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The Farm

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I was 16 when I met Jennifer. She was 15 at the time. We were in several classes together and we became friends. Finally I worked up the nerve to ask her out and to my delight she accepted. We started dating and were soon ‘going steady’. But we never dated on weekends because she would go with her family to the farm on weekends. This didn’t seem that strange to me because a lot of people in the area farmed but also kept a house in town so the kids could go to school, so it was quite common.


Then, a week before school was out Jen asked me if I wanted to go to the farm with the family that weekend. Of course I took her up on it without even thinking about it. I knew my folks would be alright with it since Jens folks would be there.

I was looking forward to the trip because it would give me a chance to get to know her family. Her father, Dan was a muscular man in good shape and her mother, Liz, was a nice looking woman that worked out on a regular basis and it showed. She had a brother, Bob, that was three years younger than her, or 12 and a little sister, Debbi, who was ten.

We agreed that I would pick her up at on Saturday morning and we would drive out together. Her family had gone out the night before and we would meet them there.


As we were driving out Jen started prepping me. First, her Aunt and Uncle were coming for the weekend also, and with them Jens cousin, who was 17 and her boyfriend. That sounded alright with me. It sounded like it would be a party. Then she said “When we get out there, just go with the flow, OK? We run things just a little different at the farm.” That sounded a little weird so I asked “Different, how so?” “You’ll see” she said “Just go with the flow, for me?” So I thought what the hell and kept on driving.

We got out to the turn off for the farm and started driving down through a tree lined valley. We came to a gate and Jen jumped out and unlocked the padlock and I drove through. She closed the gate and locked it again. Then we drove down to the farm, which was very secluded. You couldn’t see any other buildings or roads or anything else from there.


We pulled up to the house and her mother came out to greet us. As we got out of the car her mother called for Dan and Bob to come out and greet us. As they came out of the door I was surprised to see that they were both naked and both of there cocks were hard.

“Wow” I said “What’s with that?” Well,” Liz said “here at the farm the women run the show. The females all stay clothed but all the males are naked. When we tell you to do something you better do it. Now, take your clothes off. Slow, so we can watch.” I looked at Jen and she whispered “Do it for me, please?”

So I started taking my clothes off, slowly. First I took off my shoes and socks, then started slowly unbuttoning my shirt. At about that time Debbi came out and she joined her mother and sister watching the strip show. Debbi seemed transfixed on my crotch and having this ten year old girl getting turned on by watching me strip turned me on and my cock started getting hard. I dropped my shirt and took off my T shit and left it on the hood of the car. I unzipped my jeans and dropped them to the ground. There I stood, with a raging hard on pushing out my shorts while my girlfriend, her mother and her little sister starred at me. I started getting into this and turned around so my back was to them and dropped my shorts. At the same time I grabbed my T shirt and held it in front of my cock as I turned around. I leaned back on the hood of the car and spread my legs a little and slowly lifted the T shirt, first exposing my balls, and then, little by little my whole cock.


Debbi came over and cupped my balls in her hands and then felt the shaft as she got a good look at my naked body. Then Liz said to Jen “Better take him inside to continue the show.” Jen grabbed my cock like a leash and then whispered in my ear “Just lean back and enjoy, honey.” She led me into the house and laid me down on the dining room table. Then the three females examined what ever part of me the wanted to. Their hands tracing up the inside of my legs, feeling my balls and stroking my cock. They lifted my legs up to my chest so they could have a good look at my ass. Liz made sure that Dan was watching as she kissed me, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth as she stroked my cock. Even Debbi, at ten, was a good kisser, using her tongue like a pro.   After all the girls had done what they wanted with me Liz got Dan and Bob and me lined up and she had Bob start jacking his dad and me off while the females watched and commented on the action.


I was just about to cum from Bobs hand action when we heard a car driving up.” That must be Uncle Ted and Aunt Sally” Said Jen. She and her mom went out to greet them and Debbi ordered the guys outside to sit on the edge of the porch, legs spread with cocks pointing straight up.


As Ted and Sally got out of the front seat, Jan and Rod, her boy friend got out of the back. Both Ted and Rod were naked. This was not new to them and they had been forced to strip as soon as they passed the locked gate. Jen ran up to her uncle and gave him a big kiss as she felt his cock. Liz was working on Rods tool while Sally and Jan looked at the three of us sitting there completely exposed.


Then Jen snapped “Art, come here and meet my aunt” and I got up and walked over to Sally. She took a good look at me, from head to toe and said “Hmm, nice one Jen” and then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hot kiss. As she kissed me she ran her finger up and down the crack of my ass and finally stopped and put pressure on the hole, but not enough to penetrate. Then Jan took her turn, feeling my cock and kissing me deeply. Jen was working on Rod as Sally went over to Dan and Bob. She sat down between them and felt Dans cock and kissed him. Then she turned to Bob and said “Oh my nephew, you’re getting hair on your balls. I like the.” She then kissed him while pumping his young cock. She started making out with her nephew and pumping his cock until he shot a load. Sally smiled in satisfaction at her good work and Liz invited everybody back into the house.


When we were inside all the guys were told to sit and Liz and Sally went off to decide what they wanted the guys to perform. Jen and Jan sat there and just looked at us and Debbi sat down next to me and started jacking me off. “I think she likes you” said Jen. Debbi started to make out with me, kissing and breathing hard while she pumped my hard dick and soon I was shooting cum all over the floor. I looked over at Jen and Jan and could see that they both had their hand down their pants and were masturbating and then I saw that all the guys were jacking off too.


The rest of the afternoon went on about like that, the females deciding who they wanted to make out with, making the guys dance around and expose themselves, or just posing us in any position they wanted. I don’t know how many loads of cum I shot out that afternoon, but I was being felt up and jacked off by five different females, and was being admired by five different females.   Sally had finger fucked my ass as Jan made out with me and Liz jacked me off. I got to watch my girlfriend make out with other guys and feel them up. It was exciting just wondering what would come next.


We ate supper, the guys sitting on the couch so the gals could look at our crotches as they wished. After we were done eating Liz announced that we were about to play her ‘card game’. I asked Jen how it went and she said “You’ll see” We all stood around the table and Liz started dealing out the cards, face up. The second time around I got a queen and Jen said “Oh honey, you get to be the Queen!” Then Liz picked up the cards and started dealing again, but this time only to the males. Rod was the first one to get a jack and Liz looked at me and said “OK, Queeney, suck Jacks cock!”


I didn’t know what to do. I had never gone down on another cock in my life. Hell, I didn’t even have much experience with pussy eating. I looked over at Jen and she motioned for me to go down so I dropped to my knees with Rods cock just inches from my face. I slowly moved in close and took his tool in my hand as I slowly slid my lips around the head. Soon I heard things like “Yeah, suck that cock girly boy’ and “Do it you little cock sucker.” Dirty talk had always had an affect on me and soon I was into this cock thing. I pumped it in and out of my mouth until I could feel it start to swell and soon a load of hot cum was hitting the back of my throat. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would and I swallowed all of it.


The females voiced their approval of my performance and then they had Dan suck Teds cock. It was a turn on to watch a man doing another man like that, knowing it was done for the pleasure of a bunch of females. As Dan was doing Ted Sally sat down by Bob and started sucking his little cock. And Soon Liz went down on me. She was a master at cock sucking and just as I was about to cum she would stop, lick her way up to my face and kiss me until I cooled down a little and then go back down and suck some more. By the time she let me cum I had worked up a big load and she swallowed it all.


It was finally time for bed and bed partners were chosen by the cards again. I drew Sally and we went up to the room where she made me lay of the bed, legs spread, cock hard so she had a good view. She said “You know the same rules still apply, you have to do what I say.” “Yes” I said. “Good” she said “You aren’t going to get to fuck me, but I do want you to feel me up and eat my pussy.” With that she stripped and gave me a good view of her body. We crawled into bed and started making out, my hand feeling her boobs and sliding down to her pussy. Soon she had me down between her legs and held my head as I licked and licked. After a while she came with wave after wave of convolutions. We fell asleep holding each others naked body.


The next morning we got up and she dressed, but made me stay naked. We went down for breakfast where Jen gave me a big kiss and a nice cock squeeze. We ate and then it was about time to go back to town, as I had a meeting at .


Before we left all the gals sat in a row and I had to stand in front of each of them in turn to get inspected and felt. The Jen and I went and got into the car and drove off. As we came to the gate Jen gave me back my clothes and I got dressed again. As we got back on the pavement Jen whispered in my ear “You want to come back out to the farm again?” and as I said “Yes” she slid he hand down on to my cock for a little play as we drove back to town.


I have been back out to the farm several times now, and I found out that we don’t have to go to the farm to have fun. I stop sometimes at their house when I am not with Jen and have fun with anybody that happens to be there. I have sucked Dan off several times. He really likes to have a guy suck him off. Jen came home one day and caught me licking Debbis cunt and all she said was “Me next”. They all suck my cock sometimes and Bob has fucked me in the ass once, while Jen watched.


Next weekend I get to meet a different set of relatives at the farm.


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