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You can see mine if you show me yours

Vaughan on Teen Stories

This story is about the weekend I had to babysit my next door neighbors two girls. I was 16 and they were 14 and 15 my mum and their mum were going away for a weekend and i was trusted to look after them. We lived out of town on a property with horses and cattle and they lived across the road on a simular property. The girls were both starting to really develop. Kate the 14 year old had bigger tits than her sis and jane had an awsome body.

On the first night they stayed i had made them dinner and we had watched a movie together on the couch. It was getting late but we had noone to tell us off so we sit up watching late night TV. I scanned through the channels as we had cable and suddenly stumbled across one of the adult channels. I stopped on it and made out as if I watch it all the time. At the time their was no action on the screen just a guy and a chick arguing, but that was about to change. They suddenly started kissing and undressing and I watched out of the corner of my eye at the two girls. Their eyes were glued when the guys cock came into view and when the girl started sucking it their jaws dropped.

We watched the entire scene which finished with the guy fucking the girl hard from behind until he came. I was as horny as hell and both the girls were figiting in their seats. My cock was fully tenting in my shorts and was easily noticable. I turned to face them and asked if they liked it. Kate nodded and jane caught view of my cock and said you obviously did. I instantly went defencive saying that she couldnt remove her eyes from the TV either. Then to my shock Katie interupted with Can i See urs Mat. I looked at her and her hand was between her legs cuppping her pussy through her tiny shorts. I thought abpout t quickly then said I'll show u mine if you show me yours. She agreed and so i looked to Jane to see if shewould show hers too. She said she wouldnt so I said well you cant see mine then.

Katie and I agreed that we would go and lock ourselves in mums room where we would show each other. Jane followed us and tried to stop us from locking the door but i was too strong and forced it shut. I turned around and facing Katie i dropped my shorts she stared and stared and then dropped her shorts. Her pussy was just starting to grow hair. It was beautiful. She then whispered can i touch it to which I replied same rule applys u can ir i can. She agree and she walked over and gripped it in her little hand. I slid my hand between her legs and she opened them slightly to let me get my hand in. she started tuging I started rubbing. She went faster and i put my finger inside her. 

Suddenly the door burst open and their was Jane naked starring at us in shock................. more to come 

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