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Teenage Dreams 2 - Robyn

Wolfsbane20 on Teen Stories

"What the fuck did you just do?"

I looked over at my wife's sister, my cock still semi erect from the amazing sex I had just had, she was sitting up in the bed beside the one I was sitting on. The bed that I had just used to potentially impregnate her best friend. I didn't know what to say.

I stammered slightly, my cock still hanging out, I was very aware that she was looking at me in a way that confused me, she looked down at my semi erect cock and bit her lip. Then she said something that completely took me by surprise.

"Can I touch it?" she looked up at me in an innocent way and I felt myself getting aroused again. What if I could get 2 pregnant on the same day? My cock leapt at this prospect and her eyes widened as I reached my maximum hardness.

I stepped towards her my cock standing proudly in front of me, my large balls hanging like ripe fruit ready to be picked. She eyed them hungrily as I closed in on her until I was finally close enough to feel her warm breath on my by now fully aroused manhood. Her eyes widened as I lined it up with her mouth, she had little experience but she knew what I wanted. She licked my head tenderly and I felt her hand reach up and grab my shaft. She slid her hand towards her mouth as she licked around the head, making it nice and lubricated.

She then started to work on my shaft with her tongue, her hand sliding down and starting to caress my balls, she stared at my cock all the time, as if in a trance while she hungrily devoured it. I felt my balls stirring when she licked down and took them one by one into her mouth, sucking on them like they were some kind of hard candy. I nearly shot my load then but restrained myself. Instead I pulled away from her and ordered her to take off her pyjama bottoms. She complied and lie down onto her back with her knees up, presenting me her young shaved pusssy. I knelt between her legs and lined up with her dripping tight little hole and pushed forwards. She cried out slightly when our skin connected, feeling the heat from my cock at her entrance and then she bit her lip and arched her back when I started to enter her.

She pushed up into me and forced me deep inside of her, she cried out in pain as I ripped through her virginity, and I felt myself distantly noting that I had had two virgins in a matter of minutes. My cock surged again as i felt that this girl was tighter than the last, she was slightly bigger built and taller but she milked my cock with her pussy lips like a seasoned professional. She was a devil in the bed, moaning so loud I thought she might wake the house up, she thrashed around on the end of my cock as I burried it into her tight cunt again and again, she screamed out in frustration when I withdrew, teasing her, she told me she needed me to fill her up so I happily complied. I thrust deep inside of her and felt her juices flow,I felt her muscles contracting and realised she was having an orgasm on the end of my cock. I kept thrusting inside of her, pushing as deep as I possibly could go, sure I was starting to enter her womb, there was a new tightness at the end of my cock, I was bottoming out inside her tight little hole. I pushed further and felt something give, and the head of my cock slipped slightly further inside and I felt a tightness I never had before. I had entered her womb. I felt the cum boiling in my balls and said as much to her.

"No, no don't cum in me, I'm not on the pill" she gasped, struggling to push me away.

"Too late for that, its coming" I replied to her, giving a wicked grin as I felt the first spurt of cum entering her.

I poured load after load of cum inside the underage pussy, coating the walls in my juice, the struggling she had initially done was now a thing of the past, she was resigned to her fate and I manipulated her clit to reward her for her compliance, she cum on my cock again and squeezed the final drops of my juice out with her young muscles. I stayed inside of her, ensuring there was no leakage. I would deffinately impregnate this one I thought.

She had started to cry underneath me, saying that I had taken advantage of her, but as far as I am concerned she started it, and I just finished it for her.

"You shouldn't mess with the big boys if you can't take them" I spat down at her snivelling form on the floor. She looked up at me tears in her eyes and told me that if she got pregnant she couldn't abort it, and neither could her friend, they were both strict Catholics. I smiled at this and told her that I knew thiss all along and that was another good reason why she would be the carrier of my child.

I withdrew after around 15 mintues and left her lying on the floor, a little cum leaking from her soiled and streched cunt. I turned to her and spoke briefly.

"Any time I want you now, you will service me, you are my bitch and thats the way its going to stay"

She looked up at me again with big tears running down her face and with cum running down her ass crack and nodded slightly.

"I am your bitch

"Now tell me how much you want me to make your belly big and pregnant" I told her.

"I do I want you to knock me up properly. I hope its with twins so my stomach gets huge and round and then you can cum all over me and I can rub it into my huge belly"

My cock started to rise again as she was saying this, the thought too much for me to take. I fisted it and started to move towards her, fresh tears appeared in her eyes as I approached.

"Round three" I laughed.

To be continued. That is.....if you like it?????


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