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 Mum liked to play.

 That is with my dick. But now its mutual.


 This started way back and has matured over the years. As a start to this tale,I'll format slightly. We lived on a very desolate moor,me and mum that is. I'm not sure even if I officially existed. But this has no relevance in this tale. Any teaching needed I received from mum,hence this is one such subject she taught me.

 Mum was everything to me and I to her. From as far back as I can remember,I enjoyed what this is about. Way,Way back mum had,when giving me a bath,paid special attention to my little dicky. Always she would tell me as she pulled my foreskin back from my little knob,how important it was to wash under this skin. Everytime the tightness of my skin would stiffen my little penis. She'd giggle at this and playfully pull it to and fro as her eyes glittered with excitement at my little dick quickly hardening.

 Each time in mocked shock she'd jump back as it made my little stiffy piss over her wrist or up her arm,depending on how she was holding it. All very kiddish. Then as I reached puberty,I didn't question it as she still got me hard in the bath and pulled at my foreskin each time. But,now a new sensation followed her playing,I felt tingling in my penis and a sensation in the sinews on the insides of my thigh's. She'd rub at me with my hardened cock laying in her palm with the underpart gently rubbing along her wrist. The cord at this point made my cock tingle with the friction as it slid backwards and forward until her wrist had a slippery sheen covering of love juice along it.

 This slipperyness lessened the friction,but as I started to unintentionally fuck at her hand,she'd tighten her fingers and thumb on my penis and gripping tightly go faster and faster making me unintentionally dry fuck at her hand until I had the most exciting sensation in my lower body and especially along the length of my penis. "Not ready yet then" I wasn't sure what or why whatever it was wasn't ready as she'd observed. I just looked forward to this a couple of times a week. But now I also looked forward to watching mum bath. At first I wasn't sure why as I'd never took any notice in all the years before puberty. I especially liked watching my mum's normally curly pussy pubes,hang free or sticking to her skin all straight when soaking wet. Yeah,I had pubes by this time but I assumed because there were less of them,they quickly became curly again as I stood up in the bath. But mum's didn't until she towelled them dry.

 Another change had happened,up until now mum had had her clothes on when doing what I've just relayed here. But over the last couple of weeks I observed less clothes,that is all she wore was a very revealing bra' and a less revealing pair of knicker's. I commented about this,but she just answered, "You're bigger now and make bigger splashes" These past couple of weeks remained the same until at a weekend moment,mum started her usual playing. Then as she stiffened my much larger penis, "This time young man,I've got a feeling about this one" She looking at my cock,kissed it on the tip. She's never done that before! "Yeah,something tells me this is the day for it"

 By now I was already getting worked up with her wanking at my cock. I'd spent much of my time at night wanking myself as well as mum's playing but it,while giving me immense orgasm's left me with just a sticky ended cock. I knew from the various animals around,that something was missing,I hadn't shot off sperm like they did,especially the rams and our dog. He never seemed to stop shooting off. Mum seen to that as well.

 So I got excited and as my ass started dry fucking at mum's hand,I found my mind and eyes focused on mum's tits wobbling around like two jellies. On glancing up she realising I was studying her tit's,increased the speed of the tossing she was giving my hardon. "Go on son,make it cum,cum on then,go on,cum over my tits you little fucker,go on,do it" This talking had me trying to keep pace with the speed of mum's hand. Then she stopped for a second to change hand's. 'No mum,don't stop now,use your normal hand,you're going to slow with this one' She in a second changed hands and with it,her stance.

 Now with her body sat on one calf and her other leg spread to balance her, my eyes were looking at her cunt showing from one knicker leg. She doubled her effort,unaware I was thinking the most filthy thought about my cock and her cunt. With a fearful force my orgasm shot my first shot of spunk past my mothers face to land somewhere beyound her shoulder. "Yes,I knew you would" In that instant she stopped and fiercely jerked at my cock somemore. Now kneeling she wanked my cock with fury. I thrust at her hand and saw shot after shot splat onto her trembling breasts.

 She eventually stopped the wanking as I stood feeling totally elated but with my legs all wobbly. I had a sensation now as mum squeezed my cock pressing the last of my first spunking up the tube. With her face only inches from my penis,her eyes met mine. "Shall I? can I? lick that is" I nodded an affirmative. Another sensation,tingled through me as her tongue,at first licked over the end,then gripped around me with her mouth and sucked just enough to gather all my residue. On swallowing this, "That was fucking salty,worse than the mutts" Her wanking hand now wiped my offering on her tits across the jelly like mamary's and with no further ado she licked at all that remained on her hand's. "Yes,much more salty"

 It had never occured to me,that mum would try licking the mutt as she called him. I knew she wanked him and knew he licked her,but that was all. That same mutt now barking and scratching at the back door. "Stupid dog! he knows something's going on" - "Go away,I'm busy,you stupid dog" The scratching continued. On stepping out of the bath,mum squeezed my ass a bit. "I'm real pleased,you've got there. When you've wiped,come in to me,I've been waiting along time for this" I looked at her, 'You're going to,you're going to let me,aren't you?' "Hurry and wipe,before you catch your death of cold" 

 Death of cold,my eye. Mum's going to let me fuck her,just like mutt wants too. As she entered the bedroom I saw her pull her knicker's down and pop her bra' Hardly bothering to wipe I was into her room in a flash. She had already got on the bed. "I know you want to do this,don't you? - 'Yes' - well,seeing you've arrived,I mean you're a man now,how would you be with sleeping in here from now on?" 'What about mutt?' "Don't worry about him,I'm sure I can manage you and him being in here"

 Many times I'd seen mutt doing mum with his tongue and her to him,what mum had just done to me. Mutt's tongue had finished mum,always in the same way. "Get off and get out of here,no you can't,not until he has" This had always been lost on me,I'd been much more interested in watching mum nearly fall off the bed with her orgasm,then quietly shoo mutt out. While I unobtrusively dragged him by his collar when with a lot of purple cock available mum had rejected his offer to give her it. Mum knew I watched her,but no comment between us was ever made. Later she'd go down and flip him till his cum shot everywhere,commenting. "Not yet,like me you'll have to wait till he's ready"

 I realised I was ready now. I looked at mum. "Should we let him in?or do we do it alone" 'Alone,its my first time' "Watch what I do,I'll let you try,later,but when I say now,get on me and do what you do to my hand when I've been wanking you off" Mum started to masterbate herself and I watched intensely. Yeah I'd watched before but always at a distance,I'd many times watched mutt lick her but never this close up. Her pussy looked very big to me,but also very beautiful as it wriggled and wobbled to mum's tormenting fingers. Being so close I could see the hard bit mum had peeled her hoodlike skin from,just like she peeled my foreskin back. Now with finger and thumb,she tormented this hard clitoris while it dropped back under its hood,until she went crazy. Now,just like she'd done to my prick,she worked at her quim in excited spasms.

 All sorts of little noises emmited from her as she started to orgasm. "NOW! NOW! Get on me,quick now,do mee!" I clambered across my mum's body and as she fumbled for my cock she kept up her remoreless masterbating. "Push it in me,AAAGH! Hard, FUCK ME HAAARD! THAT'S IT,HARDER,HARRRDDDER!" Caught up in the moment,I fucked her brains out as she told me after we both calmed down from our orgasm. 'And again mum! Do you want me some more' "Yeah,I felt you cum in me,I'm Oh! So proud of you,you can cum now,lovely salty,Oh so salty new cum" She gripped round me,hugging me so tight I could hardly breath. I brought us back to another orgasm with even more cum shot up my mum's quim. Another lot of hugging.

 I lay listening to mutt scratching furiously at the back door. Mum lay on her back as I felt just how wet her quim now was. 'Shall I? Let him in mum,we'll have no door left in a minute' after a while, "Must we? I'm completely satisfied really. Go on then if you must" I realised that she knew she'd indicated earlier,she would do so,to let me to see it. I was gone,I felt so elated,I just wanted sex,any kind of sex. By the time Mutt beat me too her bedroom,mum had moved herself,now letting her ass hanging at the edge of the mattress,with her legs dangling to the floor.

 Mutt was straight at her,his nose hit her pussy,mum jerked, "fuck,go steady,your nose is freezing" Mutt now settled into a routine he obviously knew well. I looked as he licked at mum's quim,the soft tissue flicking around as his tongue persued each bit of flavour and I watched as each time some of my brand new cum seeped from mum,he dug his tongue deep into her for more. I loved the way her ass jerked at these time's and she was forced to hide her clitoris with the flat of her hand while panting, "He's getting me near again"

 Pulling herself open wide now,he brought her to a staggering orgasm. Mutt in turn tried to get up on her. "Drag him out,I'll see to him later,GET HIM AWAY, let him out again quick,I don't want to look at him right now" I done as she asked. I felt disappointed though,his red cock done a strange thing for me,I wanted mum to fuck him. 'Mum,he wanted to fuck you like I did' Quietly, "I know,I was near to letting him,now I got you here while I do it" 'You haven't before then?' "No,I'll show you why sometime,but no,I haven't you got me bloody close just then though,that's why I said get him out,I was weakening like hell"

 Why is a another story. So that's it for now!  Oh! Except,I haven't slept in my own bed for years now.

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