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Me and my amazing cousin! TRUE STORY!

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I'd always been attracted to my cousin Justin. He was always so musclar and bright bleach blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and an attractive six-pack stomach. His hands were beautiful, and strong, and gentle and soft. Every time his hands would carress my thigh, I'd instantly become wet.


The first time we did anything was when I was 13 years old, I was just getting small tits, and my nipples would poke out through my shirt, as I didn't need a bra just yet. He always told me he loved my little tits, and my tight hairless young pussy, he said he was always attracted to how young I was. He was 14 at the time, he looked as if he could be 18, 19 though. His cock was always nice and big, when it was soft it was roughly 8 inches, but when it was hard, it was at least 10, 11 inches. He pulled my shirt above my head and arms, and slipped it off, revealing my newly formed tits. He grabbed them, and massaged them, while kissing my neck and occiansionally touching the opening slit of my pussy, and occansionally his finger would go a little deeper and touch my clit. Every time his finger would poke my clit, I'd moan his name and arch my back. He loved that, and he would bite my lip and stick a finger in my pussy. I grabbed his hand and shoved him deeper inside me. I begged him to shove his giant cock in my tight 11 year old young pussy. But he declined, he said not yet, it would hurt me to much, and he needed to loosen my pussy if I were to ever take in his monsterous cock. We stopped, and he sucked his fingers licking off the remaining cum on my thighs. I pulled my shirt back on, zipped my pants up, and we walked back to his house.

When I was 14 years old, we spent 2 aching years of him eating my pussy, and fingering my pussy, and sometimes he'd fuck my ass. I wanted his cock in my pussy, and I told him to just shove it in, if he hurts me, he hurts me, but I couldn't take not knowing the feeling of his warm giant cock rubbing in my pussy going in and out, I couldn't take it. I pulled  him close, and whispered in his ear 'Please. Get your dick out and let me suck you.' He unzipped his pants, and I pulled my hair up in a bun, and started sucking his huge cock, I deep throated him until I was gagging. He pulled out of my mouth, and he cummed on my stomach, and tits, and he rubbed his cum in all over my body, and I was all sticky. He picked me up, and layed down, with my pussy in his face. He started licking, and sucking on my pussy and clit, than he tounge fucked my pussy. I got off his face, and jumped on him. 'Fuck me. Please. I need your cock in my pussy, Please Justin, I need it.' thats all he needed.. he put the tip of his cock in my pussy,my nails dug into his back as he starting going deeper. I let out a cry. 'Is it hurting baby.. I'll stop baby..' 'No. keep going. please.' he pushes in, finally, he is in all the way. I started arching my back, back and forth pushing him in, and out. Finally, I cum, and shortly after, he pulls out, and cums on my stomach.

I am 21 years old now, and we are still having sex, we actually live together, and we have only one bedroom, with one bed, that we sleep, and fuck in every single night. I love him, and always will. He isn't my cousin anymore, he is now the love of my life. And his cock is my pussy's best friend. I love you Justin, baby. 


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