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this is the story of beth my 19 y.o daughter in law who wheather she knows it or not is quite a tease to me she stands at 5'6 120 lbs with long brown hair green eyes 40 dd tits and an ass to die for so perfectly formed and firm. this story happens shortly after my mother in law died and i was handling the sale of her car which meant i had to schedule appointments after work to show the car, beth and my step-son lived in mother in laws house so they were in charge of getting things she accumlated over 45 years in the house packed up. i showed up one evenning after work for an appt. un-announced and beth was packing alone her husband working 2nd shift, but how she was dressed stopped me in my tracks a pair of tight fitting terrycloth shorts hugging that wonderful ass and so tight to that young pussy and a half top that just barely covered her tits with no bra she was bent over picking up a box and i froze with a lump in my throat and one forming in my pants when she stood up and saw me she jumped and squealed not knowing i was there after saying sorry she came to me as usuall to hug and kiss me saying what are you doing here dad? which just made my cock even harder cause she always hugged me with a full on body press not just a lean in like most would but she had to have felt my hardness cause i swear i heard her wisper mmmm as she hugged me. i told her i had a appt. to show the car and would be outside doing so she said ok. while i was waiting i could not get her out of my mind and how good she felt against me anyway i came back to reality when the people showed up and i showed and sold the car ,just as i was done with them my phone rang my ife calling to tell me she had to work a double and to get dinner for myself, i thought lucky me...

i went back in and found her in one of the rooms packing boxes and told her i know had free time with mom having to work a double and i could help her pack some which made her smile and so we continued with me taking every chance i could to catch a glimpse of cleavage or make sure we were so close that we would bump into eachother so could feel her skin or accidently brush my hand or arm accross her ass or tits she seemed totally un-phazed by all this untill she bent over to get a box and rubbed accross my crotch and could feel my cock which had been straining to get free i just saw a smile on her face and we kept going we got alpt done in 2 hours when she said we should take a break i agreed and said we would take the boxes we each had down stairs and then break as we were carring them down the narrow hallway she stopped abruptly and droped her box and bent over to get it not before me not noticing and ran right into her sweet ass she squealed again but instead of moving away she started to grind her ass against my cock i almost passed out! i said bethy what are you doing? you need to stop or else , i'm just feeling something good dad or else what?

i said or else this i throw down my box grabbed her spun her around and began kissing her so deeply she did not fight it in fact her tongue was moving just as fast as mine was

as i held her face with one hand so gently my other hand found its way under her top to those firm tits i began carressing them then rubbed my thumb over the nipple which made her moan a deep gutteral oh my god dad! i pinched and pulled that nipple it just kept growing! i pulled her top off and feasted my eyes on those tits and could not believe what i was seeing they had dark colored areolas with nipples that stuck up about an inch hard enough to cut glass i began to suckle on each one like a baby which made her squirm like crazy she kept say moaning and begging me dad please don't

stop of course i didn't when all of a sudden just as i was putting my hand in her waitband so i could get to her pussy she came and squirted all over us both i have seen squirters on the net but never been with one - to be continued in part two

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