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Stranded at sea with mom. part1

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Mom business did very good this year. She paid off our home loan and still money left over for
weeks vacation in Europe. However, She decided few days later that it would be wise if she invests
that in a boat, Since We will have plenty fun time with it for year to come, and We can sale it
later to get most our money back. She has a friend down in Mexico that got her family a new
boat so her old one available for us at a very discount price if We are interested, Needless to
say mom jumped right in to the opportunity. There was one catch, We have to pick up that sailing
boat in Mexico. Mom told me " How about you and I go down there on your spring break then we
sail it back to California ?". She added " You would have plenty opportunity to try out the boat
and We can get fresh air for two weeks ?". I thought for few seconds then replied " Ok mom".

We went down to Mexico on the weekend of my Spring Break, We spent the night in our boat.
The weather was pretty hot, good thing we were on water, little cooler. She got up early that
morning to picked up enough supply for two weeks at sea. We left port around 7AM, It took
about an hour that I got a real good handle of the boat. I told mom " We are at sea now so
all sailor must obey order from the Captain or he or she will be toss over ship !". Mom saluted
"Yes Captain!". We laughed then head out to deep blue water. However, As luck had it, We were
around 100 miles from the coastline, there We ran in to a region with calm sea and no wind at all.
The boat drifted slowly south, The sun was unforgiving and temperature was raising fast, peaked
out 115F at around 1PM. We were sweating heavy under that 115F baking oven in Mexico ocean.
I took of my T-shirt and Mom stripped of her sweaty long pants. She said " Damn, So hot" added
" good thing I brought my Bikini". I told her " don't forget to drink plenty water mom, and tries to
keep cool so you don't lose body water". Mom replied "Yes I know, We always can take a dip in the sea
but I don't want to use up fresh water to wash off the salt, I don't know how long we'll be here so lets
save the water ". As she walked in the cabin, She then called out to me " Its few degree cooler in here
than out there, I can make us a cucumber sandwich for lunch " I replied " Sounds good mom, lets
have lunch". She was right, the cabin few degree cooler but still pretty hot because We were still
sweating in there. Mom T shirt was sticking on her body,  middle of t shirt in her back soaking
from her own sweat. Our lunch wasn't all that great under that oven. We finished our lunch fast and
as Mom stood up about to cleaned up table. She said "gezz, so hot, wish we have air condition in
here". She then pulled her T shirt off. I was not expected what displayed in front of my eyes. I burst
out without aware she was in the cabin too "damn!". Mom surprised "what?". She then saw me staring
at her big boobs. She  laughed and said " yes I know, I put on a few pounds and I should have
tries out the bikini before took it with me down here, its to tight on me". Her 36DDD boobs so big.
that over filled and spilled over the bra. She used the t shirt cleaning off the table, Her big firm
boobs was giggling as she moving her hand. I was staring at her sweaty and slightly stretch marks
boobs. I knew she has big boobs since my teen. But, The combination of big boobs, small hips and
under size bikini bra blew my mind. I only saw women with body like that on porn site and I often
jerked off to it. But now I realized, I have a real live milf as my own mother, so how sweet. She was
not at all aware what was on my mind, because she had no reason to either, I was never thought of
her in any sexual way before until now. Maybe the heat short circuit my brain or not. But, one thing
for sure I really want to fuck her here. She cleaned up table then moved to cleaned up kitchen. I also
realized we were 100 miles from coast and We are all alone here. I was thinking " I should make a move
now, If she get mad then we have two weeks at sea for her to cool off . But, how Should I approach it?
If I try to seduce her then that could take weeks and I want to fuck her right now. I have no time to waste
either cuz wind might pick up soon. I should make my desire  know to her but I should keep distance so she
won't freaks out, and for her to feel that she is in total control. I should get naked". I stood up and dropped
my short on the floor, my cock was rock hard. I then rubbed on my cock and stared at mom behind.

 As She turned around and it took her few seconds to realized I was staring at her and jerking off. She was
shocked and surprised " oh my, what are you doing ?" She added " oh my god, stop that and put your
short back on". I replied " Mom, I can't help it, I haven't get any for six months, and Your hot body
really effecting me, If I don't get off then I will be walking around here with a hard on for two weeks,
I am so sorry". Mom grabbed the kitchen towel covered her boobs and stomach. She said " I am your
mom, you can't do that ". I replied " They did these stuffs thru out history, few tribes in south American,
and Africa still practicing it. We are also in middle of the sea, so no one will knows about it mom. What
happen here will stay here mom" . She shaked her head " It was my fault, I should have know better,
you are a young man now and I should be careful what I'm wearing around you". Her voice sorta back
to normal tone now and her eyes was peeking at my hard cock few time. No doubt she was slowly
adjusting to situation. My heart skipped a beat when I heard she said " What do you want me to do?"
I was screaming in silence " she is not mad!, I might even get to fuck her today". I then said " well mom,
I...wonder". Mom interupted in un-easy voice " want me to jerk off you ?", As she put the  kitchen towel
back on the sink. I replied in nervous voice " You would ?". She grinned at my cock then said " Well,
I cleaned you and changed your diapers for few years, Think I can handle a hand job ". She smiled then
said " Ok, You should sit back on the chair and relax ". She got on her knees in front of me, Her soft 
warm hands rubbed on tip of my cock then slowly stroked down to based, She seems to master the
art. Her big sweaty boobs was giggling in wave as she stroked my cock faster and faster in full motion.
After awhile, I confessed to her " Mom, I am to nervous to focus, you might remove the bra ?." She glanced
at my eyes but She didn't reply a word, few seconds later she pulled string on the back of her neck.
A big sexy pair of tits with two dark nipples about a size of big plump in front of me eyes. I burst out " Wow,
so sexy " Mom laughed then said " enjoy the view ?".  I replied " Wow mom, that one hot pair of boobs I ever
lay my eyes on ".  I added " You ever do it......., you know ......I.... between your boobs ?". She didn't reply
again. But,  She tilted forward and  she wrapped my cock between her boobs and stroked my cock with it.
I was moaning and moving my hips up and down tits fucking her.  We prolly went at it for over ten minutes,
She then slow down cuz We were both sweat heavy from all that action and heat. I wasn't able to empty my
load,  I said in frustration " Fuck, I am so horny that I can't cum this way, I really need a juicy pussy to get
off, Mom". I got bold " Can we go all the way ?". Her eyes wide opened and face turned red under that
tanned skin. She said in nervous voice now " intercourse ? but I am your mom kiddo" I assured her again
" No one will knows mom, and there is not that much difference between you Jerk-off me or I inside you,
just skin contact". She said " people don't get prego from masturbation" She glanced at my hard cock
then added " Do you have condom ?" I almost burst out in words " did she just ask if I have condom ?"
I replied " I normally do but I didn't bring on this trip ". I realized the hard part is over, Mom is willing
to fucks if everything safe. She added " My period ended yesterday so condom is an extra precaution
You can't get prego until you ovulate and you don't ovulate until around 14 days after your period".
This conversation blew my mind, We were not talking about how wrong anymore. but, We were
talking about how to do it safely for her . I also realized Mom is fucking horny too, cuz she is talking
herself in to lets her son fucks her today.  I said " Then it pretty safe for us to do it without condom".
I stared right at her crotch, and rubbed my cock and slightly stroked it . Mom face got real red again,
she stared at large pulsing vein on my hard cock. Sweat drifted down from her hairline to our necks and
cheasts, from the neck down she is looks like that big tits pornstar slut Jasmin Sky. I have been jerked off
countless time on that slut Jasmin Sky. Mom is 5'5 in her early 40 but all her equipments are still in good
shape, little saggy in boobs and belly, rock hard butt and legs from all that biking. She is a certified MILF.

 She silence for few seconds then she said with calm voice" We do it but no kissing ok".  I replied "sure
mom, we are not making love,  just sex". As I was standing up toward her, She then turned around then
said " Do it from behind then cuz I don't want to see what going on". She then bended over with both
elbows on kitchen sink. . I slowly pulled her bikini off to her feet, There was marks on her skin from under
size bikini and a wet spot right where her puss at, She got pretty wet already by just talking about it.
My fingers was shaking, I couldn't believed my luck cuz I am about to fuck my own busty mother.
There was sweet smell from her now swollen red pink pussy and As I was about to licking her pussy.
She said "no, don't do that, just do it from behind to get you off". I then stood up, I rubbed my hard
cock on her Clit, I felt a little shocked of reality as my cock touched her clit, I almost cum right there.
Her pussy all wet and swollen that I have used two fingers spreading apart her  clit. Mom curved her
butt up waiting for my cock, I then slowly guided my cock and penetrated inside her pussy. It took
awhile before I went in and out of her smoothly since she was pretty tight. I squeezed her big ole
boobs and I pinched her over size dark nipples. I reached down rubbed her clits with other hand. Mom
controlled herself pretty good, She makes no sounds at all, only her breathing got little heavy. I
stretched her pussy big time with my thick  cock, Her inner red and pink  pussy lips grabbed tight on
my cock each time  I pulled it out. It felt so good, as if this pussy was special customer made for my
cock. Mom hands grabbed on kitchen sink as I was increasing my speed and penetration My hips and
balls was slapping hard on her ass and pussy, after few minutes of fucking frenzy,  We were sweating
heavy, Sweat drop ran from her back to her ass. I was intoxicating from strong bodies odor, our
armpits and from her pussy. My hands grabbed tight on her shoulder and I penetrated her with
full force. I don't remember how long I was savagely fucking her that way. But, I woke up from her loud
moaning and screaming. As I was pulling my cock out to turned her over her back, She got down
on her knees, grabbed my cock and sucked fast on it. My over 8 inches cock disappeared in her
lips, It blew my mind that She is a nature deep throater. She said in between "seize my hair if you like"
I was like " huh ? she hint me to fuck her in the mouth, oh wow, mom is in to rough and domination sex ?".
I replied " wow mom, kinky ", I then grabbed hair on the back of her head, slowly drove my cock deep
down her throat,  I choked her with my cock each time forward thrust, she was gagging on my cock. She
seems really enjoyed it, Her saliva drifted down on my balls and her boobs, My cock got a real good tongue
bath. I said " I enjoy this mom. But, I want your juicy pussy ". I then lifted her up by her armpits and lay her
on the couch, both hands hang tight on the couch and penetrated my cock hard in her. She lifted her
head up and looked down at my cock went in and out of her. Her voice " He is fucking me, incest..cock so
thick". She then hugged tight on my back and sucked my nipples. The harder she sucked it then the
harder I pounded her. Her legs opened wide, She grabbed my ass and pulled down hard on her pussy.
Mom boobs was bouncing hard, slapped on her own chin and neck. My tight balls loaded up to near
critical point as I pulled out of her pussy and emptied my cum all over her stomach, boobs and face.
Mom grabbed and pulled my cock to her mouth. She sucked on it and licked my balls while cum was
drifting down on her face, boobs and stomach. It was wild, As I stood there looking down at my semi
soft cock thru mom, she picked up my sperm off her body with finger and licked it clean. I got on my
knees, took her dark nipples in my mouth. I fingered her messy pussy as I worked my tongue down to
her pussy. I ate that pussy like a hungry dog, Mom was moaning and screaming again and again. She
finally had a huge orgasm, as She rolled from side to side , eyes rolled back in her skulls and her body
was jerking like a person in seizure. I stood back up and watched mom going at it. I was thinking
" wow, I would never thoughts my dear sweet gentle mother is a sex freak,  I strike a gold mine! ".

 I bended down landed a long kissed her lips and said " Thank you mom, I feel so much better now".
Mom smiled then said " I feel pretty good too" she added " look like it going to be a rough ride for
two weeks ". We laughed, I said " Sorry I was so rough, I was so horny".  She replied " I Like it that
way, just little sore since I haven't done it for few years". I surprised " I thought you went out on
date ?". She replied "no, those guys are my friends , they are gays".  she added " reason I put on
a few pounds since not enough exercise ". We laughed then I said " If you are cool with incest
thing then I can be your exercise instructor ". Mom winked back " I have multiple orgasm, I never
thought that it was possible with family member, and specially with my son". I replied " right on mom,
we can date now cuz I have been with more than few women .But, this is the first time that I truly
fuck a woman" She replied " well I just keep you company until you find a new girl friend " I replied
"I am busy with school right now so could be sometime ". She smiled " That will be fine, we have few
other things to do before then". I laughed then asked "like what,  anal adventure ?" She replied " Oh,
That I have to think it over ". I asked "why, you don't like anal sex, mom ?". She replied " I do. But, you
are extra thick , hard enough for me to take it the normal way, talk about rear entry". She added
" Prolly have to use plenty of lube for it ". I said "Thanks Mom, If you are game then we should try it ".
 I added " We should go for swim and drink plenty water now ". We both dived in the deep blue sea.



This is a great chapter! Word of advice: you do have some grammar mistakes and try to make shorter paragraphs. So however many paragraphs you have now, if you double that, it would actually be a lot better!

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