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aunt and her daughter part-2

blacky94 on Incest Stories

This is the continuation of my first story.please ready my first story before reading this story.

After my cousin sister gave handjob to me i became very tired since it was my first aunt asked me to go to sleep.i slept off well.

Next day morning my aunt had to go to office early that day so she asked my sister (karthika) to make me bath and feed me. Rest in conversation type.

Karthika:- rahul wake are sleeping for a very long time.

Rahul:-ok sister.

Karthika:-come i will make you bath and i will have to take a bath. And we will have breakfast together.

Rahul:-ok sister
(we both went inside sister was wearing a nighty.since i just then woke up i felt like peeing)

Rahul:-akka can you go out for a minute.

Karthika:-what happened rahul?