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Meeting mom's Random

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I couldn’t believe mom had brought home some rando from the bar. What did I mean, of course I believed it. She had less respect for herself than she had for me and she barely noticed me. It was so embarrassing hearing them through our paper thin walls. He was calling her all kinds of dirty names and she was calling him ‘daddy’ when her mouth wasn’t so obviously on his cock. He kept telling her to take it like a little whore and saying what a dirty little slut she was with a mouth like sin itself. I squirmed in bed and rubbed up against my pillow and tried to ignore the tingling between my legs. I went to touch myself and pulled back. I didn’t want to enjoy what I saw as my mother’s shame no matter how it made me feel. It seemed to take forever but it was only an hour or less before they had finished and drifted off to sleep. I knew I was safe to move around the apartment again. I slipped out of bed and padded quietly to the kitchen for a snack and some water to take back to my room. Without turning on a light I went to the cupboard, grabbed a glass, filled it at the sink, snagged a couple pieces of fruit off the counter and turned to head back to my room. I almost screamed and dropped everything when I saw someone standing in the kitchen doorway.
“Sorry!” said a soft male voice. “I didn’t know anyone else was here. I didn’t mean to startle you. Oh, right, you must be Lacey, Dana’s daughter. She mentioned you.”
“I’m surprised she had the time.” I responded pointedly. He laughed.
“Yeah, she’s pretty wild.” He wasn’t moving out of the doorway. “So your mom says you’re how old?” I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable.
“Thirteen, why?”
“I don’t know you just seem a lot more mature in this light.”
There was streetlight shining in through the kitchen window making everything soft and hazy. I was feeling awfully exposed in just my tank top and panties. I could see him pretty clearly my eyes having adjusted. He was in a pair of boxers and nothing else. His chest was hard and his stomach flat. I could see his hard-on tenting his shorts and I was nervous but so excited. He was devouring me with his eyes. I had no doubt what was about to happen and I was too excited by the thought to even consider trying to scream or run. I just hoped he didn’t hurt me as I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. In a couple strides he was right against me blocking any way out. He was young and hard. I could smell the sex on him and my pussy was responding.
“Did you hear us, me and your mother, doing things? How did it make you feel?” Suddenly his hands were on me, one on the small of my back and one sliding under my flimsy T-shirt He started fondling my breasts, pinching my nipples erect. It felt incredible. Pulling me close his breath hot on my skin,
“Did you touch yourself, rub your little girl snatch?”
I tried to pull away but he held me firmly, nuzzling my ear he whispered.
“Mmmmm, you smell horny. You need some cock? Like your mom? Are you a little whore too?” I squirmed and struggled . . . slightly, too slightly. He knew I wanted it. I could hear the smile in his voice.
“ Oh, yeah, Have you had a cock in your mouth, little slut?”
I was frozen with fear and dripping with lust. His hard body and hot breath against me were rekindling my swelling from hearing him use my mother so wantonly. He was pinching my nipples hard now and the pain was ecstasy.
“Your mother’s asleep and I need to get off again. Its better for you if you let me, but . . . either way.”
Oh my god! This stranger my mother had brought home and fucked just told me I could surrender willingly or he was going to rape me! I was ashamed to feel my kitty soak through my cotton panties. I felt a pressure on my shoulders and realized he was pushing me onto my knees in front of him.
“Ever had a cock in that sweet young mouth baby?”
I actually had, quite a few times in fact. But I stuttered and mumbled as I reached my knees and faced his bulging boxers. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to look him in the eye.
“Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?”
I decided to lie and shook my head slightly, scared and excited. He smiled, freed his straining cock and slowly pressed himself against my lips.
“Open up, baby. Let’s see if you’re as good as your mom.”
His hand on the back of my head gave me little choice. I opened my mouth and stroked the head of his cock with my tongue. I could taste the salty sex sweat as I circled the head round and round and slowly started to move my lips onto him keeping my tongue moving.
“Oh, fuck! That’s so good, baby!” He moaned as he started to guide my head on his cock.
“Good little cock~sucker, keep going.” He was sliding into my mouth now, holding me still to take him. Suddenly he pulled me off and turned my face up to his.
“How old are you, baby?”
“ I’m thirteen.” I said, startled and he slid back into my mouth. He stroked himself in my mouth a few more times and pulled out again.
“Is this the first cock you’ve had in your mouth?” I relaxed, smiled, understanding now. I reached out with my tongue and took a long stroke along the bottom of his cock head.
“You’re the first cock ever in my thirteen year old mouth . . . daddy.” That sent him over the edge. He started stroking into my mouth and calling me the same dirty names I’d heard through the wall.
“You suck cock like a little whore. How did a little girl like you get to be such a slut? I love fucking your dirty little mouth. You like daddy’s cock? Tell me!” He pulled me off.
“I love daddy’s cock using my thirteen year old mouth to get off.” I couldn’t believe how dirty I was being. Hearing him use my mother had awoken something in me. I wanted to be used like that. I wanted to be a whore for this stranger, let him use me. He pulled out of my mouth.
“Bend over the table.” I jumped up, eager for him to take me, and bent over the kitchen table offering myself up to whatever he wanted.
“Nice submissive little slut.” He said approvingly as he peeled down my now sticky panties and I felt his hands on my firm ass, stroking my crack with his fingers, sliding them up and down my dripping slit. He leaned over grinding against me and whispered hotly in my ear,
“Fuck, you’re a little bitch in heat, aren’t you!” I whimpered and moaned as his rod spread my cheeks. Then I felt him slide down and felt his hot breath on my lips. He pulled my panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. His tongue reached out and stroked me softly, like velvet.
“Ohh, god!” I moaned as my legs almost gave out. He stroked me up and down, tonguing my asshole and sliding around my clit which I was arching hard to offer him. He worked his tongue inside me as I pushed back on him wanting it so badly. He tongued me deeply for a bit then stopped and I could feel him shifting position. He pulled me slightly away from the table making space and turned to sit on the floor beneath me spreading my legs and positioning his head between them. I looked down as his tongue freed my now throbbing clit and started flicking and circling savagely. His hands were spreading me giving him access and his fingers explored while his tongue worked me over.
“You taste incredible, baby. So young and sweet!”
I grabbed a dish towel to bite on stifling my moans.
“Such a sweet little hole. You taste like a nasty little slut, baby. Tell me you like it!” He demanded.
“Oh, god, daddy! Its so good! I love daddy’s tongue in my slutty little girl hole!” I gasped, every word of it true. I was squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples hard driving myself over the edge as this stranger tongue fucked my slit like a mad man. Grabbing his head with one hand and grinding hard into his mouth I came like a demon, arching and bucking madly on his mouth. He kept running his lips up and down mine till, shuddering almost in pain I pulled him away. I thought I might collapse, but he was far from done. He got up and getting behind me pushed me back onto the table spreading my legs and rubbing hard against me, lightly fingering my puckered hole as his cock rubbed my pussy lips deliciously. I purred deep in my throat as his cock head made direct burning contact with my wet and willing slit, sliding up and down feeling my wetness.
“Tell me what you want, baby-girl. Tell me now!” I loved his commanding tone and obediently moaned for him,
“I want daddy’s cock, please, daddy.” As I wiggled my ass and pushed back on him. “Where do you want daddy’s cock, little slut?”
“Right there, daddy. Put it in my slutty little girl hole. I need it so badly.”
I was telling the truth. I didn’t just want his cock in me I needed it, needed to feel him open me, sliding every inch into me deeply, roughly. I was ready to be taken by a real man, finally! My first time! He kept rubbing the head up and down as he slowly spread my lips with his other hand and carefully slid into me.
“This may hurt. You ready?”
“Yes, oh fuck yes! SO ready for you, daddy!” And with that he bore down harder, his hands grabbing my hips and pulling me back onto his iron rod. He met resistance. “Do it! Please do it! “
I pleaded and bit down on the dish towel again. He bore down harder and I felt a stab of pain and a popping feeling.
“Oh!” I squealed into the dish towel as he now slowly continued into me. He slid in for what seemed like forever till I felt him against my ass. He started moving his cock around in my hole, opening me up, then he slid back and slid into me again in one motion.
“Ohhh, Yeeessss!” I moaned, “Do that.” He continued sliding in and out and started picking up the pace. Now one hand fingered my tight asshole and one reached under to stroke my engorged clit feeling like it was on fire.
“Good little whore,” He panted in my ear. “Take daddy like a good little girl. Show daddy how much you love taking his cock.”
“Yes, daddy!” I purred in return and started pushing myself eagerly onto his cock. His fingers felt incredible and one entered my ass to the first knuckle and started wiggling around. He was flicking my burning clit now and increasing his pace. I could feel him swelling in me and his balls tightened against my ass. He slid his finger out of my ass and grabbed my rock hard nipples pinching and twisting, kissing the back of my neck and calling me all kinds of dirty names.
“Good little cock-whore. You’re taking daddy so good, baby. You love being a slut for daddy’s cock, don’t you? Tell me!”
“ Oh, fuck yes, daddy! Get off in my little hole. Use your little fuck-toy! I’m here for daddy’s cock!”
That drove him over the edge. He started thrusting harder into me his hands digging into my flesh as I choked back a scream of ecstasy. I could feel him shooting into me and I milked his cock hard with the walls of my pussy. He gave one last groan and slid out of me. I lay there a moment, spent, still gaping and feeling the cool air on my kitty. I turned and gently took his shrinking cock in my hand surprised and, stupidly, now I thought of it, relieved to feel a thin sheath of rubber encasing him.
“Can’t be too careful, baby.” He smiled. I smiled back. He stepped closer, putting his hard chest against my still erect nipples and kissed me, softly stroking my lips to let him in. His tongue was surprisingly gentle on mine and I melted into him.
“Mmmm, yeah.” He moaned as I ground my crotch against him and slipped the condom off his now reawakening cock. I slid back onto my knees and, looking up into his eyes, I started to lick the head tasting his jizz, sweaty and salty on my tongue. He moaned and his head rolled back as his fingers twined in my hair and he guided me onto him. With him guiding me it freed my hands up to pleasure myself again and I got busy on both my nipples and clit right away. He was coasting slickly into my mouth now and every few strokes he would deepen and almost gag me. I knew I was going to come again shortly and I wondered if I could do the same again for him so soon. Apparently, yes. As I felt my own pleasure center start to swell and throb and the waves of another orgasm fill my world I could feel him shuddering and twitching and felt certain that even though his balls were empty he was definitely experiencing another orgasm which was pushing the last drops of seed into my mouth. I’d read that men could be multi-orgasmic as well and was glad to confirm this so delightfully.
He slid out of me and breathlessly said,
“You’re the best little tail I think I’ve ever had.” He pulled me up and gently kissed me again. I was starting to think the rough act was just that, role-play. Except now he had a real-age play-thing, a willing participant.
“I’m definitely coming back to get another piece off you soon, baby-doll.” Now it was all tender kissing and ‘baby-doll.’ Fuck, he was making me wet again!
“I don’t have school tomorrow and mom leaves for work at noon.” I said hastily. He grinned,
“Then I’ll expect you ready and waiting for me at 12:30, sharp, on your bed. I’ll let myself in.” I shivered as he bent down and softly stroked his tongue from my collar bone to my ear which he nuzzled softly with a low growl raising the hairs on my neck deliciously.
“Yes, daddy!” Then he turned and went back to my mother’s room. I heard him getting dressed a little later and she stirred and tried to entice him back into her bed but I knew he was as spent as I was. He told her another time, definitely, with a mouth and ass like hers and quietly left. I could hardly wait until tomorrow.


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