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School girl next door

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That day I got off of work early an needed to get home and just relax. I took a shortcut through some side streets to avoid the traffic on the main surface streets. But since it was only 3 o-clock I forgot to take into consideration that the local girls school was just getting out. Only slowing me down for a few minutes I continued on my way but admiring all the teenagers in their short green and blue plaid skirts, white blouses, bobbi socks. One in particular caught my eye because of her extra long legs. I slowed down to get a closer look.

"Hi, Mr. Jones," the girl said. I noticed it was my next door neighbor.

I might as well play like I wasn't checking her out. "Need a ride, Yumi? You have a good half-hour walk ahead."

The slender Japanese girl got into my car. "Thanks Mr. Jones." She smiled inncently and showed quite a bit of thigh as she sat down. Her sock ended just a few inches belowe her knees and her shirt only came down about mid-thigh.

"I told you, call me Chuck. I known you kids forever." It's true, I've practicly know her and her sister since they were born. I'm 28, and inherited my house from my parents when they passed away so I've been her neighbor for 15 years, which happened to be her age. "Where's your sister?"

"She has softball practice." She unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse and I tried not to notice.

We pulled into my driveway and she hopped out, "Thanks again...Chuck." She went to her house and I watched those legs carry her all the way.

I went into my home put my keys down and flipped on my computer when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Yumi. "I forgot my key."

"Come on in, you can use my phone if you need to call one of your folks to let you in."

She started rubbing her foot on the floor. "They don't like to be disturbed at work. Is it okay if I hang out here for a while?"

"Sure. Make yourself at home. I need to do some work on the computer, you can watch some t.v. and help yourself to the fridge."

I sat down and started working hearing girlish giggles every know and then from the other room. I got really into my work and my eyes started burning and noticed that I've been working for over an hour. I was done, I walked into my living room and Yumi was sleeping on my couch. Her shirt was untucked, shoes were off and her skirt was riding up just a tad. All the dreams I've had of nailing  a Japanese school girl were rushing back, now one was on my couch. I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help myself.

"She's only 15, Chuck, don't do this." I thought to myself as I lifted up her skirt ever so slightly. Yumi didn't stir. I moved it a little more up her silky thighs until I could see the tiniest bit of her panties. I made it the triangle formed where her thighs closed and the thin white material was just blocking me from heaven.

"Do you like them?" I froze, I was dead. Yumi was going to freak, tell her parents, they would call the cops. But she didn't move, instead she pushed my head down into her crotch. i could smell the sweet scent of her pussy but rubbed my hands over her thighs, kissing her panties. I looked up at her smiling so sweetly and I moved up to kiss her. I was kneeling while she laid on the couch and we kissed like two teenagers, out tongues darting into each others mouths and I finally stopped and had to catch my breath.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her and she nodded enthusiatically. I pulled open her shirt and she had a tiny white bra on. 

"Sorry," She said. "I know their small. I don't want you to stop."

"Baby, no force on earth will make me stop now." I pulled her bra down to expose her dark nippples. I started kissing her all over her chest where breasts should have been. I started licking on her right nipple anyway then closed my mouth around it. She took my hand and placed in on her left breast. I started pinching her left nipple. Slowly I started kissing down her body and stopped at her navel. I ran circles around it with my tongue and licked her belly and she started giggling like made. As I continued licking her belly button I moved my hand to ther crotch and rubbed her pussy through her panties and I could feel them getting wet. Yumi removed her skirt and laid there in her open shirt, bra pulled down a few inches below her nipples, white panties and whits bobbi socks. Her long black hair was going everywhere onmy couch. I pulled off her paanties and stared at her glorious pussy. It was covered in a pretty thick bush. The black hair almost hid her lips, it was so fucking hot.

I pulled out my cock and she grabbed it tightly and stroked it a few times. "Put it in me, Chuck. Fuck me, take my virginity."

I did as told and slowly and gently slid in her. Yumi screamed out "OH FUCK!" She grabbed a couch pillow and screamed into it until I was all the way inside. She slowly put the pillow down and trembled, she had a strange smile on her face. She was so tight, I never in my life felt a pussy so tight. But she was extremely wet and slippery. Slowly I started thrusting in her and she wrapped her legs around me. I leaned down and we began kissing as she began to get used to the feeling of me being inside her. All of a sudden she tensed up and she had her first orgasm. I held her and told her not to hold back as she let it go all over me. I straihtened myslef back up and garbbed her left leg and held it against me and kissed her calf and started moving in and out a little faster and started getting some load moans and gasps out of Yumi.

"Oh, Chuck. I love you, I love yoooouuuuuu." She came again and again a few seconds later. She was wearing down. At that point I held back as long as I could and came inside her. I pulled out, followed by some of my juices. I sat up on my couch and she came over and sat in my lap. We were making out as she said to me. "I didn't forget my keys."

"Thats fine. You should not forget your keys more often."

"Can I come over tomorrow?" She smiled innocently but it was erotic knowing that she was faking it.

"Anytime, Yumi."  

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