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Emily's First Oral Experience.

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Emily's First Oral Experience.

Emily entered the Dentist's office and sat down to wait her turn.

Dr. Hunter called out Emily's name.
"Hi Emily. It's been a while."
"Yes it has."
"I see you're turning 14 this Friday!
"Yep! Can't wait!"
Emily sat down on the dentist chair.
"Let me take a look down there"
"Oh dear. I see cavities!"
"Sorry Dr. Hunter"
"Don't apologize to me! Say sorry to my penis!"

Dr. Hunter walked over to the table, turned on the radio
and started to unzip his pants. Emily saw the 8" cock and starred at it.
"Wow that's big!"
"Don't just stare at it, lick it"
Emily grabbed the big cock and kissed it.
She started to lick the head of the penis and slowly sucked on it.
Emily felt 2 big loads shoot into her mouth and onto her tongue. She quickly swallowed both loads.

Just then, the door opened. It was Jack, the dental assistant.
"You started with out me?"

Jack pulled down his pants and exposed his 7" cock.
He started his way into Emily's tiny oriental mouth.
"Oh God! This feels so good!
Emily's head kept bobbin up and down.
"If you keep doing that, I'll cum!"
Jack's balls was about to explode.
6 hot sticky loads of cum went on to Emily's tongue and started to drip down her throat.
She then felt another 4 loads of hot cum in her mouth
Jack could not stop cumming. He came 8 more times in Emily's mouth.
Emily swallowed every load.

Dr. Hunter motioned to Jack to step away.
"Emily! Quick open your mouth like a good girl!"
Dr. Hunter put didn't bother to put his cock inside her this time.
He was confident to shoot more loads inside her without making a mess.
"Here it comes! Here it comes!"
Emily tilted her head back.
"Here comes the grand finale!!!"
Dr. Hunter' balls finally exploded and 8 big loads made its way to Emily's hot asian tongue.
Emily's mouth was so full, it could take anymore. It had to go somewhere.
She swallowed and swallowed like it was a milkshake.

Jack said "I have more coming"
"There's more?!" as Emily gulped everything down.
"I also had more loads for you." said Dr. Hunter who was ready for more.
"Can my mouth take 2 cocks??"
Both of them nodded.
Jack and Dr. Hunter put their cocks right back into her mouth.
Emily could feel the cocks on her tongue as they kept pushing in and out.
Jack came first. 4 hot loads of cum dripped down her throat.
Dr. Hunter continued to thrust violently.
7 hot loads came and went. Emily swallowed every last single load.
Dr. Hunter pulled out and shot 2 loads onto Emily's face.

Emily sat up and thought "Holy shit! That was hot!"
"Are you guys done? I want some more!"
"We're done!" they both said.
"Aww! I want more!"
Dr Hunter looked at Emily and said "No more. It's time to clean that dirty mouth of yours!"

Wow. What a day. Emily took on a total of 33 hot loads of cum in her tiny asian mouth.

The End!


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