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Moving Violation

PaperCuts on Teen Stories

“Just turned sixteen?” he asks.




Man, this is the "One of Mom's Guys" stories all over again. I suspected that PaperCuts might be JillyBeen posting under a new account when these stories first showed up, now I'm almost positive.

It's a shame that the poster took these down, it's rare to see stories this good on this site.

Hopefully someone had the foresight to save them and is willing to share. Especially The Night Audit series.


Yet again PaperCuts, You've outdone yourself, and gone above and beyond. The stories you write are really good! I've given Morgen a special inscription sword, but because of this story, you get one too!



Inscription: To PaperCuts, For writing a good teen story.

NOTE: Special Inscription Signed Cool Swords (SISCS) Can only be given to four authours! Morgen, PaperCuts, janey1113, And JeffreyFreemont. This is becausw these four authors are my favorites!

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