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It started at school.

"so how you doin today nikki?" i said sitting there in science class.She stared out the window like she was day dreaming...probally was. "Alexandra choose a partner please!" the teacher demanded shocked she looked up and peered around "umm ah devin?" i stared at her and the teacher looked at the both of us and replied "hmm yes okay sean pick a partner" i gazed off. then the the bell rang. it was like a stampede everyone left the room. on the way out i caught up to alexandra "what was up with picking me?" she turned to me and said "follow me". 5 minutes later we were in the back of the building were we used to hang out and play hacky sack. there she sat on the bech waiting for me i sat down next to her. within one second i was on top of her kissing her like crazy and pulling down her tank top. i thought to my self wow! my first kiss and its with one of my really  good friends and now i get to see those nice titties! rite when i was pulling them down i herd tim coming around the cornner. so i quickly got up and whiped my hand across my lips. Alexandra sat there and just adjusted her hed to put it on my lap and looked up at me and wispered "wow you are pretty hard" i looked down at her. tim came around the cornner and said there you two are we were trying to find you to see if you wanted to play a game of "five hit fire!"

so the day went on and finally the end of the day

the bell rang and i bolted out of my seat to get to the other side of the building to see if alexandra wanted to work on the project after school at her house. she said yes and we rode the bus home and i walked ove to her house.

i walked up to the door step and rang the door bell. *ding dong* i herd loud foot steps and a man answered the door "HELLO!" he said in a demanding voice. A little scared a said in a little voice "is Alexandra home?" then he turned and shouted "NIKKI!!! SOME ONES AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!!" close to plugging my ears i stepped back the man turned to me and looked down the stone steps "well dont be shy come in!" so i walked back up and stepped into the door way shutting the door behind me. There on the bottom step was Alexandra blushing "Dad Devin,Devin Dad.... okay well lets go up stairs" her dad eyeing me said hold "on a minute sweety" Alexandra looked really mad and shouted " DADDY HES NOT MY BOYFRIEND HES JUST HERE TO DO A PROJECT!!" taking his gaze off of me he turned and smiled "well in that case go up stairs" starring in schock i starrted to go up stairs. we reached her room and we walked inside."wow nice room its...big" she smiled and said "ya i know sometimes to big" i sat on her bed and opend my back pulled out the science book and looked at the cover "what a stupid book ay niki.....nikki?"  i put the book down to see her with only her panties on. i swear i was about to have a nose bleed. she pushed me down on the bed and put both knees about to my wrists. "i'm so hot! devin mmm just lick me!" i sat up and started to lickher nipples. slowley i put my hand down her panties. she lifted me up " please go slowley i hve never been touched down there and i have never explored. what went through my mind right there was *VIRGIN! oh ya! cant wait to do her and pop her cherry better go hard and get her used to it first* coming back to reallity i looked at her eyes and said "okay". so i pulled down her panties and starrted to lick the soft tender pink flesh man was it hot in there is was like a sana. She grabbed my pants and pulled them off and teased me by twirling her finger around my penis.I pushed up and said "stop teasing!" so she pulled my boxers down and looked at my 7 inch penis in awe she looked at me. then slowly opened her mouth then lowered down till she got it over my cock head. without warrning i pushed her all the way down to were she was deep throating me all the way. i pulled it out and bent over to her pussy. she looked at me like a little puppy with the little eyes and all and it reminded me of what she said "please go easy" so i put my cock head on her pussy and pushed it in a little "raw meat" i said she looked up and looked at her pussy. "what do you mean by raw meat?" at that instant i pushed my whole 7" into her pussy she screamed.A instant water fall of tears came from her eyes "why did you do that?" "it was th only way to get you used to the feel fast and easy" so after 15 seconds i started to work her. her cum and a little blood was slipping out of her pussy. she started to moan and then without any warning she had a full blown orgasism while she was having one she screamed so i had to cover her mouth. i wasnt done so i thought wow i already had her pussy  so what about her ass i pulled out and rolled her to her belly. "what are you doing?" i looked at her and said "you will see." I opened her butt cheeks and stuck it right into her butthole. Right when i did that she fell into a daze and all she wanted was cock so she pumped my cock until i was about to blow. i pulled out of her butt and shoved it into her willing mouth were she sucked and licked up her ouwn cum,my cum, and the tastes of her ass. she swallowed all she could but my load was to much it leaked all over her tits and down her nipples to her stomach. i kissed her and wispered that was the best fuck ever lets do it again. When i thought that was all she could take she called in her great dane. "here mikey! come here boy!" in came the big dog and it jumped up on to her bed and smelled her pussy she leaned up just enough to see his cock and she started to stroke it then out popped a cock bigger than my own she stroked it till it was as hard as me or harder she then bent over and in my surprise she took it all in he mouth! i stared in surprise her hace was flushed in shedes of red and pink. the dog was face fucking her his paws on her head and he was humping her mouth like a pro. "danm mikey you fuck nikki like she was your bitch in heat!" she looked up at me then without warning the dog blew a huge load all over her face in her eyes her nose and even in her hair. she looked like a cum cicle. i laphed and said " nikki you might want to take a shower" she got up and kissed me on the cheek and blushed. "well c'ya nikki" i left the house and went home to call tim about it.

well please tell me how i did if you liked it then i will make more if you didnt i will revise it and make a diffrent one (i have many more)


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