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Lust for teen comes true!

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1 week ago on Saturday,my daughter had a sleepover with a few friends.They are all 16yrs old,typical teens,but good kids. I've known most of them their whole life,and had gotten used to seeing them around the house,and growing up. They have all blossomed well,with hot,tight bodies,growing tits,and perfect asses(My favorite!).

After 19yrs of marriage,and 2 kids,(I have a son also),my sex life isn't what it used to be. So anytime I get to myself,I jack off to pornos,use my toys,(My wet-vac gives a great blowjob!),and look at porno sites on the web. I do this at least 5 times a week,cause I love to cum,and I love my 7"inch cock!

After the girls woke up,then ate,they decided to go swimming,before they went to the movies. I couldn't wait to see them in their thong bikini's! Once they were all in the pool,I went into my bathroom,to watch them from the window. Oh my! Within a few minutes,and watching those hot bodies,my dick was hard. Just thinking of eating that fresh,young, pussy,and fucking those tight,hard,butts,made me stroke myself even more. But then my wife called out:"We're going to go to the movies in just awhile,and I'll take Ryan(our son),since I know you have some things to do."My cock went soft,and as I came out of the bathroom,she said:"You weren't watching the girls and playing with yourself,were you??as she laughed!! I said:"Of course I know me...their only 16 you know,as I laughed!!"

After awhile they yelled out:"We're leaving...see you later,as I was watching tv in my room. I waited a few minutes,heard her car drive off,and I flew into action. I got naked,grabbed my vaseline,my fleshlight(It works!!),and turned on one of my hot pornos of young girls blowing,and having anal sex. As I was sitting up at the top of my bed,and stroking away,imagining me fucking those asses,all of a sudden,my bedroom door opened up! Standing there in a towel,that didn't cover up her entire body, was my daughters friend Kenia!! She couldn't speak as she saw what I was doing. Her eyes, staring at my throbbing cock. Now Kenia was one of the most beautiful,hot,fantastic body,friends of my daughter. She stood 5'8",110lbs,sexy,long brown hair,beautiful brown skin(She's spanish!),and a models body. Her tits were small(34s),but had very,pointy nipples.

Many a time I've jacked off thinking of her,and fucking her perfect ,tight cheeked,butt,yet that was only a dream. I stood up,walked over to her,as her eyes were still on my hard cock,and said:"I'm sorry that you caught me this way,I thought everyone left,and I just can't help myself,I love to get off!! I reached out to her,pulled her close to my body,my cock now getting harder as it touched her stomach,looked into her eyes,and said:"If you really want to know,I was thinking of you and me,and just how beautiful I always thought you were,and what a fantastic body you have,and I've jacked off so many times thinking of your great ass!!"

At that moment,she said:"Well......I.....didn't know that,but its really cool,but you think I'm that hot?" I answered:"I know your only 16,and I'm 48,but you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life...I'm not kidding." She then said:"I didn't go to the movies cause I had a bad headache,so I took a shower...but seeing a big cock like that for the first time in my life, has got me scared....but excited too." I then pulled the towel off her. Oh my god what a body! Pointy nipples on those titties,smooth brown skin,and hardly any pubic hair around that virgin pussy! I was dreaming,I thought. I then kissed her long and hard,our tongues tasting each other,which seemed to make my cock harder than its been in years!

I then picked her up,layed her on the bed,and said:"I know your a virgin right??"She answered:"Ahh..ahh...yes I am...but I'm on the pill now for over a year. I just didn't know when I might ever do it..." I then asked:"Would you like me to make you feel so good,like you've never felt before,and after decide if you want me to fuck's that??Breathing hard,she said:"Okay.....if you want to...cause I've thought about it for a long time,and......I really like you too."

Hearing that I told her:'Now just relax,spread open those great legs,and let me see that hot,young pussy!!" She did what I asked. In minutes I was eating the best pussy I've ever eaten. So sweet,so young,so tight,so good! I went wild. After about 15 minutes,she was grinding,and bucking,and pulling my head harder onto that smoking pussy,as I licked,and sucked away.Then,I lifted her ass up with my hands,and began to lick that tight,pink,butthole. This drove her crazy. She could barely speak but said:" Oh...oh.. my feels so good....lick my butthole....lick it...yes...more..more...make it feel good...make me cum and you can do whatever you want to me!!" I attacked!! My cock was ready to burst at the sight,but I knew I'd get my reward later.

In just minutes she began screaming so loud:"Yes!!....Yes!!...lick my pussy....lick my butt...god yes!! it feels so fucking good...Make me cum baby!!......Then like an atom bomb....she exploded!! Screaming,shaking,and crying,pussy juice everywhere, she said:"That felt so good...I never knew it would be like that....I love how you eat my pussy...especially..licking my was unbelievable!!

She sat up,took one look at my throbbing cock,and asked:"What do you want to do to me??......fuck my little virgin pussy....want me to give you a blowjob like you've never had before...or I want to stick that huge cock in my tight butthole don't you?? I know you do!!"

Catching my breath I said:'Baby,...suck me for a minute...then yes....I want to fuck your butt so bad...I want to see my cock in that perfect ass,okay??" She started sucking like a pro! It felt like 2 hoover vacs on my cock,man could she suck! I knew I couldn't take much of this,so I pulled her head off me and said:"Okay Kenia.....let me have that ass...let me stick it in your pink lovehole!!"  She turned over on all fours,put her head on the floor,and stuck out to me,that ass. I prayed I wouldn't cum then!! It was the best ass,small hips,and butthole,I could ever had hoped for! Between the pussy juice and some vaseline,I was ready to enter anal heaven!

 I told her it would hurt at first,but then she'd love it!! She said:" I know...but it will be fine....I want you in my butt so bad baby.....fuck me hard in my pink hole....fuck it hard...then I'm going to make you cum so hard and deep in my'll only want my ass from now on..."I slowly eased up my throbbing cock to that lovehole. The head of my cock dying to enter. I grabbed onto those young girl hips,and began to push it in. She screamed:"OH my fucking god!!  Oh god!! hurts....but put it in my butt baby.....keep going...I love it!!..Your cock is so big...yes..yes..I didn't think I would last 10 seconds...her butthole was so fucking 2 visegrips grabbing and squeezing my cock,but I forced myself! In just minutes,as I rubbed her pussy hard,rubbed those hard nipples,her screaming,me screaming,I knew I would blow. Fucking like a madman,in a virgin butthole no less,I yelled:"I'm going to squirt baby.....I'm.....gonna cum.....make me cum baby!" She pushed that little girls ass all the way up and down my cock. As I held onto those little hips,she screamed:" Cum baby.....cum in my butt....please cum...I want it in my butt baby!!" With one last pull of that fine ass onto my cock,buried all the way inside it,I BLEW!!!!!!!!! I thought I'd pass out it felt so good!! Out of breath,my body shook,until my cum stopped squirting. I fell onto her,and just laying there, on top of the perfect ass,and body was fantastic!

In a couple minutes,I rolled off her,sweating, and breathing hard,when she said:" That was the best!!! I love your cock in my felt so good...I've got to have more....please...did you like it??" I said:"It was just how I thought it would be. You have the best,and tightest,little ass I've ever been in. I loved it baby!!" She then rolled over,showing me that great body,and as we kissed long and hard,she said:"I really mean that...I loved what just happened...and I know its wrong...and I'm young...but I love you too!" As I rolled back on top of her,my cock getting hard again,I said:"It may be wrong,but I want you so bad,and I know I love you to baby!! We kissed again,when I said:"We still have you want my cock in your tight,little pussy??" She squeezed my cock and said:"YES!! more than ever.....put it in......make love to me....make my pussy feel good!!"

That's all it took! Needless to say,we get together and fuck whenever we can,which is about 3 times a week. I can pick her up after school,get a quick blowjob,or we find time to do the other things. She especially loves the anal sex( Go figure!!),and when she wears her short,school girls outfit,it drives me wild!! I love fucking that ass!!   Till next time!!!

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