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Preacher's Daughter (Part One)

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The Preacher’s Daughter

Who would’ve thought that I would’ve had the most fun of my sexual life right after college. College is supposed to be the time you cut loose and go wild. However, I wasn’t able to do the “typical things” as I had to maintain a good GPA to keep my scholarships. I guess that’s why I’ve always been attracted to the younger girls. Since I wasn’t that experienced in high school or college, maybe that’s why I keep getting drawn in to the young nubile girls I’ve been around.

I will never forget one in particular. I used to enjoy spending time out at a church camp where my church met every Sunday for services. You see, it was a church just getting founded and we didn’t have a church building as such so we used the camp grounds of the pastor’s family. His family had been in the ministry all of his life and had several acres of land dedicated to being a camp for kids during the summer.

Because of the fact it was used as a camp as well, I spent a lot of time out there after college. I loved the people in the church and wanted to help out however I could. One way was for me to help rake up pine straw and leaves and do general labor work to help maintain the grounds. I didn’t mind the physical labor as that is still the most peaceful spot in the world to me.

The camp grounds are on about 5 acres of land. They have a chapel in front of a little pond that is stocked with nice sized fish. There are 4 log cabins there for sleeping. A small cabin for a prayer shack. The largest building is the cafeteria for obvious reasons. The best part of it all though is the swimming pool out beside the cafeteria. It’s always nice to take a dip in the pool after sweating out in the sun from the yard work, etc.

One spring in particular plays in my mind on a regular basis. That was when I had the pleasure of spending many hours alone with one of the preacher’s daughters.

His oldest daughter, Kristen, was 17 at the time. Even though she was underage, you would never know it by looking at her or talking to her. She matured mentally early in life due to helping take care of her 5 younger sisters. She and her sisters were home schooled which meant she got to deal with her siblings more than most kids her age would.

Kristen was absolutely gorgeous and she knew it. All the guys in church wanted to date her (including me). Every guy that came to the church camp fell head over heals for her too. She had brown hair that came down a little below her shoulders, emerald eyes that you could get lost in and a body that screamed for someone to look at. She didn’t have big breasts or a big ass, but they complimented her body perfectly. To this day I swear she could’ve been a model if she wanted.

One Saturday afternoon I had been at the church camp most of the day and decided to take a little dip in the pool to cool off and take a break. I had just finished up one lap of swimming when Kristen came around the corner of the cafeteria wearing a bikini…something that was prohibited at the camp during the camps. She was a carrying a towel in her hands and smiled when she saw me swimming in the pool. As I mentioned, she knew she was beautiful and knew that the guys liked her. She took that knowledge to heart and teased every one of them every chance she got. That day was no different.

Kristen tossed her towel onto one of the lounge chairs near the pool as she stepped out of her flip-flops. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here, Duane.”

I had to take a deep breath and try to force some thoughts out of my head as I gazed at her. This was the most skin of hers I had seen and while I had had sex before, it had been awhile. I made a conscious effort not to stare at her breasts or her thong covered ass as I replied. “I’ve been out here trying to do some clean up in preparation for the camps coming up. I just thought I would take a quick swim to cool off before getting back to work.”

She sat on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling in the water on the shallow end.

“If you would prefer some privacy I can get back to work. I can tell you weren’t expecting anyone else to be around.”

She smiled at my comment. You could tell she was glad that I noticed what she was wearing.

“I don’t mind you staying around. Just fair warning though…if dad comes this way you may have to stay under the water for awhile so he doesn’t notice. He doesn’t know I have this bikini and he would absolutely flip if he knew a guy had seen me in it.”

I could tell she was wanting me to comment on it. Since I don’t like disappointing a pretty girl, I took the bait. “Well, you look absolutely gorgeous in it…not that you don’t look that way normally. I can understand why you’re dad wouldn’t want anyone to see you in that. You could definitely put guy’s minds in the wrong place.”

Once again I saw that beautiful smile on her face and her eyes sparkle. “You really think that guys would be attracted to me in this?” As she uttered those words, she slid off the side of the pool and into it. She started slowly walking towards me as once again I was trying to regain my composure at the sight of this lovely young lady.

“Kristen, you know guys are infatuated with you. There’s just something about you that is intoxicating to all guys.”

“All guys? Does that mean you, too?”

She had made her way over to where I was standing and was a mere inches from me. She was staring into my eyes as if daring me to do something. I knew she was a tease but wasn’t sure how far she would actually go. I was also wondering if I would be able to stop if something actually started happening.

“I think I better leave…”

I had barely uttered those words when she reached behind her back and undid her bikini top. She pulled it off of her shoulders and then draped the top across my shoulder. “You’re the first guy to ever see my breasts. I think they’re a little small. What do you think?”

I didn’t utter a word at this point. I leaned down and took one of her breasts in my hands and lowered my head to her chest. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and heard her let out a low moan of enjoyment. My other hand went to her ass and squeezed it as hard as I could. I lifted my head from her breasts and kissed her as passionately as I could on her lips. I then picked her up and carried her back to the shallow end of the pool.

I set her down on the edge of the pool once more before going back to work on kissing her breasts. I had never seen anything so beautiful as this young half naked girl in front of me. I felt her hand go for my shorts and stopped sucking on her nipple to help her out. I had jumped into the pool wearing my blue jean shorts so I unfastened them as she was yanking them down. I heard her let out a little gasp as she saw my dick for the first time.

“Is this your first one to see?” She nodded her head. I don’t know if she was shocked or just in that much anticipation. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my dick and lightly squeezed. I tilted her head upwards again and gave her another kiss as she began lightly jerking me off.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long from the fact it had been awhile and from the fact she was so gorgeous. I pulled away from our kiss and looked her in the eye. “How far are you wanting to go? I’ll go as far as you want to.”

When I said those words it was like I flipped a switch on her. She pushed me away, grabbed her bikini top and stood up. She grabbed her towel, wrapping it around her as she started to leave. I was completely dumbfounded as she turned and gave me a wink as she left.

(Not the end of the story…more coming)

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