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My Sisters Slumber Party

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It was finally Saturday night I had been waiting for this night all week. Rob, Jack, Andy, Julie, and Josh could hardly contain themselves either as we all hung out in the garage of my house. It was about and my sisters friends had just shown up for there end of the school year slumber party that she was throwing. They were all wearing either skimpy little shorts with spaghetti strap shirts our little skirts with tight little tops, very cute and sexy with there make-up on and there hair done. There was Megan 16, Melissa 15, Erin 16, and Alice who was just about to turn 15. My mind was numb with the excitement of what we were going to do tonight, in my friends eyes I could see it to. Rob, Jack, Andy, and I were going over the plans for tonight. You see my friends and I are all very sexually active, It all started when I meet Julie and Josh a couple years ago when my family first moved here. Julie is 13 and Josh is 15 they are brother and sister, they live across the street, I caught them kissing in the bathroom at school the first week we moved here and my life hasn’t been the same since. I guess you could call Julie our group whore, she would tell you the same and she loves it. She might be young but she sure loves to fuck and be fucked. Rob 15 is Josh’s best friend and lives in the house behind him. Jack 16 and Andy 18 are brothers; they live next door to me. The five of us spend many nights taking turns fucking Julie and any friends she might bring over, it’s the only thing good that has come out of moving to this damn city for me. By the way my name is Don and I’m 16 and my sister Jazmin is 15. Now that everybody is introduced let me start the story…..

Andy pulled out the bottle of booze my sister had asked me to get for her earlier in the week, when my friends and I first came up with this whole idea. Andy had gotten one of his older friends buy the booze for him. My sister had promised her friends that after our mom and dad went to sleep that they could all party in the garage and drink, so I agreed to clean it up for her and move my group some where else for the night. If she only knew what the cost of this small token of kindness that I was showing her was.

The five of us started taking shots there was a bottle of tequila, cherrypuker, and a bottle of hypnotic. After we had all taken a shot from each Andy added the night night shot to each bottle. I don’t know what it was but he promised me that it would knock anyone out who drank for at least 4 to 6 hours and I believed him. The bottles looked full again, mixed with the substance that Andy had put in them. We hide them in the garage so my parents wouldn’t find them. Then my friends all left like I agreed with my sister. They all went over to Jack and Andy’s house to get something to eat; I went inside my house to find my sister. I found her in her room with all her friends, they were all in there pajamas now painting each others toes which of course instantly gave me a hard on which I tried my best to hide. Immediately she asked if I got it I told her I did and described to her were in the garage it was. And reminded her to be really quite not to wake up mom and dad, and if she did that she better not say she got the booze from me. She promised me they would be quite and that she would say she got the booze from another friend she knew. I settled for that and left to meet up with my friends and wait.

I went straight over to Jack and Andy’s shed out back of there house. It was our alternate hang out spot it was just smaller than our garage. When I went in I was greeted by the sight of Julie bouncing up and down on Josh’s cock and swapping back for between sucking Andy’s cock down her throat and sucking Jack’s cock the same way. I was already hot from seeing all the girls in there pajamas that this sent me way over the edge. I grab Julie by the back of the head and pulled her of Josh’s lap and dropped her in front of the chair that I was now sitting in. I yanked out my 7” cock and proceeded to fuck the back of Julie’s throat slow and deep holding my entire dick in her throat until her it relaxed and I was able to slide my cock in and out it’s entire length with out her gauging I loved doing this it felt so good. Not to mention just the site of this fucking sexy 13 year whore deep throating my cock while her brother and my two other friends fought over who was going to berry their cock into her pussy first. She never lost eye contact with me as Andy began shoving his 8” pecker into her waiting pussy. The look on her face was that of pure pleasure as Andy sank it all the way in and began taking long strokes slow at first but growing in force with each thrust. As I was forcing Julies head up and down my shaft I felt myself approaching orgasm and just as I felt it cumming I rammed Julies head all the way down and sprayed my cum deep down her throat as she gauged and choked on it. She didn’t really like it when I did this but she was use to it and didn’t care any more. After I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she finished swallowing my cum Josh quickly took my place to finish his nut which I admit I so rudely interrupted but I really needed it right then. I went over and sat on the couch to watch TV and was soon joined by Andy after he nutted all over Julie’s white ass and was replaced in his position by his brother Jack, who was fucking Julie like there was no tomorrow. Soon Josh had dumped his load all over Julies face and in her mouth and Jack left his load in Julie’s tight pussy. We all sat back and watched TV for the next couple hours waiting for the motion sensor camera we had set up in the garage to turn on letting us know that the fun was about to start.

It was around when the portable surveillance monitor finally flicked on the image of inside my garage, we perked up as we watched the 5 teenage girls, soon to become our little fuck bags enter the room. They all sat down around the table we had set up in there and our couch and chairs where we all usually hung out at this time. My sister went and found the bottles right where I told her I had hide them and brought them back to her group. They all started passing the bottles around each taking swigs from the bottles tasting them all. We all got more and more excited with every shot each girl took. Realizing that our plan was working and that very soon we were all going to be having a lot of fun, with these very drunk and soon to be very passed out girls. We all had hard-ons and Julie couldn’t leave her pussy alone she just kept rubbing it and touching her self all over she was getting very horny wanting to suck and lick all over these innocent young girls as we had our way with them.

It was about 30 minutes later and two and a half bottles down when the girls started slowing down they were all just setting back now Alice the 14 year old actually fell on to the couch landing face first right in my sisters lap and never moved after the girls that were still conscious just laughed and soon after passed out themselves. That was our cue to move in. Slowly we shut down the shed and made our way over to my garage for our reward. As we entered the smell of booze was strong and the sight of the five beautiful girls was almost too much for us to handle. We went around with our camera video taping the site. I stood next to my sister on the couch who still had Alice’s faced buried in her crotch. I told Julie to point the camera at me as I pulled out my cock and rested it on my sister’s lips. Everybody watched as I took Jazmin’s head parted her lips and pushed the head of my dick in her mouth slowly. It was the first test to see if these bitches were really out. It felt so good to fuck my sisters mouth I had wanted to for so long and never thought I would have the chance, and now I was and this was only the beginning of tonight’s fun. I continued to fuck Jazmin’s mouth as Andy, Jack, and Rob positioned a girl for each of them to perform this same act on. Julie was having a ball going from person to person taping every second as they fucked the mouths of these innocent young girls until Rob and Jack both started moaning and saying how good it felt and that they were going to cum in these whores’ mouths. Julie was right on top of it with the camera, catching every shot that went in there mouths and then leaked out when the boys removed there well soaked cocks from there mouths. Julie zoomed in on Megan and Melissa’s faced as they twisted in confusion from the drugs and the forced act that was just committed to them. Then Julie came over to me as I dumped my load in my sisters mouth and held her head back with her mouth open to show the camera my brotherly load I just left in my sisters mouth I then plugged her nose and watched as she was forced to swallow my load down before she could breathe. This sent Julie over the edge as she pushed the camera to me and began pulling Alice off me sisters lap throwing her over the arm of the couch she then ripped my sisters little shorts off revealing cute little butterfly panties that she was wearing I filmed Julie as she licked up and down my sisters thigh and over her covered mound. It was so hot watching her do this I almost forgot about the rest of the room. When I turned around I saw Andy and Jack had already stripped Megan down and where now propping her up on the arm of the chair Andy sat in the chair and continued to force his cock in and out of the drugged girls mouth as she whimpered and moaned from the pain that Jacks cock was causing, her probably virgin pussy; as it pounded away. Rob had Melissa and Erin on the floor next to the coffee table taking there clothes off as fast as he could fondling every part of them as he went. When he got them completely naked he started licking there pussies causing them to squirm as there bodies naturally responded to his stimulation. It almost seemed like they were awake if they only had there eyes open. I noticed that poor little Alice had been left there hanging over the arm of the couch and nobody was paying her any attention. So I set up the camera on the tripod to catch the scene of the whole room. I then proceed to undress Alice anticipating penetrating her virgin pussy knowing how tight it must be. I shock with excitement knowing the fun we would all have tonight.

I had a hard time concentrating hearing the moans coming from my sister. As I looked down I saw that Julie now had my sister’s panties off and was eating my sister’s pussy like the nasty whore she was. It must have felt really good because Jazmin was moaning and squirming all over the coach. Julie stood up and took her shorts off, she wasn’t wearing panties she hardly ever wore panties. Then she laid my sister down on the coach so she could grind her pussy on her face while she ate her out. By this time I had worked my cock about half way into Alice’s tight pussy. I had pushed past her cherry which had caused a little yelp from her and some uncomfortable moans. She started squirming so I pinned her legs straight back to her chest putting her in the fetal position and continued to push my dick deeper into her pussy with each thrust. Soon I was in all the way and wet as hell, I fucked the shit out of that virgin pussy I couldn’t stop until my cum was planted deep in her young womb. I went crazy with lust knowing that I had just raped this innocent 14 year old girl and been the first person ever to cum inside of her. I pulled out and ordered Julie to lick and suck my cum out of her pussy and she immediately obeyed, leaving my still virgin sister looking cute, naked from the waste down, and ready to fuck in my lustful craz from the nights events.

Andy and Jack having had there fun with Megan left her sitting up straight in the chair soaked in there cum holding an empty bottle of booze a pretty fun sight for us, not so good for her. Rob to enjoyed it and excepted it in trade for the two he had been playing with they were both primed and ready as Rob had laid them on there stomachs and propped there asses up using pillows from the couch. Andy and Jack used there cum soaked pussy to lube there cocks before they started pushing them into Melissa and Erin’s tiny virgin assholes. Both girls jumped and moaned in pain but Andy and Jack just laid there fully weight directly on top of there bodies forcing there cocks all the way inside the girls asses. They both moaned loudly as they continued to slowly ass fuck the entire length of there dicks in and out of Erin and Melissa’s tight virgin asses.

Rob had much of the same idea with Megan only he decided to play with the bottle Jack had left him. He grabbed it and pushed Megan sideways in the chair and spreading her legs. Just then Josh came back I didn’t even realize he had left and he had our bag of toys that we sometimes fuck Julie and her friends with. He went over and joined his sister with Alice. Aloud groan came from Megan as Rob proceeded push the bottle in Megan’s ass for the first time. The site of that gave everybody a second wind and we all felt the lustful craz of the night and we all knew none of us were in control of our actions. Josh had laid down and positioned Alice with Julie sitting behind her on top of him in a cowgirl position one they used often. Only this time Julie had a strap on attached to her with a 5” cock on it fucking Alice’s ass forcing her to bounce on Josh’s dick. It didn’t take long for Josh to cum in the young girls pussy watching his sister violate the girl the way she was.

I had my sister all to myself which was the plan from the beginning I was really going to enjoy myself tonight. I had already made her swallow my entire load once tonight and had much more in store for her. I toke my time with Jazmin savoring every moment and watching everything, everyone else was doing getting more turned on every second. I had taking the rest of her cloths off, I had her back flat on the sofa with her head tilted up against the back of the couch, it probably wasn’t comfortable for her but it would work for me. I held her legs straight in the air as I guided my cock to her virgin pussy. Craving the moment I become the first person to entire her pussy, and it felt so good. Julie had left it plenty wet from her feasting of it a moment ago. I pushed in and felt the hymn and trusted right past it causing her already violated pussy to spasm in a powerful orgasm that milked my dick every time I pulled it out and pushed it back in. She moaned in both pain and pleasure as I neared my own limits. I said “Oh shit, I’m going to cum in my sister” out loud to the group as I felt it nearing. They all looked wanting to see it knowing how much I anticipated the moment. I became light headed as I started cumming deep inside her milking wet pussy as she moaned and squirmed under my thrust. As I finished I sat down on the floor in front of the couch next to Jazmin’s pussy and watched my cum slowly start to flood out of her young pussy. Immediately I leaned over and started lapping it up as it came out my cum and her cum together eating it out of her pussy woke me right back up and it was time for phase two with Jazmin.

I helped Josh and Julie sit Alice up on the couch with her legs wide open Josh’s cum leaking all over. Then Rob brought Megan over with the bottle still stuck in her ass, and positioned her to look like she was eating Alice’s pussy. We sat Megan down on her knees which forced the bottle in a little more and lodged it in place. Andy and Jack Continued to fuck Melissa and Erin to there hearts content dumping load after load of hot cum in there pussies, asses, mouths, and all over there bodies.

Then Rob, Josh, Julie, and I focused our attention on Jazmin. Julie grabbed the camera for some special hand held work for this one. I sat on the floor and placed Jazmin’s drugged and limp body cowgirl style on my cock which felt good enough to cum but I held off knowing it was going to get better. Josh got right behind her much like he and Julie had just done to Alice, and started fucking Jazmin’s ass while my dick was in her pussy. The feeling of my sister’s pussy as she was being fucked in the ass was amazing. Then Rob kneeling on the couch took hold of her head and guided it to his waiting cock. He pushed past her lips over her tong and into her throat. The shot must have looked so hot from Julie’s camera and she wasn’t shy about it at all. The best part was that the way we were holding her it almost looked like she was awake and participating. Her eyes even looked opened at times as I was looking up at her. It almost seemed like she was staring at me now. Then I saw her wink and smile as she swallowed Rob’s whole cock into the back of her throat. Oh my god I thought she’s awake. How is that possible I told myself I saw her drink just like all the rest of the girls and they are all still knocked out? Then I realized if she is awake then she doing this now because she wants to. She pulled Robs cock out of her mouth and whispered in my ear I want you to cum in my pussy now. There was immediately a group orgasm Rob thrusted deep into her mouth and filled her swallowing throat, Josh rammed his cock deep in her ass depositing his load deep in her bowels, and over come with lust and excitement and my sister telling me to come in her pussy now, I filled her pussy until it flooded out around my dick along with her cum as she was came with me. After we stopped cumming with a pop her mouth came off Rob’s dick and she planted the biggest kiss on me I’ve ever gotten in my life. We exchanged tongs, spit, and Rob’s cum. A minor price to pay for the fact that my sister was willingly French kissing me right now, after I had just cum in her pussy, Josh was now pulling out of her ass followed by his cum, and we were both swallowing the last of Rob’s load. We all sat back her still inside of me and looked at each other. Andy, Jack, Josh, Julie, Rob, and I stood scared out of our minds not knowing what was going on. When Jazmin lend back and said “Man that was fun, how come you guys didn’t tell me about your little group activities before.”


Too be Continued………….



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