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I was Fifteen

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Well, of coarse I was fifteen when I lost my virginity, that seems around the right time period right? Really at the time I think it was more of an act of defiance then an actual want.

Of coarse when I had got my first computer with internet access I couldn't help but look up porn online. That was on my fourteenth b-day. Well, anyway- I'm sure your dieing to have a fuck story to "get the juices flowing" so I'll try to describe what happened to the best of my ability.

"you coming?" asked my mother.

"no" I said annoyed.

"are you sure, we're gonna be gone all night, we won't comeback until morning."


"okay. good bye" she slammed the door and I watched her drive out of the driveway.

As soon as she left I quickly went to the phone and called a friend. Okay, he was a boy but actually we only knew each other from other people. We talked once at a get-together my friend had. That was when he gave me his number telling me he'd like to fuck me sometime. And OHH! was he sexy! He was turning eighteen then, He was tall and lean. His arms where long and tone, And his torso was firm and muscular. He seemed very experienced and I was happy that he actually wanted to have sex with me.

"hello?" a young mans voice answered the phone

"Hi! Its Tori!" I started.

"Hey." he said, "the redhead, at my little sisters, friends, party"

"yeah" I liked how he pointed out my red hair

"why'd you call?"

"my parents aren't home."

"shit, why are you telling me this?"

"I don't know, I was just needing some fuck, thats all" I said trying my best to be sexy.

"really. well, I can remedy that." he said. And in about an hour he was already at my place.

The doorbell rang and my heart pounded as I opened the door. There he was, with his hair carelessly brushed to the side and his collar shirt halfway unbuttoned.

He took a good look at me, First my big blue eyes then my red hair that was, at the time, to my shoulders. His eyes quickly went to my breasts that where, actually 34DD. He closed the door behind him and asked. "are you a virgin?"

"yeah, in fact I'm not sure I know the first thing about sex" I smiled and laughed at myself

"well thats an easy fix" he said taking of my sheer silky green blouse. Under it was a black lace push-up victoriassecret bra. It was my favorite because it really showed how young but big my boobs where. "Jesus." he said slipping of my jeans, revealing panties to match the bra.

"What, you don't like me?" I asked self consciously.

"No, your fucking hot" he said smiling at me. Then he kissed me, pushing his tongue in my mouth, first along the gums, but the third time, almost down my throat, at first I didn't know what to feel, but once we got in the rhythm it seemed only natural and I just wanted to go deeper and deeper. I could feel my thin panties getting wet and I started to cum all over.

I was just getting into it, but he stopped. "Want me to eat your virgin pussy before I fuck it?"

I was surprised "Are you sure you want to?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm sure" was all he said. And he placed me on the couch where he grabbed my legs and held them open. By this time I was cumming more then I ever thought I could and when he looked down at my crotch he smiled. "man, your pussy is a mess!" he laughed and slowly slipped my panties off my legs. "open you legs, come on, spread them wide!"

My head dropped back out of ecstasy as I opened my legs to expose my naked pussy. My vagina pulsated in heat, and I couldn't help but breath heavy and make noises as his head slowly came to my tight pussy. I felt his tongue at first graze my urethra and lick the sides of it, where I accidentally pissed a little. "I'm sorry!" I said.

"Its okay,,. Its okay" He laughed and moved to the outer labia, really pressing in with more then his tongue.

"OOoohhhhh..." I let out a moan, which seemed to encourage him, as he started to suck and lick the inner part of my labia ravenously. Then he moved down to the bridge and licked that a little. He lifted his head, and moved me down.

He undid my bra, and my breasts fell out of it, laying against my chest. They felt tender and a little soar... but that is normal for me. My nipples where very hard. He gabbed them and was about to take off his pants and fuck my pussy, but I stopped him

"You need a blow-job too," I smiled, got up and slowly unbuttoned his collar shirt and unzipped his jeans. I was nervous. I had never actually seen a penis besides pictures and videos. I had never touched, let alone shove a cock down my throat, What if he doesn't like how I do it? What if I will gag? what if this and what if that, was going through my mind.

"Gimme some of that cum. You gonna shove that cock down my throat or what?" I asked getting the hang of it.

He smiles "You want this cock?"

"Ahhhhh, yes, come on! cum in my mouth." I said pulling of his jeans, and then his boxers. When I did, his eight-inch cock stuck strait forward towards me and I touched it and looked up.

"You okay?" he asked

"yeah" I say and start licking his head. Then, With my fingers still on his testicals I sucked the head and moved my lips down his shaft, inserting his hard cock down as far as I could go. 'God! Its so hard' I thought to myself, as his cock moved down my throat. I thought I would be disgusted but it actually felt good in my mouth.

"oh, jesus." he said, "fuck." he said again "suck that cock bitch ahhh" He moaned and grabbed my hair and started moving his cock in and out of my throat, shoving it deeper and deeper every time. Finally I couldn't take it any more and I gagged out his hard cock.

"ohhhh..." I said, "I need your cock in my pussy hole now" I said, and he lifted me back on the couch and crouched over me. He placed his hand on his wet penis and slowly moved it into my vagina. It was so big, and uncomfortable, I thought at first it would be impossible for it to go in. my pussy hole felt small as his large cock entered slowly and firmly. My vagina again pulsated with pleasure, as the hard penis was being shoved into it.

Then it came back out. Then slowly back in. then out, then in, and out and in and out and in. each time felt better and better. "ohhhhh, Ahhhhhh, AHHHhhh, harder! OHHHH FUCK MY PUSSY! ohhh. FUCK ME HARDER! OHHHHHH!" I couldn't help myself. I screamed as he fucked me harder and faster. Faster and faster untill it was a perfect rhythm. It went in so deep, So far and it rubbed against the sides of my vagina.

It felt so good. Finally we reached the climax and screamed at the top of my lungs "OHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK MEEEEE! OHH YOU BASTERED FUCK! SHOVE THAT COCK IN ME! FUCK! OHHHHH! GOOOOD!! FUCK"

finally we finished. he stayed the night. and we fucked more, Untill 5:00 where he left me alone. But that wasn't all, we met each other more whenever mom was gone.


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