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My niece Nicci

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I thought I was home alone. Out in the yard, cutting the grass. I had no idea I was about to run into a bees nest on the ground. The next thing I know I have a swarm of angry bees chasing and stinging me, all over my legs and arms. I had my hands flailing to protect my face, but I just couldn't fend them all off. I grabbed the garden hose and started spraying myself, and with that, the bees seemed to leave. I ran into the garage, and stripped off my wet clothes, and made my way up to the bathroom. I was sore as hell, and cussing like a good sailor.

When I opened the bathroom door and went marching in as I often do, I was totally shocked to see my niece stepping out of the shower.

Nicci has been living with me for about 6 months now, because 1. her mother is a fucking idiot, and 2. Nicci wanted to finish high school in town, and her mother had moved out of state to live with her boy friend. My wife and I agreed to take her in, no questions asked. Nicci was a great girl, good in school and never any trouble at all. She and I have had a special bond since she was tiny. Her father, whoever he was, was never in the picture, so I was the closest thing to a father she ever had. Even her idiot mother was able to see that. So when they approached us about her staying, it was a no brain-er.

So, here I am in the same bathroom, and we're both naked, however, I'm covered in bee stings. I have welts on top of welts. These fucking bees had flown up my shorts and stung me all over the place. Nicci saw the welts and dropped her towel in shock. Neither of us had even thought about the fact we were both naked. Nicci looked and saw no bees anywhere and went directly for the peroxide to cleanse the bites. She grabbed cotton balls and started just dabbing the peroxide all over the place. I was in so much pain, I didn't even think about what this would have looked like if anyone had walked in. Good thing my wife was at work, and wouldn't be home for hours.

After Nicci was satisfied that she had gotten all the bites on my back and chest, she went to take care of the bites on my legs. I was standing there, and she then knelt on the floor. It was at this time, she and I realized we were both totally naked. She stopped for a moment, but then went right back to tending to the bites. My left leg seemed to have the most, Nicci saying at least 30 stings, but she then noticed, I had at least 3 more stings on my penis. She poured more peroxide on a piece of cotton, then she grabbed my penis, pulled it out a bit, and worked the peroxide into the stings. I was feeling light headed, and really paid no attention to the fact she was holding my cock, just that the peroxide was taking the stinging out, and I was thankful for that.

Once she was done with my penis, she took my scrotum in her hand and inspected me for stings there, and in the surrounding area, and fortunately for me, no stings to be found.

She had me turn around so she could look to see if there were any bites in other sensitive areas, and she found 2 more, one on my right ass cheek, and one, right above my rectum. Gently, she applied more peroxide to those and told me she was going to go over me one more time, just to make sure she got them all. She started at my right ear, and worked her way around and down, applying more peroxide to each sting. This time, when she got to my penis, I was much more aware of what she was doing. I watched her this time, as she gently took my penis in her hands and stretched the skin out, getting right up close, looking so intently, inspecting me with her warm soft hands. Her face only inches from me, the heat of her hands, and the sight of her pretty face so close, it had to happen. I had to start getting aroused. Hell she was naked. She had a perfect little body. She had her hands on my cock, and my balls, and she was pulling and poking and prodding my skin. My cock was getting attention it hasn't had in months, maybe even a year.

Nicci noticed my cock getting hard in her hands. She looked up at me and what could I say? I apologized. She didn't let go though. She just kept a hold on it, and looked me in the eyes. Slowly, her grip turned to a massage. She was gripping me, and pulling me, and my cock was not going to stay down. Pre-cum was dripping off the head of my cock, and it landed on her knee. She didn't even flinch. Instead, her hand just started pumping me, stroking me, and the look on her face was one that I had never seen before. Nicci was so sexy, so pretty down there. Sliding her hand up and down my shaft, I was about to cum in no time at all. Nicci started looking at my cock again and with her left hand she took my balls and gently squeezed them. Her warm touch on my scrotum pushed me over the edge. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't stop. I tried not to cum, but I was not in control by any stretch. The first shot of my cum landed on her chest. Nicci squeezed me, preventing another shot. She just held my urethra, not letting my cum come out. She took the head in her mouth and scraped her teeth on it, driving me crazy. I needed to cum, I needed to pump and shoot, and she wasn't going to let me. Nicci had her thumb pressing me so nothing could come out, and her teeth driving me insane, and just when I thought I was going insane, she took my entire penis in her hot wet mouth. Her hand still a the base of my cock, I wasn't going to allowed to cum, but the rest of it was so totally intense, I wanted to scream.

Nicci kept pumping me in and out of her mouth, scraping her teeth on me, making me totally weak. With about half of my cock in her mouth, she looked up at me, and let go, letting me spray all my cum in her mouth, all in one squirt.

Nicci stood up, and looked at me, with cum dripping out of the right corner of her mouth. She took her finger and wiped it, and sucked her finger clean. "Uncle D" she said, "what are we going to do about this". She stood there with cum running down her chest. Her nipples were hard as a rock and sticking out like there was no tomorrow. "I'm going to have to clean you up" I said to her, and before I knew it, she had my face against her chest, forcing my cum into my face. I could spell it on her skin, slightly drying, but she was rubbing my face it it. "Lick it up" she ordered. I did as I was told.

Nicci led me to her room, where she told me to lay on her bed. I did. Nicci walked around her room, making sure I watched her every move. She stuck her finger in her mouth, and licked it. She rubbed her hairless pussy, and again, licked her finger. She stood with her back to me, put her leg up on a chair, and fingered her ass, all the time looking at me to make sure I was watching. But that was nothing at all, till she took that finger, and licked it clean.

She came back over to me and started massaging my balls again. My cock responded as it should, hard as a rock. Nicci took my balls in one hand and was playing with them quite nicely, when all of a sudden she took her thumb and stuck it in my ass. She didn't go gently, no.. she jammed it full tilt. I was not only surprised, but I was shocked as well. I have never had anything done like this before, and before I had a chance to say anything or even blurt out an OUCH.. she was pumping her thumb in and out of my ass, again and again and again.

Nicci forced me onto my side, exposing my ass to her. She replaced her thumb with 2 fingers, then 3, pumping them in and out of me. I was in shock, and unable to formulate a word. She pulled her fingers out and as I was about to roll onto my back, "Don't move" she ordered. I didn't move. The nest thing I know, there is something else violating me, and it's a lot bigger then her fingers. What ever this is, it fucking hurts a lot. It's going in so deep, I can feel it in my stomach. It feels like it's as big as a baseball bat, and she's fucking my ass with it relentlessly. The pain is intense, and I feel like I'm going to pass out. Why the fuck didn't I tell her no, why am I not fighting her about this. Just as I think I can't take any more, she pulls the bat out of my ass, and puts it on the pillow, right in front of my face. It was a dildo, probably no more then 8 inches, black, textured to look like a cock. It wasn't all that big once I saw it, but in my ass, it was fucking huge. The next thing I feel is hot breath on my asshole, and then Nicci's tongue licking me, tongue fucking me, and her hand coming around to stroke my cock. She put her middle finger in my ass and found my spot and massaged me there till I came again, this time, it was the most mind blowing orgasm I've ever had in my life.

Nicci climbed on the bed and told me i had to satisfy her. She had no trouble telling me exactly what she wanted and how I was to give it to her. I was to first, lick her pussy, then her ass, and I was to make sure I got my tongue deep into her ass. I was to lick all through her ass, and she would tell me when I was doing it right. I got up and went down on her. Her bald pussy was perfect. She was not a big girl and could have passed for 13 easily. Nicci was 17, and really knew what she wanted and how to get it.

My tongue was in her pussy, and the taste was heavenly. I brought her to what I thought was a great orgasm, but she had to have more. She guided my head so I was able to lick her ass. Her skin was so soft, and she tasted so good back there too. I was going to town on her, when I felt her ass muscles bear down on my tongue. She was cumming and had my by my hair, not letting me go. My face was mashed into her ass, and I had no desires to leave, but Nicci had other ideas. She grabbed my cock and guided me to her ass. She had my in her ass in no time, and slammed her butt into my groin so hard I felt bruised. She rode me hard taking every bit of me into her ass. She must have come 3 more times, before I felt my own cum building up. I was slamming her so hard and she met each slam with a slam of her own. I had my dick so far up her ass, I just had to cum. I did, I creamed in her ass, and again, an orgasm second to none. Nicci milked me dry, and when I pulled out, again, she licked me dry. Again, I started getting hard, and she worked me to another full erection.

This time she led me to her pussy, but didn't let me in. She slid my cock up and down over her slit, and pressed it against her clit, she shuddered another orgasm and brought me to mine on her stomach.

We lay on her bed for a while, and it seemed Nicci's main concern was that I wasn't all weird about it. My concerns were more to do with my wife finding out. Nicci assured me nobody would find out, and there is the promise that we could try it all over again sometime soon.


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