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Home In Georgia For Family Reunion

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Well, since I was living with my Aunt and Uncle in Alabama they decided we would all go to the family reunion in Georgia for the week. Remember, I was 10 when I moved in with them and had just began to blossom and now at 14 I was a 36DDD-28-38. I was short (still am) and my nipples got hard at the thought of cun. Well, the thing almost everyone was saying was "My how you have grown up.." which meant "my my, what big tits you have..." but I let it go. We all gathered at the lake and I had a suit that was a one piece spandex like racers wear. Nothing there between me and air but that thin layer was thinner material. It was white so my very dark nipples were outlined even if I was dry. If I was wet, well, you know.

My cousin Jill was two years older than me and flat as a miror and stayed around me a lot. Finally she said, "Are they real, everyone says you have implants." and so when we were by the lake I said, "Lets go to the cove and have a swim." she said okay and so I pulled off my shirt and her mouth fell open. In the water my suit was transparent almost. I made sure the crotch was almost a thong and riding in my lips. I was hot to say the least. We swam to the cove and were alone, "Well, now if you wanna make sure they are real go ahead and feel them'" I said. She shivered and looked at me. "Can I really?" she said. "Oh please do." I said and she held her hand inches from my tits. I reached out and cupped them in mine and took her hands and cupped my tits in her hands, massagging them and moving them around to make sure she felt no implants. THen I dropped my hands and her hands stayed. "They are so nice feeling." she said and I moved her hands for a moment and pulled the top down and my tits came out like they were gasping for air. "Now feel them." I said and she took them again and magan massagging them. "Squeeze them Jill, let them know you are there." I said and she did and began massagging them harder. My eyes were closed and I moaned some I know and said, "Suck them for me." and her mouth found one then the other. "Oh yes, that is nice, suck harder, make them know you are there Jill." I said again and she did just that. I had reached over and taken her top off and her nipples were hard. I pinched her nipples till they got hard and she too was moaning. I moved her head and kissed her nipples and then sucked them for her. "Oh you do that so good." she whispered. THe I took her face and kissed her and she returned it. Our tongues played with each other. We held hands and walked out of the water and to a path in the woods. We walked far into it and then I turned and took the suit from my hips and she took her bottom off. We began kissing again and I found a huge clit between her legs and got down and sucked it and finally we laid down on some grass and were enjoying each other.

I shifted my body so that she was on top of me in a 69 and we began eating each other. My orgasm sprayed her face and she licked it all up and her's made my face wet all over. We sat up and there was clapping from the trees and we looked up to see 6 of our guy cousins watching, all with bulges in their bathing suits. "What do you guys think, should we join them?" Don said and they all laughed. Jill was afraid and I told her to go and that if they let her go I would do all of them. They all laughed and said, "Yeh right." and I walked to the first one and was on my knees and took him down my throat. He moaned and soon filled my throat with his cum. "Next." I said and reached out for another. "Come on guys, I will pay for Jill to go free." I said and they all had thir suits off and Jill was walking back down the path. The next one stepped up and down my throat he went and soon filled it too. "Any of you guys go more than a couple strokes before cumming?" I laughed. I laid down and spread my legs. "Next." I said and one got in me. He had good size and began humping slow and I was enjoying it and saying so. "Come on guys, I need a great fucking." and he lasted a good long time and filled my pussy. Another got in and he did fairly good but still short of making me cum. I was just ready to cum when several older male voices came from the path. "So, little slut Brenda is getting fucked. Move guys. Let us take care of her." one said and he was first in. While he had a good sized cock I made him cum fast and he cussed as he got up. "Next" I said and another dropped to his knees and I felt his very thinck cock fill me. I wrapped my legs around him, "You dont leave till I finish." I said and he pumped slow. He was so thick that he was streaching my pussy walls out. After a 15 min fucking I sprayed all over his cock and he filled my pussy. All of them had fucked me now and I sat up, "anyone want their cocks sucked of?" and they gathered around. I began sucking and my face was being fucked by the boys and the men. After that had all done my face once I turned over, "If anyone has any left, I have one hole that has not been fucked today." and I presented my ass to them. Three of them took turns filling my ass and I had orgasms as they did. We all finished and they stood there. "Well, unless you want the rest of the family to cum fuck you Brenda, I think supper is about ready." I have had all the cum I can eat." I said and they helped me up and I took my suit and put it on then my shirt over it. I had cum running down my legs as we all walked and laughed with them. "Maybe I can have an all I can eat pussy bar if there are anyother women that can enjoy another woman in the family." I said loud. The wives all took their men with very evil looks towards me. I laughed and had a beer. One wife tried to tell me I was not old enough and her husband said, "Hunny, if she can fuck the way she just did, she can have a beer." and the men laughed. I said, "Well, if any women need lessons on how to make you man happy, I will be available tomorrow." and I left with Jill.

See ya all later.




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