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At eighteen I was on military service. Having no brothers or sisters,my sexual knowledge was mainly in the mind,but I did have strong sexual urges  [Only realised late] Masterbation was my pastime! - Now posted to a logistics unit and working in the officers mess, it was a cushy billet. Best of food and use [Unofficially of course] of their superior facilities. So...

The climate was hot, [Shorts were the order of dress] - We were a special unit created for and from recalled reservists, with a smattering of regulars like myself to get things up together ready for their arrival. (Force mobile baths 96) nothing special really but needed if you'd spent weeks unclean in a desert invira!

Our base was a formal barracks with normal facilities. This was where this tale took place! As duty barman, I'd let things run until the officers had had their fill of booze, although I had every rights to close at 2300hrs. There were compensations for this,one being tips by visitors another being certain antics between female visitors and duty officers in the privacy of the mess. [Oh yes pretty pussies on view etc.]

But enough of this, lets get down to my tale! I'm as innocent as the day at this time, having only been in service for training. But training military,not training I was now duly about to recieve! The major of this unit was a nice bloke,easy going and in civvy street, a garage proprietor. Others were now in and a couple of lieutenants. One of these was a tall gaunt but friendly faced bloke, a coach driver in civvy street. Anyway, as blokes do, he and others drifted out of bathrooms with just a towel around their hips,no one taking any notice.

Very late this night [I and this lieutenant] were the only people awake or about. He called me into his room as I passed him in just a towel. [I thought nothing of it that a protusion of some size pronounced itself from the front of the towel. "Stibbs! Give me a minute before you leave, I have a little problem... come on in" - "Give me a minute sir, just gotta seal the bar" - Done now, in I go, he'd got into bed and was covered up to his waist. A mature hairy chest was laying in front of me, he smoothed his hand across this and invited me to do the same. - "See if you think I've got something out of place just here!" [He pressed just at the lower part of his rib cage] - "MO would know that sir, I'd not have a clue. Shall I rouse him for you?" - "No! No! If you give a press or two, I'm sure I'll be able to work it out!"

I wasn't that innocent, I knew he was coming on to me, but curiosity was kicking in here. [What was he planning to do?] I thought back to the bulge I had noticed and became aware that my own cock was reacting [Not greatly, but reacting none-the-less] Is this a seduction? - So I placed my hand on the hairy part and he guided me to lower it towards the edge of his ribs. At that moment he moved over on the bed to one side more. - "Sit on the side a bit,it'll be easier for you to press it" - I sat with one leg up across slightly and the other on the floor. - "See! Press there! - I pressed and he winced. - "Hang on, press again [he'd moved up the bed slightly, which made his pubes just peak above the sheet] - "Press" - I pressed and his hand came on to my naked thigh. - "And again" - His hand slid a bit more towards my upper thigh.

"Turn down towards the bottom end and stand, it'll let you press with both hands" I done as he asked and found my heart pounding, [what was now going to happen?] Placing both hands on his belly he stopped me as I started to press. - "No! Wait, let my place you better" - His hands pushed my arms further down his stomach until I had my fingures at his pubes [I could feel his hip bone on either side. - "Start there and gradually move to the middle!" As I did this, I got the sensation of his hand on the back of my thigh. As I moved inwards his hand moved higher.

Up the inside of my shorts his fingures wandered and as my hands met he had my ass cheek under his. Huskily, he said, "Down more, slowly go down more" - I knew any more in that direction would have my hands against his cock. Hands now under the sheet I could feel the hardness of his cock nudging the back of my hand. He drew in his breath and moved his hand sideways until I tingled as his fingers felt in my ass crack making my hairs tickle. - "Grip it! Go on grip round it for me!"

At that, he touched my crinkly ass hole and my cock dribbled. I held his cock as, with his free hand he pushed the sheet away exposing one hard officers cock with his ball sac loosely resting on his thighs. - "Roll the skin! Roll it down off the head of it!" - I didn't need too the helmet was already fully in view, so was the precum on the end of it!

That free hand came on to the back of my head and pressed at me. - His fingers left my ass. "Kneel up on the bed!" - I duly knelt and the hand came back on my asshole and temptingly touched my sensitive sphincter. - "This your first time?" - I Nodded - "You going to do it?" - [As an aid to temp me, his finger entered my sphincter and pushed at the back of me] this had the effect of making me bend my face nearer to his hardon and as he realised how near he held his cock up virtically and jogged his hips at my face making his precum touch my lips and trail back to his knob.

An authoritive hiss said - "Do it! Suck the fucker!" Another harder jab up my ass followed by finger fucking me had my lips reluctantly opening enough for him to jab his hardon inside. - My asshole was desserted as with both hands he pressed at the back of me forcing my mouth deeper on to his hardon. "Suck me! For fucks sake, Suck me out you young fucker!" - He was humping at my mouth now as I felt my own precum drooling out of my cock.

An eruption of cum flooded into my mouth as he came off with grunts and jabs of cock going hard against my cheek. I splutted his cum out of my lips and just let him finish himself with less-and-less thrusts into my mouth. - Nothing then for a while until I felt his hand again going up my shorts and this time he went between my legs feeling my tight ball sac and hardening cock. - "Your turn! Do you want some?" - I nodded yes, not knowing what 'some' was! - "Get up a minute then and you can do it" - I stood looking as he moved over into a kneeling position, - "Your cocks soaked in precum, but better put a bit of this gel on me anyway!"

Fuck! He wants me to fuck him! - The gel was duly smeared over his sphincter and he waited for my cock. - "Line the thing up,then ram it up me hard, I like it like that!" - Toying with the end of my hard cock, I pressed the spongy part against and around his sphincter enthrolled with the sensation of just how tight his asshole looked. - Then I lunged at his hole. The tightness of his spincter peeled my foreskin back as tho' it would strip the skin right off, but as the tention on my stretched foreskin pained my dick, the lube reacted allowing my cock to slip the full length right up to my balls and this tightness done for me. I pumped at his ass like a mad thing until in less than a minute I unloaded shot after shot of spunk up his rectum. All he uttered at each new surge was 'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Now with my excitement spent I pulled out of his ass noting my own drool of cum following my cock out of it!

"Another bath I think is in order Stibbs'y - Enjoy that did you? I can see we're going too have a great posting while it lasts!"


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