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My best friend's secret

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My best friend, andrea, coming home from school, was walking up my driveway, and damn was she a sight to see. She skipped, making her already rolled high school-girl skirt bounce up, grazing her perfect ass and then falling back to touch her tanned thigh. Her long black hair was flying up, covering her big brown eyes are her luscious lips. Her sheer white polo shirt was unbuttoned at the top, with a bit of her cleavage whispering out of the top. How I could look at her like this every day and not jump on her blew my mind, but I somehow managed to lay on my bench-swing nonchalantly as she came up and gave me a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.

This was the daily routine. I was already home from my school at 2:00, and she would come home from her all girls private school around three and drive straight over to my house until her brothers got off the bus from elementary. Today we were just lazily sitting around on the pool deck when andrea started to complain of boredom. “I have an idea! Let’s go skinny-dipping,” she said. I said, “Oh well only if you go in first.” She agreed and started with taking off her 2 inch black lace-up heels and then her thin white knee socks. The weird part about it was she was doing it slowly and seductively, staring at me and biting her lip while she was taking it off. I shrugged it away thinking my own fantasies where getting ahead of me. It was hard to deny that she was trying to turn me on. She then started caressing her lower leg, her knee, her thighs, until her hands disappeared underneath that adorably tempting skirt. They reappeared seconds later, easing down a pair of silky black panties that seemed to defiantly cling to her thighs as she eased them down past the tips of her toes, dropping them on the ground next to her. My cock twitched inside my pants, thinking about her bare pussy only about 12 inches away from me. She smiled at me, and then stopped. “You arent going to go in with me, are you? You are just faking so you can see my naked.” I laughed, “Wait you expected me to actually go in?”

She faked an angry look and came over and swung a leg over me, straddling me. “You better go in with me, you don’t want to see me when I’m angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” With that, she plopped down, putting all her weight on my chest. To my surprise, I could feel her hot and damp pussy through my shirt. My cock all but jumped. She started to tease me, biting my ear and running her nails across my chest. I didn’t know what to do with myself, my fantasies finally coming true. She wiggled her way down, ending up with her hot pussy pressing right over my dick. I looked down at the spot on my chest that she had been on top of and saw that it was wet with her juices. She looked at it too, but pretended she didn’t notice. By now, my dick was rock hard and aching to get free of my pants. She looked up at me teasingly with her teeth biting her lip and said, “Oh my gosh, a you seem to be a little excited by me, don’t you?” With that, she leaned back, grabbed my inner thighs and dug her nails into them, hard. This drove me over the edge. With her leaning back, her skirt was hiked up and I could see her glistening pussy looking straight at me. I couldn’t take it any more, and shoved two fingers up her pussy as hard as I could. She gasped and squeezed my thighs again with her hand and squeezed my fingers with the walls of her steaming cunt. I couldn’t believe how tight she was and was even more surprised when I felt that she was a virgin. I slowly began sliding my fingers out, gaining a look of disappointment from andrea, but then rammed them back in, making her squeal in pleasure. Watching as my fingers disappeared and reappeared, her wetness dripped down onto my shirt again. I brushed my thumb against her clit and her leg twitched and her breath became heavier as I continued to finger fuck her pussy and swirl my thumb on her clit as fast as I could. She started to thrust against my hand and moaning and I knew she was close to coming, and I stopped. She stared at me, trying to hide her anger.

She sat back down, and finally remembered the throbbing cock under her. She flashed me a knowing smile and undid my belt, my zipper and reached down my pants. Fumbling a bit, she got my thick 7 inch dick out of my pants and squeezed it, slowly and deliberately stroking it up and down. She teased me saying, “Oh is this what you want? Are you sure?”as she gently squeezed my balls and continued to pleasure my cock with her hand.

Drops of precum oozed out of the tip and she timidly licked it off, as I dug my nails into her back, making her gasp in pleasure. She swirled her tongue around the tip, then the whole head, flicking it here and there, always looking up and smiling, knowing I couldn’t take much more. I was aching, so horny that it hurt. She put the tip in her mouth and I just couldn’t wait, and shoved her onto my dick until her nose touched my stomach and I coul feel my cock down her throat. After a good number of seconds I pulled her off by her hair, jerking her head back. She barely got a chance to tell me how horny the pain was getting her before I shoved myself back in her. She needed no more coaxing as she alternated between deep-throating me, her tongue licking me from the bottom to the tip and focusing on teasing the head as she grasped the length of me and pulled me off. Her tongue was forceful, sending waves of pleasure through me as I felt my cum come rushing out of my balls and into her mouth. I didn’t have time to warn her, but I just pushed her mouth once again to the base, as far as it could go as I spilled more cum out of me than I ever could remember. There was so much I could hear her gagging and it trickling out the corners of her mouth, down her chin. When I was done, she swallowed it all, licking the parts that had fallen down her face like a slut. My slut.

She bit my ear and neck and whispered, “I need your cock in me.”

More to come….


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