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Young Lust

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Young Lust



I was almost 20 when I first met her, She was young, only 14 at the time.

She was petite weighing 95lbs or so, but she had already begun to develop the curves and shapes of a young woman, her breasts were small and cone shaped with puffy nipples just enough to fill my hand, her slender waist and flat tummy were smooth and tanned, she had a nice tight round little ass and firm shapely legs like a swimmer would have.


 My friend and I talked to her one night and she had let my friend fuck her less than an hour after we met, to him she was only a conquest, to be had and discarded afterwards,

He told me later that if I wanted to fuck her to go back the next night and pick her up.


So, I did just that. The next night I managed to see her and pick her up and take her riding around in my car, we talked and I gave her a couple beers, then we ended up parking in a secluded spot were I made my move I put my arm around her and without a word I leaned over and began to kiss her as my hands molested her breasts, then after she made no protest I slid them down between her legs, she opened them for me which I took as the go ahead sign after rubbing her crotch through her shorts I slid my hand down inside of her shorts and began to finger her already wet slit, Kissing her as I finger fucked her we ended up laying down in the seat as I began to remove her shorts and shirt exposing her firm young tits for me to suck on, as I slid her shorts and panties off of her She lay under me as I fondled her most private parts Sucking on each nipple while I rubbed and fingered her tight wet little hole she moaned softly and reached down to pull my hard cock from my own shorts tugging on my manhood I paused long enough to sit up and take them off, then I climbed back on her nude body , running my hands everywhere exploring her body as we kissed some more she stroked my shaft as I probed her slit, until I couldn’t take it any more I positioned myself between her open thighs as she guided me towards her tight young pussy.

I slowly pushed my shaft into her wet opening , pushing the head of my pole into her opening she felt tight, really tight, I pushed again and was only able to get a little bit more inside of her pulling back and pushing down again I managed to get only and inch more in her she was tighter than any girl I’d ever had before , pushing into her with very little progress I tried to force my way in her, but she was so tight I thought my cock would break before I got it in her , she opened her legs wider for me while I worked my way inside of her after what seemed like an hour I still had only gotten half way in her , and she wasn’t getting any looser , she lay under me quiet but her hands rubbed all up and down my back and ass

I tried pulling in and out more then she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her as hard as she could I felt my shaft enter her another inch then I pulled back out and this time I thrust down into her as hard as I could and managed to sink almost all the way in her , she gasp as I slit her open,

I paused and asked her if she was ok? She nodded , yes , then I proceeded to pump my hard cock in and out of her vice like opening, I knew I wouldn’t last long as tight as she was, so I started to really pound her for all I was worth , slapping my balls against her ass as I thrust in and out of her now wet hole, she held on to me as I rammed my cock into her harder and deeper until she began to wiggle out from under me as I drove my entire shaft in her

She was trying to keep me from putting my entire dick in her by slideing up , I put my hands on top of her head pulling her back down under me as I hammered into her , she moaned and whimpered as I pounded her tight opening for all I was worth and suddenly I felt myself about to cum , and with one last thrust I planted my manhood as deep as I could in her 14 year old body , and held her tightly as I spewed my seed deep inside of her , she moaned out as gave her that last thrust, it must have hrt her as I plunged into her and held her tightly while I filled her with spunk, She trembled under me as I emptied my balls into her,

I held her tight until I had completely fill her , slowly I released my grip laying on her my shaft still in her only now I could feal it shrinking within her body I kissed her softly as I withdrew my softing member from her , pulling out it made a pop as my seed oozed  from her slit we dressed and without saying very much I took her home and told her I’d be by again the next night , she told me she really wanted to see me again ………



The next night We met and drove to a secluded spot and quickly stripped naked again and without much foreplay I climbed on top of her and to my surprise she was just as tight as before it took me several minutes to get half way in her , and again when I was able to get all the way in her she would slid u and out from under me trying to escape the length of my cock and I would have to pull her back down and under me so I could put my entire shaft in her I loved the way she felt how tight her pussy was around my cock , and she would almost never make a sound while I rammed my dick in and out of her until I’d slam my cck so had and deep into her as I shot my wad into her she would cry out as I shoved into her that last time, then she would tremble and shake under me as I filled her with cum,  we fucked almost every night during the summer until her family suddenly moved out of town and she went with them , we never saw each other again….  


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