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It shouldn't have happened but it did

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I left for our mountain cabin Wednesday around 3 so I could open it up and get the hot tub going. All the stuff that needs to be done for the rest of the family to come up and have an end of summer retreat. The cabin is in a rugged part of the mountains that you need to take a 4 wheel drive to get to. It is situated on a small lake with no other homes or cabins in the area. Essentially, it is very secluded. Only one way in or out and from the front porch you can see anyone approaching. Since the kids wouldn’t be here until Friday evening I stripped down to shorts and proceeded open the cabin, run the water, pull the furniture covers off folded and put away. I have always been active and at 50 I still felt like I was 30. I wasn’t muscular but I wasn’t flabby either. And since my wife had passed away 3 years ago I have had my share of girlfriends but nothing serious. I chopped wood for 2 hours so I could start a fire in the fire place and to also light off the boiler for hot water. After this chore I saw it was 11pm so I decided to take a shower and go to bed. The next day I woke up made breakfast and started my chores. I got the hot tub cleaned out and filled with water. I shocked it since no one would be here for another day. When I went to start the generator it wouldn’t start. The fuel filter was clogged so I cleaned it and was covered with oil and diesel fuel. Once I got it started I turned the hot tub pump on and shocked the water. I stripped naked on the porch so I wouldn’t be bringing the smell of the fuel and oil into the cabin and took a shower. While I was in the shower I thought I heard something but didn’t pay any attention to it. I turned off the shower, stepped out and found myself looking into my daughter in laws eyes. She was staring at my cock with her mouth agape. I’m not overly endowed but not ashamed with what I’ve got either. I have a 7” cock and thick. I smiled and said “Hi Amanda” as I pulled a towel off the shelf. She said “oh my god, I’m so sorry” and walked out of the bathroom. I laughed and toweled off. I walked out of the bathroom to my room and started to get dressed. I saw Amanda watching the whole time from the kitchen. She never took her eyes off of me. Amanda is 5’7” and about 115 pounds. She has small A cups and would be considered skinny but her body is tight. She has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I went out to the kitchen and Amanda was putting food away. I asked her if my son and grandson were down by the lake and she said that Brian had to work and Cody was at her parents’ house. She thought she would come up to help open up the cabin. She again apologized for walking in on me and I told her to forget it. Shit happens and that I wasn’t offended or embarrassed by it. While I was outside chopping more wood Amanda called me in for dinner. As we ate we had some wine with our dinner. We knocked off 2 bottles and both of us were feeling pretty good. She started to giggle and I asked her what was funny. She said she laughing about seeing me naked. I said “so I have a funny body”? She said no, that she had never seen a penis that big before. I said I guess not because you couldn’t take your eyes off it. We both laughed at that. As we cleaned up after dinner I told her the hot tub was ready and did she want to get in before we went to bed. She said sure, and she went to get ready. I put on my trunks and was sitting in the 108 degree water when she came out in a knee length robe. As she removed her robe, I was the one staring this time. She was totally naked. She did a little turn around and said “there, now we are even”. Well, I don’t know about even, my cock started to swell up. I said “are you sure you want to get in here with me like that”? She said it wouldn’t be fair since I had my trunks on so I said fine, and took them off. This isn’t a big hot tub, only about 4 ppl max so she was sitting about half an arm’s length away. She leaned back, closed her eyes and let her arms float up from her sides. We started talking about different things and it turned to sex. She asked if my late wife and I had a good sex life. I told her that we did and that I almost always gave my wife at least 4 orgasms before I came. She snorted and said that would be awesome. I asked her what she meant and she said that Brian was more of a cum early kinda guy. She said orally he was good but she seldom had an orgasm. She started to slide e said “will you please give me an orgasm. She didn't wait for me to say anything before she started kissing me. She forced her tongue into my mouth and her hand started pumping my cock to its full 7”. She pulled away from the kiss and said “It’s huge” With that she went under the water and placed her mouth around the head and started to slide her tongue around the head. I pulled her up and said let’s do this in the cabin. After we toweled off I took her hand and led her to the fire place. I laid her down on her back and started kissing and licking her, following her neck down to her tiny tits. She let out a soft moan as I sucked her rock hard nipple into my mouth. My hand slowly followed her curves to her thighs and her back arched a little as my fingers glided up and down. She parted her legs and I started to run my finger around her labia. Our breathing was coming faster like runners. I could feel the wetness of her honey pot and slid a finger into her wet, tight hole. I feel it squeeze my finger it’s that tight. “Oh my god that feels so good” I started rubbing her G spot and her pussy started flooding my hand. She was moaning and moaning and said “Finger fuck my pussy”!! With that I started going faster and faster until she screamed “Oh fuck yea, I’m going to cum” Her back arched and she let out a tremendous scream as her pussy gripped my finger like it was trying to rip it off. As she was coming down I rolled onto my side. She thru her arms around my neck and started kissing my like she was an animal. She looked at me and said “My turn” and slid down to my cock, and put her mouth around the head, she said” I don’t know if I can fit all this in” Amanda slid about 3 inches in and started sliding up and down on my cock. I was in heaven. She sucked my cock like a pro. She was stroking the bottom half of my cock as she sucked. She took it out and started sucking on my balls then switched back to my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and forced my dick a little more until I felt the back of her throat. That pushed me over the edge and I told her I was about to cum. I held back as long as I could and finally released my load into her mouth. Rope after rope of spunk shot out, most of it spilling out of her mouth. The last of my spunk shot out and I let out a big sigh. Amanda licked up the mess on my cock and balls then curled up against me. Amanda ran her hand around my chest, going down until she had my soft dick in her hand. She said “I want to feel you inside me” and started stroking my cock back to life. I started kissing her, down her stomach until I had her pussy in front of me. I could smell that womanly musk that only a pussy can make. I started licking around the outside of her pussy which made her inhale loud. I licked, sucked and slurped her pussy. Her juices flowing freely I lapped up every drop. I sucked her clit into my mouth and played with it with my tongue. I slid my tongue down to her ass hole and circled it. She let out a little squeal as I reamed her poop chute then back to her clit. She started screaming “Oh fuck, you can eat pussy. Eat my pussy. Tongue fuck it” I tongued and sucked until she screamed out she was Cumming. Right at the top of her orgasm I shoved my cock straight into her tight hole. I thought her pussy was going to peel the skin from my cock it was so tight. I pushed all the way to my balls and she let out another wild scream and came again. “Fuck me into the floor, fuck me harder” I pounded her pussy hard and steady. She met every thrust I gave her. She came 2 more times saying “Oh my god, oh my god fuck me” I told her I was ready to bust and she said “Cum in my pussy” I didn’t need any more encouragement. I pushed one last time and let go with a massive orgasm. My spunk filled her womb. I rolled off her completely sated. Amanda grabbed me in a hug saying “thank you, thank you. I haven’t had that many orgasms ever” I said I was glad I could help. After a few minutes of rest Amanda rolled over and smiled at me and said “we still have another day before they all come up here so don’t think this is over”


This is my first attempt. I thought it would be easier since I have been reading the stories. My hats off to the other authors. This takes time and thought. Please be gentle on your comments and critique.



Very good story line you just need to break it up so that it reads easier. Don't rush to climax just like real sex you have to build the suspense first, you do this by giving more details and about what the characters are doing and what they are feeling


It's a good first story, but please use paragraphs, and drag the suspense out a bit, I am one of the ones that likes some build up, to heighten the anticipation. I look forward to you next contribution!


overall you have a nice theme. it seems just a bit pushed, rushed. take your time and give a bit more detail to build up some parts. maybe a little more suspense at points. the fear of fucking your daughter in law and perils if son found out. etc. etc. this will make it more of a story. but also remember that some people just want dirty sex and a straight fuck and run. when you find your audience they will let you know. first try was a good try. keep up the work and i wish you only the best.

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