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The Young Virgin

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Before starting the story, I had better tell you something about myself.   I am a white male, 58 years young, 5”11” tall and weigh 205 lbs.   I have dark brown hair with hardly any grey hairs, green eyes and nicely tanned brown all over.   I have an exceptional figure for my age, nice chest flat stomach and nice strong legs.   My biggest attribute to fame however is my 11-inch cock This incident happened about six months ago.   Many people will not believe it because I could not believe it either.    Things like this happened only in stories or fantasies.   Nevertheless, believe me it did happen and the result was the best weekend of sex, sex, and more sex I have ever had.   That says a lot seeing that I am 58 years old, married for 33 years and have three children.   Sex is not something strange to me.   I had miles and miles of cunt through my 11-inch cock.

The whole thing started when my wife visited my daughter for the weekend and my other two sons was away for the weekend playing football for their school.   All of them left the Friday about noon and would only be back on the Sunday af-ternoon.

I have foreseen a drab weekend ahead of me where I had only my hand as a partner for some pleasure.   What a substitute for pussy.   For the rest I suppose I could go and play golf.   In end however I did not do any of the before mentioned activities.   Why?   You will find out if you read on.

I have taken out my porno magazines, Hustler Knave etc. and put them down on the table next to the sofa.   I have just taken off all of my cloths, lay down on the sofa and started playing with my cock when the phone started ringing.

Oh fuck, whom wants to speak to me know.   It will definitely not be a girl who wants to fuck.   I just do not hope it is somebody who wants to play golf.   I am not in the mood for golf as I have already started getting randy and have a huge hard-on.   I want to play with my cock and wank myself to a nice orgasm

It was Jokie, one of my youngest son’s girlfriends.   She wanted to invite me to a party.   The end of the story was that the party would take place at my home with only the two of us.   I have to supply all the drinks.

I just knew that I was going to fuck her tonight.   Oh boy, she wants only one thing and that is cock.   Why else would a young girl visit an old man of 58 who could be her father?    If not my son’s, then his fathers cock would just be as good .   Seeing that I know my son is one of the boys that have fucked many girls in his school, even in his room in our house.   That was the reason she wants to party with him alone.   However, let her come, I am ready for her and so is my cock.

I decided to leave the magazines just where they are, go, take a bottle of brandy, vodka and some mix, and put it on the table next to the magazines.   I had no choice but to wait for four thirty and you can believe me it was a long wait.   All I had to do was reading the magazines and you can believe me they make me as randy as hell.   I had to use all my willpower not to wank myself to a standstill.

At about 3:15 I decided I had better put on some clothes.   Surely, I could not receive a girl I hardly know in the nude. She might get frightened and ran away when she see my 11” cock.   Not that putting on clothes made any difference.   My cock was still very hard and it was clearly visible, as I was not wearing under-pants.   You could clearly see that I had a tremendous hard-on.

The front door bell rings at exactly half past three .   As I opened the door, I almost swallow my tongue.   In front of me was the most beautiful girl, fifteen years old, about 5’7’’, about 135 lbs and dressed in the smallest of tops and the smallest and tightest of hot pants.   The small top barely covers her 36C tits and I could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra.   Her nipples were standing erect and were clearly visible through the material of her top.   Her hot pants were so short and tight that her cunt lips were almost visible.

Believe me, it was a sight that would even give a marble statue a hard-on.   The girl with the perfect athletic figure, long blond hair that reaches to her middle, the bluest of blue eyes and the long tanned legs that are just going and going without end until it reaches up to her pussy.

If my cock had any thoughts of going to rest, it was drastically changed and it became even harder than before.   She must have seen it because she gave the nicest of smiles and ask me if I am not going to invite her in.   I invited her in and ask her to go through to the living room.

I almost came in my pants as I was walking behind her to the living room.   I could not wait any longer and when we entered the living room, I placed my hands around her middle from behind and pull her closer to me.   She stopped immediately and presses her back tight against me while I pushed my raging hard-on against her butt and found that it was nicely lodge between her buttocks.

“Oh, fuck Jokie, I cannot wait any longer,” I said as I place both my hands on her breasts.

She pressed her head against my chest, turn her face towards me and said,” Kiss me Hendrik.”

I lower my head and slowly press my lips softly against hers; I press my tongue against her lips and slowly move it across her lips.   After a while, she opened her mouth and presses her tongue inside my mouth.   Oh my God, I have never been kissed like this before.   I am not aware of anything except the warm, young body pressing against my body and cock and the tongue invading my mouth.   I pressed my cock even harder against her butt and could feel that she was pressing back while moving het butt slowly up and down against my cock.

I move my hands slowly under her top and take both her bare breasts in my hands.   I move my hands slowly over them, eventually took both her nipples between my fingers, and slowly and softly roll them between my fingers.   She moaned and I could feel her pressing her breasts harder against my hands.   I took het top and slowly pulled it off over her head that leaves the top part of her body completely bare.   After I removed her top, she turned around facing me and I got my first view of her magnificent bare breasts.   Oh, my God I have not seen anything nicer in my life.   The perfectly rounded stiff breasts with the nipples standing to attention and beg me to please come and play with them 

She took her breasts between her hands and while slowly moving her hands over them ask me, “Do you like them Hendrik.   They are my pride and joy and not bad for a girl of fifteen hey.”

“They are the most beautiful I have ever seen and I am so glad that they are mine tonight,” I said, “but lets not waste any more time I want to see the rest of you as well.”

“No I first want to take off your shirt and rub my hot breasts against your hairy chest.” She said and pull my T-shirt completely off over my head.   She then putts her arms around me and starts to kiss me again whilst rubbing her bare breasts from side to side against my hairy chest causing the nipples to became even harder.   I could feel them rubbing against my chest causing my cock to become even harder.

I move my lips slowly down her face over her neck until I reach her magnificent tits.   I first take the one nipple in my mouth and suck it softly and then I move to the other one and after a while back to the first one again.   Continuously sucking her nipples.   While kissing her breasts I moved my hands slowly down her body to her pants and when reaching it I began to slowly pull it down.

As I was pulling her pants down, I also move my lips down her body.   Slowly across her stomach, licking it with my tongue, down to her belly button where I spent a few moments moving my tongue in and around.   I could hear her breathing faster and she starts to moan softly.   As her pants reach her feet, my lips reach her pubic area and could I see her short blond pubic hairs and feel it with my lips.   Her pubic hair was nicely trimmed into an arrow pointing straight down to her treasure chest.   It was still very sparse and there was no way it could cover her full red cuntlips, wet with her juices, that was begging me to put my lips to them and kiss her to an orgasm.   By this time, she was really breathing heavy and I could feel her pushing her hips forward trying to push her cunt against my lips.

When reaching the junction between het legs, she opens them wide allowing my mouth and lips full access to her cunt.   When I place my lips over het cunt taken her whole cunt in my mouth she takes a deep breath and said, “Yesssss. Oh Yessss, eat my cunt.   No man has ever eaten my cunt.   Ohhh pleaseeeeee eat her.   Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, please do not stop!”

With that, she places her hands on the back of my head and while pressing my face against her cunt she presses her hips forward forcing my lips and mouth against her wet cunt.   Oh my God! It feels so good.   The young teen cunt under my lips all wet and ready.   I start to lick her cunt from her ass right to her clit.   She presses my head even harder against het cunt moaning, “Oh Fuck I am dying.   I did not know anything could be so good.”

I could feel her whole body begins to tense up in anticipation of the approaching orgasm.   I take her whole pussy into my mouth again and press my tongue as deep as possible in her love hole.   I start to fuck her with my tongue.   Pushing him in as deep as possible and pulling him out softly licking over her clit.   In out in …………….    Her whole body starts to move in sinchronisation with my tongue and she starts to moan louder and louder.   I move my mouth from her cunt, take her pronounced clit softly between my lips, and move my tongue slowly over her clit while softly biting it with my teeth.   That was all she needs to push her over the edge and her whole body started shaking while she shouts: "I’m commiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggggggg! Oh, fuck, it is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   Eat my cunt. Oh yes eat her!   Oooooooooo!   Oooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Her orgasm was so intense that her legs collapsed and she lowered her body to the floor.   She then took my face, pulls it towards her lips, and started to kiss my lips that were wet from her love juices that also covered my whole face.   She then proceeds to lick all her juices from my face.   Shit, she really knows how to please her lover. 

After recovering her breath she said, “Stand up so that I can take off your pants.   I want to see your monster.   It must be really something judging from what I was ably to make out through your pants and feel against my body.”


I stood up and while kneeling down she started to pull my pants down.   Because of the agitated condition of my cock, my pants did not want to come off and she had to pull the elastic over my cock head.   As the pants clear my cock head she gasps, “My God what the hell is this?”   After pulling my pants off my cock she said,” Shit do you really fuck people with this?   How big is it?”

She did not wait for an answer but took it immediately in both her hands and slowly rub him up and down from the head down to my balls.   She then opened her mouth, bent forward and took my cock head into her mouth.

“You have to be careful, “I said.   “I am now so hot that I wouldn’t need much for to come in your mouth and then we will have to wait a long time before I will be able to fuck you properly.”

She took my cock out of her mouth and said,” It does not matter.   I want you to come in my mouth.   I want to feel your cock spurting in my mouth and taste your come."

She then took my cock again in her mouth and began to suck him in earnest.   She had initially some problems in getting my cock in her mouth.   She managed however, to work him deeper and deeper into her mouth until I eventually feel the head pushes against her throat and she started to gag.   She pulled her head back again, until only my cock head was in her mouth and play with her tongue around my head.   Then back into her throat again and out…..Every time she pushed it in her mouth it goes in deeper until I eventually feel my cockhead inside her throat and was she deepthroating me.   When she pulled it out again and plays with her tongue around his head, it was all I needed.   I could feel the pressure built up in my balls and I start to shoot deep in her throat. 

“Oh, my God it is soooooo nice!   Suck my cock you bitch! Suck it and eat my come! Aaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaa!” I shouted as I was beginning to empty my balls while pressing all of my 11 inches in her mouth.   

After the second spurt, she moves her head back until my head was at her lips.   She opened her mouth so that I could see my cock spurting in her mouth.   When I stopped shooting, she closes her lips around my cock and sucks all my come out of my cock.   Believe me, she did not waste or spilled a drop.

My orgasm was so intense that my legs started to buckle and I had to sit down in front of her.   She bent forward and as we started kissing, she pushes my come that was still in her mouth into my mouth.   I have to say that was the first time I tasted my come like this and it tasted fucking good.

“Oh my God Hendrik this was fucking marvelous.   I want to keep on sucking your cock and drinking your come.   By thy way, I can now tell you that I was planning this weekend.   I know that Flip and your wife would be away for the weekend and that you will be all by yourself.   My friend, Annette, and I tried now for a long, long time to arrange something to get you for ourselves. She first noticed your huge cock at one of our athletics meetings last year.   You had a semi hard-on and it was clearly visible through your pants.   I planned this weekend with the sole purpose of you fucking me.”

“Such an old man as I?” 

“You might be old in years but you still have the body of a much younger man, no pot-belly and no pleats.   You still look like a man of 30 years.” 

“I am an old man yes.   I have just come and will have to wait for another hour or more before I will be ready again to fuck you,” I said, “If I was still a young man of 20 I would be able fuck you again in 5 minutes.” 

“I do not mind to wait a couple of hours.   You have such a nice plaything that will keep me busy.   I have not had enough time to really appreciate and inspect such a nice cock and this my first one ever.   We have enough time ahead of us to fuck as I will keep you company for the whole weekend.   No need to be in a hurry.   We also have to take it slow as Annette wants to join us on Saturday.   Do you mind?”

Who am I to object to the company of two young randy girls who want cock?

“Yes it is OK, provided I have enough energy left on Saturday.   Is my cock really the first one you were able to touch and feel and taste?   I did not think that you are still a virgin.”

“Yes I am still a virgin.   The only experience of sex I had was with Annette.   We always play with each others pussies and fingerfuck each other to multiple orgasms.”

“Oh my this is going to be the best weekend of my life.    To take a girl’s cherry is something I always wanted to do.   Even my wife was not a virgin when got married.   Can I tell you a secret as well?   This is the first time I am cheating on my wife.   The only sex I ever had with other woman was before my marriage and none of them was virgins.   But lets not waste anymore time.   Come here and let me eat your pussy.   I have 33 years to make up in one weekend.   I am going to make you come so many times that you will beg me to stop.   Come, take my cock, play with him, suck him, and see how soon you can give me a hard-on again so that I can fuck your cunt for real.    I cannot wait any longer to fuck you and make you a real woman with my cock.” 

  I made her lie down on the carpet and lie myself down next to her with my face at her pussy and my cock next to her face.   Although I have eaten her pussy before I was in such frenzy that I hardly had a good look at it.   I only noticed now how nice looking it was.   Clean shaven except the small arrow of blond hair pointing towards her centre.   The lips swollen, red, and wet.   I used my hands to pull her lips apart and then only did I see how small her fuckhole was.   This was going to be a real tight fuck for my 2,5” diameter cock.   I pushed my finger into her fuckhole and lower my mouth down to her clit and started to move him slowly over her clit while moving my finger in an out of her cunt.   

It was not very long before I feel her whole body starting to shake.   I could I hear her moaning, “Ohhhh Yesssssssss Fuck my cunt with your finger and tongue.   Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Yesssssssssssssss, Yesssssssssssssss I am cominngggggggg!”

I have eaten her pussy and she must have orgasm four or five times, who counts anyway.   In the meantime she has suck my cock and play with my balls whilst saying, “Oh you nice fucking thing, you are going to fuck me lots of times this weekend.”

With treatment like this there was no way that, I could not get into the mood again.   After an hour, or maybe two, who counts anyway, I could feel my cock rising to the occasion again and was she saying, “Ahh. Life again in your tool hey.   Looks to me as if he is the mood again to fuck me.”

She then took my cock in her mouth and I could feel him growing in her mouth until he was completely stiff again.

“I am going to fuck you now for real my girl and I am going to fuck you on the table in my bedroom in front of the mirror so that I can watch my cock entering your lovely cunt.   Do not think that it will be a quick fuck because I am going to take a long, long time to reach another orgasm.”

With this, I pick her up and carry her to the table in my bedroom.   The table was standing in front of a wall-to-wall mirror where I can watch us in detail fucking.   I put her down on my bed and first throw a blanket over the table.   I picked her up and put her down on the table in such a position so that her cunt was clearly visible from the mirror.

“Oh my god that is going to be nice,” she said, “My first fuck from a real cock and being able to watch it.   Oh, yes I cannot wait any longer. Please put your big cock into my wet cunt, pleasseee!”

The other reason why I have chosen the table is that when a woman lies on it het cunt is properly lined up with my cock when standing next to the table.   My wife and I had many fucking sessions on this same table.   As she was lying down on the table she lifts her legs, opens them and say,” Bring your hard cock and put him into my wet and ready cunt.”

“Stop talking your bitch and let us fuck.” I said while taking my aching cock in my hand and moving him slowly towards her waiting cunt.   As my cock was moving towards her cunt, I noticed her watching it in the mirror.   I pushed the head of my cock against her cunt and slowly move the head up and down on her slit, from her ass up to het clit whilst saying, “Here she is my cock, taste and feel her before entering.”

Her cunt was so wet that her juices were virtually dripping out of it.   I begin to slowly move my cock into her tight teen pussy. Oh shit her cunt is so tight that I wondered if my big cock will gain entrance.   She feels like a real young virgin, which never had a cock in her pussy.   Which I suppose was the case.   A finger after all is not a cock.

“Your cunt is so fucking nice and tight,” I said as I slowly pushed my cockhead against the entrance to her wet and ready cunt.   There was an initial resistance until I fell my cockhead slip slowly into her cunt.

“Ohhhh myyyyyyyyyyy” she moaned as my cock forced her cunt open.   It was a tremendous feeling. The tight wet cunt around my cockhead.   I have never experienced anything like this.   It was fantastic.

“Does it hurt,” I asked while waiting for her answer.

“Yes but not too much,” she said while moving her belly slightly down so that my cockhead pulls back a little bit.   “It feels as it if is going to tear my pussy.   However, it is also so fucking nice. I want to feel of him in my pussy.” She said while trying to move my cock deeper into her pussy.

I started to slowly pushed my cock deeper into her cunt.   I watch my cock slowly going deeper and deeper into her cunt and she even opened her legs wider to give us a better sight.   Oh my God, it is a fantastic feeling to watch my cock force open her tight cunt while slowly disappearing into her depths.   I did not penetrate very deep before I feel her hymen block any progress.

She was moaning softly and keep on saying, “Deeper, oh fuck yesss deeper.   Please fuck me good with the massive pole of yours.   I want to feel your balls against my ass.   Please fuck me so that I know I was been fuck.   Oh myyyyyyyyyyy. It is so fucking nice.”

When feeling her blockage I said to her, “I have to take your cherry now.   It is going to hurt, are you ready for it?”

“Yessssss oh Yesssssssss make me a woman.   Make me yours I want to be a woman.   Please take my cherry.   It is all yours.”

I put my hands on her ankles and opened her legs as wide as possible while simultaneously forced my cock into her cunt.   For a while I thought I was not going to break her cherry but after about two to three seconds I feel it tear and force I another three inches into her cunt.

“Owwwwwwwwwww, it hurts,” She shouts.   “Please stop!”

I stopped immediately and ask her, “Are you OK.   Do you want me to stop?”   I was also unsure what to do as it was my first cherry I have taken.

“No, do not stop.   Just give me a few seconds to recover.    I still want your cock deep in my pussy. I am now your woman you know.”

I could see that she was nearing another orgasm and told her, “Place your hands down at your cunt and play with your clit and my cock.”

As she moves her hands down, I really started to fuck her in earnest.   I push my cock in until my balls slapped against her ass and then pull out until only my head was in her cunt.   I watch her one hand playing with her clit and the fingers of the other hand softly rubbing my cock as it piston in and out of her cunt.

She only played about one minute with her clip before I feel her cunt clasping around my cock and her whole body start to shake.

Oeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck, can it be so nice.   Fuck me aster and deeper, I am cominnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg.   Yesssssssssssssss, Oh my God your cock is so magnificent, I want him in my cunt forever, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I had difficulty preventing her from falling of the table or shaking my cock out of her cunt.   I was however not giving her any rest and really started to fuck her like a maniac.   I carry on pistoning my cock in and out with little circular movements and the occasional extra deep penetration that I keep deep in her cunt for about 5 to 10 seconds with little circular movements.   I could feel my cock pressing against her cervix.   Oh, my it was so fucking hot and awesome.   It was the best fuck I have ever had.   The sweat is pouring of me from exertion but I keep up my pace.   You can believe me she knows she is being fukced.

I did not count how many times she orgasm, but it was not less than 4 times before I feel the telltale built up in my cock and know that my own orgasm is fast approaching and that I am going to cum deep, deep in her cunt.   Thinking about it increase my pleasure even more and say I, “I am going to come now deep in your cunt.   I want to spray my come deep in your lovely, hot cunt.”

“Oh fuck Hendrik fuck me with your big cock.   I cannot take it anymore; I am feeling as if I am going to die.   Yesssssss, I want to feel your hot seed deep in my cunt.   Fuck me harder. Fuck me, oh God fuck meeeeeeeee!”

When shouting she once again clamped her cunt tight around my cock ant this increase in pressure as well as her hand stroking my cock was enough to push me over the edge and orgasm I with a tremendous feeling and couldn’t I help to shout my joy, “Here is my seed your nice cunt, feel it inside you and feel it deep inside you.   Feel my cock spurting my live giving seed in you.   Feel it spurt in your cunt.   Oooooooooo, fuck, it is sooooooooooooooooo nice, Oooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooooooo!"

At the same time she also shouted; "I feel you cummming! Sooooooooooooooooo,    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I am cumminnnnnnnnngggggggg, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

My legs had no more power to hold me and I bent forward until I lay on top of her.   She put her arms around me; kiss me and moving her hands over my back.

“Thank you darling this was tremendous.   Much, much better than what I expected,” she said.   “I do not know what I am going to do now because you have introduced me to the pleasures of the flesh and I want your cock in me all the time.”

She pushed me off her, turned around and starts to suck my cock and balls clean while I lick all my come out of her cunt.

I have no more energy left and told her that we must now go and find something to eat and go to bed and sleep so that I can recuperate before Saturday morning.   Let me tell you it was quite arousing watching a beautiful young naked girl of 15 years preparing something to eat.   If I were any younger, I would have fucked her right there in the Kitchen.   I was however standing behind her and playing the whole time with her beautiful breasts.

Saturday?   Well that is another story I will tell you later all about.   Two girls of 15!!!!!!!!! 

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