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enemas with adopted sister

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this story also includes anal & enemas

People in this story me & my adopted sister Breanna

Location, Orlando, FL, in my apartment (same adopted sister from the story "sex with adopted sisters"

this time Its bre

2 nights are breanna came to me sitting down next to me on the couch, by the look on her face i could tell she was not well. she said she was having bad tummy pains, thinking on it for a bit, I had to ask her some what of a question when was the last time you had a BM" she replied its been a lil over a week.

I told her I can help you feel better, I told her Im gonna give you a few enemas, asked her to wait for me in the bathroom and to get undressed. I came in with an enema bag & shower shot system I filled the bag full with luke warm water & enema soap

hung the bag on the towel rack got down on knees and slowly slide the nozzle in, I angled it up a bit, part of the nozzle hit against that bone piece bout the top part of her butthole, nozzle when in a lil less the half way, it hit up against a big solid blockage, opened the clamp but no water went in, sure the hose & nozzle had water in it, but just could not get pas the blockage so

I held it there for a good long time, she knew she had it too im guessing she prlly felt the nozzle hitting against the blockage, she said something like "its not going in, dosent make sense to hold it" but i told her its for your own good if you want to feel better dear sis i started to push it against the blockage harder, and held it again for a long while, I kept pushing the nozzle harder & harder push & hold, ECT

i went to using the shower shot system, to see if that world, work, that did it, shower shot always works like a charm, after that went bacck to using the bad, had her take the whole thing, asked her if she could hold it in for at least 15 mins, after she got it out, I gave her 1 more with just plain water. full bag again

once enemas where over she flet alot better, she thanked me, as a reward to her I giave her some goof sex and hugs. I now will give her daily enemas to prevent that from happeing again


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