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The day I became a sex slave...

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Authors note: This is not a true story. There is magic involved. I do not encourage the sexual acts in this story. They are pure fantasy and are a little or more than a little fucked up. Never should a child have to go through the nightmare in this story is. It is just a story and for people to read.






My name is and this is the story of how I became a sex slave. I was to be turning thirteen in another 4 months. I have three older triplet brothers that are 17 years old. Also my mom and dad are very strict. If we don’t do our chores or get in trouble at school then they would spank us. It was always very humiliating because if we did something wrong then everyone, even guests would be gathered in the living room and whichever one of us was to be disciplined would roll two dice and the results of the roll will determine how many times each person in the room spanked you. Also everyone had to spank the person because they would not be able to leave until they do because I live in a world of magic and my parents put that spell upon the house. And you would be spanked in your underwear to add more humiliation. Also if you had to spank someone you had to mean it or you would have to do it over. Any you would have to count your spankings.


I have only been spanked twice in my life. It’s been six years since I was last spanked. I was lucky the two times I was spanked. The first time I rolled a three and was spanked 15 times because my three brothers and my mom and dad spanked me. Then the second time I rolled a 4 and I was spanked twenty times. I never spanked my brothers because they don’t make any mistakes anymore because I bet that they learned their lesson as little kids.

I would never forget the night of my three brother’s graduation from school. My brothers invited many of their friends over to have a party. My parents were going to still be here so no one was going to be drinking.
I woke up in the morning and I immediately fixed my bed and took off my pyjamas and took off my white cotton panties and put the clothes down the dumbwaiter shaft. I stood standing naked in front of my dresser, wondering what I should wear. Making my decision I opened the bottom drawer which happened to be my panty drawer and chose my small red cotton panties that felt so good because they were so tight. The panties were really too small for me now but I pulled them on and they just barely covered up my ass crack and also exposed a lot of my butt cheeks. What I didn’t notice is that the small panties gave me a camel toe. I then put on some tight fitting jeans and a pink blouse. I went down stairs and ate breakfast with my brothers and parents. My brothers were saying that a lot of people were coming to the party, mostly other graduates that graduated with them.


At around eight that night people started to show up and music started and people were dancing and having fun talking about what they were going to be doing after school. Then all of a sudden the music stopped and everyone looked over at the stereo set and it was my mom.


She strode across the living room and said “I got a call saying that your were late for school last week Emma, you know what this means don’t you.”
My eyes widened. “Yes” I said in horror.
My mom said “Everyone in the living room please.” Then she looked at me and whispered “I sorry Emma...”
Everyone came in the living room and was wondering what was going on.
My brothers and dad walked up to mom and asked “Not now, we can’t with all these people here.”
“I’m afraid we have no choice because of the spell on the house.” My mom said and held out two dice to me.
I took the dice in trembling hands.


“Ok everyone you’re not going to like what I’m going to tell you but there’s nothing you can do.” My mom said.


“Everyone is going to have to spank Emma to the amount of times of the dice that she rolls and because of the spell on this house you can’t leave until you do.” My mom said.
Everybody was shocked into silence, then one of them said “But we can’t do that, I won’t do that to your daughter.”


“I wish you didn’t have to either but if you ever want to leave here you will have to.” My mom said with her voice cracking. “Please just get it over with.”


“Well Emma roll the dice.” My father said.


I took a deep breath and rolled the dice and hoping that it didn’t land on two sixes. The dice bounced and rolled and the first on landed on a five. And the second one landed on a five also. I gasped at the high number. But my mom let out a small scream.


“You have to roll again Emma because you rolled doubles.” Mom said in a small voice.


I gasped in horror and picked up the dice and rolled the again and prayed with all my being that they landed on low numbers. One was a five and the other was a four. A total of nineteen spanks for each person. Emma quickly counted up all the people in the room. There were fifteen people in all so that was 285 spankings.


I dropped to my knees and started to cry and said “You can start now.”


“I’m sorry Emma.” Mom said and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my jeans revealing the tight panties that I had on. My mom let out a little gasp as she saw what I was wearing. I felt so humiliated in front of my parents and strangers that could see what little clothes that I was wearing. My mom gasped again as she saw between my legs that you could see the shape of my vagina because the panties were so tight.


“Well I’ll go first.” Mom said and spanked my butt. You could hear the smack through the room.


“One...Two....three.” I said as my mom spanked me. Then she reached nineteen and I was crying out the numbers now and my ass already stung really bad.


Then my dad took over and I counted “twenty...twenty one.” Crying harder with every blow to my butt.


While dad moved away from me and my brother walked up to me I said “Mom please do something to me that will distract me from the pain. Please mom, anything.”


“Ok Emma I will.” Mom said and when my brother started to spank me my mom put her fingers between my legs and started to rub my vagina.


Everyone gasped at what my mom was doing. I moaned out the number thirty five. You couldn’t even distinguish between my panties and my ass because my ass was so red that it blended in with my panties.
When my other stepped up to spank me my Mom pulled off my panties and said “please rub her vagina to distract her while you spank her or penetrate her if you want but just don’t be rough.”


I gasped as my vagina was exposed to everyone. I was so humiliated but I moaned in pleasure as my second brother Larry fingered my cunt and spanked me. When he finished spanking me I looked behind me and I saw that my third brother was approaching me with his pants down and he spanked my while pushing his dick into my vagina. I moaned as his dick penetrated me then screamed in pain as he tore through my hymen. I started to moan instead of crying out in pain as he spanked and fucked me at the same time. I said the number eighty six as I exploded with my first orgasm and shook and waves of pleasure went through my body. Then I heard my brother moan and I felt something hot being shot into my pussy and then he pulled his penis out of me and spanked me for his ninetieth time and then one of the strangers came up to me and rammed his dick into my cunt and started to fuck me and spank me too. Soon I felt more hot stuff being shot into my cunt and I moaned in ecstasy as I climaxed again. Soon I lost track of the people that were left and cum was oozing out of my small vagina.


Finally the last person entered my pussy with his dick and I counted "two hundred and eighty three, Two hundred and eighty four, and Two hundred and eighty five." and I felt more cum enter my vagina and then he pulled out of me and I collapsed on the floor.


Everyone apologized for doing what they did to me and the left. My mom picked me up and carried me to my room and laid me down on my bed and smiled evilly and said "That was just the beginning Emma."


I was too exhausted to think of what that meant and fell asleep with cum still coming out of my slightly sore vagina.


I woke up in the morning and thought that last night was just a bad nightmare but then I felt dried cum all over me and I knew that it was real. I got out of bed and my ass still hurt and was still a little red but it felt tighter and more firm. I took off my blouse that was covered in cum and I looked in my panty drawer and got out a pair of white cotton panties and a pair of jeans and a white blouse and I walked out of my room completely naked and into the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out of the shower I put on my clothes and hesitated about going downstairs because I was still humiliated about last night. I still went down to get breakfast but my parents or brothers weren’t in the kitchen so I went into the living room. I stopped dead in the doorway because what I was seeing rooted me to the spot. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Larry was sucking Johns dick and mom was sucking dad's dick and my brother Steve was fucking my mom. My mom then noticed me and stopped sucking my dad's dick and said "Emma why don't you join us."


I stared at my mom in shock and said "I... but no this is wrong."


"Emma if you don't do what you’re told you will be spanked. Your brothers learned that lesson a long time ago and they do whatever I tell them now so do as I say Emma and come over here."


"Yes Mother." I said and I walked over to them. They had all stopped what they were doing and they sat down on the couch.


"Now then, time to have some fun with you Emma." Mom said and picked up her wand from the table and pointed it at me.


My pants turned into a very small pink mini skirt but they still covered my panties if I bent over some.


Then my mom got off the couch and pulled down the skirt so an inch of my panties can be seen all around my body and said "you are to go to the supermarket and bring the two largest cucumbers home."


"Yes... but you haven't given me any money." I asked.


Mom smiled and said "Emma you won't need money, now go and don't come back until you have the cucumbers."


"Yes Mother." I said and I left and started to walk to the supermarket thinking of what I’ll have to do to bring the cucumbers home without paying for them. When I arrived at the supermarket I realized what I had to do. I made my through the market and attracted a lot of surprised looks because of what I was wearing and I finally found the cucumbers. They were enormous. I picked out the two largest ones and they were both ten inches long and two inches wide. I walked through the mall and found a tent on display. I looked around and saw that the coast was clear and I went inside the tent and zipped up the tent. I took off my panties and put the first cucumber at the entrance to my pussy. I knew what I had to do but I knew that it was going to hurt a lot. I slid the cucumber into my cunt and started to push downwards. I winced as my vagina stretched to the limit but I kept on pushing and I got about half of it in my pussy when the zipper of the tent opened and I grabbed the other cucumber and dashed into the other compartment of the tent. Then I heard the tent being closed again and then I heard the man say "What the hell are girls panties doing in here, I better go tell one of the workers about this."


I gasped and said "please don't" and crawled out of the other compartment with the cucumber still sticking halfway out of my vagina.


The guy was completely lost for words when he saw that there was a cucumber sticking out of my vagina and said "what the hell are you doing to yourself."


"Please don't tell anyone but I am very poor and this is the only way that I can get food for my parents and my little brothers." I invented wildly.


The guy smiled and said "I won’t tell anyone if you do one thing for me."


"Yes, I'll do anything." I said.


"Suck my dick bitch." the guy said.


I crawled over to him and pulled down his pants and grabbed his dick and started to suck on it. I felt his hands on the back of my head and he forced his dick down my throat and I gagged but he pulled it back out and he rammed it back down and then he pulled his dick out of my month and he pushed me hard backwards onto my back and then he went on top of me and he rammed his dick back down by throat and started to pound my face.  After ten thrusts into my throat he pulled his dick out of my mouth and fired his cum all over my face.


"Now get on your hands and knees you little slut." he said.


I obeyed and got on my knees and the guy picked up the other cucumber and said "Time to fill the other hole" and he pushed the cucumber against my asshole and then about an inch went in and then I winced and let out small yelps of pain as he pushed it in about half way and then he said "Now lie on your back."


I lay down on my back and waited. The man took out a camera and took a picture of me with the cucumbers in my ass and cunt and said "Now you have to do anything I tell you to do for now on because if you don't then I will put this picture all over the internet."


I gasped and nodded and the man said "Good and you will come back here in two days at the same time." then he took my panties and left.


I got up and then I crouched down like a girl would to pee and then I pushed against the floor and forced the rest of the cucumbers into my ass and cunt. I almost screamed in pain but I bit my lip and wiped my tears and wiped my face off the best I could of the man cum and walked out of the tent. Every step I took hurt and I walked out the market and I started to walk home. About half way there I could feel the cucumber starting to slip out of my vagina. I didn’t have any panties to keep it in and if it came out too much then people would be able to see it. I had to think of something and fast. I looked up ahead and saw that there was a bench but there was someone sitting in it. I walked up to the bench and sat down and pushed the cucumber back into my vagina and I winced and the guy noticed and said "All right there little girl."
"Yeah I fine just a little tummy ache. Nice weather" I said standing up and then a gust of wind came and blew up my skirt revealing my butt and vagina to the stranger. I squealed and pushed my skirt down but the man had already saw and said "why aren’t you wearing any underwear little girl."


I thought for a split second and said "Well ummm..... Well I peed my panties few minutes ago when a dog jumped out of the bushes....." I said blushing.


"Well why did you sit down next to me If you didn’t have any panties on." the man asked.


"Ummmm well..." I said feebly.


"So your hiding something and you probable didn't pee yourself back there so why aren’t you wearing any panties little girl." The man said.


"I ummm well come over in the bushes and I'll tell you." I said.


"Ok" the man said and followed me.


I took a deep breath and said "I'll give you a blow job if you let me go."


"Oh so you’re a dirty little bitch that sell her body for money, well then suck my cock then I might consider letting you go." the man said.


I pulled down his pants and grabbed his hard dick and put it in my mouth and then he rammed it down my throat and started to face fuck me.  Soon he groaned and he shot his load into my mouth and I drank it all down.


The man pulled his dick out of my mouth and said "A swallower eh? I'll tell you what If you meet me here in two days at the same time I won't tell your parents."


"Ok" I said and got out of the bushes.


The guy followed me home at a distance so my parents won't get suspicious and then I walked into the house and went into the living room. My brothers Larry and John were in the 69r position and sucking each other’s dick and Dad and Steve were in the same position and Mom was sitting down and watching TV. She noticed that I had returned and turned off the TV and told my dad and brothers to stop and they stopped and sat down on the floor.


"Well then let's see the cucumbers then, Emma." Mom said while looking down at my crotch.


"Yes Mother." I said and I sat down backwards and spread my legs and started to poop out the cucumber out of my ass and I let my vagina loosen up and the other cucumber slid out of my vagina a little and I grabbed it and pulled it out of my vagina and then I pulled the other cucumber out of my ass.


"Good Emma, but what happened to you panties?" Mom asked.


I told everything that happened and about the two guys that blackmailed me into going to see them in two days. My mom looked thought full for a moment and said "I will go with you in two days and we will bring them both here so that they can do anything they want to you."
I nodded and got to my feet. Mom got up and said "Now it's time to fill all three of your holes Emma. Get on your hands and knees and take off all her clothes and fuck her until I tell you to stop."


I got on my hands and knees and I spread my legs wide ready for penetration. My brothers got up and my dad slid under me and rammed his dick into my vagina. Larry went behind me and rammed his dick into my burning ass. Steve went in front of me and rammed his dick down my throat. All three of then stated to fuck me as hard as they could. I moaned as hot cum filled all three of my holes and I orgasmed and they just kept of fucking the shit out of me. John was masturbating and firing his cum all over my body. Within an hour I was covered in cum and cum was flowing out of my mouth and my ass and cunt but Mom didn't tell them to stop yet. Finally two hours later Mom walked in and told them to stop and get dressed.


"Not you Emma" Mom said as I picked up my blouse. I dropped the blouse and sat there dripping in cum and wincing now and then because of the hard fucking. Mom looked at me and said "Go to bed now Emma and you are not to sleep with any blankets."


I nodded and got up and walked up the stairs and into my room. I pulled the covers of my bed and lay down and curled up and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning because of something hot hitting me in the face. I opened my eyes and my brother Larry was pissing on me. Waiting for him to be done when my mom walked in and said "Emma open your mouth."


I lay down on my back and opened my mouth. My Mom got on top of me and placed her vagina on my mouth and said. "Drink all my piss."


I nodded and my mom started to pee. I drank it all down. I didn’t like the taste but I drank it anyway. Then my mom got off of me and said go take a shower and put on the clothes I left in there for you. I nodded and got up and went to the bathroom. After the shower I dried off my body and saw what I was going to be wearing. I was a very small and very revealing pink with golden trim bikini. It was also a thong bikini and I put it on. It barely covered my small nipples and the little triangle barley covered my vagina and my entire ass was revealed. I sighed and went downstairs and saw that the rest of my family was wearing normal clothes and were acting completely normal. I sat down at the kitchen table and Mom served me some pancakes. They weren’t covered in syrup but they were covered in cum and my mom put a glass full of cum next to me. I took a deep breath and started to eat the pancakes and drink the cum.


When I was finished Mom said "you are going to be sunbathing in the back yard today and when the neighbour comes out of his house then ask him to put suntan lotion on your body and be at revealing as possible by saying that you don't want bikini lines and stuff."


I nodded and walked outside and laid down on the pool chair and tried to relax. Soon I heard a door open and close and I saw that my neighbour Smith was goggling at my almost completely bare body. I sat up and said "Hey Smith could you come over here and help me with something."


"Uhhh yeah sure." He made up his mind quick because he wanted to see the little girl’s body more closely. He walked over to me and saw the small string bikini I was wearing. He couldn't help himself and asked "Why are you wearing such a small bikini Emma."


"Well I bought it yesterday and my family isn't here at the moment they went into town for a couple of hours and I wanted to sunbathe in it." I said.


"Well what about me seeing you in it." Smith asked.


"I don't mind that you can see my like this, I not shy of my body." I said.


"Ok Emma, well what do you need help with." Smith asked.


"Can you rub lotion on my body?" I asked him.


"Well....ummm." Smith thought for a moment about his wife that was very fat and he never had sex for years. He said yes because he wanted to touch the little child’s little body and smooth skin. He picked up the bottle and squirted some lotion onto her chest. He then rubbed it all over her chest and getting really close to her budding tits. Then he moved down her body and squirted some more lotion on her stomach and rubbed the lotion down to the start of her bikini bottoms that barley covered her vagina. The he moved down to her legs and rubbed more lotion on her legs.


"Ok now for my back." I said and flipped over revealing the thong bikini that I was wearing and herd Smith gasp.


Smith sputtered for a moment and squirted some more lotion on her back and rubbed the lotion onto her back and got really close to touching her butt. Then I said "Don't forget my butt."


That drove Smith over the edge he pulled off his pants and started to rub his dick. He wacked off as fast as he could and groaned slightly and shot his cum all over Emma's small ass. Then he rubbed his cum all over her small firm ass. Then he jacked off again and rubbed his cum on her leg.


"Oh no...” I said "I’m not going to have bikini lines! Smith take off my bikini please, I don't mind."


"Ummm are you sure... I mean I'll see yo...your vagina Emma." Smith said.


I don't care; I want to tan my vagina too." I said.


"Ok Emma." Smith said and untied my bikini top and tossed it on the ground. Then I got on my hands and knees and jutted my butt as much as I could in the air and spread my legs revealing wet bikini bottoms. Smith goggled at my small breasts and he gasped at the wetness between my legs. He untied my bikini bottoms and tossed them aside and his mouth watered at the small wet pink vagina between my legs.


"Smith, please rub some lotion on my vagina too, because I don't want it to get sunburned." I said.


"I...but I don't want to touch you there, Emma." Smith lied. He would very much like to rub and finger the small girl's pussy but he resisted the urge because she was just a child.


"Please Smith, I don't mind if you touch my vagina." I said then took a deep breath and said "You can fuck me as much as you like."


Smiths eyes widened in surprise and he sputtered "What did you say Emma?"


I flipped over on my bum and smiled evilly and said "You heard me, Smith. Eat my pussy if you like or fuck me."


Smith couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I... but your only twelve years old for god sakes!!! You’re just a child."


"Fine then I’ll just have to fuck you then." I quickly got off the chair and kneeled down in front of Smith and slid his dick into my mouth before he could move and started to suck on it.


Smith groaned. "Holy fuuuck Emma that feels good." Smith placed his hands on the back of my head and rammed his dick down my throat. Now he didn't care that he was now having oral sex to a child. All reason was lost except to fuck the smaller than average little girl as hard as he could. He fucked my throat harder and faster and soon he groaned and fired his hot cum down my throat and me being a swallower swallowed every last drop.


Smith pulled his dick out of my mouth and pushed me backwards onto the chair and buried his face between my legs. I moaned as Smith eagerly ate out my vagina. I moaned and shook as an orgasm flowed through my body and Smith drank up my cum. Then without warning he rammed his dick as far as it would go into my pussy and I cried out in pain as he fucked me.


I cried out in pain as Smith brutally fucked my delicate pussy. Smith was very rough when it came to fucking a girl. My family never fucked me this hard because they knew that my vagina was still very small and couldn't take a hard fucking. Smith however was not gentle at all. He pounded into my soft delicate cunt and I screamed out in pain. Smith just smiled evilly and started to pound into me even harder. I screamed in agony as the inner walls of my delicate vagina tore. Smith saw blood running from my pussy and just fucked me at different angles to damage my vagina more. I was crying for him to stop but he just kept on tearing into me. Then I heard him groan and shudder, the he pulled his dick out of my vagina. Blood mixed with cum flowed out of my vagina and I curled into a ball and cried. My vagina felt as though someone fucked me with a knife.


Smith looked down at me and said "Maybe that will teach you not to be such a slut, you filthy bitch." Then he went back into his house.


I slowly began to crawl to my house. I shakily got to my knees and opened the door. As soon as the door was closed I collapsed onto the floor still crying. I heard footsteps so I looked up and saw my mom standing over me. "Please help me, Mom." I said crying.


She didn't reply she just picked me up and carried me to the living room and said "Fuck her as rough as you can, and until I come back." and just dropped me on the floor and left.


I winced as I landed on hard on the floor and I was forcedly positioned onto my hands and knees and then I screamed in pain as my dad slid under me and rammed his dick in to my torn pussy. I couldn't scream for long because one of my brothers rammed his dick down my throat. Then I felt another dick penetrate my asshole and he started to fuck my ass as hard as he could to cause as much damage as possible. I felt my asshole tear because of the brutal fucking. I felt cum hit the back of my throat and then he pulled his dick out of my mouth. Then my other brother that was cumming all over me rammed his dick into my mouth. I soon felt cum being shot into my mouth and then he pulled his dick out my mouth. Then I screamed in unbearable agony as I felt my vagina and anus tear yet again. I passed out from the pain onto my father who just kept on pounding into my ripped and torn cunt. He shot his cum repeatedly into my vagina.


My mom came back into the living room and saw that I had passed out. She watched for a few minutes as her husband and son tried to damage her small twelve year olds vagina and ass as much as possible. She let them cum a few more times and told them to stop. They pulled their dicks out of me and got to their feet and watched as blood and cum flowed out of my ass and pussy.


My mom looked at me for a moment and then she took out her wand and healed my ass and vagina. The she picked me up and carried me to my room. She laid me on my bed and left the room.


When I woke up in the morning I saw that I was covered in blood and cum. Then I remembered what happened the night before. My vagina and ass didn't feel sore. I touched my cunt and it didn't hurt a slid a finger into my pussy moaned softly. It felt good and didn't hurt. Mom must have healed my cunt and asshole I thought. I sat up in bed and saw a note on the bed stand. I picked it up and it said. Emma, take a shower and put on the clothes in there. Then come downstairs for breakfast. I got to my feet and went to the bathroom. I took a shower then when I dried off I saw that there was a very small pink mini skirt smaller than the one I went to the mall with, small pink panties and a pink blouse. I put on the clothes and went downstairs and into the kitchen. My brothers and dad were sitting down eating eggs and toast. I sat down and my mom placed some scrambled eggs in front of me and they were covered in cum. Then she placed a glass of what looked like apple juice but I knew that it was urine. I sighed and ate my breakfast and drank all the warm piss. I then got up to go to the bathroom.


"Where are you going, Emma?" My mom asked.


"I’m going to use the bathroom." I said. I really needed to take a piss.


"You can pee here, Emma. Piss in your glass then drink in. Up on the table." Mom said.


I gasped but turned around and got on top of the table where my brothers and father watched me. I took off my panties and crouched over the glass. I aimed carefully and began to pee. The yellow urine flowed from my pee hole and into the glass. I filled up the glass with the last squirts of my piss. Then I picked up the glass and started to drink the warm liquid. I finished drinking it then pulled back on my panties and hopped off the table.


"Now then, Emma stand up straight." Mom said.


I stood straight and waited for what to do next.


"Bend over a little." she said.


I bent over about five inches.


"The skirt still covers your panties. Stand straight." Mom said.


I stood straight and then I saw my skirt shrink as Mom shrunk it. "Now bend over an inch."


I bent over and saw that my mom smiled meaning that she could see my panties.


"Now then, Lets go and meet the two guys that are blackmailing you." Mom said. "I'll get the guy at the bench to come here. You go back to the mall and make the other guy come here. Do whatever he tells you to do to make him come."


"Yes." I said and I left without another word. I walked to the mall without running into anyone. I took a deep breath and went into the mall. I went to the vegetable section attracting a lot of looks but I picked out two of the largest cucumbers again and went to the tent. I went inside and waited for the guy to come. 


I wanted to look like I wanted to have sex with him so I placed my hand under my panties and began to rub my vagina. I moaned softly and fingered my pussy. I orgasmed and I bit my lip as waves of pleasure rocketed through my body and the pussy cum soaked my panties. I sat against the tent wall with my legs wide open so when he comes in the tent he'll see that I'm very wet. I waited for ten more minutes and was getting impatient. I rubbed my pussy again and soaking my panties even more with another orgasm. About five minutes later I heard the tent door unzip and the guy crawled in. He noticed me and saw that I was wet. Ready to be fucked.


He smiled and said "Couldn't wait for me to get her to fuck you Eh?" looking between my legs. "Well I'm not going to be fucking you just yet."


"Umm... Why?" I asked.


"I have something planned for you." He said. "Go out there and get a pair of panties. But take off yours first."


"Ok." I took off my soaked panties and went out of the tent. I walked through the store and found the little girls section. I found the underwear section and bent over to examine the various panties completely forgetting about the small mini skirt and that I wasn’t wearing and panties. Everyone stopped what they were doing as they got a full view of my butt and wet pussy. I picked out a small pair of white panties and stood up. I looked around at everyone gaping at me and I realized what I've done. I gasped and almost pissed myself. I walked quickly away from the people and back to the tent.


I went in the tent and closed it behind me. "I have a pair of panties."


"Good now put them on." He said.


"Ok." I said and pulled them on.


"Now masturbate until you cum in them." He said.


"I... but I didn't pay for them yet." I said.


"Just do it." He said.


"Ok." I said and I began to rub my pussy. Soon I orgasmed and soaked the panties in pussy juices.


"Do it again." He said.


"Ok." I rubbed and fingered myself until soaked the panties even more.


He made me orgasm a total of five times into the panties. The panties were completely soaked.


"Now take them off and go get another pair." He said.


"Yes sir." I said breathing heavily and took off the panties and left the tent. I returned with blue panties. I also soaked those panties and they had to go get another pair. Finally I came back with the tenth pair and soaked them with five orgasms. I was sweating a lot now and I smelled strongly of sex.


"Great job, little girl." He said. "Now it’s time for me to fuck you."


"Ok, fuck my pussy." I said and took off the panties and spread my legs wide. He took off his pants and underwear and rammed his dick into my pussy. He fucked me fast but not roughly. He groaned and pulled out of me and fired his cum all over my vagina. He then flipped me over onto my hands and knees and rammed his dick back into my pussy.  When he came he fired his cum all over my ass. He then rammed his dick into my asshole. I winced but I was used to the pain. But again he pulled out when he came and covered my ass and cunt with cum. He then rammed his dick back in my pussy and he then released his cum inside of me. He filled my vagina two more times with his cum then he rammed his dick back into my butthole. He filled my ass three times and the pulled out and said "Keep as much cum into your vagina and ass as you can."


"Ok." I closed the holes up as best I could.


"Now here's two hundred dollars to buy the panties. And when you have bought them you are to bend over as much as possible while spreading your legs as much as possible and releasing as much cum as you can. Then leave." He said.


I nodded and left the tent with all the pussy soaked panties. I walked straight to the cashier nearest to the doors and handed the panties to the cashier. The woman saw how soaked they were and could easily smell the sex in the air. She looked at me weirdly for a moment but then charged the panties and I paid for them. I then walked a short distance away from her and bent over as much as I could and revealing my cum covered pussy and ass. I heard her gasp and then I released all the cum in my ass and cunt. I then walked out of the store leaving everyone around me in shock.


I walked outside and saw that the guy was waiting for me. He gestured for me to follow him. I followed him around to side of the building.


He stopped and said "Get naked."

I nodded and took off all my clothes then said "I want you to come home with me; I have a lot of sex toys that you can use on me. I'll let you do whatever you want to me."


"Hmmm...That’s not a bad idea; ok I’ll go with you but first..." He took out his wand and transfigured the two cucumbers into 8 inch vibrating dildoes. I bent over and he pushed one in my ass and cunt. Then he turned them on. I moaned and groaned standing there.


"Now put back on your clothes and follow me." he said.


I picked up my clothes and put them on and followed him. I bit my lip as an orgasm went through my body and my pussy juices started to run down my legs. He got into a truck and I followed him in. The glass was tinted so no one could see in.


"Get naked and suck my dick bitch." He said while pulling out of the lot.


I nodded and took off all my clothes and unzipped his pants and started to suck his dick. He reached over and turned up the speed of the vibrators. I moaned as I climaxed over and over. I felt cum being shot into my mouth and I drank it all up. I stopped sucking on his dick when he pulled into my drive way.


"Put on you skirt and blouse and let’s go inside." He said.


I nodded and put back on my skirt and blouse and got out of the truck. A breeze swept by lifting up my skirt exposing the two vibrators sticking out of my cunt and ass. No one was outside so it didn't matter. I opened the front door and walked into the house. The sight that greeted me was my mom on top of the guy that was at the bench, in the 69r position and was sucking his dick while Larry pounded into her cunt and the guy licking her clit. Dad and john were also in the 69r position and sucking each other off and Steve was fucking John's ass.


"What the fuck?" the guy said coming in the house behind me.


My mom stopped sucking the guys dick but got a face full of cum when he orgasmed. She wiped off her face and said "everyone stop." Mom pulled away from Larry and as a result he fired his cum all over her ass. Dad, John, and Steve also stopped and stood up.


"Hello, Emma, I’m glad that you brought him home with you." Mom said. "Hey you, do you wanna fuck me?" she said to the guy standing beside me.


The guy was still shocked at what he was seeing. "I...uuhhh...sure." he said feebly.


My Mom got on her hands and knees and said "Fill all mine and Emma's holes."


The guy from the tent slid under my Mom and rammed his dick into her cunt. Larry rammed his dick into her ass and my dad came over and shoved his dick down her throat. I got on my hands and knees took off my clothes and removed the vibrators from my ass and pussy and the guy from the park got under me and rammed his dick into my cunt. John rammed his dick down my throat and Steve fucked my ass. After about an hour of continues fucking the guy under Mom said "I got to go now" and cummed one more time into my mom's vagina. He then got out from under her and put back on his clothes and headed for the door.


"Come back anytime." My mom said while spitting cum out of her mouth.


"I got to go too." The guy under me said and pulled out of my cunt and got dressed and left.


My mom stopped sucking my dad's dick and pulled away from Larry and said "Ok now everyone fuck Emma as roughly as possible, tear and rip her cunt and ass to shreds." Then she went upstairs. My dad slid under me and started to fuck my pussy extremely hard and fast. I whimpered but then screamed in pain as Steve pounded my ass hard and fast at different angles. Then I felt my vagina tear as my dad pounded in to me to cause as much damage as possible. I screamed again and started to cry. I couldn't scream anymore because John held my head to his crotch as he face fucked me.


My mom came back downstairs after two hours and saw that blood was running down my legs because my ass and cunt were torn. Then walked up to me and told everyone to stop. My dad pulled his dick out of my bleeding pussy and Steve pulled his out of my ass. Then john pulled his dick out of my throat. I sighed in relief that it was over, for now at least.


My mom got on her knees in front of me. I looked at her, waiting for her say something when she kissed me. I was so shocked I almost fell over. I never kissed anyone before but I liked it. I kissed my mom back and she rammed her tongue into my mouth. She licked everywhere she could with her tongue and eating some cum out of my mouth. I sucked on her tongue and licked into her mouth. We kissed passionately for about a minute then my mom broke apart and said "You are going to feel a lot of pain in a few moments and I don't want you to pass out so keep kissing me."


"Ok" I said in a small voice.


My mom nodded to my dad and then started to kiss me again. I felt my dad's dick enter me again and I winced. He didn’t start to fuck me though. I was wondering why when I gasped in horror when I felt another dick pushing into my vagina from behind. I screamed as my vagina tore even more to accommodate the extra dick. I felt the dick sliding slowly into my aching cunt. My vagina was torn and ripped more and more as the two cocks were buried as far as possible into my pussy. I was screaming at the top of lungs for them to stop. I stopped screaming because I was engulfed in a kiss from my mom. I kissed her back trying to ignore the pain from her cunt. Then I screamed louder that ever when my dad and brother started to fuck my vagina as fast, hard and brutally as possible. I could feel the inner walls of my vagina being torn and ripped apart by the two dicks.


I broke the kiss from my mom and said in a small voice. "Please let me lick you pussy mom."


My mom looked at me in surprise but then turned around and positioned her vagina in my face. I eagerly buried my face in her pussy and started to lick the place where I came out of. It helped distract me from the agony in my vagina but then I felt something be put into my ass. It was the vibrator. I winced and kept on licking my mom’s cunt. Then I screamed in pain as my brother slid the other vibrator in my ass. My ass was a lot smaller and tighter that my cunt but my brother forced the dildo into my ass and tearing it in the process. I screamed in agony. I started to lick my mom’s pussy as fast as I could but the pain was too much. I collapsed on top of my dad as I passed out from the pain. My dad didn't stop fucking me and trying to tear my vagina even though I passed out. My mom got up and just walked over to the couch and started to watch TV. Then after about another half an hour of getting my ass and vagina torn to shreds my mom told them to stop. Steve and dad pulled out of me but left the vibrators in me. My mom walked over to me and removed the vibrators. Blood poured out of ass startling my mom. She looked to see if they didn't fuck me to death and then she healed my ass and cunt then she also made the pain go away. Then she carried me up to my room and placed me under the covers and whispered "good night Emma." and left.

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