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Passed Out Drunk

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Hi, my name is Brad.Â
I am seventeen years old and I party all the time. I have a slim body, short brown hair, and
blue eyes. This story takes place about
two years ago when I was fifteen. My
parents went on a cruise for a week of vacationing while me and my older
brother Don, who was nineteen at the time, stayed home and watched the
house. Little did they know, we be have
more of a vacation right at home than they ever did.

They left on a Friday and didn’t plan on returning till
Sunday of the next week. My brother had
already planned to have a mid size party the next night, Saturday. We went to get alcohol from one of his older
friends and we waited for people to show up.Â
Many people came and soon the house was full. There were boys, girls, and some very young
like thirteen and fourteen years old.Â
Thank god no cops showed up at the door, we would have been in trouble.

I was a light drinker so I kinda stayed off the heavy
alcohol and just stuck beer. I could see
the people getting drunker and drunker.Â
Soon, people were falling asleep everywhere and the party was getting
quite. Kate, and younger thirteen year
old sister of Dons “beer buddy”, asked me if she could sleep on my bed. I told her yes, and she went upstairs, away
from the whole scene and fell asleep.

I stayed up another few hours, until everyone was
asleep. I was pretty drunk so I decided
to go up to bed. I had forgotten about
Kate in my room and it was dark so I just jumped on to the bed. I landed on her hard, but to my surprise, she
didn’t wake. She must have been so
drunk, she was just passed out. Now Kate
is a very attractive girl. She was young
so she didn’t have tits yet, but she was slim and had the most perfect ass you
could ask for. She had blonde hair, blue
eyes, tan skin, and here she was lying in my bed.

At first, I just laid there looking at her beauty. Then I got the idea to look a little
closer. I reach over and pulled the
flash light from my drawer. She was
under the blanket, so I lifted it up a little and got under with her. I turned on the light and to my surprise; she
was wearing nothing but her bra and panties.Â
I immediately got a raging hard on.Â
They were pink and left little to the imagination.

I said her name a few more times to make sure she wasn’t
going to wake up, and then I touched her.Â
Her stomach at first, but I moved up to her little perky tits. I cupped them and eventually slid my hand
under her bra. Lifting her bra up and
completely exposing her tits, almost made me cum in my pants. I was a virgin and I knew she was too. I played with them for a while and then I
began to lick them and suck on her nipples.Â
I loved every second of it.Â

I then began to move down.Â
By now, I had thrown the blanket on the floor and we were covered by
nothing. I put my hand on her pussy and
played with it for a while. I then moved
her panties to the side and she was completely hairless and I could tell her
pussy had never even been touched. It
was so perfect and tiny. I licked it and
stuck my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could. I loved how she tasted. I could feel my cock getting soaked from
pre-cum already.

I reach down and pulled my cock out. I have a larger 7 inch dick that’s pretty
thick. I crawled to her face and put my
cock at her lips and slowly forced it in her mouth. I eventually got right above her and was
fucking her face. I could hear her spit
as by balls slapped her chin. Before I
had a chance to stop, I came. I shot a
huge load in her mouth and down the sides of her face. I thought about cleaning it up at first but I
needed to take a break. I was sweating
like I just ran a marathon, and I looked over at her face and it got me excited
again. Seeing my own cum run down the
cheeks of a hot girl was great. I had
never experienced and sex with another person before. I kissed her again, getting a taste of my own
cum. I licked it off her face and out of
her mouth. I sucked it all up. The thought of doing that had never crossed
my mind, I was just in the moment. Before
my dick had a chance to go limp, it was rock hard again.Â

I decided this time I was going to fuck her. I got down by her feet and lifted her legs
above my shoulders. I placed my already
lubed up cock at the entrance of her pussy and applied a little pressure. It was so tight, I thought it wasn’t going to
happen. I eventually got the head in and
began going in and out. After a while,
most of my cock was in her pussy.

Looking down and seeing her pussy lip spreading for my dick
was the best thing I had ever seen. I
didn’t want to cum inside her, but at that age, who can control it. I came in her with another huge load of my
cum. I kept my dick in her until my dick
got soft. When I finally pulled it out,
sperm followed. I put her panties back
on her and put her bra back and covered her back up. I went downstairs to sleep so just incase she
knew she was raped, she at least wouldn’t know it was me.

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