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Young Girl at the Ball Park

aabbdd112233 on Teen Stories

     First let me tell you a little about myself.  I am five foot nine, not too tall, but not super short, I weigh 160 and am pretty muscular.  I also have a six pack that comes and goes depending on my eating habits.  Now for the story...

     It was summer in a small town in Indiana and I needed some money so I could buy some parts for my car I got on my 16th birthday a week befor.  I saw an ad in the newspaper about keeping score at little legal games and decided to do it.  It paid 10 dollars a game which made me about 30 dollars a night for being bored in a small wooden box.  The box kept the scoring equitment and had enough room for two people comfortably and three squished together.  I usually get bored at the games, and since no one in highschool really goes to them I sometimes checked out the younger Jr. High girls.  I was going to be a Jr. in highschool the next upcoming school year, so looking at the girls going into the 8th grade wasn't exactly wrong...

     After the second game of the night and before the third I was getting ready to take score when a younger girl moved up to the fence next to the box and started talking to a younger boy she new who was helping me keep score.  The boy got a call from his mom a little later and said he had to go.  The girl asked if I wanted help and always one to accept help said it was ok. 

      The girl was short, about five ft., and was probably three fourths done growing her breasts.  She was tan and had brown hair.  She was wearing a small red wife-beater tank top and a very short denim mini skirt. If I had to guess, she was probably 13.  She easily weighed a hundred lbs. or less.  As we talked while watching the third game, I noticed she had her legs spred a bit and I could see the crotch of her cotton panties...It was obvious she wasn't aware of this, and I wasn't going to mention it.  I decided to see if she was into older guys by making a little conversation.

     "what is that scar on your leg," I asked, pointing to a small mark on her leg about four inches above her knee...

     "Oh, that?, I cut my self shaving a couple days ago...come to think of it I probably need to shave them again..." She started to rub her legs..."feel them, there pretty smooth, I shaved yesterday..."

     I put my hand on one and started to rub between the bottom of her skirt and her knee..."Wow,' i said..."they are pretty smooth, they feel nice to rub, I can do this all day"

     "haha" she laughed, " go ahead, my legs are dry and I got some lotion here, I'll take score, you can rub if you want"

     After that I continued to rub her leg while we watched the game...I noticed that her legs started to spread a little and the cotton underwear was more visable, I didn't know if she was trying to tell me something so I got a little bold...I stared to put my hand an inch up her skirt still rubbing back and forth...I looked up at her and she was watching the game so I continued.  I continued to rub till I reached her panties, after touching them for the first time she suddenly remarked...

     "Can I sit on your lap, I think I am sitting on some spilt pop..."

      I wisely agreed and as she got on top of me I noticed there was no pop or anything else where she was sitting...I continued to rub, and having her small young ass on my crotch was making me very horny...She felt it, I could tell, and started to slowly but noticably rub up and down ever so slightly on my semi hard cock.  I reached her panties this time and pulled them back a little, where I found a hairless pussy.  Right then I noticed the final out of the game occured, leaving me to clean up the box and then go home.  She got off and said

     "I'll see ya later" and left.

      I cleaned up and got into my parents' car I drove to the game and was about to leave in dissapointment when I saw the girl knock on the window and open the door, asking for a ride to her house.  She told me that she lived in the country and gave me the address.  I knew perfectly where her house was but after five min. got us "lost".  I said I knew where I was and started to drive the opposite way of her house, and put my arm around her on her strap to her tank top.  I pulled it down a little and she didn't budge.  A little more and I noticed no bra was under it.  I pulled it all the way down and did the other till her cleavage was in full view.  She then pulled her arms out with out a word.  I pulled down the shirt and she moved closer but stared ahead and didn't speak.  Her perfect round B breasts where in perfect view.  I pulled into a clearing in a corn field and drove about fifty yards in and shut off my lights.  I pulled her close and started to kiss her, it was obvious she only had kissed a few guys befor me, all young.  I pulled up her skirt and she said"stop"

     " Why" i asked..."I've never gone past a guy feeling my boobs and I'm probably not up to your standards..."She replied.  Relax I said and continued

     She let me continue and i pulled down her panties and moved my finger around her slit, she looked so sexy and i pulled out my cock...she stared at it mezmerized, and told me how the only other one she saw was one in truth or dare at a friend's house and it barely had any hair...I told her to put her hand on it and she did and then i told her to stroke it...

     "i dont want to have sex" she said, "ok," I lied, "i'm a virgin and neither do I"

     Her pussy was so close to my cock as she stroked it when I told her to stand up, as she stood up i positioned it under her pussy, I being a virgin my self wanted to fuck her so bad...Then I told her to lower herself and she did till my cock was touching her slit..."I said i dont want to have sex" and I said Ok we arent just stay like this...Then we started to make out and she rubbed her own slit for a while, i started to really make out with her hard and at the same time lowerd her till my cock was an inch in and then I pushed her all the way down popping her cherry..."i thought u said you didn't want to have sex" i said, knowing full well I did it..."im sorry I accidentally fell onto it I guess..." she said with a tear in her eye, the pain getting the best of her.  Then we started to make out again as I started to bounce her up and down....her moaning saying things like Ahh it feels better now, ohhh wow, jeeze.....then with out warning I came into her and she looked at me seriously...I pulled it out and wiped her pussy off, then proceeded to eat her out till she climaxed...I took her home but she was quite, worrying about getting pregnant. A few days later I saw her again at the ball park and she ignored me...Another girl, not the first girls friend came over and asked if she could sit next to me in the box...I said sure.....She had on a white cloth skirt..."what's that scar on your leg there," I asked.......

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