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After Work- Sexy Sarah, my movie date- good day at work part 3

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This story contains graphic depictions of sex betwen an adult and an underage girl. If this offends you, please read something else. If not, enjoy! 


Sexy Little Sarah 3- after work


We sat in the theater that thursday night, so far the only people in the entire place. Occasionally an usher would walk in and immediately out as we talked and we would be alone again. I had expected this to be a slow night, but I never dreamed it would be this slow, and I know that neither one of us could wait for the lights to go out.

While we talked, I found out that Sarah had been living with her mother but basically on her own for over a year- technically, she was in her mothers care, but her mother's work schedule and "extra activities" schedule kept Sarah alone most of the time to fend for herself, which was the reason she came to the mall so much. I  felt for her- and at the same time could not help but admire her sexy looks as she spoke. She was really quite mesmerizing to look at as well as to talk to, and though I still completely lusted her in every sense of the word, I was becoming more and more fond of her in other ways as well. 

The lights went out in the theater, and other than a few people in the far front row, we were alone. As the movie started, my attention was focused more on Sarah and her nubile, tight, young body, and as we munched our popcorn, I put my arm around her and started to rub one of her nipples. She leaned on me and held my hand as I did, and both her nipples became instantly erect- throughout the movie, I would kiss her- occasionally putting my hand between her thighs, feeling how warm and wet her pussy was becoming, and as the movie ended, and the lights came up, I had an idea. 

Since I worked at the mall, I knew the back entrances and who should be there and when, so I led Sarah to one of those on the way to the employee parking lot. 

It was dark, of course, and she walked next to me, my arm around her all the way to my car. Before I unlocked the door, I kissed her, picking her up as I unzipped her shorts. She purred and licked the inside of my mouth as she let her pants fall, spreading her legs as I picked her up and pinned her to the side of my car. I was reasonably sure no one would be watching, but it added to the excitement that someone might be, and as I took my cock out of my pants, I could feel how wet she was from our teasing during the movie- she certainly had me rock hard, but I slipped into her pussy easily, and fucked her slowly but firmly as our tongues wrestled and she purred with pleasure. 

Her legs wrapped around me, still fucking her, I pushed the door unlock button on my keytab, and heard the doors unlock... I stepped back a bit, opened the door to the back seat lay Sarah on it, and fucked her hard until I knew I was going to cum- keeping my cock in her this time-- wanting her to feel how it was to have her pussy filled up with hot seed... her eyes got big, and she panted as I pumped my cum into her... I could feel her pussy fill up and the excess run out onto my balls and as I finished cumming in her, I kissed her and whispered "let's go home now, shall we?" 

She nodded, out of breath and, with knees wobbling, climbed into the front seat, not even bothering to put her pants back on yet. I climbed in the driver's seat and we headed for my house... it was now 10:30, so the night was young- 




I've read all three of these stories and it looks like you left a chance for further additions to the story line... I hope you run this line a little more, it's just starting to get good... Great work, by the way... Keep them coming...

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