  Suzy
moaned deep in her throat as his fingers stroked her highly aroused
cuntflesh, but she wanted more!

    "Oohhhhhh, that feels nice, Mr Selbin! So fuckin' nice! Ummmmmmm!
Put your finger in me! Please put a finger in my cunt, Mr Selbin!
Ooooh! I can't stand it!"

    Emboldened by her lust, Mike inserted a finger between the girl's
moist pussy-lips and pushed tentatively. Suzy's young cunt seemed to
suck his finger into it, clasping his stiff digit in a warm, wet,
vice-like grip. She hunched and groaned with pleasure as it entered
her, holding on to Mike's wrist with both hands, guiding his finger
into her juicy cunt with practiced ease.

    "Jesus, baby! You're as tight as a vice! I'm never gonna get my
cock up inside you in a million years!"

    Suzy was still moaning loudly from the delightful sensations
caused by his finger as she replied.

    "Unnnghh! Oh, God! Mmmmmm, yes! D...don't... Uunnh!  Don't worry!
It.. Ummm! It opens up a lot m... more as you play with it! Ummmmm,
put another finger in there, Mr.Selbin!", she begged.

    Suzy humped her little crotch up against his hand, gasping for
breath, wanting even more penetration. Mike was turned on by her
brazen adolescent lust.

    "Hot little bitch, aren't you!", he muttered with satisfaction,
"You want more?  I'll give you more"

    Mike roughly inserted a second finger into Suzy's tight little
twat, and found to his surprise that she was right! The longer he
fucked his fingers in and out of her elastic slit, and the more
fingers he used, the more relaxed it got. Finally, he was plunging
all of three stiff fingers deep into her tiny, thirteen year-old
cunt, with hardly any effort at all! Suzy's almost hairless pubes,
looked like a baby's mouth sucking at his fingers as her pussy-lips
puckered and pouted and slobbered around his plunging digits. By now,
Suzy's lithe young body was jerking and quivering with mindless,
little-girl lust.
    "Ohhh, fuck me, Mr. Selbin! Fuck me with your fingers! Make me
come! Oh, God, please make me come!"

    "Okay, honey! I'll bring you off, But then you gotta do something
for me, ok?"

    "Unnhhh! Anything! Ohhhhh! I'll do anything you want! Just don't
stop! Uhmmmmm!"

    Suzy's hips were bucking wildly up off the couch as Mike's
fingers stabbed into her. His thumb felt for her clit, rubbing the
hooded little bud with varying pressure. Little Suzy went wild!

    "Ooooooohh! Jeeeesussss! Yessss! Rub my clit! Rub it hard!
Unnnghhh! I.. I'm cumming!  Oh, God!  Oooh Fuck!! I'm

    Suzy came alright. She came hard, very hard, her little cunt
spasming and twitching around Mike's stabbing fingers until he
thought she was never going to stop. He reached up under the girl's
loose white, blouse and began to fondle her tiny, firm young tits
with his free hand.

    "Mmmmmmmmm! That was a good one!", she murmured, throwing her
little arms around his neck, "You sure made me come, Mr. Selbin!"
Suzy pulled his open mouth against hers and kissed him hungrily,
ramming her soft, agile young tongue repeatedly down his throat.

    Mike returned her passionate kiss for as long as he could, finally
pulling his feverish lips from her hot, clinging little mouth. She
kissed like a sex-starved vacuum cleaner, and he was breathless! When
he opened his eyes, Suzy was staring shamelessly, at the huge bulge
in his shorts.

    "Oooooh! You're very hard!", she gasped, reaching for him. Her
small fingers undid the buttons of his shorts and pulled them off,
taking his underpants with them. Suzy gasped for breath as Mike's
mighty prick sprang into view. "God! It's huge!", she squealed,
staring excitedly at the thick, blue- veined pole sticking up from
between his thighs. Mike peeled off his shirt and sat back naked
beside her.

    "Can I suck it, Mr. Selbin?... Please, can I suck it?...
Please....?", she begged.

    "You bet, honey! Go for it, it's all yours!", he chuckled, excited
by her childish enthusiasm.

    Mike was more than happy for her to suck his cock. There was
plenty of time to do whatever he wanted with this sexy young Lolita,
and he wanted to do plenty. But right now, her hot little mouth on
his prick would do just fine! His fingers were still inside her cunt,
and as Mike looked down at her juicy, little slit sucking gently on
his fingertips, he had a better idea! As her mouth went for his cock,
he held her back, looking into the depthless, pools of her dark,
sparkling eyes.

    "Honey, do you know what a sixty-nine is?", he asked, unbuttoning
Suzy's blouse. They both looked down as her hard, little titties
sprang into view.

    "Er.. No, Mr. Selbin! What is it? Is it better than fucking?", she
asked innocently, reaching for his cock. Her tiny fingers didn't
quite meet around his throbbing shaft, it was too thick and long.

    "Sometimes, baby! I depends on how good you are at it. Wanna
try?", he asked, removing her top completely.

    "Okay! Mr Selbin, I'm game. What do I do?"

    Mike smiled and ran his fingers over Suzy's small, conical
breasts, rubbing the hard nipples until the horny young girl began to
shiver and moan softly.

    "First of all, let's forget about the 'Mr. Selbin' crap. Okay? I
think we know each other well enough by now, to use first names,
don't you? Just call me Mike, honey."

    Suzy nodded... eager to please him.

    "Okay, Mike! I'm Suzy. How do you do?", she giggled, shaking his
prick up and down with her hand.

    Mike laughed and stood up, pulling her with him. Although Suzy
was tall for her age, the top of her head still only managed to reach
his chin. She stood on tiptoes, pressing her naked body against his,
enjoying the feel of his big, stiff cock throbbing powerfully between
them. Her nipples were drilling urgently into his hard, muscular
chest as Mike ran his palms down over the curve of her back, cupping
her firm round, little ass-cheeks in both hands. They were small and
incredibly firm, and just filled his big, massaging hands.

    "Now, the second thing we gotta do, baby", said Mike, rubbing his
rock-hard cock against her belly, "is move to the bedroom. So we can
suck and screw in total comfort."

    "Ohh, yeah! Wow! You make me so fuckin' horny, Mike! I want to do
everything with you!", she said, grinding herself deliciously against
his stiff hardness.

    "Honey," Mike whispered into her ear, "I'm gonna fuck and suck
your tight, juicy little cunt until you faint! You'll be so full of
cum, you won't be able to piss for a week!"

    Suzy's knees almost buckled. Nobody had ever said anything like
that to her in all her young life. It absolutely made her little
pussy crawl! He was holding her so gently right now, but somehow
Suzy knew that this big, strong man, wasn't kidding either!  She
couldn't wait! Standing on tiptoes, she kissed him hotly on the lips.

    "Take me to bed, Mike!", she breathed, "Carry me in your arms and
pretend I'm your little baby girl!"

    With a low moan, Mike picked up the precocious young
thirteen-year-old, and cradled her loving in his arms. She was as
soft and light as a feather, and snuggled warmly against his chest as
he carried her off down the hallway. Once inside the bedroom, Mike
deposited Suzy on the big double bed and lay down beside her.

    "Okay, baby! Time for sex lesson number sixty-nine!", said Mike,
pulling her slim, young body above him, "You're gonna love this, kid.
I promise!"

    He showed her how to straddle his face with her crotch, spreading
her legs apart to that her little pink pussy-lips gaped open, only
inches above his face.

    "Now honey, I'm gonna lick your pussy, while you suck my cock at
the same time. Got it?"

    "Cool! Oooooh! This is gonna be great! I've never tried it

    "Well, sweetheart! Drop your tasty, little cunt on top of my face,
grab a mouth full of cock and hang on! 'Cause you're about to get the
suck of your life!"

    Suzy reached out and grabbed his huge, jutting prick, positioning
the bloated tip between her small pink lips. She loved the taste of
cock, and Mike's was the best she'd ever tasted. It was tangy and
masculine, completely different to the fresh, salty taste of the
young boy-cock she was used to. It made her pussy cream, and she
opened her mouth wider, wrapping her tiny lips tightly around the
head of Mike's massive penis. She began to move her warm, wet tongue
up and down the throbbing shaft as it slid slowly between her lips,
sucking all of him into her mouth, until her throat was filled with
thick, throbbing cock-meat.

    As Mike felt the warmth of Suzy's mouth envelop his stiff cock,
he grabbed the cheeks of her firm little ass with both hands and
pulled her hovering cunt down onto his waiting mouth. A muffled moan
escaped her lips as Mike's eager tongue contacted her gaping slit. He
dragged it slowly across her swollen cunt-lips, up one side of her
cunt, and down the other, savouring the heady flavour of her young
juices.  He sucked her greedily, flicking his tongue back and forth
between the hot, wet lips of her little pussy like a man possessed.
The room became filled with loud, wet slurping sounds as Suzy sucked
noisily on his glistening cock. Mike returned the favour by licking
Suzy's hot, seething cunt-juices into his hungry mouth.

    Even though she was only thirteen, Suzy was an expert at sucking
cock. From an early age, she'd learned about sex quickly, and knew
exactly what boys wanted from her. Her blossoming figure and
precocious manner had attracted them like flies, not only boys but
older men too, and if she liked them even a little, it always ended
up the same way, with her hot, wet lips wrapped tightly around their
hard pricks. Mike was no exception, but Suzy felt differently
towards him, maybe because he didn't treat her like the young boys
did. He wanted to please her, not just use her, and Suzy loved him
for it. So, as she sucked on Mike's man-sized prick, Suzy tried her
very best to please him, just as he was delighting her with his mouth
and tongue.

    Mike ran his tongue repeatedly back and forth between Suzy's
parted cunt-lips, getting the youngster so excited she dropped her
cunt onto his mouth, wiggled her juicy, little slit all over his
face. His hands cupped her tiny buttocks, pulling her cunt hard
against his open mouth as he thrust his rapidly-working tongue deep
inside her weeping slit. He heard her gasp and felt her mouth
increase it's wonderful suction on his jerking cock. Suzy's little
cunt contracted, opening and closing around his tongue as he used it
expertly, ramming it like a small, stiff prick, deep within her
tight, squirming fuck-hole.

    Mike moved his hands lower, pulling her little cunt apart like a
ripe peach, licking and sucking her juicy, pink cunt-flesh until she
thought she would actually explode with pleasure. Finally, his tongue
found her hard, quivering clit. The tiny bud was stiff as a little
cock, and throbbed and pulsed between his lips as he sucked it gently
in and out of his mouth, just like Suzy's active young lips were
doing to his cock. Mike could feel every ridge and valley of her
mouth as his cock slid ever deeper between the little girl's lips.

    Suzy's cunt flowered open even wider as Mike sucked hungrily on
her tightly stretched, little twat. Her tasty young juices ran
freely, flowing out of her cunt to cover not only his tongue, but his
mouth and chin as well. Mike felt her thigh muscles contract against
his cheeks just like his wife's always did when she was about to
come. She was close! He could feel it, her soft thighs clenched
around his head. Her muscles stood out all along her body, and she
pulled savagely on his cock, threatening to suck his aching balls
right out through the head of his prick.

    Then suddenly, Suzy stiffened and cried out as an abrupt and
soul-searing climax flooded her tiny, naked body with sensations of
pleasure so strong, that the thirteen-year-old nearly fainted with
the intensity of her orgasm.

    "Ohhh! Unnnngghhhmmm, yesss! Oh, Mike! I'm cummminggg! Arghhhh!
Suck me hard! Suck my clit, Mike! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooooh, Goddddd!"

    Mike moaned and buried his nose and lips in Suzy's wet, quivering
young snatch, sucking hungrily on her hard little clit and stabbing
his stiff tongue deep into her spasming cunt-hole. Suzy was bucking
like a young horse as she strained her crotch against his mouth,
grinding her pussy down onto his juice-smeared face until the waves
of lust racing through her loins gradually subsided.

    Only then did she return her lips to Mike's temporarily neglected
cock, swallowing his huge throbbing organ to the very base. Her
tightly stretched lips worked vigourously up and down the slick pole,
covering every inch of it's hard length with her warm, slippery
saliva. Mike had made the hot little blonde come like she'd never
come before, and Suzy was determined to return the favour by making
him come in her lovely mouth.
    Her lips were unbelievably tight around his prick, and Mike
couldn't fight the urge to jerk his hips up off the bed, fucking his
massive cock deep into her juicy warm mouth. Suzy was an expert
little cock-sucker, and she knew exactly how to use her mouth on the
male organ for maximum pleasure. On the up-stroke, she sucked for a
while on his fat, purple knob, sticking the tip of her tongue into
the tiny slit in the head of his cock. Before too long, Mike felt his
balls begin to expand urgently.

    "Ohhh, Suzy, baby! Christ! Here it comes! Suck it hard! I'm gonna
fill your gorgeous little mouth full of cum! Unnnghhhhh! Arrrggghhh!"

    Suzy sucked greedily as Mike's hot, jism began to spurt from the
jerking tip of his cock. The thick, salty fluid filled her mouth and
Suzy had to swallow frantically to prevent herself choking on the
sticky torrent.

    "Ohhhhhh! God! Fuckin' Christ! Ahhhhhgggh, suck it, you gorgeous
little fuck! Take it, baby! Eat it all!"

    Hot, creamy cum was oozing from the corners of her mouth by the
time Mike's ejaculation began to subside. Suzy lifted her lips from
his cock for a second and licked her lips. 'She had swallowed it
all!', she thought proudly, 'She had swallowed a real man's cum, and
it felt wonderful!'

    Suzy licked the shaft dry, and then continued sucking gently on
his cock, keeping it hard. She didn't want him to go soft on her yet,
her pussy was itching like mad. His mouth had satisfied her
temporarily, but Suzy wanted more. His cock had felt so good in her
mouth, so big and long and hard, and she couldn't wait to feel it
slicing into her juicy slit. She turned around and lay on top of him,
rubbing her little tits and cunt over his sweaty body.

    "Jesus! You're a real hot number, aren't you, baby?", said Mike,
letting his hands slide down over her back. He filled his hands with
her tiny ass-cheeks, rubbing and kneading the firm round globes as
she squirmed deliciously against him.

    "I'm hot alright!" replied Suzy, rubbing her juicy young cunt
against his belly, "I'm hot for your big cock, Mike! Will you fuck me
now? It's hard again. I can feel it throbbing against my pussy!
Please put it in and fuck me, Mike!"

    She mashed her lips to his and kissed him passionately, sucking
his tongue into her mouth. `Fuck! What a horny little cunt!', he
thought, eagerly returning her hot, open-mouthed kiss. The
youngster's slim hips moved in tiny humping circles, rubbing her wet,
gaping cunt-lips up and down his cock, leaving a thin, shiny film.

   "Okay, Suzy! I'll fuck you! Lie down on your back and spread your
legs for me, honey."

    Suzy rolled off his chest and lay panting expectantly beside him.
Her long, slim legs were drawn up and bent at the knees, almost flat
against the bed on either side of her hips. Her hairless cunt was
presented to him like a plate full of fine food. Few grown women
could have held the position comfortably, but Suzy's supple
little-girl limbs made it easy and natural for her. Mike groaned like
a starving animal at the unbelievably sexy sight. Her pussy-lips
gaped sweetly open, revealing the moist, pink interior of her juicy
young cunt. The dark hole just below her prominent little clit held
his gaze. He was hypnotized by the absolute beauty of her aroused
little adolescent cunt. Suzy looked up at him with pleading eyes.

    "Ohhhh, Jesus! Quick, fuck me, Mike! Fuck me.... Please!!". Suzy
was desperate now, and her tiny hips humped seductively up at him, as
she begged him to fuck her.

    "Yesss! God, yesss! I'll take care of you, baby!", hissed Mike
scrambling rapidly between the girl's wide-spread thighs.

    His cock was raging, fully hard, sticking out from his hairy groin
like a baseball bat. Suzy gasped at it in awe, a frightening thrill
of lustful fascination swept through her highly aroused young body.
The bulbous purple head protruding from its heavy foreskin and the
veins pulsing along the massive shaft, fascinated her. It was the
most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

    As Mike moved between her legs he could smell her aroused little
cunt, and it struck him that Suzy was one of those girls who melted
into a puddle of hot cunt-juice as soon as a man touched her. He
couldn't resist the horny little slut! She was sex personified, and
he was going to enjoy her nubile young charms to the fullest. `This
is one fuck you won't forget in a hurry, kid!', thought Mike,
lowering his huge muscular frame over her tiny quivering body.
Suzy's sparkling blue eyes were fixed on Mike's huge cock as it
advanced up between her slender, open thighs. She instinctively
pulled back her knees, offering her hot, little slit to the biggest
prick she'd ever seen.
    Suzy whimpered softly as his hard, fat cockhead pressed urgently
between the moist lips of her pussy. Mike resisted the strong impulse
to plunge the full-length of his mammoth shaft deep into her tight,
juicy gash. It would probably split her tiny little cunt in two, and
he certainly didn't want to hurt the girl. Her wanted her to enjoy
their first fuck totally. Enjoy it so much in fact, that she'd be
back regularly for more of the same. Suzy closed her eyes, and bit
her bottom lip in wild anticipation of the wonderful penetration she
knew was about to happen.  Holding her breath, the horny little
youngster held onto his ass-cheeks with both hands as Mike panted
above her, probing her hot little cunt with just the tip of his huge

    "Ooooooh Jesus, Mike! For Christ's sake put it in and fuck me!
Ohhhhh!", screamed Suzy, squirming her hot little crotch frantically
up onto his teasing cock.

    "You really want it bad, don't you kid?", grinned Mike, running
the tip of his cock slowly up and down inside the tight, wet lips of
Suzy's drooling little snatch. It turned him on incredibly to see
the excited young girl beg so shamelessly for his cock.

    "Yes! Yes! God, yes! I want it so fuckin' bad, Mike! Come on!
Shove it in! Fuck me, pleeeeease!"

    Suzy was almost beside herself with frustration. The hard
pressure of Mike's cockhead rubbing slowly against her inflamed clit
was excruciating, and it wasn't long before the horny little thirteen
year-old was whimpering and writhing beneath him, urging him on,
begging him to do obscene, delicious things to her overheated little

    "Jesus, kid! You really need it bad, don't you?" muttered Mike,
licking his lips.  "Well so do I, baby! Open your little legs was
wide as you can for me!"

    Suzy did as she was told, spreading her thighs until her hairless
little pussy opened like a succulent pink flower before his swollen
prick. Mike pushed forward a little, stretching Suzy's quivering
cuntlips until the tip of his cock lodged suddenly into the entrance
of her tight, juicy little fuckhole. As the thick, round knob
penetrated her tiny cunt, Suzy let out an excited little yelp,
frantically humping her slim young hips up at him, trying to get more
of Mike's long, hard meat inside her hot, eager little snatch. Mike
was careful that only the large, flared head of his cock should
penetrate her cuntlips her for the moment, and he resisted the
impulse to plunge right in. Little Suzy's obvious state of sexual
arousal excited him immensely, her shameless desire heightening the
exquisite pleasure he felt as her tiny, elastic cuntlips closed
tightly around his knob like a hot, velvet vice.

    Mike looked down at her. Her gorgeous young face was a mask of
pure lust as she squirmed beneath him, intent now on only one
thing... the huge cock throbbing at the entrance of her horny little

    Suzy looked down between her legs as Mike's huge cock-head
pressed further into her tiny pussy and gasped, her little brown eyes
wide with excitement.

    "Oooooooooh, it's so big!", she said in a tiny voice.

    "Sure is honey!", he boasted. "and in a coupla seconds you're
gonna get all ten inches of it stuffed right up that hot, tight,
juicy little cunt of yours!"

    "Ohhhhhhh, yes, pleeeeeease!", begged Suzy, shamelessly spreading
the lips of her pretty pink pussy with both hands.

    Suzy moaned and gripped Mike's huge, bloated shaft with one hand,
guiding his prick into her tiny, thirteen-year-old twat with an
eagerness that belied her young age. Mike looked down and watched her
lubricate his cock-tip by rubbing it expertly up and down through her
juicy pink cuntslit, amazed at the brazen eagerness and obvious joy
such a young girl was displaying.

    The big flared head of Mike's man-sized prick looked huge compared
to the size of Suzy's tiny puckered little fuckhole, but the horny
young girl seemed not to be concerned at all, in fact, quite the
contrary. She began rubbing the tip of Mike's cock between the pink,
hairless lips of her slippery little slit like a bitch in heat. At
that moment, Mike knew that what he had overheard Timmy saying to his
friend about Suzy was one hundred percent correct... the horny
little slut didn't care who fucked her, as long as she got her daily
quota of hard cock... the gorgeous young kid was totally hooked on

   "You like big cocks, don't you, sweetheart?", Mike grinned.

    "Uhhhhhhh, yes, yes! I love them", she moaned, openly
masturbating her erect little clit with the tip of Mike's prick.

    "Mmmmm, I thought as much," Mike said, pressing his hips forwards.
"Christ kid, you were born to fuck!"

    Mike's prick slid into her tight, slippery little slot a lot
easier than he expected. They both looked down and watched as her
pink, hairless cuntlips stretched and parted, and Mike's long, thick
man-cock sank slowly but surely into the kid's tight,
thirteen-year-old twat. Suzy moaned loudly at the sudden
penetration, and Mike stopped momentarily, afraid that the sheer size
of his prick stretching her tender little cunt was causing the girl

    "Am I hurting you, honey?", he asked, pulling his cock out a bit
until it was buried only a few inches in the tight, wet heat of the
young girl's pussyslit.

    "N.. no!", Suzy squealed with delight. "You're not hurting me at
all! Ooooh, please don't stop! Put it all the way in, Mike! I'm not
too small, I can take it all! Uhhhhh, shove it into me, Mike, shove
it in as deep as you can!... Ooooooooh, hurry pleeeease!"

    "Yeah, baby!" he grinned watching her squirm, "I love it when you
beg for it, honey. Let me hear how much you want it!"

    Suzy hunched her hips up at his cock, a look of pure frustration
on her pretty little face.

    "Uuuuuuuhhhhh, put it in and fuck me!", she squealed. "Ohhhh,
please put your big cock back in my cunt and fuck me, pleeeeeeease!"
Her wanton request was all the incentive Mike needed.

    "Don't worry, babydoll, I'm gonna fuck your brains out!", Mike
grunted. "You're gonna love this! I'm gonna give it to you all the
way, hon! I'm gonna stretch your hot little cunt wide and fuck you
like you've never been fucked before!" (I know... I know! Get on with
it, right?)

    Throwing caution to the wind, Mike grabbed her by the waist and
hunched forward, burying his raging prick the rest of the way into
the girl's incredibly tight young pussy with a single, solid thrust
of his hips. Suzy gasped loudly and lifted her little ass.. her legs
spread wide.. her eyes unfocused.. her moist lips parted.

    "UUUUUUuuuuuuunnnnghhhh!", she moaned, as Mike's big prick sliced
between her hairless pussy-lips and drove deep into her tight little

    He pushed hard, stopping only when the head of his cock hit the
bottom of her hot little fuck-chute and mashed against her cervix.
Suzy's breathing became increasingly laboured, and to Mike's utter
delight, she started wiggling her little ass up off the bed in a
desperate attempt to skewer more of his prick inside her hot,
squirming young sex. She was absolutely fuckin' insatiable! Mike
pulled out of the kid's tightly gripping hole almost completely, and
then threw his hips down hard, ramming his big cock to the balls
inside her eager, upthrust cuntslit.

    "Yeah, you like that!", he gasped. "You like my big fat prick way
up there, don't you baby?"

   "Unnngghh! Ohh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!", she moaned, almost incoherently.
Mike lunged forwards again and again, fucking the cock-hungry little
thirteen-year-old with swift, furious strokes that shook her tiny

    Suzy's eyes were glazed with passion as she grunted and writhed
beneath her adult lover. Her pubescent cunt was filled with ten long
inches of hard, throbbing man-cock and the horny little kid was
enjoying every fuckin' moment of it!

    Mike could feel her tight inner membranes adjusting quickly to the
size of his prick, spreading and stretching as he fucked her solidly.
In no time at all, Suzy's snug little snatch had dilated far enough
to give Mike's huge cock enough room to move freely. Even so, his
prick was still getting a really tight squeeze. Her little insides
were clamped so tightly around him, Mike felt like a goddamn
boa-constrictor had hold of his cock and was slowly strangling the
fucking life out of it.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddd!", he moaned. "I can't believe it!...
Jesus, you're tight, baby!.... Oooooh yeah, so very, very tight!"

    Suzy made whimpering little animal noises as Mike stabbed his
prick repeatedly into her tiny cunt and swirled it about vigorously,
pressing the bloated tip into every nook and cranny of the kid's
well-lubricated little crevice. Her shameless grunts and moans of
pleasure combined with the wet slap of her thighs on his own, excited
Mike immensely. So much so, that his cock began to swell and throb
within her, growing ever bigger as he plunged deeper and deeper into
the girl's tight, heaving belly.

    "Ummmmm! Fuck me, Mike!", she breathed hotly. "Ohhhh, it feels so
good! Ummmm, I love fucking! Your cock feels so big and deep inside
me.... I don't know if I can stand it!"

    "You will, honey," he said, twisting her little pink nipples.
"You'll stand it and want more.... as much of my big, thick cock as
you can get!"

    "Uuuuhhh, I know!", she moaned. "I already want more!"

    "Okay, baby! Hang on!"

    Mike grabbed Suzy's tight little ass and lifted it up off the
bed, watching as his big prick sliced deeply into her soft, clinging
cunt. The way her hairless, pink cuntlips sucked at his cock made him
moan and shudder with delight, as did the way her ripe little pussy
throbbed and oozed around the thickness of his invading shaft. Suzy
bucked upwards, sliding her young pussy-slit onto his cock each time
Mike lunged deeply into her. Her beautiful young features were
contorted into a mask of intense pubescent lust as she watched Mike's
huge prick slide into her pussy. It was an expression which became
her, making her look strangely mature, and all the more desirable.
Her wide, brown eyes blazed as she watched his cock fucking her
little cunt, her bright red cheeks burning with hot desire.

    Suzy's sweet little ass churned and twisted, humping up to meet
every downward thrust of Mike's prick as the loud, wet sounds, and
delicious smells of hot fucking filled the room.

    "Unnhhhhhgggghh! Unghh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Fuck me! Oooh, Fuck meeeee!"

    Suzy raised her skinny legs high and wrapped them around Mike's
waist as she worked her hot little cunt into a frenzy around his
stabbing prick. She bucked like a young filly getting a taste of cock
for the first time, fucking hard, meeting his savage thrusts stroke
for stroke. Mike grabbed her hot little asscheeks tightly with both
hands and literally rammed her hairless little cunt onto his raging
cock like a fuck-crazed bull.

    "Ahhhhhhhh, baby, you're the best!", Mike groaned, feeling the
girl's bubbling insides grip his cock like a vice.

    "Mmmmmmm, yes! Uuuhhh, fuck me hard!", she grunted, suddenly
snapping her hips upward, engulfing his prick with a quick, darting
movement that caused her hotly aroused little pussy to nip and grab
even more at Mike's throbbing, jabbing fuck-pole. Suzy grabbed at
Mike's hunching body with her thighs, and locked her tiny heels
together behind the cheeks of his ass, which she was grasping with
passion-strengthened fingers. Her young fingers dug deep into his
flesh as she pulled him further into her, still trying desperately to
cram more cock into her creaming cunt.

    "You've got it all, baby... every fuckin' inch!", grunted Mike,
feeling his pubic bone mash against her hairless little mound. "Now,
let's really fuck!"

    He grabbed a pillow and shoved it under Suzy's squirming ass.
Then, keeping his cock buried inside her cunt, Mike gripped her
ankles, lifted her skinny legs high and wide, and began fucking the
little girl with long, deep, powerful strokes that soon had her
squealing loudly. He looked down at my pussy-encased prick. It was a
gorgeous sight. Suzy's juvenile genitals were gripping his turgid,
pumping length like a vice. Her tiny, hairless cuntmound bulged with
the sheer size of his prick. Each time Mike pulled his cock out of
her, Suzy's little pink cuntlips stretched and clung wetly to the
receding shaft, only to be suddenly compressed and forced in again by
the penetrating thickness of his prick as he slammed it back into her
receptive little slot. Despite the incredible tightness, Suzy's
young fuck-slit was very wet and slippery, enabling Mike's oversized
organ to slide back and forth inside her eager little fuckhole with
no difficulty whatsoever.

    With each thrust, hot pussy-juice bubbled out from around the base
of Mike's cock and dribbled down between Suzy's wide-spread thighs,
coating her smooth young ass with a slick film of shiny moisture.
Mike had never fucked anything so tight and wet and hot in his whole
life. 'Jesus, this is what fucking was meant to feel like!', he
thought as he jammed the youngster's willing cunt full of hot cock.
Even with her legs in the air and her ass nailed to the bed by Mike's
pummeling cock, little Suzy was still squirming and jerking her
skinny young hips around like her life depended on it.

    "Oh, yeahhhhh, you gorgeous little bitch!", he growled. "Shake
those hips, honey! Come on, that's it! Yeahhhh, fuck that hot little
cunt up at me!"

    At that stage, Suzy really didn't need to be told, but it excited
Mike to treat her like the little whore she was. In his mind, she was
his private little sex-slave, existing only for his total sexual
pleasure. And at that moment... she was!

    Mike began to fuck the kid hard, filling her slippery young snatch
with every inch of cock he had to offer. She writhed and whimpered
beneath him, squirming like a snake, her little eyes wide open...
round and bright with lust as she watched his huge prick pump
rhythmically in and out of her tender tingling little twat. The sight
obviously excited Suzy because she couldn't take her eyes off their
tightly coupled genitals.

    "Ooooooh, harder, Mike!", she pleaded. "Do it harder! It feels so

    "It sure does, baby! It sure fuckin' doesssss!", hissed Mike,
fucking into Suzy's slippery little pussy like a sex-crazed animal.

  He jammed his huge, throbbing prick hard into her quivering
mound, giving the girl exactly what she wanted... more pressure on
her vibrating little clit. It seemed to send spasms of pleasure up
Suzy's spine each time Mike thrust into her... and with every deeply
delicious thrust she twisted up to meet him, trying to drive his cock
ever deeper into her tightly-stretched, thirteen-year-old twat.

    She was a natural. Her pussy snapped at Mike's cock like a
toothless mouth, giving the shaft a good squeeze with her little cunt
muscles each time she lifted her pelvis. A steady moaning sound
issued from her softly parted lips and filled the room as Mike fucked
the little girl hard, pounding her hot little ass into the bed with a
series of deep, powerful cock-thrusts. In addition to the slap of his
belly against hers, Mike's fat prick made loud squelching noises in
her cunt as he slammed in and out of her frothy little fuck-hole with
all the strength and vigour of a rutting bull. Suzy began to buck
her tiny hips up at him in wanton abandon.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck, baby!", Mike panted. "That's what I
want, honey. Fuck me back! Unnnghh yes, sweetheart, fuck my cock,
baby, fuck it!"

    In no time at all, Suzy's hot little ass and the couch beneath it
were saturated with her warm seeping juices. She began to twist her
hips and shimmy her ass, keeping perfect time with his deep, pounding
thrusts. By now, the feeling was so good, Mike wanted to scream. He
felt Suzy's hot little twat grip him like a fist, and when he pulled
out of her, she followed with her hips, keeping the tip of his cock
tightly gripped within the tender, sucking mouth of her little-girl

    "Mmmmmmm! Oh, yes, just like that! Ooooooh yes, yessss! You're
fucking me so gooooood!," moaned Suzy, as Mike stepped up the speed
of his thrusts. In turn the wanton little kid pumped her hips up at
him like a machine, fucking him right back.

    Mike was thrilled and aroused beyond anything he had ever
experienced before in his whole life. He wanted to stab his cock
brutally into the child's small, soft lipped, leaking little pussy
and fuck her till he dropped. However at the moment, his cock felt
like it was going to explode inside her belly at any second. Her tiny
little cunt was hot as a furnace and super-tight, and the way she
flung herself up at his cock, made Mike's balls quiver and swell with
impending release.

    But he didn't care, because the way Suzy was reacting to his
deep, grinding thrusts, Mike knew she wasn't too far away from
cumming either. Only a few more long, hard jabs and they'd both be
there, fucking and cumming like rabbits!

    Mike hunched low over Suzy's squirming young body and pumped
hard, feeling her hard little nipples skidding deliciously across his
chest. Sure enough, within a few seconds her whole body stiffened,
and Mike felt her tight little cunt-muscles contract around his cock
as she came, shuddering in the throes of what was obviously a very
powerful orgasm. Her eyes flew open and so did her pretty little
mouth, inside which he could see her pink, glistening tongue coiled
like a snake. She tried to scream out her pleasure, but Mike leaned
down and covered her sensually parted lips with his own, tonguing her
mouth furiously as her jerking young body took care of the fucking
for both of them. Mike had never experienced anything remotely
approaching the ardour and abandon of little Suzy's climax. It was

    "OWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOH!", she howled. "OWWW
WWOOOOOOOOO!" And then, in
a wild rhythm to match her body's wanton but regular jerks and

    Suzy's dark brown eyes were unfocused and glazed over with
passion as she stared up at him. In that moment, she looked
different... older... more beautiful, even though her pretty,
childlike features were twisted into a mask of pure adolescent lust.
Her mouth was open and little animal grunts of pleasure escaped her
oval-shaped lips as Mike kept on fucking her, driving the very air
from her lungs.

    As Suzy squirmed out her orgasm beneath him, Mike felt his own
climax approaching rapidly. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't
hold back any longer. Suzy's hot, creamy little cunt was spasming
around his cock so tightly, Mike couldn't bear the intense pleasure
any longer.

    With a lusty growl, Mike closed his eyes, grabbed the panting
little girl by the shoulders and began to fuck her hard, pounding his
cock so deep into her small pussy, that the tip was hitting the end
of her vagina, banging and scraping repeatedly against her cervix.
She moaned louder, either in pain or pleasure, he couldn't tell. Not
that it mattered to Mike right at that moment, because come hell or
high water, he was going to shoot a his wad into Suzy's tight,
quivering little-girl cunt. Nothing on earth could stop the massive
tide of jism that would burst forth from his swollen, aching balls at
any moment.

    Another few thrusts and Mike was there, his body arching
involuntarily, his hips thrusting forwards in mindless abandon,
driving his spurting cock to the very depths of Suzy's seething
little cunthole.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", he screamed, bellowing out his wild
orgasm like stud bull.

    Mike shuddered and gasped, feeling his cock jerk inside Suzy's
tight, clasping little cunt as thick wads of scalding jizz exploded
from the end of his prick. His eyes were still tightly closed as he
crushed Suzy's tender young body beneath him, hammering his boiling
load of come deep up inside the kid's belly, filling her eager little
cunt with urgent jerky thrusts. Even though she'd already come once,
Suzy fucked Mike back... thrust for thrust. Her juice-slick little
pussy felt so deliciously tight around his cock. It was silk-lined,
slippery and greedy, the tight satiny walls squeezing and tugging at
his fuckmeat like a hot, hungry mouth. In no time at all the hot,
horny little thirteen-year-old was coming again, gurgling with
delight as she creamed all over his pistoning prick for the second
time in less than two minutes. Mike couldn't believe it!

    He pulled his long cock from her frothy young pussy with a loud
slurp and sat between the girl's outstretched legs. His wife's hairy
pussy-lips invariably gaped open after a fuck, leaking jism and
cunt-juice for a good couple of minutes afterwards, but Mike was
amazed to see Suzy's elastic little folds snap tightly closed right
away, sealing their mingled juices inside her. She lay back watching
him with a devilish grin on her flushed young features.

    "I'm still hot! Do you wanna fuck me again?", murmured Suzy

    "Jesus! You're an insatiable little fuck, aren't you!", smiled
Mike, running his fingers between the girl's gooey cuntlips.

    Suzy arched her back and moaned, spreading her skinny legs wide
as Mike dipped his middle finger into her tight, sperm-filled little
cunt. She was hot alright and if only he still had the recovery
powers of the sixteen-year-old boys Suzy was used to fucking, he
would have thrown her skinny little legs over his shoulders and
fucked the piss out of her. But his cock needed a short rest, besides
Mike had other delight's in mind first. He wanted to savour her
delicious little cunt again, now that it had been fucked and filled
with his cream.

    Giving her a steamy look, Mike lowered his head between Suzy's
spread thighs and sniffed at her hairless snatch. It smelled
different now that he had fucked her.... aromatic, feminine and ripe!
He couldn't help himself.. he had to taste his own cum fresh from her
juicy young cunt.

    Mike grabbed hold of Suzy's hard, upthrust tits, making the
youngster cry out with pleasure. His mouth was directly over her
cunt, and Suzy knew exactly what he was planning... the horny little
slut she wanted it to!

    "Lick my pussy, Mike!... Ooooohhh, fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

    "God, Suzy!", moaned Mike, inhaling the sweet, fresh scent of his
niece's succulent little cunt. "You're all my fantasies come true,
baby! Ooohhhh, such a sweet, smooth, soft little cunt!" With a moan,
Mike spread her cuntlips with his thumbs and buried his face into the
little girl's pussy, his mouth wide open, sucking at her wet
cuntflesh like a starving man.

    "Unnnnggghh! Yeahhh! Suck me!... Ooohhh, Mike!  Jesus, that's
nice!", gasped Suzy, as his tongue darted deeply into her tight, wet
little slit.

    Her smooth, tanned back was arched, pressing her juice-filled cunt
firmly onto his open mouth. Mike sucked Suzy's tender young
cuntflesh into his mouth and licked deep into her juicy hole, causing
the youngster's hips to twist and writhe in time with his delving
tongue. He used his tongue like a cock, fucking it in and out of the
kid's clinging cunt, swirling it around her small clit, only to dip
down and lap hungrily at her leaking pussy juices once more.

    "Oooh, lick it, lick it all up!.. Mmm, lover, suck my cunt! Suck
me off.. suck my cunt off and make me come! I wanna come in your
mouth, Mike!"

    Suzy grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face hard into her
hairless crotch squeezing her hot young thighs against his cheeks.
Mike gasped as his tongue wallowed in her wet, deliciously tight
cunt. Their mingled juices tasted like honey on his tongue, and he
slurped them up hungrily.

    He clutched at the twisting cheeks of Suzy's hot little ass and
slithered his tongue as deeply as possible into the youngster's
quivering cunthole. The way her eager, adolescent pussy grabbed and
squeezed at his tongue was pure heaven!. At this rate, his cock would
be stiff in no time, and Mike couldn't wait to ram his cock back into
her tight, squirming little-girl cunt.

    "Ooooooowww, Mike! I want your cock again!", moaned Suzy,
pulling at him. "I can't wait! I want you to fuck me now Mike...fuck
me like you fuck your wife!"

    Mike's cock was fully recovered, just aching for another bash at
her tight, hot little pussy. Rolling over on his back, Mike hauled
her supple young body on top of him. Suzy knelt astride his hips,
positioning her drooling young cuntslit directly over his throbbing
prick. She leaned forward, reaching down between her open thighs to
place the head of his cock into her tight little hole, rubbing it
once or twice through the juicy, pink flesh of her slit. As she did
so, the youngster's conical tits brushed against his bare chest, her
hard little nipples burning his flesh like twin firebrands. Mike's
enormous prick twitched strongly in her tiny hand as Suzy attempted
to stuff the huge fleshy pole into her over-heated little pussy.

    The large, purple cockhead slipped inside the youngster's cunt
with an audible 'plop', as Suzy lowered her pussy down onto Mike's
throbbing erection.

    "Ohhhh, that's fantastic!", whimpered Suzy, "Is my pussy still
tight on your cock Mike?... Ummm!... I bet it's the hottest, tightest
little cunt you've ever fucked, right?"

    "Oh, yeah!", Mike groaned as he felt the teenager's tight, hot
pussylips stretch and slide down over his thick prick.

    His hands grasped and spread the cheeks of her firm little ass,
pulling her cunt savagely onto his upthrust cock. Once the delicious
penetration was complete, Suzy began to move her hips up and down
with increasing tempo. Mike was beside himself. "Fuck me, Suzy!
Ahhhhh, baby, bounce that sweet little cunt up and down on my
big hairy cock!"

    "I AM!", Suzy squealed, "Ohhhh, Jesus! Look at it going into me!
My poor little pussy is so small and your cock is so biiiig!...
Uhhhhhh! Uhhhh! Fuck me!" Suzy begin to fuck herself up and down on
Mike's hard, glistening cock in earnest.

  The sight of his huge manly shaft slicing in and out of the
girl's tiny, hairless pubes, combined with the incredible tightness
of her pubescent cunt around his cock, soon had Mike close to a
second orgasm. He gripped Suzy's thrashing hips and fucked his prick
deeply into her pussy.

    "Take it all, you hot sexy little fuck!", he shouted, "I'm cumming
in your cunt again, baby!"

  "Yes, yes, Mike!... It's so hot!... I'm... ohhhh, fuck me, I'm
coming, Mike!"

  Mike felt Suzy's cuntal contractions clasp his cock and arched
his back, gushing another load of cum deep up inside the kid's
tightly gripping cunt.... Spurt after spurt of hot, thick sperm
filled Suzy's bouncing little pussy as the young teenager came too,
screaming out her ecstasy. The room was filled with loud satisfied
moans as the two, illicit fuckers collapsed onto the bed in a tangled
heap of naked, sweaty bodies. After they had time to catch their
breaths, Mike looked over at his underage lover.

  "I could get used to this, baby", he panted.

  "Mmmmmm, so could I!", replied Suzy, snuggling her tiny naked
body up against him.

  "What about, Timmy and his friends?", asked Mike.

  "Them? Shit, now that I know what a real man's cock feels like, I
don't need any schoolboy wieners any more. I've got this!", grinned
Suzy, squeezing Mike's semi-hard cock. Her little fingers didn't
meet around it's circumference even when it was only half hard.

  "Were gonna have to be careful, honey," said Mike. "And find a
way to meet without causing suspicion."

  Suzy's young brow wrinkled as she though about the problem. Then
her eyes lit up.

  "I know! I'll tell my Mom that you are gonna pick me and Timmy up
from school every afternoon. That way you can drop Timmy off and say
you're taking me home. I know a neat place to park where we can fuck
every afternoon!"

  "You've got all this planned out haven't you, you horny little
nympho!", grinned Mike, slipping a finger into Suzy's hot,
well-lubricated young cunt.

  "Sure! I'm not gonna miss out on getting my daily dose of this
fucker for anything", giggled the girl, jerking her little fist up
and down on Mike's sticky cock for emphasis.

  "Mmmmmm! Keep that up any you might just get another dose sooner
than you expected little girl!" grinned Mike.

  "Ooooooooo, promises, promises!", giggled Suzy, her eyes ablaze
with renewed passion.

  Mike rolled the girl onto her stomach and pulled her tiny ass up
until Suzy was on all fours, his huge cock throbbing between her
skinny thighs. Fitting the head between the slippery lips of her
insatiable young cunt, he pressed forward, burying his entire length
inside her, feeling the now familiar tight, wet heat engulf his
rampant prick. They fucked for three solid hours that first day,
stopping only until Suzy could get his cock hard again, and she was
VERY good at that!

    By the time his wife and son were due home, Mike was completely
exhausted. He'd fucked the young girl in every possible position in
every possible orifice, but despite innumerable orgasms, Suzy was
still as fresh as a daisy! In the end, Mike had to insist she leave
before his wife returned and caught them at it.

    After she'd left, Mike looked down at his poor shriveled prick and
began to have second thoughts about their planned affair. His son had
been right, sweet, innocent-looking little Suzy was a fucking
nymphomaniac! He didn't know how he was going to keep up with her.
Then suddenly a picture of his big, fat prick stretching Suzy's
sweet little thirteen-year-old fuckhole popped into his tortured
brain and his loins began to stir. `Yep!' he thought, rubbing his
cock and taking a big swig of rum and coke, `I think I can live with

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