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   I'm a 17 year old server a local restaurant to save money for college. The pay is great and the employees are hott. Just like at most restaurants, the hottest applicant got the title of hostess. She's about 5' 2" with dark brown hair and a couple freckles by her little nose. Her tits were very small if they were there at all. She's the cutest little thing you ever saw. She would flirt with almost anyone and had a real "the mall is the greatest place on earth" kind of personality. She has tanned light brown skin and a very firm body. After speaking with her for several weeks on slow days, I started to become attracted to her body. Especially since the managers always had her wear short skirts and thin white shirts. I also found out she was 14 years old. One night when we were about to close up she asked me if I wanted to have a little fun after work. I got so excited I was forced to walk around with a boner for the next 10 minutes.

  For the next couple hours while we closed she tortured me. Every time I looked her way she'd be bending down with her skirt pulled up so I could see her pussy lips. When I carried some beer up from the basement she was standing at the top of the stairs holding her skirt up with one hand and fingering herself with the other. And this was with many people around! After work we met in the back parking lot near a telephone pole where the lighting is very poor and there aren't people that time of night. She didn't waste any time. She demanded that I take my clothes off right away and she started by loosening my belt. After we were both naked she and I made out for prolly only 10 minutes at the most which involved a lot of grabbing and rubbing. She tasted fresh and young. As it turns out she was a lot sluttier than I thought.

   She got up off of me, faced the telephone pole, put her hands up on it, arched her back, and said in a soft cute little girls voice, "Please put your cock in my ass." She was pretty nasty about it to. Right at the beginning I put it once in her pussy to get it wet. She had to stand on her tippy-toes to amtch my height better. Rather than putting it in 3 or 4 times alternating between her pussy and ass for lube, she demanded that I push it up her ass as hard I could right away. I explained how this isn't enough lube and it will hurt but she insisted, "Push it in as hard as you can. I want it to hurt me. Make your little girl feel like a big slut only here to make you cum." ..I didn't need any more lol. I pushed it in as hard as I could and she squealed with pain as her ass hole gave way and I slipped inside. Because there was very little lube, her ass hole would move with my cock a good 3in. before finally sliding. I think after she felt that I had made feel like a worthless whore (3 or 4 strokes later) she spit on her hand and reached between her legs and started lube my dick. A few seconds later I was in heaven. I was sliding in and out much easier and she, was, tight. Very tight. I could feel her sphincter actually clamping down on my cock. I asked her if she was tightening her muscles so it would be tighter and she half moaned and half screamed, "Yes daddy, I want to be tight for you." I slowed my pumping a bit so I could watch it slide in and out from the tip to the base of my cock. Also because I didn't want to cum so early lol. I had thought about what she just said so I said, "You know, if you tighten up your muscles while I'm doing this then you'll wear out your ass hole faster." What she said next I couldn't believe..."I want you to make me gape daddy. I want to walk around with a black and blue ass hole that won't close all the way knowing that my daddys big cock did it to me." With that remark she reached between her legs and pulled, rather hard, on my balls so that I'd slam my cock into her. After all that I couldn't hold back any longer. I began to violently slam into her ass while she positioned herself so that she had both hands free. She put both hands between her legs and with one began to massage my balls, and with the other, started to slide 3 fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt. With the massaging of my balls I became lite-headed with the pleasure of everything...especially the dirty talk. I felt that familiar feeling welling up and couldn't hold my load back any longer. I grunted very loudly as I felt this tremendous release into her ass.

   Through all my sexual exploits the girls always tell me I put out like 3 times more cum than any other guy they've been with. Most didn't like it but I didn't really care.**This story is a work of pure fiction. Any relation to people, places, and events are purely coincidental.

   As I felt the cum streaming through my cock her ass filled up and began to squirt out in various places where my dick entered her. It got on my leg, my feet, all over her legs, and all over her feet and sandals. After I had finished unloading she stood upright with my hard dick still in her ass. She put her head backwards so that it rested on my shoulder smiling and said, " That was wonderful. I came twice!" she exclaimed in that cute tiny voice.

   With that said she reached around and grabbed my softening dick and very slowly pulled out. As my head came out, the rest of my cum rushed out of her ass since her ass hole didn't quite close all the way. Needless to say, she could not have been any more soaked from the waist down lol.

   Without letting go she turned around, crouched down and thoroughly cleaned my dick with her mouth. She also unexpectedly saved me from having clean up by licking all the cum off my legs and the tops of my feet. As she was doing this I looked at her mid-section. It was completely covered in cum along with her legs and feet. Since she had to stand on her tippy-toes for her to be at the correct height, both sides of her feet had a stream of cum running down it.

  After she had finished with me she laid down on her back and took her sandals off. She took hold of one leg and began to lick all the cum off from her knee down. Then she began to suck the cum off her cum-covered toes. She spent extra time with sucking and licking her toes as I could tell it gave her pleasure. She looked up at me standing there starring at her with my now erect-again cock. She said" I love the taste of your cum and I thought it would be a huge waste to clean up with a tissue. Besides, my daddy always makes me lap it all up."

  By now I was beginning to realize she was making a ton of references to her dad so while we were putting our clothes back on I asked about him and the references. After she finished putting on her clothes, she said in a very proud voice, "My daddy taught me and my little brother  everything about sex! I have a little sister too but she is only 9 and my dad says she is too young to be taught. But I think he will soon since her birthday is in a month and he taught me on my 10th birthday! My dad doesn't know it but one night she asked me what a mans cum tastes like so the next time I blew him I saved a little in my mouth and then put it in hers when he wasn't looking. She loved it! I think she's going to be as slutty as me!"...she said with a crooked smile.

  I stood there speechless for a moment....." your dad really fucks you?!"

"Yep!! If your lucky, I'll talk to my daddy into letting you come over to have some fun with us one night!"

Wanna hear what happend next???!!! Stay tuned....

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