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Encounter With Kristen

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I had been working outside in my shop when I decided it was time to go inside to cool off a bit, as it was the hottest day of the summer and the shop isn’t air conditioned. To stay in the shop as long as I had required that I wear my usual summer attire, loose baggy shorts and a tee-shirt, and no underwear.

I must have dozed off, for how long I don’t know, because I was stirred from my sleep by a lot of talking. We had gotten company while I was sleeping. It was my cousin and his family passing through on their way back home.

His family consisted of his wife and their 3 girls, the oldest 17 and the youngest around 6. The oldest is the one that caught my attention, more so this time, than the last time I saw her! She was developing very nicely!!! This I felt as she give me a hug, mashing her firm tits against my chest, and I could feel the heat from her crotch on my leg.

I had to sit down very quickly and cover myself with a pillow to hide my growing erection. She had to have felt it!

I noticed that she sat on the couch opposite me and began idle chat with everyone. Occasionally, she would glance over my way and give me a wink and a smile that would melt an ice-berg.

I could feel my cock swelling again and going down the leg of my shorts to the opening. It’s a good thing it was covered by the pillow, because soon I felt it slide out the bottom of the shorts. I eased my hand under the pillow to adjust things and hide my cock. Glancing up I saw Kristen looking my way. I knew right then I had to get somewhere alone and take care of things.

Just then, someone mentioned that they wanted to watch some of the old home movies that we had of when my cousin was younger. Seizing the opportunity to leave the room, and get my cock to go down some, I said I’d go get them out of the shop along with the projector. My cock had gone down enough so that it at least didn’t make a tent in my shorts as I went outside to my shop.

I had stored the films and the projector on the overhead shelf at the back of my shop as we didn’t watch them much anymore. There, they were out of the way. Pulling out the ladder and setting it up, I kicked off my shoes and climbed up on the shelf, it is 14 ft by 6 ft and about 7 ft off the floor, and holds quite a bit. Finding the box that contained everything, I dragged it closer to the edge of the shelf. I couldn’t see the ladder from where I was up on the shelf and was feeling for it with my feet. I thought I had it, but it fell over. There I was stuck up on the shelf with no way down.

Trying to figure out how to get the ladder back up, I heard the door open at the front of the shop. I called out for whoever it was to put the ladder back up so I could get down. I had no idea who it was, but heard the ladder being set back up.

Reaching back with my foot to find the ladder, I found the ladder and something very unexpected yet pleasing. It took a second or two to set in what it was I was rubbing with my foot, a nice set of tits.

Looking back, I saw Kristen standing on the ladder. “Sorry about that,” I said. “No problem, I thought you may need some help.” “I sure as hell do, you can start by steadying the ladder for me while I climb down.” I told her as she went down the ladder. When she got to the floor I started down the ladder with the box in my arms.

Rubbing her tits with my foot had caused my cock to get hard again, only this time it and my balls were hanging out the leg opening. Suddenly I felt her hand on my knee. As I worked my way down the ladder, it soon came to rest on my cock. “Sorry,” Kristen said, still not moving her hand away very fast. “No problem,” I said as I reached the bottom of the ladder.

As I turned around I brushed against her tits again, “Sorry about that, but I need to set this down so I can put the ladder up,” I said not knowing what else to say. “It doesn’t bother me, does this bother you,” she asked as she grabbed my cock and began stroking it. I damn near shot my wad right then, but managed to hold back. As she stroked my cock I pulled her shirt and bra off and began kissing her tits. Next off, came her shorts and panties.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was shaved. She noticed me looking and asked if I liked it. I answered by going down on my knees and began licking her shaved cunt. She was wet in no time and came almost as soon as my tongue split the lips of her cunt. I found her clit and gently nibbled on it bringing a soft moan from her lips as she came once again. She next grabbed the back of my head and held me tight as she came down from her third orgasm.

Pushing me onto my back on the floor, Kristen took my cock into her mouth. She surprised me by taking it all the way down her throat while playing with my balls. She brought me close to orgasm, but stopped short.

She stood up and bent over one of my work benches and reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass and began fingering her pussy. That’s all the invitation I needed. I stood behind her and licked her dripping juices before slamming my cock to the hilt in her cunt. Reaching around her I began kneaded her tits as I fucked her from the rear. She reached back and grabbed my ass and began pulling me closer trying to get more of my cock into her pussy. We were both getting close to cumming as my strokes increased. I pinched her nipples just as the first spurts began shooting from the head of my cock. This brought screams of joy from her, as her pussy went into convulsions, milking the cum from my cock.

I held her tight as my cock went soft deep in her cunt. She pulled away from me as my cock came out with an audible pop. I’ve never tasted my own cum, let alone anyone else’s, but I couldn’t resist going down on her dripping cunt and licking her clean. She returned the favor by licking my cock clean of our combined juices.

We quickly dressed and took the movies and projector back into the house. The only difference was that I kept her panties!!!

This was our first encounter together, but definitely not the last!

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