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Pretty Little Hitchhiker

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Marc Sanders was driving home from work when he noticed the pretty young girl standing at the edge of the road with her thumb sticking out. Curiosity caused him to slow down. When he got closer he was surprised to find out that he knew her. Her name was Abby Simms, and she went to school with his teenage daughter. While he was still processing this information, she opened the car door and without waiting for an invitation let herself inside.

"Hi, Mister Sanders," she said warmly. "I thought I recognized your car. Thanks for stopping."

"Hello, Abby," he said. "I must say, I'm surprised at you. Don't you know how dangerous it is to hitchhike? There are a lot of crazy people out there."

"All the kids are doing it," she said defensively. "Besides, I wouldn't get into a car with a stranger. You aren't dangerous, are you, Mister Sanders. You wouldn't try to take advantage of me, would you?"

It seemed to be a rather innocent remark coming from such a young girl, but something about the way she said it made him feel a little uncomfortable. Sneaking a glance at her, he was amazed at how quickly girls were growing up these days. Her outfit left little to the imagination, being just a tank top and a short, short skirt. Both in a virginal white, ironically. He found himself staring at her legs, which seemed to be improbably long and sexy for a fifteen year old girl.

"You didn't answer my question, Mister Sanders," she said. "You wouldn't try to take advantage of me, would you? Because if you want to, I know a nice private place if you turn right here."

"Abby, we can't…." he said, knowing in his head how wrong it was. But the beast between his legs thought differently. When he reached the side-street he made the turn.

As they drove through one of the undeveloped parts of town, Abby pressed her tight young body against him.

"Don't worry so much, Mister Sanders," she said, suddenly sounding so much older than her years. "I know how to keep a secret. What happens between us stays behind us."

Then she took her small hand and placed it between his legs. He almost drove off the road when she did that. But he also knew there would be no turning back.

"Over there," she pointed. "If we park behind those trees, no one will see us."

"It sounds like you've done this before," he said as he followed her directions.

"Are you asking if I'm a virgin?" she smiled. "Don't worry. I'm not. I've been here with a couple of boys. But you're the first one who actually knows what he's doing."

"I'm flattered," he smiled back as he put the car in park.

"You should be," she giggled as she suddenly straddled him. "I'm a hot piece of teen ass. I'm every middle-aged man's fantasy."

"I'm not quite middle-aged…." Marc started to protest. But the sexy little minx cut the conversation short by pressing her hungry mouth against his. He kissed her back eagerly, and started to explore her exposed skin with his strong workman's hands. While he did, she reached own and undid his pants. Working in concert, they somehow managed to work his pants and underpants down to his knees.

"It's so BIG!" Abby observed reverently when his cock was exposed. "I didn't know they got that big."

"Well, like you said," he grinned. "You've only been with boys."

"I have to feel that monster inside me," Abby said. Quick as a flash she peels off her panties and tossed them to the side. Then she wrapped her fingers around his throbbing shaft and guided it to the glistening entrance of her tiny slit.

"This might hurt a little, sweetheart," he warned her. "If you're not used to it."

"I don't care," she assured him. "Hurt me, Mister Sanders. I want it."

Without further ado, he cupped her exposed buttocks and pulled her down, impaling her on his massive cock. She gasped, and Marc could tell that she fought back tears, but she didn't ask him to stop. Instead, she tried to fit even more of him inside her.

"God, you're tight," he observed. "I've never been inside of such a tight pussy. Are you okay?"

"Yessssssss," Abby hissed. "Yessssssss….."

As she grew more comfortable, Abby started to more and more aggressively ride her new stallion. Her cries of bliss were unmistakable. Her little body trembled as waves of pleasure crashed over her. As she bounced up and down he leaned in and tried to suck on her tempting nipples as they dangled in front of him. Her orgasm came quickly, followed closely by a second and then a third. With his vast sexual experience, Marc didn't last much longer. He soon came, flooding her tender young womb with his hot cum. He entire body went limp, and she collapsed atop him with his enormous penis still inside her.

Neither of them spoke for the longest time. Then she said, "I get out of school most days at 3:30. Thursdays I get out at 4:00. Just in case you're in the neighborhood."

Marc smiled as he held her tight. He made it a point to be in the neighborhood at that hour several times a week. Once or twice he would pick her up. But they weren't exclusive. On days when they didn't connect, he was happy to learn that Abby had been telling him the truth: Abby wasn't the only girl who hitchhiked. In the months that followed, he also gave rides to half a dozen girls. And he was sure that Abby got rides from other fathers.

On one particularly memorable day, he saw a pretty little brunette standing there with her thumb out. His jaw dropped when he recognized her. It was Jodi, his own daughter. That day he just kept driving. When she got home late, he didn't bother asking where she had been. Father and daughter just shared a secret smile.

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