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Babysitting My Girlfriends Daughter

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Kathy and I had dated for almost 4 years, we each had our own place. I had a small apartment, Kathy had a nice house from her divorice. She has a daughter, Taylor, she was 11 now. Taylor and I got along great, her father wasn't around much, so she latched on to me right away. Anyway, I'm at my place and Kathy called to ask a favor, she needed to go out of town for 4 days, (fri.-mon.) and wanted me to stay with Taylor. Taylor didn't want to go because one of her girlfriends was having a birthday party, and of course she didn't want to miss it. I agreed, after all her we had dated along time. She told me she would get Taylor off to school friday, but needed me to be there when she got home, and she would return monday before Taylor got home from school.

Well Friday came and I got there before Taylor, so I unpacked my things, and waited for her to get home. Finally the bus pulled up and of jumped Taylor, she ran in to say hi and announced that she was changing to play outside with friends. I was sitting in the living room when she went by in just panties and she was trying to pull on a shirt. It was only a quick flash but it still got my attention. She was about 4'6" maybe 75lbs. she hadn't reached puberty yet, but had a cute little shape and a very cute butt. She ran into the bathroom, did what she needed to do and darted by the other way, went to her room and finished dressing, and then went out to play. I told her I would order pizza later, and we could watch a movie. She asked for pepperoni, of course.

Finally all the kids had to go in for dinner and Taylor came inside. We ordered the pizza and Taylor told me she was going to take a bath while we waited. I told her to go ahead. While waiting for the pizza, Taylor starts screaming from the bathroom, I run to the door and ask what's was wrong, and she replied with "Please help me I have soap in my eyes". I opened the door and there she was in the tub with shampoo running all over her face. I knelt down next to the tub to help her rinse everything, but while doing that I couldn't help but look at her cute little naked body, just barely the beginnings of boobs, and still very bald little slit. Once we got her all rinsed off and the soap out of her eyes, she stood up and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a hug and thanked me for helping her. It didn't phase her at all to be naked in front of me, since she used to get in the shower with me when she was 7.

I got up quickly and wrapped her in a towel and left the bathroom. I couldn't help it but I was getting a little hard.

Taylor came out wearing a T-shirt that didn't cover her underwear. Now it was getting very difficult not to get hard.

Thank goodness the Pizza showed up and we sat down for eat's and a movie. Taylor sat across from me on the floor so we could both watch the movie. She kept squirming around and the more she moved the more times I saw her beautiful little pussy. When we finished the movie I told Taylor that I needed to shower so she could watch what ever she wanted. I showered, a cold one, and put on some shorts and a T. I went back to the living room to see what Taylor was watching, it was MTV. I sat down on the love seat and Taylor got up to get some water. When she came back she laid down and her little butt cheeks were showing, she had a pretty good wedgey goin. I could't take it any more I told Taylor I was going to bed and she should go to bed soon.

Well the cold shower had worn off, so I closed the door got naked and turned on a porn dvd I had brought with me.

It didn't take long for me to get hard. I was enjoying my self when the door just sprang open and there stood Taylor, I quickly tried to cover up and turn off the dvd, Taylor walked over and just asked " Does that feel like when you put it in mom's mouth or her pussy?" Completely stunned all I could muster was, "How would you know what your mom and I do?" Taylor asked me to promise not to tell Kathy, still horny I agreed. She confessed she waited to hear Kathy and I and then would sneak to the door and peek in and watch us having sex. "I'm shocked,", "Please don't tell mom, I just want to know how to do what she does when you are not here." Now I really getting hot, she also watches Kathy masterbate.

I told her I probably wasn't the one to teach her, but she begged me to show her how to masterbate. I told her

she could watch me if she wanted but I wasn't going to touch her. She agreed. She jump on the bed and asked if she could see what I was watching, I told her she could but could never tell anyone about any of this. Again, she agreed. I turned the movie back on but stayed under the covers, Taylor ask to see it and pull the sheet back herself. I couldn't stop now if i tried. She watched very closely, then she asked how to do it herself. I went to a spot in the movie where a girl masterbates and told her to watch. She did, and before long I noticed her with one hand in her panties and the other under her shirt touching her nipples. The girl in the movie was naked so Taylor removed her clothes without saying a word and laid back and really began to enjoy herself. In the movie the girl of course get's fucked by the mailman or someone like that. When the man came he came all over the girl's face and tit's. Taylor began to ask what that stuff was, and I did my best to explain. Then I couldn't believe what she said next. "Would you do that on me so I can see what it's like?" I was to far gone now to say no, so I got up and went to her side of the bed and watched as she continued to play with her pussy and nipples. It didn't take long and my balls began to burn, I was very close. I told her that I was about to cum, and finally let lose. I never came so hard in my life, giant globs of goo shot out and landed on my little cuties chest, I aimed the next at her belly, and finally I shot some on her face. I collapsed. Taylor rubbed it into her smooth skin and even rubbed some from her belly, all over her pussy. Again I told her we had to keep this our secret, of course Taylor agreed. I told her to go to the bathroom and clean up and then go to bed. She did and so did I but not before jacking off again thinking about our little party. Couldn't wait to see what Saturday would bring............


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