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Staying Back After School

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This is my first attepmt at an erotic story, so critism would be nice =]



Staying Back After School 


I was in my final year of high school, so because of the workload every Monday night I’d stay back after school for a couple hours to get help with my maths work. The teacher I see for maths work helps out with the school production on Monday nights; that’s why I stay back Mondays.

Anyway, it was a fairy hot day in summer, I had my dark blue school skirt at knee high length, a white shirt, blue knee high socks and black school shoes. It was 5.30pm when I had finished my work and I just gotten a call from mum telling me she was going to be an hour late. So I was heading to the locker shed to put away my stuff then go sit in the common room for a bit to relax. I had my MP3 player in my ears quite loud as I walked into the locker shed, meaning I didn’t notice Jesse, the school production’s lead standing at his locker. The lockers were in stacks of 3. One on top of the other, each about 1.5 feet high, and mine was a middle one, so I was slightly bending over, putting my books back inside, and getting out my bag. Anyway, when I was done I closed my locker, locked it and turned around to see Jesse standing there smiling at me. I blushed, realizing he must have been watching me the whole time. I took my earphones out of my ears and muttered a “hi”. I’ve recently developed quite a crush on Jesse, and spend most classes I have with him imagining him behind me, ploughing into my pussy. But Jesse was taken, so I never tried anything with him.
”Hey there” Jesse smirked back, and started to walk towards me quite quickly. I started asking him how rehearsals are going, but before I could mutter two words he had picked me up [as he was at least a foot taller than me] and held me against the lockers and had his tongue in my mouth. In a fit of passion we kissed, and then he let me down.


“Umm…” I said awkwardly, my cunt burning for his cock.

“Sorry” He laughed. “I just couldn’t help myself; I’ve wanted to do that for ages”. I watched his beautiful brown eyes eyeing my body, I knew he wanted me. I could see the muscles in his arms; the arms I’ve always wanted to hold me. He ran his hand through his short hair, snapping me out of my stare. I smiled awkwardly, and he returned the smile, which made me melt inside.

Forgetting all about his girlfriend I lunged at him, and started kissing him again. He returned my kisses and with one hand he started to slowly unbutton my shirt to uncover my 12C breasts in my black bra. He slipped off my shirt, and removed his mouth from mine. He slowly started to kiss down my neck, stopping when he got to my breasts. He gently and slowly unclasped my bra and removed it. He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist and holding me up against the lockers again. He then kissed lightly around my nipple, while lightly flicking my actual nipple with his finger. I bit my lip to let back a moan of lust and wanting. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and I could feel his cock growing. He then placed his mouth on my nipple and started to suck on it, while massaging my other breast with his other hand. Suddenly he became a bit rougher and started to lightly bight my nipple. I let out a small yelp, mixed with pleasure and surprise.


He took his mouth off my nipple and asked, “Yeah, you like that you slut, don’t you?” I was slightly shocked, and didn’t reply. He didn’t like that, so with his other hand he twisted my nipple quite hard and I let out a small scream. “I sad, don’t you, you slut?!” He asked again, firmer. I nodded, tears in my eyes and he smirked once more, letting go of my nipples. I sighed with relief. I wasn’t expecting him to be so rough. But I loved it; I love being told what to do, and my pussy was proving that.

He slipped a hand up my leg and up my skirt. “I can feel how wet you are from outside your panties, you dirty whore” he said. I blushed, and he let me down.


“You’re aching for my cock, I can see it. Well, here it is…” He unzipped his pants, and dropped his pants and boxers. His hard cock popped out, about 8 inches, and I stared at it in pure lust.

“On your knees” He ordered.

”Huh?” Was all I could come out with, as I had never given head before, [although I wasn’t a virgin] and would not know what to do.

He reached around and started pulling my hair hard, forcing me to my knees. His cock was an inch away from my face. “Suck it you fucking whore” he commanded, as I stared at it. I slowly opened my mouth and started towards his cock, not really knowing what I was doing. He grew impatient and shoved his cock right into my mouth, forcing it down my throat. I found it hard to breathe and started gagging. He removed his cock and slapped me across the face. “You better not gag again.” I just nodded, avoiding his eye contact.

I opened my mouth again, and his cock invaded it once more. I did my best not to gag, and slowly started to cover his cock with my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head, guiding it. After I managed to get it down my throat without gagging he tightened his grip on the back of my head and started moving my head up and down hard and fast on his cock, fucking my face. Tears started to fill my eyes again, and a few tears escaped. After a few minutes he told me he was going to cum. My eyes widened in fear; I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and he shot his load down my throat. “You better swallow every bit of it, or we’ll be here all night until you do” he said sternly. I did my best to swallow all he shot out and licked his cock clean. “That’s a good little slut” he patted me on the head. “Now, on your back”


I lay down on my back, and he knelt down on the floor in front of my legs. He took off my socks and shoes, and then his hand crept up my leg. He ripped off my panties, not bothering to remove them properly. His hand then ventured to my wet pussy. He laughed when he felt how soaking I was, and slid in one finger. My cunt easily took his finger and he entered in another. He started to slowly finger me, and my breathing became a bit deeper.

He removed his fingers from my cunt and moved onto my clit. He found it easily, as it was swelling with arousal. He started to quickly rub my clit, as I started to moan softly. He continued this, while growing hard again. “I’m…going…to…cum…soon” I struggled to get out between breaths. As soon as I said that, he stopped. I looked at him, slightly angry. He just laughed at me. He stood up, and yanked me up. He pulled me by my arm out of the shed and into the courtyard. He led me over to the bench.

“Bend over, you whore”, he commanded, motioning to the bench. So I turned around, and bent over the bench, my stomach on the wooden surface. He lifted my skirt and spread my legs, “Wait here. And don’t move, I’ll be right back” I dared not to move and as I waited for him I could feel a cold breeze between my legs, which was quite refreshing.
Jesse returned.

I felt something force itself into my pussy, but it was not a cock. It was cold.

He had picked up my keys from the floor of the shed [which I dropped when I saw him], opened my locker and gotten out my deodorant can. I started to moan as he roughly assaulted my cunt with the deodorant can. Again, right before I was about cum he pulled out the deodorant can, leaving me gasping for air and slightly frustrated.


“Don’t worry, whore; You’re going to have my cock inside you” he laughed, and without any further notice he slammed his cock into me hard. I screamed loudly with relief that it was finally in me. It was the thickest I’ve had, so it was a bit of a tight fit, which was amazing for both of us. He grabbed onto my hips and pushed me onto his cock, fucking me hard and fast. Both of us were moaning, I louder. He started spanking me lightly, “You like that too, whore, don’t you?” I couldn’t catch my breathe quick enough to answer him, so he spanked me again, a lot harder.

“YES. YES” I screamed.

He laughed at me and continued to assault my cunt with his cock. This time, he let me cum, however. And as soon as I came, he stopped, his cock still hard. I started to catch my breath again when I felt him parting my ass cheeks. My heart stopped for a second. “NO. PLEASE! NO.” I pleaded and screamed, trying to get out of his grasp. But he would not listen. He inserted his finger into my pussy, and then into my ass, lubing it up. He repeated this until he was happy with the amount of lubrication. Then he stuck his cock into my pussy, to do the same to his cock.

He pressed his cock up against the entrance of my ass and I closed my eyes and held my breath. I screamed with pain as he just slammed his cock into my ass. I felt the walls of my ass tearing. “SHUT UP, YOU FUCKING SLUT” He screamed back at me. He continued to assault my ass, and soon the pain went away. I started pushing back on his cock, and he laughed. “I knew you loved it.”

He removed his cock from my ass and shoved me to my knees in front of him, where he started to wank off in front of my face, and then shooting his load all over my face.

“See ya next Monday, slut” he winked and walked off, leaving me there. I couldn’t wait.

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