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The Cousin

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"The Cousin"

Mikey grabbed his younger cousin and pulled her into a dark corner out of sight. "What are you doing?" demanded Sheena, who's his younger cousin.  Placing his hand under her skirt and feeling every inch of her lil round covered bottom, Mikey replied, "I'm feeling yo ass, what else does it look like I'm doing?" "Well stop it or I'm going to tell yo momma" yelled Sheena. She always knew that Mikey was fresh, but it never dawned on her that he would get fresh with his own younger cousin. Her parents were separated, and she lived with her mom, but occasionally she came to visit her dad. Her dad lived not too far from Mikey, and since they were the only other relatives known of in that state, Dad figured that it would be best for her to spend lots of time with her cousin and Aunt.
  Of course, he just wanted her out of the house so he could go about drinking and smoking as usual. It was those same habits that caused him and mom to break up, and yet, those same habits prevented him from even wanting to establish a relationship with his own daughter. She use to like visting in town to see her Aunt at least. And even Mikey was cool back then. But the past two years really changed him. Mikey was as fresh as could be. He made inappropriate comments to any girl who was younger or older than him, and he loved to touch girls in places where he shouldn't. The first time she discovered how fresh Mikey really was happened on a warm Sunday morning when they decided to play tag. Sheena remembered it as if it was yesterday. How Mikey chased her round and round in circles.
  It was all in good fun, but what he did when he caught her was forever burned in the back of her mind. She remembered him throwing her down on the grass, pulling her little skirt up to her belly button, and while keeping her pinned against her protests, he slipped his hand in between her legs. No matter her yells, and no matter her pleas, her cousin just wouldn't stopped. She never forgot that day and it seemed that things hadn't changed a bit with Mikey. Here he was, again, making every effort to feel her in places he shouldn't. He wasn't that much older than her. As a matter of fact, Mikey was only two years older. Sheena elbowed Mikey quickly in the side and moved out of reach. Glaring she shook her head at him, "Mikey, what's the matter with you? I use to think that you were cool, but you've changed. You're always trying to touch me, and you're always talking dirty words to me. I have a good mind to tell your momma. But I'm not, cuz your momma will tell my daddy and then we both will get in trouble."
  Mikey clutched at his side and with a grimace he whispered, "You can do whatever you want, Sheena, but one day I'm going to take your cherry and you won't be able to stop me.".....Sheena had never seen Mikey mad so all of this came as a shock, but when he mentioned her cherry she was totally clueless. "What the heck do you mean my cherry?" Mikey looked over at her and massaged his groin through his jeans, "One day, Sheena, I'm going to take your cherry, your innocence, your virginity you know...I'm going to make you bleed, and it's gonna hurt, and you're gonna cry for your momma and daddy but they won't be there to stop me or help you. And then I'm gonna cum in you, I'm going to squirt so much of my load in you, you gonna have a baby too".
  Sheena shot Mikey an angry glance, "Don't you dare say that! You better stop saying such dirty things before I run and tell my daddy right now!!! I swear, I'm not going to come and see you and Aunty anymore, cuz you're mean and fresh!!, yelled Sheena. Sheena couldn't believe the words she heard coming out of Mikey's mouth. After all he was her cousin. And because of her age, she knew very little about sex, but she knew enough to know that she was indeed a virgin so he had been right about that part........... "Sheena" whispered Mikey, "I really wanna show you something. I don't want you to be scared. I like you. I'm your cousin so I would never hurt you. I love you like a cousin should and I want to show you my love" pleaded Mikey.
  Show me his love? wondered Sheena, what the heck could he possibly mean? She looked over at Mikey. He seemed to be genuine and as much as she hated to admit to herself right now that she was totally clueless, she was. "What do you mean show me your love? You and Aunty and everyone else shows me love everytime y'all get a chance to visit me" replied Sheena. Mikey softly replied, "I know babygurl, but the love I wanna show you is different. Don't you see? I want to show it to you in a different way. Follow me in the back and I'll explain". Mikey took of in a haste towards the back room which wasn't populated at all. Sheena was indeed very reluctant to follow. Within the past few minutes of reuniting with her Aunt and cousin again on another visit to her Dad's, Mikey had managed to feel her up in less than 15 minutes of seeing her.
  Her gut instinct warned her not to follow him in the back of a totally deserted room. After all, she knew good and well that the chances of him doing something far worse in an isolated room was even greater. She swallowed hard but decided that she wasn't going to let her fears overcome her. If she had to, she would just have to tell Mikey's mom about him touching her in private places upon her every visit. But first she decided to venture in the back and see what this lil bad ass had up his sleeve this time..........................

Mikey shut the door behind her. She couldn't help but scream!! Here he was standing in only his boxers and socks. And something was bulging out of his boxers. She took a few steps back until her backside was pressed firmly against the wall. "It's ok, cous, I'm not going to hurt you. For once, I want you to trust me. I want you to give it to me, your cherry, pleaseeeeeee" begged Mikey. What was he thinking wondered Sheena. Here he was in his boxers and socks pleading on her to take off her clothes and let him stick that....that........that hard thing into her. From looking at his boxers and seeing the force his bulging was causing at his underwear seams, she doubted that she would have wanted that touching her anywhere on her bare skin. She was trying to think of alternatives now.
  She could run, but Mikey excelled in running, and no doubt that running would make him even more excited. She could scream, but then he might panic, cover her mouth and overpower her and really have his way with her. She could play along and pray that her Aunty had the sense to notice that she was missing and come looking for her and hopefully find her in time before Mikey had a chance to touch her. Or she could play dead. As much as she wanted to play dead, she figured that Mikey would have known better. She kept her mouth shut. But obviously Mikey was waiting for an answer from her. His breathing was quickening with each waiting moment. her surprise, he was touching the bulge erected from his boxers......Though it was still in his boxers, he was gripping it and stroking it back and forth in rhythmitic motions. She began wondering if Mikey was a virgin, but knew there was no way he could have been. More often than that, she wondered why he insisted on taking hers. She was his cousin after all!!
  Mikey sighed and wondered what crazy thoughts was going through his little cousin's mind right now. Either way, he told her what he wanted and she only stood there, as if in a trance. She went mute on him and had yet to give him a response. He was growing impatient by the minute and his cock was growing harder by the seconds. His cock was pulsing and throbbing and he could feel spots of wetness on the front of his boxers from his pre-cum. Oh goodness he wanted nothing more right now than to grab his younger cousin and steal her cherry from her. Since he was sure that she wasn't going to voluntairly give it to him, it didn't seem like a bad idea after all. He began thinking of possible consequences if he did chose to take it by force. He just wasn't sure if he would enjoy it more that way or better if she willingly gave it to him. Either way, his balls sac was tightening, he needed to cum...............
  Finally Mikey had all that he could take. He lowered his boxers and slipped them off from around his ankles. He stood completely naked in front of Sheena with the exception that he still had his socks on. His cock was well of for someone his age. It was thicker rather than longer. Sheena's eyed traveled over every detail of his cock. He had a deep rosey tanned complexion compared to her. She had a natural golden tan complexion. His cock was the same color, but his balls sac was red. The skin on the tip of his cock had a deep pink shade to it. More than that, he must have started growing puberty hair over the summer, because there were a few scraggly hairs over his cock. He was still holding his cock, but now he moved closer to her until he was only a few inches from her. He was staring intensly into her eyes, and Sheena knew that regardless of what she chose to do, Mikey's mind was set on taking her cherry. She began to cry softly. She heard of the stories about how a girl bleeds and how it hurts a whole lot. Of all the things Mikey ever did to her, she didn't want him to hurt her. Mikey paused, "What's the matter? Why are you crying? I'm not going to hurt you, baby cous. You have to believe me."
  "I'm scaaaared", cryed Sheena. Mikey reassured her that it would be ok. He didn't hesitate to tell her that it would hurt alot, but he told her that he would dry every tear and he would be very gentle with her.
"'ll be okay. I'll be gentle lil cous, I promise, okay?" whispered Mikey. Sheena's eyes filled with tears. "p-p-pleaaasseee don't hurt me....please Mikey. Please let me go back upfront where everyone is. Pleaseee", begged Sheena.  
 And as if her prayers were answered, the door opened and in came Sheena's dad. His face immediately turned several shades redder. A look of shock and disgust was on his face. It was clear and obvious that he was ashamed of Sheena and her cousin, Mikey. But at the same time highly curious as to what the two of them were doing in the back, by themselves, with Mikey completely naked. Sheena quickly started giving excuses though her dad would hear none of it. He stared hard at Mikey as if to burn holes straight through him with his gaze. Well, Mikey got the picture. He quickly got dressed and without saying another word, he ran upfront. Sheena was still in the corner, slightly trembling, unable to control the tears that streamed down her cheeks. Her dad silently walked over and gently inquired as to what took place. She stammered a few times, but gradually found the courage to tell him how Mikey insisted on sticking his privates in hers. She was quite ashamed at having such a talk with her daddy, but who else could she tell at the time?
Her dad nodded for her to go on until she had told him from beginning to end what all had taken place. He knelt down beside her and gently looked in her eyes before asking, " Sheena, did he take your..........??....."
Sheena looked at her daddy with tears spilling down her now rosy cheeks. Her dad started again, "Luv, did Mikey take your cherry? your virginity? Did he stick any hard thing in you?. Of course, even to hear her dad asking such questions, though she knew he had her best interest at heart, it automatically made her start trembling.
Furious beyond recognition, Sheena's Dad flipped over a nearby desk and stormed out after Mikey. "Just what the hell did you do to my daughter?, yelled sheena's Dad. "How dare you violate her? How dare you touch her in such an inappropriate manner?", raged her dad.
Mikey calmly replied. "What's it to you? So what if I touched her? So what if I had some fun with her? Of course I hadnt done any of the above, but I did show her my dick and I did ask her to let me put it in her". "Mikey, you are my nephew. But don't think for one minute that if you harmed my daughter that I wouldn't hesitate to hit you into a whole other world", yelled Dad. Mikey considered before replying. "But Uncle, I want........I want........I wanted to get Sheena pregnant. I want to give her my seed.
"Come again?", shouted Sheena's dad. "I do believe that I didn't hear right. You want to get my daughter, YOUR COUSIN, pregnant??!! When HELL freezes over!" raged Sheena's dad. And with that, Sheena's Dad gripped his groin through his pants, and quietly spoke " Mikey, if you ever so much as touch my daughter intimately again, I will stick my cock so far up your ass, you'll bleed like a woman, got it?"...."ummm yes sir", replied Mikey.........And from that day forth, the only time Mikey touched Sheena was in his dreams.......At least for now.....

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