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Skating Rink 3

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   “Mom, what are you doing home so early?” Jodi asked rubbing her eyes.

   I covered myself with the sheet as I watched and listened to Jodi and her mom. Even though I knew about Jodi and her mom being lovers it was still embarrassing to be caught naked with Jodi in her mom’s bed.

   “Bill had to go to work. But that doesn’t matter. What are you and Lisa doing in my bed? And why are there beer cans and clothes all over the living room?”

   “I’m sorry mom; we had a few beers after work and one thing led to another. You know how it is.”

   “I don’t mind you having a few beers or having a friend over. But you have to clean up your mess. And why did you wind up in my bed?”

   “We took a shower and your bed was the closest, besides it’s bigger than mine.” Jodi said as she walked over to her mom and hugged her. Then Jodi kissed her mom and squeezed her right breast. I couldn’t believe Jodi was feeling her mom up right in front of me.

   Her mom pulled away and said. “What are you doing? Lisa is right over there.”

   “Its ok mom, she knows all about us. It turns her on. Look she’s rubbing her pussy now.” Jodi said as she pulled the sheet off of me. “I think she wants you mom.” I hadn’t realized I had started rubbing myself. Her mom stared as my fingers rubbed my clit.

   “I can see why you have wanted her for so long.” She said as she rubbed Jodi’s ass. “She does look tasty, but I could get into trouble if anyone found out.”

    “Its ok Mrs. Miller I won’t tell anyone.” I said as I spread my legs wider so she could get a better look. “Besides, Jodi knows some of my secrets too.”

   Jodi started unbuttoning her mom’s blouse as I slid 2 fingers into myself. “What the fuck, I may as well enjoy the opportunities when I can. And Lisa, call me Mary it sounds better than Mrs. Miller.” 

   I got out of bed and started helping Jodi undress her mom. We slid her blouse over her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a black lace front hook bra. Jodi unhooked her bra and released her huge breasts. I squeezed her left breast then took her large nipple into my mouth. I heard Mary moan as Jodi and I nursed at her breasts like 2 starving babies. Jodie removed Mary’s skirt leaving her standing there in her black bikini panties and garter belt and stockings. “You look so sexy Mary.” I said “I’ve never seen anyone wear a garter belt before.”

   We had Mary lie on the bed so we could continue exploring her luscious body. Jodie pulled her panties off and I heard her gasp. “MOM, what happened to your pussy? All the hair is gone.”  I looked down and she was as smooth as a baby.

   “Bill and I played around last night and he shaved it off. Do you like it?”

   “I don’t know, it’s going to take some getting used to not having the hair tickling my nose.”  Jodi said with a big grin.

   “Well I think it looks great.” I said “It reminds me of when I first started having fun with my cousin and her pussy was just as smooth.

   We all laughed and I rubbed my hand over her smooth pussy slipping my middle finger into her. She moaned as I kissed my way down over her stomach and buried my face in her soaking wet pussy. “Oh Lisa wait, you might want to let me shower first. Bill fucked me just before I left and he shot a big load of cum in me.”

   “That’s ok Mary,” I said looking at her from between her legs. “I love cum too.” And I went back to eating her sweet pussy. I licked her slit from the bottom to the top taking her clit in my mouth and gently nipping it with my teeth. I loved the feel of her smooth lips rubbing on my face as she humped her ass grinding her pussy into my mouth. I had almost forgotten Jodi till I felt her tongue slide into my pussy then up to my ass. I moaned as I felt her tongue slide into my ass and two of her fingers slip into my pussy. I could feel my orgasm building as I lifted my face from Mary and moaned. I looked at Mary and she was sucking her own nipple and squeezing the other one. I knew from her moans that she was going to cum so I took her clit in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. Then I slid a finger up her ass. That was all it took and pulled my head tight against her gyrating pussy.

    “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING! EAT ME LISA MAKE ME CUM! SHOVE YOUR FINGER UP MY ASS!” Mary screamed as she flooded my mouth with a mixture of her sweet juice and Bill’s tangy cum. I could feel her asshole gripping my finger as her orgasm shook her body and I could feel my pussy contract around Jodi’s fingers. I moaned into Mary’s pussy as my body exploded and I knew I was coating Jodi’s hand with my hot cum.

   Mary released my head and I came up gasping for breath as my body recovered from a massive orgasm. Mary and I lay there panting and kissing each other lightly when Jodi said. “Hey what about me?” We laughed as she crawled between us and we started kissing and sucking her hard nipples. Mary got out of bed and said. “I know what she needs.” Then she went into her closet. I began licking Jodi’s pussy and she moaned as I slid my tongue up her wet pussy. “Oh shit,” Jodi moaned “Eat my wet pussy Lisa; suck all of my juice out. I love your tongue I want it in me forever.”

   I licked her clit and slid my tongue deep into her making her squirm. I felt Mary grab my shoulder and she said. “Ok Lisa it’s my turn.” I gasped as I turned and looked and there stood Mary with a huge dildo strapped around her hips. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, Mary who was no more than 5’4” tall with huge 40DD breasts and a 12” cock. My pussy began throbbing I was so excited I could feel my juice running down my leg.  “Are you really going to fuck her with that big thing?” I asked.

   Mary looked at me and smiled as she said. “Yes I’m going to fuck my horny daughter with my big dick. She loves to have her mommy fuck her, don’t you Jodi?”

   “Oh yes mommy stick your big dick in my pussy and fuck me till I can’t move.”

   I moved out of Mary’s way as she crawled between Jodi’s wide spread legs. She was stroking her big cock covering it with some type of lube. I stared wide eyed as Mary placed the head at the mouth of Jodi’s wet pussy and pushed slipping 2 inches into her daughter. I heard Jodi moan as her mom kept sliding that huge cock into her.

   “OH FUCK THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD! FUCK ME MOM! PUT IT ALL IN ME!” Jodi screamed as she moved her ass trying to get more cock in her stretched pussy.

   Mary pulled back till just the head was left in Jodi’s pussy then she slammed forward burying all 12 inches. Jodi screamed and her legs were shaking as she started to cum. I was rubbing my clit as I watched Mary fucking her daughter. I couldn’t believe how wide Jodi’s pussy was stretched and Mary began fucking her harder slamming her huge cock into her with every stroke.

   “You like mommy’s dick don’t you? You want me to fuck you? You want your friend to watch your mommy fuck you?”

   “YES MOM I LOVE YOUR DICK! PLEASE FUCK ME! OH FUCK, OH MOM I’M CUMMING HARDER THAN EVER! OOOOOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUCCCK MMMEEEE!” Jodi screamed as she collapsed on the bed. Mary kissed her softly on the lips as she lay there with her dildo still buried in Jodi’s pussy. She slowly pulled it out and I stared at Jodi’s stretched pussy. Even after her mom had pulled it completely out Jodi’s pussy still gaped wide.

   Mary looked at me and said. “Would you like to feel my dick in your wet little pussy?”

   “I don’t know if I can handle something that big.” I had been fucked by several guys including my brother when I was 13 but none of them had a dick near that size. My last boyfriend had been the biggest and his was only 8 inches. I thought for a few minutes and finally my throbbing pussy got the better of me. “I can’t believe I’m saying this.” I said as I lay on my back and spread my legs. “Please fuck me Mary, let me feel your big dick stretch my pussy.”

   Jodi sat up and watched as her mom lined her huge dick up with my pussy. She pushed forward sliding a couple of inches in me. I could feel my pussy stretching wider than ever as she continued to gently slide her cock deeper in me. She had it about half way in when she stopped and asked. “Are you ok Lisa? Do you want me to stop?”

   “I’m fine and HELL NO I don’t want you to stop. Let me feel it all. Fuck me Mary, please fuck me.”

   She started fucking me harder sliding deeper than anyone had ever been. Finally I felt her pelvis against my pussy and I knew I had taken it all. “OH YES! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK!” I yelled as I felt myself cum.

   She fucked me hard and fast and I loved being so stretched and full. I was humping my ass up to meet every stroke. “Does my other little girl like my big dick in her tight cunt?”

   “OH YES FUCK ME HARD! MAKE ME CUM! OH SHIT, I’VE NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS! I’M CUUUUMMMMING!” I screamed and then I blacked out. When I came to Mary and Jodi were both rubbing my face and kissing my forehead.

   “Are you all right?” Jodi asked. “The first time taking something that big is exhausting.”

   “I’m fine I just never felt anything like that before.”

   “Why don’t you two stay here and rest I need to take a shower and run some errands.” Mary said as she kissed me then got out of bed. “I hope you’ll come and visit us again. I really enjoyed having two ‘daughters’ today.”

    “Don’t worry ‘mom’ I would love to spend more time with you and my new sister.”

    Jodi and I laughed and hugged each other as her mom went to shower. We fell asleep in each others arms and didn’t wake up till . We took a quick shower and got dressed because Jodi had to work the afternoon sessions at the rink. Thank goodness I was off, I was so sore I could barely walk.

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