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The boss's daughter

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I work alone in this store packaging orders that arrive late so they can be dispatched the next morning.

A while back this young girl come in and starts talking to me - its the owners daughter. She is 14 and rather attractive even at that age, I am 20. She was going to a movie with a friend but she phoned through to say she couldnt make it. She phone her father and he told her to come to the store and wait- it would be 11 pm before he could make it and he knew I was here.

She starts talking and starts asking me about sex and if I have a girlfriend I sleep with etc. At the moment I dont but I have had a few girls and have had sex with them. I try and change the subject but she informs me she is not a virgin and has had 3 boys fuck her and so far they havnt lasted long enough for her to cum. She masturbates and said she loves the feeling of cumming.

She asked me if I would like to fuck her and I said I would but she is far too young for me and what would happen if her father found out - I would be sacked or worse. She said you wont be the first I have been fucked a few times already and once by a guy older than you.

Any how to make a long story short she kept up the chat and the suggestions and undressed herself provocatively in front of me exposed her breasts and eventually was completely naked apart from her socks.

She would not take no for an answer and even though I was most reluctant to get involved but she eventually wore me down and before long we were both naked and we were engaged in foreplay for the want of a word to describe what we were doing. I have had a bit of experience with women and know what most like and as it was obvious she and I were going to end up fucking I thought I might as well make it worthwhile.

The first move she made was to take my cock in her mouth - I learned it was her first time and she didn't make a bad job of it. I didn't give her the option of spit or swallow I just came when my time arrived and filled her mouth with my cum. It took her by surprise and she said did you cum in my mouth - and I had no answer but yes. I could see her swallowing it.

She said it tastes awful and its all slimy. I said that's what cum is like and if you are going to play these games then you had better get used to it because all men cum in our mouth. She seemed to be trying to get the taste out of her mouth but not spitting. Now I said its your turn and I got her and positioned her for me to perform oral on her. She said that she had been done like this once before and she loved it.

I got down and proceeded to give her good oral and before long she was squirming about with the pleasure of me licking and sucking and slipping a finger into her cunt. She loved it. She kept murmuring and moaning as I hit her spot time after time and then she exploded herself and her orgasm tore through her body and she bounced and bucked and shook with each spasm as it took her. She was grabbing her little nipples to add to her sensual pleasure. She sort of yelled and squealed as she had a very high powered orgasm and I kept engaged on her making sure her orgasm was complete and she became quite distressed and screamed at me to stop, stop stop. I got off her immediately and she pulled herself into the fetal position. Her stomach muscles had cramped I think as I had given her a second or multiple orgasm right after her first one and she had never experienced anything so strong before evidently. She sort of whimpered it was hurting and when I said where she said my tummy hurts. She gradually began to relax and pretty soon she was back to normal and she said wow that was the most amazing sensation she had ever had. I explained that what had happened was a second orgasm came on top of her first one and that was pretty much how many girls reacted but hers was the most dramatic I had seen. I suggested it might be because she is so young and it had not happened before. She said it hadn’t but she wanted to do it again and this time she would be ready.

I said not now because we have things to do and get it over with before her father came for her. I said I dont want to be caught by him fucking his 14yo daughter. I always believed fathers came early for daughters not late.

She lay back and got into position and I entered her missionary style. Once I was into her she said ahhhhh that feels great - and IÂ began to fuck her long slow and deep.

After we had been fucking for a few minutes she said I love that, can we try doggy now, and I had no hesitation in rolling her over and she lifted her ass for me to pull her firm small cheeks apart and slip my wet and slimy cock back into her wonderful tight and juicy cunt. Her little bum hole was as tight as a button, virgin territory I may explore some time in the future. I plundered her from behind and she asked if she could do the moving and after a couple of times when she pulled my cock out of her she got it pretty right. Once she had that perfect she said now I want to get on top. For a 14yo she wanted the works and knew all about it. I pulled out and lay down and she got up and straddled me before going down on my cock. Looking up at this 14yo small body I felt ashamed of what I was doing to her she seemed so young and tiny and should have been innocent but it was obvious she had enjoyed her previous sex and knew what it was all about.

My cock is about 8 inches long and reasonably thick but she got over it and opened her labia and then slid my cock up into her as she got right down and deep. Then she began to lift and drop herself on me and after a couple of minutes she turned around and I could see my cock slipping in and out of her cunt as she carried out her movements on me. She said this is the best fuck I have had, I have only done it under and doggy before, this is new for me and great, I knew how to do it but they always came before I could get into this position. You are fantastic and haven't cum yet. I want to fuck you again one day.

She rearranged herself and then said I want you on top again and as she got down she lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders as I went back into her. I have seen it done like this but never tried it she said, it gets you into me even further I can feel you right up inside me now. This is the best fuck ever.

I proceeded to fuck her and she lay there enjoying it and we didn't say much as it was good solid fucking and we were both getting our pleasures from it big time. She obviously like this position and we stayed like that for about 5 minutes or more. She would grunt every now and again and pretty soon the grunts got closer and louder and she looked into my eyes and said can we cum together I have not done that either and I said how close are you and she said very. I ramped up the speed and went at her hard and fast and pretty soon I was ready and just as I was about to cum, she did and she moaned so hard and long I knew she was having a great orgasm, her head shook from side to side and she just kept making those unintelligible sounds of complete pleasure as her body reacted to her vaginal and clitoral stimulation and her orgasm overwhelmed her. I just kept pumping her for almost a minute and unloaded my cum spurting short sharp busts of cum into her wonderfiul tight little cunt time after time until my last spurt dribbled out of the eye of my cock. I had kept pumping into her as long as my cock stayed firm enough to stay inside her. She was very tight so that helped.

I got off her and lay beside her, she was completely exhausted and her heart was racing and I could see her budding breast rising and falling still so firm they didn't move about. She was out of breath and completely and extremely well fucked.

We both lay there for a few minutes and I held her hand and she squeezed it a few times to tell me she was more than happy. Finally she said that was the best fuck I have ever had. I will remember that for ever. Then she sat up kissed me on the lips and put her hand on my slimy cum covered cock with the mix of our lovemaking syrups and her cunt juice. She then massaged that mess over her nipples saying I heard that cum makes your tits grow.Then she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean and to a half erects state. She took it out of her mouth held it and kissed the eye of it and said I love you. Then she came back and kissed me and I could taste the mix of our lovemaking juices on her tongue.

I got up and said come on we have to get dressed – your father may be here soon. She didnt argue and disappeared out the door stark naked and I was in awe of her little firm cheeked bum with our juice running down her legs disappearing around the corner. I was pretty clean after her mouth wash and when she came back she had washed herself and looked pristine again. As she was putting her bra on she said what shape should I do my hair in and looked between her legs at the downy untouched hair covering her vaginal opening.

I said either a small triangle or a strip, I dont like girls all bare there. She said next time you will see me it shaved and shaped. I want to look good for you in future.  I said will there be a next time. She said that's for sure, nobody has ever fucked me that good before and I want more of the same. I think we will have to work out a way we can see each other just to fuck. I went out for a peee and when I came back I said have you got any perfume and she said a little why – I said splash some about - this place smells of sex, your father will know straight away what we did. She said I cant smell it and I said that's because you didn't go outside as soon as you come back in you can smell it very strongly. She said there is some disinfectant in the cupboard outside we can spill some of that and she went and got it and said wow you are right it smells like my cum filled cunt, then spashed a bit of disinfectant about.

She told me all about how she lost her virginity and how she had sex with an 'uncle' who was about 26 but had a small cock. It was little while later we heard her fathers car and she went out to meet him, she didn't want him getting the smell of her fucking session in here. As she left she said until next time – I will be back tomorrow after school and we can make a date for the next time.

It wasn’t until after she left I thought about contraception. She hadn’t mentioned it and all the girls I fuck are on oral. Tomorrow would be too late but I would ask anyhow.

She was on oral contraception I found out, and the two of us tested it to the extreme as we fucked each other a couple of times a week. Each time she got better and better and after a couple of months we were experts at every position you could imagine. She was so keen to learn and get involved and one night I bought a book of fucking positions and we spent ages trying them out. She loved it. Oral was a favorite of hers and actually learned to enjoy the taste of my cum and had it every time we met, as I did off her. One night we tried anal on her but even with lubricant I could not get my cock into her as it began to hurt and each time I tried to force my cock into her and she tightened up and we never made it. We tried a couple more times later but we never managed to get my cok into her that way. I did however finger her little bum hole as I fingered her cunt sometimes and she loved the sensation of fingers in both holes.

We lasted 7 months before we got found out, evidently her mother realised she was getting fucked, as she found the pools of cum stains on her sheets one day after I had filled her up a few times in the one night.  Once was never enough and I often fucked her three or four times each time as well as the oral. It didnt take much for them to realise or find out it was me that was fucking her and that ended that as I was dismissed and threatened with being reported for underage sex but they knew she was as guilty as I was. I lost count of the number of times we had sex together but every time was better than the time before I thought and she was a real fucking whore by the time she turned 15. My guess was she and I had done it more than a 100 times.

I will always remember that innocent looking young 14yo firm childlike naked body that I saw the first time she stripped off and I know how wonderful it was to make love to a girl so young, even though I was not the first to do so.


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