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College kid has his way with a 14 year old girl

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I'm Curtis,I was 22 at the time this took place. I was attending college, playing football and living with my buddies in a party house known around campus. I never had a problem getting the ladies, my six foot body football body frame with a tan reflection and blue eyes seemed to attracted all the girls i ever endured. I have always had an interested in the younger girls, staying up late searching for underage porn and reading exotic stories! However i would never imagined myself turning into a pedafile. It happened almost a year ago at a party i threw one weekend.

It was siblings and kids weekend at my college and also homecoming for the football team. My friends down the street decided to throw a kegger at their place. Students packed the house with their younger siblings mainly girls ranging from 14 to late teens. Everywhere you looked were little "kids" in my eyes drinking and smoking trying to impress their older brothers and sisters. The Party was well on its way and so was my drunkeness when i started to get the itch for getting some ass. I started to look around the room for my the potential lay when i came across a girl who was dropped dead Gorgeous! My thoughts were running crazy of seducing and having my way with this young petite girl. I didn't care at that point of what punishment it might bring. All i could think about was fucking her.

After a few more drinks i finally had a game plan and was ready to test the waters. I followed her outside and "accidently" bumbed into her. of course i made some lame excuss up and started a conversation. We started to talk and i found out her sister left her at the party to meet up with some guy. I could see the fear in her for being at a college party where she didn't know nobody. I made out like a caring good guy that would make sure nothing would happen to her. The conversation grew and information came in. Her name was Jen and lived across the state, her sister was a freshman that i didn't know. Jen was an average 14 year old, slim body, blonde long hair with a petite frame. She had to of at least been a good hundred pounds. My intentions grew when i found out that no one was looking out for her not even her sister. We stayed outside away from the partiers and talked about college life and how she couldn't wait to get out of school. Over the duration of our conversation I could sence her maturity for being so young. The party was dieing down and people were starting to scatter to their cars. I felt my chance of getting laid starting to decrease.

"I need to find my sister!" jenna replied softly.

Well, why don't you give her a call...

"I don't have a phone, and I don't have her number."

Well, I live across the street if you would like to hangout there until she arrives for you. I'll tell my friends your there in case she shows later. With a little hesitation she agreed to the terms.

"You seem like a trustworthy guy" she said sarcasimly.

"I'll go tell my friends to tell your sister where you are." I replied.

Walking back into the house I could feel my heart pound of enjoyment...what if she says no, what if i get cought...What if's were all that i was thinking. I found my buddies and told them i was heading back but not with a 14 year old girl.

once inside the house i took her straight upstairs to my room avoiding my roomates. We sat back on my couch and started to watch T.V. I offered to make her a drink which she accepted quickly. I got up and opened my fridge and grabbed a pint of rum i was saving for times like these. I poored about half the pint into a cup with a little splash of coke. And grabbed a beer for myself. I returned to the couch and made a toste to siblings and kids weekend! We both laughed as we drank...time was moving slow with chit chat. She was noticably tipsy after drinking half of her mix.

"so..what kind of movies do you have?" Jen Said.

Umm...take a look for yourself as i pulled out a shoebox of DVD's. Jen started to skim through them one by one. Looking at Jen kneeling down in front of me with her blond hair hanging over her face made my dick twitch in my pants. I started to play with myself as her focused was on the DVD's. I was imagining her tight pussy wrapped around my eight inch cock tearing her insides out.

"Wow" Jen cried Out.

"What, what is it!!" I soon jumped back into reality.

"you have alot of porn in here Curtis!" As she smiled.

Well, I'am of age and your not as i grabbed the porno from her had.

"Come on, your not being very nice." Jen stated

"I don't think thats a good idea for a young girl like yourself to be watching this. Besides you don't even know what sex is." As i started to laugh.

"Yes i DO! I mean i never had sex but i know what it is...Let me watch it i promise i won't tell anybody! Please please let me watch it!!" Jen protested.

Alright only if you promise you won't tell a soul. I snatched the hardest porno i had in my collection and popped it in the player. We both sat back on the couch as the movie started to play drinking what was left of our drinks. I started to sweat with the fact of watching a porn with an underage girl that all i know about her was her name. We both sat there for a few minutes watching this guy poundng away on screen.

"What does it feel like to have an orgasim...?" Jen mumbled under her breath.

Well, it's like your first kiss. I tried to rationlized it to her age bearings. It's a feeling that makes your body go completly numb.

"oh...I never kissed before!" she started to giggle.

"what, you never kissed before."

"No, I know all my friends have but i guess i'm to scared to try."

"Well i guess you can't imagine it then can you?" I said mocking her.

God, how could this beutiful girl never been kissed before. my body jolted with anxiety...I could see her eyes looking back and fourth from the movie to me. With all the dirty images I had in my mind of this little girl i was completly frozen. Shell shocked you might say.

"What you thinkin about?" Jen broke the silence.

"Just thinkin how it was to be young and curious again, thats all"

"I know! I'm So curious about sex but i'm toooo shy and scared to try it even talk about it..." She started to giggle again.

"Whoa Curtis i guess alchol makes you open up HUH!?" in her giggling voice.

"Sure Does!" I sat there in a daze.

Sooo...why don't you ask me some questions about sex or whatever being that i am older and all.

"I don't see why not WE did promise that this would be our little secret! Well, Curtis I have so many question where to start...?"

"why not ask me how a kiss feels?" I interupted her.

" said it was like an oragsim already silly!" Jen smiled.

"True, True...well would you like to feel what it's really like Jen?"

"What do you kiss you?"

"yeah, if thats okay with you?" i replied.

"I don't see why not it's only a kiss..."

She leaned over the couch with her mouth opened and layed the most unexperinced kiss i have ever had.

"wait" I said between kisses.

"what did i do wrong...I'm horrable aren't I" Jen said with soft voice.

"No, no you just need to relax...take your time" i said.

I reached for her head and pulled it close to mine. my fingers were fondling her earlope as i pressed my lips to hers. Our tongues interlocked as we exchanged saliva. My heart was pounding and my cock was about to jump out of my pants!! We sat there on the couch making out like there was no tomarrow! Cought up in the situation i somehow forgot this was a young girl...i put my hand on her inter thigh and started to message her pussy over her jeans.

"STOP" Jen yelled.

 I opened my eyes and seen her face beat red! I wanted her so bad but i knew the situation I was in.

"I'm so sorry Jen i got caught up in the moment! I'm sorry..."

"I'm sorry...It just scared me cause know i'm not use to it!" Jen smiled.

I layed back on the coutch starring at the ceilling looking for something to say. Got anymore questions Jen? Praying i didn't ruin my chance.

"Yeah i Do...what does a penis look like? I mean i seen one on film but not in real life! Will you show me yours?"

YES, Thank god. She still was curious! I don't see why not...I pulled my pants off and sat there in my boxers. My cock was at full staff pointing straight up.

"If you want to see it you have to get it out." I demanded.

Jen, reached down and lifted my boxers of my thighs. My penis was in full veiw as she sat there memerized of her first cock! We both locked eyes and nothing was said...she slightly smiled.

"go ahead touch it Jen it won't bite."

Her eyes wen't back to my cock as she put her fingers around my shaft. Stroking it up and down, observing the head and the base with her balms. I layed back with my eyes shut enjoying every moment of it.

"it's big! What does it taste like?" Jens voice filled the air.

I started to laugh at her question. Jen i don't know i never tasted one! Jen started to giggle at her own stupidity.

"Can i taste it?"

"sure Jen...just remeber not use your teeth!"

Jen started to lick the head of my dick as she stroked the base...i have to admit it was a good blow job for a 14 year old girl!! Her wet small mouth could barely open wide enough for my cock. I watched her slim body moving with the rhythm of her head. I pulled her long blond hair back to give myself a view of her mouth at work. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my balls and started to rub her balm across my sack. I could hear voices of delight as she cressed my balls and sucked my dick. I was in heaven...i was being sucked by a beutiful girl. After awhile i could see Jen Getting tired and i didn't want that to happen! I pulled my dick out of her mouth and layed her to the side of me. I could see my pre-cum dripping down on her cheek.

"what Do you think Jen?"

"Amazing...It tasted so good. Was that salty taste CUM?" She asked.

"sure was" i replied.

"I never felt this way body is like you said numb. I think I had an orgasim ...i mean my panties are wet is that an orgasim?" Jen asked.

"Did you feel something coming out of you?"

"No, it's just wet!"

"that's not an orgasim Jen. you'll know when you have one!"

"I wan't ONE right now! I wan't to feel what it's like...Will you give me one Curtis? Please fuck me now!" Jen begged.

Those were the words of a 14 year old virgin. I stood up over Jen's little body and picked her up and headed for my bed. I layed her down and dimmed the lights. I Headed over to my entertainment center and turned of the T.V. and played some music that would cover up her childish moans.

"take off your clothes and spread you legs Jen!" I said in a very demanding voice.

She did what i said, flinging her clothes all over my room. Her petite body was sprawled out over my sheets. As i got closer i could see little hair on her pussy, her legs smooth and thin. I layed down next to her and started to kiss her like hands grapping her small tits, flicking her nipples. Jen's arms wraped around my neck and she pulled my head down to her tit's where i was playing. I stated to suck on her nipples as hard as i could. Moving my way down here smooth belly i stoped at her belly botton licking around it while teasing her young twat lips with my fingers. Her lips seemed to be glued shut...I worked my middle finger gently into her as she spread her legs for easy access. I slid my finger as far as i could inside of her...her moans were soft and i could hear her pain in her voice as i started to jam my finger in and out.

"Oh my...ouch, ouch it HURTS! IT HURTS!" Jen started to squirm.

I paid little attention to her. I moved lower and placed my tongue over her pussy. licking her cunt clean...the taste of young was overtaking. Jen finally relaxed after i withdrew my fingers and started to eat her out. I brushed my tongue over her bald cunt rapidly, even once in awhile moving south licking her asshole.

"please Fuck Me Curtis. I don't care if it hurts! Make me cum!" Jen said with a loud moan.

I kneeled over her wippering body and massaged her cunt lips with the head of my dick! Here goes nothing i said as i spit my own saliva on my dick. I gently made my way into Jen's tight cunt trying to reduce the pain. After and after trying to fit it in i was getting a little impatient.

"This going to hurt...If you want me to stop let me know. Okay Jen?!"

"okay" Jen said laying hoplessly.

I rammed my dick all the way in her pussy...Her walls tightly wrapping around my eight inch dick. I could feel her pussy walls vividly trying to handle my dick. My thrust was picking up heavily, pounding in and out. I could hear Jen crying in the background but i couldn't stop. Her pussy was so good and tight...After awhile Jens cries were getting to me so i placed a pillow over her face to shut her up. Looking down on Jen's 14 year old body I could see the blood gushing out onto my bed spread! getting turned on even more i flipped her over with one hand slammed her doggystyle! I put my hands on to her waist as i pulled her body hard across my cock. I was horny and at that time i didn't care what i was doing. Pounding her twat from behind i noticed how small her asshole was! Could i put my dick in there i wondered to myself! Exclusive to her cries of pain i pulled my dick out of her pussy and put it in her ass. Her blood and cum gave me more lubricaton than i needed to rape her asshole. Almost standing over her i raised her ass in the air and drilled away. Jen was so small i put my left hand over the back of her head keeping her face and her cries to a minimal. As my right hand on her lower back giving me a stable stance. Her blood was all over our bodys and my sheets. i don't know what came over me but my sexual fantasy of fucking a young girl came somewhat violent. I was sweating as i shoved my cock into her ass, the friction of her inside was urging my dick to climax! Jen's cries soon silented and her body was very weak. Her tiny body was shivering as she collapased onto my bed. I pulled my dick out searching for something to say or even to do...I turned Jen over on her back and noticed she wen't into shock! She was lying there with a blank her body was trembling underneath me. She had no reconition to what was happening. I sat there starring at her in complete array! What have I done to this poor child? What am i going to do? After a short while thinking of what to do i realized i had to ditch her and ereas any tracks that would lead back to me. I wen't to my drawer and grabed a GHB pill that my buddy gave me as a joke. I forced it down Jen's throat and started to clean the blood up when i figured why stop...the damage has already been done! I walked over to the unconcious teen and started to once again play with her. The excitment of having my way with her got me rock hard in no time. I wiped the blood off Jens body the best i could...i picked her limber body up and placed it over  the coutches arm rest. I Spread her legs as far as they were allowed to strech and stacked pillows and other items to keep her from falling over. When she was in the position I liked 'doggystyle' I reached for my camera and placed it in view. I was going to get this all on camera! After the props where in place i started to fuck her pussy again! not missing a beat my dick was slamming even harder into the teenage cunt! I could still feel her warmth and the tearing of her pussy walls. Time and time after again i stretched that little girls walls apart. For hours i had my way with her, anal, pussy, blowjobs...etc. I even tied her hands up above my closet rail and held her lingering body over me as I sat in my chair. It was getting early and i knew she had to been missed. So one last time i layed her on the floor with her lower back arched up laying my dick inside of her...As soon as i was about to cum i pulled out of her pussy and stuck my cock into her mouth and cummed all down her throught and face! I smiled and gently said thats what cum taste like sweetheart! Shortly After i cleaned up the mess and sneaked her out of my house and drove down to the park and threw her in the ditch!!

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