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Kelsey and Jamantha

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 I'd just gotten home form a party and was watching a move with my best friend, Jamantha lying next to me. the movie had been going for a bout half an hour when the people on it started making out. the girl pulled away and started talking about her fantasy.

Jamantha paused the movie when the lady stopped talking and sat up. she ran a hand through her long straight black hair and started to tell me her favourite fantasy. <she is standing in a field under a full moon, butt naked. a masked man comes up behind her, put an arm around her waist and starts to finger her while taking her up the ass. she can see two girls a way off fingering each other and the sight turn her on so much she cums hard. the man is still going hard and pushes her onto the ground were he keeps slamming in an out. she builds to the most amassing climax and the girl is now in front of her licking her breasts and stomach. they stay like that until they fall asleep and when Jamantha wakes up they are both gone and all that is left is a tiny hickey on her neck.>

as I listen to this my pussy gets wet, I place a pillow between my legs and grind my hips into it. me and Jamantha do this in front of each other a lot so when she saw I was near organism she took away the pillow and started fingering me. first one finger then two, three, four, her hole fist pumps in and out of me. my pussy tightens around her wrist and my juices squirt all over her arm and my bed. Gasping for breath I sit up and face her.

my arm reaches out and grabs roughly at her breasts, my fingers tickle her while my tongue licks at her nipples. her moans get louder as she nears organism and arches her back so her breasts are smothering me, she grabs the back of my head and holds it there as she comes. I move down the bed and lick but every thing that I can.

Catching my breath I sit up by Jamantha and look at her closely. She panting and her breasts are moving ever so slowly. She tells me that she wants to know what my fantasy is. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. < I’m in bed wearing nothing but a tiny see through white night gown. The lights in my room are off but the window is open and the curtains and fluttering in the breeze. I’m in a deep sleep when I taste grapes and feel soft kisses on my lips and toes. The kisses move form my toes up my legs and down again, form my lips over my breasts and around my stomach.

I feel hands slips up my legs and my night gown being pushed up. The kisses stop and hands brush my breasts, fingers tease my nipples. I feel two fingers slip into my pussy, moving gently. More fingers are shoved roughly in and moved around. I start moaning loudly and grind against the hand.


The bed moves as the other person gets on and sits on my stomach. Fingers are getting pushed into my pussy and slamming around roughly, soon the person has their whole hand up to the wrist in my pussy moving furiously. The mans grunting is getting heavier with climax as mine builds more intensive. I can feel the mans dick rub against the other persons hands and the feeling turns me on so much. My pussy and ass tighten, capturing them in me as the most amazing orgasm rips through my body.


My body is ridged for ten wonderful minutes before it let up. The hand is pulled out of my pussy and the man's dick is shoved in, his balls slap against my ass with every move. The person on top of me stands up, moves down the bed and sit on my face. I find out she is a girl and naked so I instantly poke my tongue and lick her . All three of us climax at the same time, moaning loudly, enjoying every second. The man and women finish and leave through my window with out saying a word.>


I open my eyes and see Jamantha Naked beside me fingering herself, moaning lightly. I watch her lovely brown breast bounce with ever movement. Silently I get off the bed and strip, my huge pale breast straining against my bra for freedom. I climb back onto the bed and crawl toward Jamantha. I pull out her fingers and push her onto the bed. Smiling I lay down by her feet and raped her legs around mine. I wriggle up until our pussy are touching, my pale, red bush against her chestnut shaved one. We grind against each other touching each other where we could, moaning lightly as not to wake any one. We sum at the same time, biting our lips so not to scream. Our juices mingling on top of my bed spread.


Still panting I moved up the bed towards Jamantha's head. When she smiled my heart soared, her smile reached and filled her eyes. I kissed her neck a few times before we lay down, arms in twined. We moved closer together squeezing up on my king single bed. I stroked her back while she fall asleep her stomach rising and falling against my stomach. I moved my hand to her breast and stroked it. Her average sized chestnut breasts trembled with my every touch. I moved closer so that my pale breasts were flat against her brown ones and fall into a deep sleep.

Just as I am about to climax the hand pulls out and the hands stop playing with my nipples. My legs get lifted up and out and placed on someone's shoulders, my ass is off the bed leavening my pussy and ass open. The shoulders are moving rhythmically and I can hear a man grunting. I can feel the mans dick teasing my ass hole. The man shoves his dick in fast and the pain shots through me before I can do anything. The man pumps against me roughly and my moaning gets louder. It hurts but I don’t wont it to stop.

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