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My bestfriends little girls and I on Vacation chapter 2

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Well gang I'm back and I promise this time to finish what I have started on top of that I even have some more stories for you.  Now once again this is a story about a man having sex with a child, if this offends anyone please move on.  For the rest of you I hope you enjoy


"Dave! Dave wake up! Where here!"

I opened my eyes to find both Cindy and Irene shaking me awake. I looked around to see passengers already grabbing their bags from the overhead bins and moving forward down the aisles to get off the plane.

How could I have slept through landing?

Then again I shouldn’t be surprised since little Cindy had me take her to the lavatory early this morning during the flight and then proceeded to give me a blow job right there. Not wanting to be left out Irene then proceeded to take me to the lavatory as well and I had not only had sex with her but she also blew me as well.

Now both Irene and Cindy were up trying to wake me up so we could get our vacation started.

"Dave lets go!" Irene said as she tugged my arm.

"Ok I’m up, I’m up." I mumbled as I stretched and reached up to get our bags out of the overhead compartment.

"Hurry Dave!" Irene insisted anxious to get our vacation started.

"Yeah Dave lets go." Little Cindy chimed in pulling on my shirt.

"Ok you two I’m going as fast as I can." I said as I pulled out the bags and put them over my shoulder then reached down to take both of their small hands into mine. "You know Disneyland isn’t going anywhere?"

"You’re silly Dad." Cindy giggled as we made our way down the access way into the airport terminal.

Making our way through the crowded airport we proceeded to baggage claim to get our luggage. Putting our suitcases on a carrier I wheeled it with the girls sitting on top laughing the whole way to the car rental inside the airport terminal. Picking up the keys the rental lady pointed in the direction of the shuttle bus that would take us to the rental. On the way I finally stopped and pulled out my cell phone and dialed Stacy’s cell.

"Hello?" Stacy’s sweet voice sounded in my ear.

"Stacey it’s Dave."

"Dave I miss you and the girls so bad." She said as her voice picked up in pitch. "Did you get there ok? How was the flight out?"

"Yes we got her fine." I told her, knowing she would ask these questions. "The flight was great. In fact the girls made it even better."

Irene giggled as did Cindy.

"Dave what did you do?" She said acting half mad.

"Hey it wasn’t my idea." I laughed back at her.

"Well then what happened?" Stacy said eagerly. I could tell she wanted to know what happened.

"Lets just say both of the girls needed to make visits to the lavatory last night." I said looking down at Irene and little Cindy who were smiling up at me waiting to talk to their mother.

"Sounds naughty you will have to give me the details when I get out there." She purred into my ear.

"I knew you would think so, by the way I have someone who wants to talk to you." Handing the phone down to the girls Irene grabbed it first.

"Hi mom." She said excitedly. "Yeah it was fun. Uh huh, I know Mom but no one could hear us everyone was asleep. Ok but can I ask something first? Can Dave take us to Disneyland today? Really!?! Thanks Mom I’ll tell him. Love you Mom here’s Cindy."

Handing the phone to Cindy Irene then said excitedly. "Mom said it’s up to you if we go to Disneyland today."

"Well will see after I talk to your Mother again Ok?" I said as I turned to listen to Cindy talk to her Mom.

"Mommie!" Cindy giggled in to the cell phone. "Uh -uh, Daddy gave me some cream. Yep yep. No we were quiet. Ok I’ll be good. By Momma."

Finishing her conversation with her Cindy hand me back the cell phone.

"Yes?" I said with a smile. As both Cindy and Irene started tugging on my hands to get my attention. Looking up I could see the shuttle bus coming.

"It sounds like your having a great time. "

"We are. I wish you were here." I said as the shuttle bus doors opened and Cindy and Irene jumped aboard. Picking up our luggage I boarded the shuttle and took a seat in the small bus next to my girls. The shuttle took off and started to move us in the direction of the rental cars.

"Me too it shouldn’t take much longer for me to have Steve served." Stacy said as the shuttle bus started moving up aisle after aisle of rental cars looking for ours. "Oh Irene really wants you to go to Disneyland today but I told her it was up to you."

"I don’t see why not we got enough rest on the flight out." I said as the shuttle pulled to stop in. I looked out the window to see a 2003 Ford Explorer. Just what I had requested.

"Are you sure Dave I mean it is California and I heard the freeways can be pretty bad out there."

"Hey the Yahoo map I downloaded said it was like a thirty minute drive from here to there." I said as the girls ran toward the Explorer and I got our bags. "It couldn’t possibly be that bad."



I sat and stared at the sea of car bumpers in front of me. Looking in the rearview mirror I could see a sea of headlights. I looked at my watch.


I had been on the freeway for almost two and a half hours now and was still no where near Disneyland. I turned and looked over at Irene who was sitting in the passenger seat with her arms crossed with a big scowl on her face.

"I’m sorry sweetie." I said hoping I wasn’t too much in the dog house.

"I’m not mad at you Dave." She said still pouting. "I just wanted to really go today."

"Well I promise you we can go tomorrow ok." I said as I reached over to gently stroke her strawberry blonde hair. She turned and gave me a weak smile.

"Come on you can do better then that." I said as I slid my hand down to her back and then slipped my finger under her arm. "Or do I have to tickle you?"

Irene started to giggle as I started to tickle her just under her arm. Turning to me she gave me a big genuine smile.

"Ok ok!" Irene continued to giggle as she pushed my hand away. Unbuckling her seat belt she came over and hugged me. I put my arm around her slim waist and returned her hug while keeping my other hand on the wheel. While I hugged her I looked over my shoulder to see little Cindy asleep in the back seat.

"Good." I said returning my focus back on Irene. "So what are we going to do to pass the time?

Irene seemed to consider this for a moment and then looked over at little Cindy snoozing away in the back seat. Looking around outside the car she then look back at me and smiled.

"I’ve got a idea." She said with a smile as she suddenly went down to her knees in the small space between the passenger seat and my seat. Reaching over Irene started unbuckling my pants and reached her small hand in and started stroking my semi hard cock.

"Whoa! Sweetie I don’t think that’s a good idea!" I exclaimed as she was now sliding my cock out to get more access to it.

"Why not Dave?" She said with a smile as she took a little lick at the head sending shivers up my spine. "No ones looking."

I looked up in the rear view mirror at the driver behind me who was talking on the phone oblivious to the traffic and world around him. Glancing over to the car on the right I could barely make out the top of a woman’s head do to the height of the explorer. On the left I couldn’t even see the driver. Irene was right no one could see what she was doing. I still felt a little nervous about it but the feel of Irene gently swirling her tongue around the head of my cock was enough for me to let her proceed. I looked down at her to see her looking up at me expectantly.

"Ok sweetie, go ahead." I said as I gently placed my hand on the back of her head to urge her on.

That was all Irene was waiting for. With that she suddenly slid her mouth down over my cock as far as she could.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" I groaned out loud from the pleasure.

As I moaned Irene now started bobbing her mouth up and down on my manhood , her soft tender tongue working the side of my cock. I could feel her little fingers reaching down into my pants to gently stroke and fondle my balls causing me to breath a little faster now.

I looked down to see Irene’s little ponytail gently rocking back and forth as she worked my cock in earnest. The feel of her soft lips gently wrapped around the shaft of my cock was driving me crazy as this sweet little 10 year old girl now proceeded to slowly slide her lips all the way down to the base of my cock.

"Oh Jesus Irene yes." I moaned even louder as I felt my cock buried halfway down her soft constricting throat.

While Irene continued to deep throat my cock she had now positioned her self in front of my seat and was now straddling my leg while she continued to work my cock up and down now with her mouth. I looked down into the soft green eyes that had a longing in them to have her small mouth filled with my hot cum. I was in heaven.

"Beeb! Beeep!"

I nearly jumped at the sound of the car horn behind me. Looking up I could see the cars in front of me had started to move the traffic jam was starting to break up. Looking in the review mirror I could see the man still on the phone waving at me to start moving along. Glancing all around I could see that cars in every lane are starting to move forward. No one is looking at me. No one knows.

I slowly pressed my foot down on the pedal and began moving the car along with the rest of traffic. While I did this I could feel Irene’s smooth legs wrap tighter around my leg, her pelvis slowly grinding against me.

"Traffic’s starting to move sweetie." I said between breaths as I tried to concentrate on driving while Irene continued to hump herself against my leg while continuing to work her mouth up and down on my cock. "Maybe you should come back up.

Looking down at her, Irene just shook her head with my cock still in her mouth telling me she wasn’t going anywhere. With a smile I continued to drive while this little ten year old girl proceeded to give me a incredible blow job. It was all I could to do to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

While I continued to pick up speed on the freeway Irene started to pick up the pace as well. Her small hands were stroking my cock up and down gently while she was gently sucking my cock with her small mouth. This time she was slowly working her mouth lower and lower down my cock driving me crazy. Now she brought her mouth all the way off and started to gently suck on the underside of my cock going all the way down to my balls. My breathing quickened as she now started to suck and lick on my balls while she pumped my shaft up and down with her small hand. The whole time she never stopped looking up at me those blue eyes of hers.

"I want to tasted it Dave." She said as she now started working her small mouth back up my cock and started to circle her tongue around the tip again.

"God Irene your going to if you keep doing what your doing. Ahhhhhhhh!"

With a giggle Irene suddenly slid her mouth all the way down my hard cock tell I felt her nose nuzzling my pubs again as her hand started to gently squeeze my balls. Her small mouth constricting on my cock caused me to loose all control as her hand contracting on my ball sack causing my semen to start surging up the inside of my cock.


Irene never let go of my cock as her throat swallowed load after load of my pulsing cum. I had to struggle to keep my hands on the wheel and control of the car as little Irene proceeded to drain my cock of every last drop of my cum. As my breathing calmed down she slid her mouth off and gently licked my cock clean. After she had cleaned me up Irene leaned back and slid back into her seat.

"Feeling better?" She giggled

"I’m feeling great now thanks to you." I smiled back at her.

She continued to giggle as she looked back at the road. While she did this I took a quick glance in the rear view mirror to see that little Cindy had slept threw the whole incident. No doubt she was still tired from our little late night meeting in the air plan lavoratory.

"Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turn here your going to pass it!!!!!!!!" Irene suddenly yelled excitedly. Turning my attention back to the road I could see that the next exit said Disney land next exit. Pulling into the exit lane I smiled back at Irene.

"Calm down Irene we aren’t going to miss it." I laughed at her.

Irene didn’t hear me she was too busy reaching behind her to wake up Cindy.

"Wake up! Cindy Wake up! We’re here!"

Little Cindy slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Then her eyes got wide as she saw the Disneyland park to the left of us and the Disneyland Hotel coming up quickly on the right.

"Yeah!" They both cheered as I pulled into the parking lot. As to the valet parking in front of the Hotel, the girls unbuckled their seat belts and both gave me hug before I get my own belt undone. Cindy hugged me first and then as Irene hugged me she leaned close to whisper in my ear.

"You owe me later."

Looking over at her she winked at me as she jumped out of the car. I laughed as I thought about what lay in store for me later tonight. The grumbling in my stomach brought me back to the moment.

"Ok girls anyone feeling like eating as soon as we check in?" I asked as I moved to the back of the Ranger to hand my keys to the valet. One of the others was already moving to the back of the car to unload our luggage.

"Yeah! I’m starving!" Little Cindy whined holding her little tummy.

"Don’t be drama." Irene teased her.

"Am not!"

"Well there is a great restaurant in downtown Disney you can eat ate that I bet these kids would love called the rain forest Café." The valet said as he smiled at the girls.

"Is the food good?" Asked Irene

"It’s great if you don’t mind the chance of a thunderstorm coming down on you."


Irene giggled as little Cindy put her coat back on and looked up at the ceiling of the restaurant for the third time as the lights dimmed and the sound of thunder echoed through the room.

"It’s not real Cindy." Irene giggled at her little sister.

"Sounds real." Was all Cindy said as she kept looking up.

I covered my mouth and laughed quietly to myself at little Cindy’s paranoia. The restaurant was great. It had plant vines all over the walls with trees along with animatronic animals of all kinds that would come to life every fifteen minutes or so. The girls loved it in spite of little Cindy’s anxieties over the chance of rain inside the restaurant.

We had already checked into our room and had called Stacy and let her know that we had decided to take in Disneyland tomorrow. The girls were ok with that, they were already having a great time at the restaurant and I had promised to take them to see a movie that was right across the way in the downtown Disney shopping complex.

"So what movie do you want to see girls?" I asked trying to take Cindy’s mind off the fake rain storm.

"Pirates of the Carribean!" Irene said without having to even think about it.

"Finding Nemo!" Cindy said with equal enthusiasm.

"Hmmmmm let me see." I said thinking about it. "Well, tell you what. Lets toss a coin."

"Ok" Irene said with a smile.

"Ok" Cindy smiled sure the toss would go her way.

"Call it." I said to Irene.

"Heads." Catching the coin I smacked it on to the back of my hand. Pulling my hand away I looked at the results.

"Tails." I read out loud.

"Ha" Cindy scoffed at Irene with a big grin of triumph.

"Fine then loser gets to sleep with Dave tonight!" Irene said with a big smile.

"Not Fair!" Cindy shouted back at her older sister.

"Uh-huh!" Irene shouted back.

"Ok stop it both of you." I said stopping the argument.

"But Dave…" They both started to whine.

"No. No buts." I said putting my foot down. "This is not the place nor the time.

They both gave me pleading looks. It took a lot to not give into those sweet innocent faces but the noise they had made had drawn the attention of some of the other patrons of the restaurant.

"Remember what your mother and I told you about other people not understanding about some of things we do?" I leaned forward and whispered to both of them.

They both looked around the restaurant and realized that a few people were glancing over in our direction. They both then looked back at me with a look of recognition on their little faces.

"Sorry Dave." Irene said with a serious look on her face.

"Me too." Little Cindy echoed her older sister.

"Your both going to have to be more careful, ok?" I said to both of them quietly. "Now I mean that otherwise they will take me away and most likely your mom and neither of us want that right?"

They both shook their heads seriously with sad little faces.

"Ok then we will talk about the sleeping arrangements later, lets finish lunch so we can hurry up and catch the movie ok?"

Both of them proceeded to eat the rest of meal in silence as they both sulked over what had happened. If I wasn’t sure that there was some sort of competition going on between Irene and her little sister Cindy I was sure of it now. After awhile it was Irene who finally broke the silence.

"Cindy, I’m sorry. You won the toss, if you want we can see your movie." Irene said as she quietly ate her food looking up at her little sister.

"What about Dave?" Little Cindy whispered as she glanced around to see if anyone was listening to their conversation. Looking around I noticed that everyone had gone back to their meals.

"Well If you want you could sleep with him tonight and then I get him in the morning."

I started to choke on the food I was eating. Irene and Cindy just giggled as I coughed for several minutes. Little Cindy nodded to Irene that she was ok with the plan and then both of them looked back at me and continued to giggle. As I got my coughing fit under control I looked back at these two little angels. I didn’t know if I should be mad at them for making all these plans and not asking how I even felt about it. Then again as their mother told me as long as the girls wanted me to experiment then I was to always make myself available to them.

"Ok you two are you ready to go to the movies then?"

"Yeah!" Came the cheer from both of them.


It was eight hours later and I was now holding Irene over my shoulder as we entered the elevator to go up to our suite.

"Cindy push the button for number twelve." I said as Irene slept soundly on my shoulder.

"Ok Dave" Cindy said as she pushed the button with a smile.

The elevator doors closed and we started our ride back up to our sweet. The night was a good one. We had finished dinner then gone to the movies. I had actually slept through most of it. Afterwards the kids said the wanted to play in the arcade for awhile so I had let them. After that I had we had a late supper at another of the many restaurants that was around us. As the girls ate the dinner Irene started to show signs that she was getting sleepy. Her eyes were growing heavier and heavier by the second. Paying for dinner I scooped up Irene as we walked back to the hotel. Irene was out before we had even made it to the elevator.

Surprising enough little Cindy was still wide awake. No doubt from the long nap she had in the car on the way from the airport to the resort. With a bell tone the elevator doors opened and we walked out into the hall. Walking down the hall to our room I had Cindy reach into my pants pocket and fish out the card key to the room and then open the door for us. Walking slowly over to the bedroom I went inside and gently set Irene down on her bed. Curling up on the bed she was fast asleep. Leaning down I gently kissed her forehead as Cindy tugged at my hand trying to pull me out of the room.

"Come on Dave lets go." She whispered as she continued to tug on my hand. Following her we went out in the living room of the suite. I had started to head toward the couch but little Cindy wasn’t having any of it as she continued to tug me towards my bedroom.

"No Dave I want to go to bed now." She said as she started dragging me to my bedroom.

"Oh really" I said as I suddenly picked her up and lifted her off the floor.

Cindy giggled as I proceeded to pick her up and carry her to through the bedroom door all the way to the bed.

Not wasting any time little Cindy started to immediately unbuckle my pants as I took off my shirt. Sliding out my growing cock she took in her and hand and started stroking slowly up and down. The effect was causing my hard member to grow larger by the second in her small hands that could barely fit around the base.

"Ahhhh Cindy your making me feel so good." I moaned as I looked down into little Cindy’s big blue eyes as she gently places her soft pink lips on the tip of my cock. Her eyes never leaving mine for a second.

"I like making you happy" Cindy said as she looked up at me. Her small hand holding my thick shaft while she began to now swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. All I could do was get lost in those soft blue eyes and she continued to work my cock with her soft pink lips. Looking up at me she could see that I was loving every minute of what she was doing to me. Pulling her mouth off my cock she sat back on the bottom half of the bed.

"Take off your clothes Dave and lay down." She said with a giggle.

This was something new I thought to my self as I did what this little 6 year old darling told me what to do. Taking all my clothes off I laid down on the bed looking down at little Cindy who was staring greedily at my hard cock licking her lips.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked Cindy.

"Hmmmm hmmm" She said as she started to take her clothes off with a smile.

I sat in amazement as little Cindy slowly took off all her clothes piece by piece. I wondered what had prompted her to decide to make both of us naked and would have asked had I not been so entranced with her naked little body. It was perfect. Soft baby smooth skin that was very light and in some places a light shade of pink. There was just the right about of baby fat on her to make her look adorable but not chubby. I wanted to reach out and touch her but knew that I couldn’t. Not unless she asked me too.

"Do you like what you see?" Cindy giggled as she now slide up my legs and gently took my hard cock in to her small hands and started to rub the base up and down. Her big blue eyes didn’t leave mine for a second as leaned in closer and closer to my throbbing hardness.

"I do sweetie. You are very pretty." I said to Little Cindy as she now gently started to lick at the underside of my cock which was now rock hard . As Cindy gently stroked up and down my cock I leaned my head back and enjoyed the sensations that she was giving me.

"That’s not what you told Mommie" Cindy now giggled as she started to now swirl her tongue around the head of my cock "You said she looked sexy."

So that was it.

"Cindy were you spying on me and your Mommie again?"

Cindy just smiled as she now starting to slide her small body around so her feet were now up toward my head. With her legs beside me she started to gently rub her leg against my hand. No doubt she had spied on her mother and I doing a sixty-nine and was wanting to give it a try.

"Rub my legs the way you did mommie Dave." Little Cindy said as she now slide her small body on top of mine with her mouth sliding down past the head of my cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhh yesss" I groaned now at the pleasure that Cindy was giving me. I slide my hands along her soft legs all the way up to her little bottom. I rubbed it with the palm as little Cindy now started to stroke the base of my cock up and down faster and faster her mouth starting to gently bob up and down on my cock.

As I continued to rub her bare bottom Cindy slowly started to spread her little legs giving me a birds eye view of her little pink slit. As I continued to rub her little bottom I slowly worked my hand closer to her it. My desire for her overriding her permission to ask me to. However as soon as my finger touched her little slit little Cindy suddenly jerked her little body off of me and started giggling.

"Dave that tickles too much." She laughed as she continued to giggle her hand still holding on to my hard cock.

Guess she hadn’t see everything her mother and I had done.

"Sorry sweetie." Was all I could think of to see as her giggling died down a bit and she leaned in to rest her head near my cock and gaze up at me.

"Does Mommie like it when you touch her there?"

Hmmmm Question time. Ok here it goes.

"Well yes sweetie."


"Well because it makes her feel good."

"Oh." Cindy said as she seemed to ponder this for a moment.

Wither little Cindy decided she wasn’t ready for that or she just wasn’t interested all together I couldn’t say. All I know is Cindy was nowsliding my cock back into her mouth again while gently stroking my hard cock.

I leaned my head back and groaned at the pleasure that little Cindy was giving me. I could feel her little tongue gently running along the underside of my cock as slowly slide my cock back inside her small warm lips. Looking down I could see she was now starting to slide her small hands up and down the base of my cock. Her big blue eyes staring up into mine with that wanting again that she always gave me. The need for my cream to fill her little mouth.

"Oh god Cindy that feels so good."

"I want my cream Daddy" Little Cindy said now started to just suckle the head and moved her hands up to gently rub the foreskin just underneath the head of my cock up and down.

I could feel her tiny tongue swirling around the head of my cock insider her small mouth while her small soft hands started to move up and down faster and faster urging me to cum in Cindy’s tiny mouth. Little Cindy was definitely learning what made me cum the quickest and before long I was moving my hips faster and faster to her little sucking mouth and pumping hand and fingers.

"Ahhhhh god ! Yes Cindy that’s it!!!!!"

I was groaning louder and louder while little Cindy continued to work her ministrations on my cock. Her eyes never leaving mine. As I looked down at Cindy I could see that she was loving the effect that she was having on me. She was working her mouth feverishly on me cock while still giving me that loving smile that said feed me daddy. All of this was enough to make me loose all control.

"Oh God Cindy I’m cumming!"

Seeing that that her treat was coming little Cindy thrust her mouth half way down past the head of my cock and started sucking and swallowing for all she was worth as I shot my load deep into her mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure washed across my body as this little angel continued sucking and swallowing load after load of my cream. I collapsed on the bed with my eyes closed as Cindy proceeded to now suckle and clean my cock with her mouth making sure she wasn’t missing a single drop of my cum. I reached down and gently stroked her face as she tenderly smiled up at me.

"Thanks Dad" She said as she gently climbed up to cuddle up against me.

Wrapping my arms around her I pulled her close. Feeling her little naked body against mine was enough to make my cock start to grow hard again. As I gently slide my hands along little Cindy’s back I felt her little hand slide gently along my chest and stomach sending little chills up and down my body.

I continued to move my hand down to Cindy’s little bottom and continued to rub in gently with my open palm testing the waters of Cindy’s new fascination with being touched. How far would she let me go? And how much did she really like it?

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" She moaned as I continued gently gliding my hand along her small bottom. I smiled to myself perhaps tonight would be the night that Cindy would want to experience something greater then just her giving me oral pleasure.

Just then little Cindy started to snore on my chest.

Then again perhaps not.

Carefully I eased myself out of bed and covered little Cindy up with the blankets. Looking down at her I wanted to explore more with this little angel but I knew the rules and I wasn’t about to break them. Leaning down I gently kissed her on the cheek and then turned out the light and left the room.

I was feeling a little grungy from the day so I had decided to go take a shower. Stepping in I started up the water and got in. Within minutes I was feeling clean and relaxed reaching up I grabbed the shampoo and started to lather up my hair. As the shampoo started to run down my forehead I closed my eyes to keep it from getting into my eyes.

I jumped when I suddenly felt to small hands gently slide around my waits and pull me close into a hug. Turning around quickly and rinsing the soap out of my eyes I looked down to see Irene giggling as she continued to hold me.

"Hi Dave." She said with a smile.

Looking down I could see that she was completely naked.

"Sweetie what are you doing in here? You scared me out of my wits." I said as I wrapped my arms around her and relaxed into her small embrace.

"I woke up and heard you in the shower." She giggled as she reached around and grabbed and bar of soap and started to run it across my body to lather me up. As she did this she looked up at me and smiled. "Plus I told you , you owe me."

I understood what she meant as she then proceeded to slide the bar of soap down to my cock and start to gently stroke it and clean it. As she did this I started to grow hard as I reached over and grabbed another bar of soap and started to also lather her small body.

Irene smiled up at me as I gently let my hands roam over her small body as washed her from head to toe. While I did this Irene had already finished rinse the soap off my now rock hard cock and proceeded to lean down and take my hardness in her small mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I moaned as I leaned back against the wall in the shower. Looking down Irene was looking up at me with her big blue eyes as she slowly took more and more of my cock into her small mouth. Her eyes telling me she was intent on getting my whole 7 inches down her small 11 year old throat. Before long I could feel her nose rubbing against the pubic hair as her small tongue gently traced the edges of my balls.

"God Irene I love when you do that." I gasped from the pleasure.

"I’m glad you like it." Irene said once she had puller her mouth all the way off my hardness.

"Yes but like you said I owe you." I grinned as I reached down and lifted her in the air.

"What are you doing Dave?" Irene giggled as I placed her legs over my shoulder with her feet resting against my back. This left her soft pussy level with my mouth as I gently gripped her bottom and started to gently lick and suck on her preteen pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Little Irene moaned as I began to ravage her sweet little bald pussy. I looked up to see her reach up and hold her hands against her the low ceiling of the shower. I gently slid my tongue along the edges of you little pussy lips savoring the taste. After several minutes I slowly slid my tongue inside her now wet little hole.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Irene groaned as I continued to probe her sensitive slit with my tongue. Slowly sliding my tongue up I worked my way up looking for her tiny button with my mouth. Finding it I gently sucked and licked which caused Irene to wrap her arms and head over my own. I continued to work her little clit with my tongue until Irene started to buck wildly against my mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Irene screamed out as she reached her climax, her small body tensed as she gripped me tighter. I continued to gently lick and suck on her tender soft pink lips as she continued to ride the waves of her orgasm. When she had finally calmed down I slowly slid her down tell her eyes were level with mine and smiled. Irene giggled as I held her hips and slide her all the way down till her small pussy was rubbing against the tip of my hard cock.

"Hmmmmmm" she moaned as I gently started to rock her against the tip. Just as I was about to slide into her she suddenly stopped me.

"Wait Dave."

It took every thing in me to stop.

"I thought you wanted to play sweetie." I said rubbing her against the tip of my cock some more.

"I do, but I have a surprise for you." She giggled and she hopped down off of me and stepped out of the shower. I started to follow her but she stopped me again. "No no you finish your shower and then you come out in ten minutes ok?"

"Ok" I said sounding a little disappointed.

"Don’t worry Dave you’ll like it." Irene grinned as she wrapped a towel around her self and left the bathroom.

I finished showering up and then started to dry off. Slipping on a robe I was about to open the door to the living room when I heard Irene call me out.

"Come and get it!"

Opening the door my jaw dropped. Standing just behind the sofa was Irene in her Cheerleading outfit. It was white, with yellow and blue trim. Irene had put her hair back up in her pony tail which just added to the effect. As I came around the sofa towards her I saw that she had also put on her white ankle socks. Stepping behind Irene I smiled at what I saw.

"You like it?" She grinned looking over her shoulder at me.

"Oh yeah sweetie I like. But what brought all this on?"

"I saw they way you get when mommie dresses up for you, so I secretly packed my cheerleading outfit."

What was going on here? Was Irene and Cindy’s little competition getting so bad that both of them had resorted to spying on me and their mother having sex, so they could find out what I liked? And if so was things getting out of hand?

As I thought about this little Irene slowly lifted one leg up on the back of the sofa and smiled at revealing her smooth naked bottom. The site of which was enough to make me loose all train of thought.

"Are you ready to play now Dave?" Irene asked as she smiled over her shoulder at me invitingly.

For only 10 years old Irene was the desirable girl I had ever met.

"Oh yeah" I said as I opened my robe and started rubbing the head of my cock between her smooth white butt cheeks.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Irene moaned as she felt the tip of my hard cock start to rub back and forth against her already wet slit. I had no doubt that Irene was already well lubricated from gratification I had just given her in the shower. Placing both my hands on her hips I started to slide my hard cock slowly inside her.

"Mhhhhhhhhhm Yes Dave fill me all the way up." Irene purred as she reached back and started to rub my legs with her hands.

"Are you sure your ready for all of me sweetie?" I said as I slid one of my hands up along the back of her uniform to gently stroke the back of her neck and hair.

"Yes Dave I want it all!" Irene said as she then put both of her hands on the sofa and suddenly pushed back against me causing my cock to slide in all the way up to her small cervix.

"AAAaaaaaaaaaH!" I cried out from the unexpected pleasure. Looking down I could see that Irene had thrown her head back from the contentment of having my seven inch cock buried inside her tight little pussy. Before I could do anything Irene now started pushing her self back and forth on my hard cock.

This was unbelievable little Irene was actually fucking me as hard as she could while bending over the couch. Looking down at her in that sweet little cheerleading outfit was driving me crazy with desire. Unable to control it any longer I gently gripped her hips and started moving my cock in and out of her faster causing her little but cheeks slap against my ass.

"Oh yes that’s it Dave fuck your little Cheerleader!" Irene now cried out. As she pushed back against me with all her might matching my thrust with her own. The shock of hearing Irene use foul language for the first time only urged me on. I knew now that she was only repeating what she heard her mother say in a effort to get me more excited. Which was working.

Wanting more I suddenly pulled out of Irene and turned her around. Picking her up I placed both her arms around my waist and had her wrap her around my waist.

"What are you doing Dave?" Irene said as she smiled at me.

"You’ll see sweetie now just hang on and enjoy the ride." I said as I slowly lowered Irene’s tight little pussy on to my hard cock. Holding her small ass I started to slowly rock her up and down on my manhood.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes I like that fuck me harder Dave!" Irene cooed as I started bouncing Irene up and down on my cock while standing. I could feel her arms and legs tighten around me as she continued to moan. Irene tilted her head up and placed her small mouth on my lips kissing me deeply. Returning her kiss I gently sucked her tongue inside as I started to rock her even harder up and down on my cock.

"God it feels good Dave!" Irene moaned as she pulled her mouth away from mine. Lay down Dave I want to ride it it.!"

Only too happy to oblige my soon to be little step daughter I gently lifted her off me and then laid down on the carpet. Lifting her cheer leader skirt with one hand Irene then took my cock and guided it into her tight pussy with her other hand as she lowered her self down on to me.

"God that feels so good Irene." I said as Irene placed her hands on my chest and started to move her small hips up and down on my hard cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes Dave that feels so good" Irene said as she started milking my cock with her little pussy. She looked down on me with a glazed look of lust in her eyes as she started to ride me for all she was worth. Just the site of her in the cheerleading outfit as she bounced up and down on me was making me rapidly approach my orgasm. Knowing that if I didn’t take matters into my hands soon I was going to cum before Irene. Reaching down I placed one hand on her hip and with the other I started to gently rub her small clit with my thumb causing her to jump wildly. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!"

Sensing that Irene was close to her own climax I rolled her over on to her back and immediately slid all way back in. I could feel her legs wrap around me while the sox on her feet began to urge me by pressing in to hips from behind. The result of this made me start to thrust in and out of little Irene as fast as I could.

"Uh, huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, UH-HUH, UHHHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Irene cried out as she reached her climax, her body shaking all over as she gyrated her hips against me. I continued to pump in and out of Irene’s tight contracting pussy as she continued to ride the waves of her orgasm. This being the case I was rapidly approaching my own climax as well.

"Ahhh Irene your going to make me…"

"No Wait Dave!" Little Irene moaned as she reached down and pulled at the base of my cock. Leaning back I followed Irene’s lead and allowed her to pull my rock hard cock out of her. Resting it on her belly Irene started to slide her small hand up and down my cock as fast as she could while grinding her soft tummy against it underneath. "Now Dave!"

That was all I could take.


I shot load after load of hot cum all over Irene’s softy tummy as she continued to stroke me off. After I had cum as hard as I could Irene started to rub it all over my still hard cock only heightening the pleasure running through my body. Sliding out of her I rolled over on to my back.

"My god Irene that was incredible." I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

"Hmmm then if you like that you will like this." Irene said as she slid down now and proceeded to clean off my cock with her small tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh yesss" I groaned.

Knowing that she had my approval Irene gently squeezed my balls as she continued to gently lick up and down the base of my cock. The pleasure she was giving me was causing me to get rock hard again. Slowly Irene worked her way down to my balls and started to now lick and suck them as well while she gently started to stroke my cock with her small hand.

"Hmmmmmmm Sweetie that feels so good." I groaned from the pleasure.

Sensing that I was growing close Irene slide her tongue all the way up to the head of my cock and started to gently roll her tongue around it. The whole time she was looking up at me with those big green eyes of hers.

"Daddy give it to me." She moaned up at me. "I want to taste it."

Then without giving me time to respond she slid her mouth over the head of my cock and started sucking for all she was worth. Her tongue sliding along the bottom of my cock was driving me crazy as her hand started pumping me cock up and down.

"God Irene your going to make me cum again."

Irene pulled her mouth off for only a split second to respond to me.

"Please Daddy now!" Then she plunged her mouth all the way over my cock till it was buried deep down her soft constricting throat. Her small nose nuzzling against my pubs is what sent me over the edge.

"Ohhhh God Irene YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!"

I shot load after load out of my aching cock as Irene proceeded to swallow never moving her mouth for a second. I was in heaven again as this little 10 year old angel proceeded to drain my seven inch cock dry.

I lay there panting for breath as little Irene slowly climbed up my body and proceed to gently kiss my lips.

"How was that Alex?"

"Sweetie that was wonderful." I replied as I gently kissed her back and pulled her small body close to mine.

"Good now remember your all mine in the morning too." She said as she jumped up and she made her way back to the room. Before she went into her room she turned and looked over her shoulder and a smile at me.

"Oh and Dave if you wake me up early I promise to be a extra naughty girl for you." As she said this she lifted her skirt to reveal her soft round butt cheeks. As I watched her slowly slide her hand across her bare bottom I knew that Irene was still competing against her little sister. With that Irene slide her skirt back down and went into her room and closed the door.

I sat there for several minutes pondering my situation. Granted I was having the time of my life but at what cost. I had to find a way to keep the girls happy yet at the same time end this little competition of theirs. As I went to the kitchenette I made myself a glass of water. Thinking better of it I made myself a tall glass of milk. Lord only knows how low my protein level was by now. That being said and done I went back to my room and slipped back in bed with little Cindy that was sleeping like a baby.

As I gently wrapped my arms around little Cindy she stirred in her sleep a little. I laid still to let Cindy get her self comfortable. As she did she looked up she smiled groggily and then snuggled up. As she snuggled she slowly worked her way down my body till her head was level with my waist.

I sighed in pleasure as I felt her small lips wrapped around my cock and start to gently suck. Her hand was gently stroking the base of my cock. I could tell she was doing it in her sleep, but I didn’t mind. It was a hell of a way to drift off the sleep. I could feel my cock slowly become firm as she continued to gently suck on the head.

Well maybe I could wait a little longer before I talked to them about it I thought myself as I drifted off to sleep for the night.

Coming soon

Special Chapter 3 My Best friends little girls meet My little Anna!


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