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My new 14 year old girlfriend

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My new 14 year old girlfriend
This story is true

   First let me tell you about myself, my name is Stephen and I work at a bowing alley that is where the story takes place. I am 23 and I am slightly over weight, but it’s not bad enough to get worried about I still work out and stuff. I am 6’0 feet tall.  Ok now let me tell you about her name is Elizabeth she is 14, (I know what you are thinking she is kind of young but you would have to see her) I have known her forever. I have watched her grow up, and out if you know what I mean. She has very nice tits about mid b I think. She bowls as one of my team members in one of the leagues that I bowl in. So I see her all the time, that makes it even harder. Because she wears short skirts and shorts all the time when she goes to bowl she gives a nice show. She also wears low cut shirts again she gives a nice show.

   Ok now to the story. One Friday she and I were in the back shop cleaning the bowling pins and she looked really good with the water and soap all over her. It was then I realized I had to have her. Now we are really close, seeing that her, her friend Anna (she is another story) and I like to go to the movies together. So she already trusted me enough to where I would not look suspicious. When she would help me in the back we would be alone for hours at a time. So I decided that was where I would do it. The when was whenever I got a chance. It turned out that it would be week later on a Saturday morning, which was perfect because we are slow on those mornings. I asked her to come in early and wear a loose shirt and shorts to help me do some work outside. She came in about 10:45 and we got straight to work. Outside it was about 95 degrees so we took a break, and got some drinks. We took about a hour and a half break. I am one of the assistant managers so I did not have to worry about getting caught for not working. We talked about her boyfriends, school and some other things. She was telling me about her boyfriend cheating on her with one of her friends. I told her that she did not disserve that. She was very pretty any guy would a fool to loose her. That made her blush and she moved to the couch by me that is in my office. Next I told her that if I was younger that I would be lucky to have someone like her as my girlfriend. That made her blush again. I could feel that she was starting to fell more at home with me, she was starting to feel more relaxed. The next thing we started to talk about was our first times. Hers was with her boyfriend she said that she did not like it very much because he wasn’t concerned with her just himself. I told her that mine was with my second girlfriend and that she had gotten pregnant but had a miscarriage. After that she could not stand to look at me because it reminded me of the pregnancy. After that she told me that she had no idea and she gave me a hug and said she was sorry. When she did that I got brave and put my hand on her ass. She jumped back and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was sorry and said I could not help myself. She asked my what I meant I told her that all the talk about sex and looking at her had gotten me horny. She asked me if I liked her ass and I told her yes very much. She then took my hand and put it back on her ass. When she did this I gave it a nice squeeze when I did she made a squealing sound. She asked me if I would kiss her like I used to kiss my girlfriend. I immediate said yes and she leaned in and kissed me hard and long. When she broke the kiss she reached down and felt my hard on through my basketball shorts. She asked if she could see it. I said yes so she told me to stand up and she pulled down my shorts and my boxers. When she did my 7 inched popped down right in front of her face. She asked if she could touch it of coarse I said yes. She reached out and grabbed it and ran her hand up an down. The feeling of her hand felt so good. I asked her if she had ever sucked a dick she said twice but was not to good at it. I told her that no matter how many times she had done it would be great because she was the one doing it. That got her ready because she sucked in her mouth and sucked for about 15 mines. Even though she was not that experienced it felt great. I told her I was about to cum in her mouth but she did not stop. Finally I blew my load and she tried to swallow it all but she could not do it. Most of it came out her mouth. She told me that she wanted me inside her. I thought to my self is this really happening. I told her to get undressed and come here she did, and I told her to lower herself on to me. Man did she look good that ass right in front of me. She grabbed my cock and put the tip at her slit. She started slow at first but then picked up pace. Man was she tight it was amazing. We switched to doggie style (which is my favorite) then we went to F.D.A.U. We fucked for about an hour, before I chummed inside her. After we were done we went back to work a little closer then we were. Now we do this once a week. She tells me that she loves me we have been secretly going out for 7 months now. So far no one else knows.
   Her friend Anna is another story if you like this one I might write about her.

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