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Audition Tape

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First, I got the call from the bank about the suspect charges on my credit card. Then, I started getting the weird mail. I spoke to the post office and they advised me to remove my physical mailbox and get a P.O. box. That way, those who needed to send me mail could, and I wouldn't be getting the junkmail. I followed their advice and decided to pay the annual fee for peace of mind. When I first opened the mailbox, there was five letters in there addressed to EDS Video Service. I marked the letters "incorrect address" and dropped them in the letter slot. Over the next two weeks, there was three more letters. I repeated the procedure, albeit glad that I wasn't getting any more junkmail. At the end of the month, a parcel addressed to EDS arrived. I thought about dropping it somewhere, but since it was video size and no slot that big was in the post office, I thought I'd take it home to preview it. I wondered if I'd get in trouble for taking someone else's mail, but no one paid me any mind in the post office. As I walked in the door at home, I opened the package and found a tape marked "Melissa Audition Tape" along with a letter that read: Hi, I'm Melissa, I know I look younger than 18, but I really am 18. I made a copy of my driver's license for you. I know you just sell videos, but if you like my tape, my dad and I can make more videos for you. Much Love, Melissa I popped the tape in the VCR. Soon, a petite blonde girl with dark roots appeared on the screen. She said "Hi, I'm Melissa, hope you like my tape". She leaned over and punched a button on a CD player. As Britney Spears "Do it to Me One More Time" came on, she started to dance. Wearing a blue tank top, white shorts, and flip flops, she began pulling the tank top up. Soon, a small pair of tits appeared as the tank top hit the floor. Then, she started teasing with the shorts as she played with the zipper, eventually working it down, showing her tiny white ass, then turning to show a hairless pussy. Once nude, she sank into a green easy chair, and spread her legs as the camera zoomed in. "You like my pussy? she asked, "I like keeping it shaved". She played with her pussy for about five minutes before the camera zoomed back out. Melissa said "Hope you like my tape. Call me". I rewound the tape and listened to the voice as I looked at her little body. No way is she 18 I thought as I looked at the copy of the driver's license. It was a grainy copy. Then I noticed that the address on the driver's license wasn't the same as the one on the package or letter. The license was a fake, or stolen. I spent the rest of the day thinking about the tape, then watched it one more time. Someone had helped her with the video. If it was her dad, he obviously didn't mind his daughter doing things you could market a tape for. I looked up a copy of Celebrity Sleuth I had. It had copies of model contracts. I sat down on the computer and created a fake contract for EDS Video Service. Then I also created false stationary for EDS and sent Melissa a letter telling her I liked what I saw on the tape and she should call me to set up an interview. I dropped the letter in the mail the next day. A week later, the phone rang. I talked to Melissa, asking her some questions, such as her willingness to be seen in a national magazine, and if she would do hardcore. She fessed up that that her dad was laid up and they needed the money. I asked if her dad was there, and I spoke to him for a couple of minutes. I finished up the call talking to Melissa, agreeing to meet her in three days. I sat down and created a plan. The next day I went shopping, buying a very expensive video camera, planning to return it a week later, a little used. I also bought a digital camera, with the same strategy. On the day of the interview, I made the hour drive into the country to meet Melissa and her dad. They lived in a small old wooden house. Melissa met me at the door wearing only a dress. I could see her nipples through the thin fabric, then her bare tiny ass as she led me into the living room. Her father was in a wheelchair in the corner. I walked over, shook his hand, and he apologized for his appearance telling me he was a trucker on workman's comp. Melissa sat in a familiar easy chair and I sat on the couch. I took a folder out of the briefcase I had carried in. I asked if I could take another look at her driver's license. She got up and walked out of the room, returning a moment later. As she handed it to me, I noticed her hand tremble. "I know it looks a little different, but I had a different hairstyle then, and ......we had to move since I got the license". I looked closely at the license. The girl on the license did have a different hairstyle, and a different nose. Had I been legit, I would've exposed her as a fraud, but we were about to negotiate a fee for sex with an underage girl, and her father was aiding her in the deception. I decided to play along. "It's fine" I said with a smile as I handed the license back. Melissa smiled as she took the card back and I noticed her take a very deep breath. "I'll need to take some test shots" I said, taking out the digital camera. I took a closeup of her face, then had her show some bare shoulder, and her bare ass as she looked and smiled over her shoulder. "Very good" I complimented as I put away the camera, "you can take direction. Let's talk money". I opened by saying that either way, we would have to make a trip to my studio, but I was offering five hundred if she did a photo shoot, fifteen hundred if she did a movie. The movie, of course, would take two days and nights to finish. Melissa and her father exchanged looks. They excused themselves and went into another room. A long moment later, they returned. "We'll do the movie", Melissa offered. "Go pack then, I'll wait". Melissa practically skipped out of the room. Her father motioned me over. "Are you going to fuck my little girl, or are you going to hire guys". "It'll just be me" I reassured him. He paused a long moment, "Ok, don't hurt her, she's all I got". I squeezed his arm, "I won't hurt her". He looked me in the eye, then dropped his head. We both knew she wasn't a day over fifteen, probably younger. The man was sacrificing his daughter's innocence for some badly needed money. Melissa reappeared a moment later with a tote bag. "Let's go" I said, motioning towards the car. Melissa gave her father a hug and kiss, then we were on the way. We were about five minutes down the road. Melissa was playing with my radio and CD player. She was gushing about music. I opened the conversation about sex. "So, how old were you the first time you had sex?" She blushed. "I was twelve". "Did you like it?" "I was nervous, and it hurt. I didn't do it again for a month. That time it felt a lot better". "Did you date a lot of guys in high school?" I saw her eyes wiggle before she answered. "Oh yeah" she lied. "Can I see your pussy now?" I asked. "You want to see it in the car?" "Yeah" Her eyes darted around, then she raised her dress exposing a pair of hairless pussy lips. I reached over and touched her lips. She spread her legs to give me better access. I found her little pussy hole, as I thought, it was tight. She scooched down a little as I worked the first digit into her. I pulled it out and started playing with her outer lips. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly. I felt her get a little wetter. I inserted my finger again, this time forcing my entire finger in her. I finger fucked her a little, then stopped. I noticed her smile as I sniffed my finger and tasted it. "Yummy" I said as she giggled. An hour later, we pulled into the back entrance of a hotel-no tell about ten minutes from home. I had used the place a couple of times to meet escorts, and the guy at the desk doesn't even bat an eye as I pay him in cash and he doesn't ask for identification. I opened the trunk as I parked. Melissa and I carried in the photgraphic equipment and a couple of suitcases. While I set up she cruised the cable channels. When I was set up. I seated her in the chair in the room. I started interviewing her, asking her name, age, first time age, how she liked sex, why she wanted to be a pro. Then I asked her to take off the dress and show her body. I scanned her body closely with the video camera, zooming in on her tiny tits and beige/pinkish nipples. Then I lowered the camera to her pussy. I had her play with her pussy before opening my suitcase and offering her a selection of vibrators and dildoes. I was going to make payments for this for months, but how often does one get an underage girl with the help of a parent. Melissa selected a small white vibrator. She touched her nipples, then worked her slit for several minutes before inserting it. She arched her back, closed her eyes, sucked in her breath, but slowly made it fit. I quietly undressed as she continued to work the vibrator in and out. She didn't stop as I turned off the camera and set it down. She opened her eyes as I lifted her up and set her on the bed. I had her lay back and spread her legs. I leaned in and kissed her nipples, before making a short trip to her pussy. Satisfied she was ready, I then positioned myself over her. She flinched as I pushed at her tiny pussy hole with my dick. It took several minutes, but I finally got my entire dick in her. It was a tight fit. She wax breathing deep, clawing at the bed, and sometimes biting her lip. I slowly began pumping her. She let a long wail out. She grasped my arms with a tight grip. Her tiny tits jiggled to the rhythym of my thrusts. I could feel the sweat forming on my body and saw it on her chest. She began raising her hips to meet my thrusts. I felt my cum rise, then splash off her cervix and try to squeeze past my dick. Five squirts, then a sixth before my dick deflated and popped out of her. I collapsed beside her. "Why didn't you video that?" she asked. "There's lots of time for that, isn't there?" I answered. I did video several acts the next day, including Melissa losing her anal cherry. On the second day, I presented her with a cashier's check for fifteen hundred, then drove her home. She gave me a smouldering kiss, before taking her suitcase and leaving the car. I think next month I'll ask her for a follow up visit.



dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a

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