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Teenie Shares Early Exhibitionist Fantasy

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We took a flashlight and walked through several campsites until we were near the river's edge sites. I figured our fishermen might be near there. We had tanned topless in the woods near the river bank where they were casting earlier in the day. Sheila and I shared similar exhibitionist fantasies and had become good friends and partners since our pubescent awakening.

We stopped and listened. We both heard a group of Spanish speaking men laughing and talking. We walked towards their sound and found them behind a fold up camper sitting around a campfire passing a Tequila bottle. I took my girlfriend's hand and led her near them saying 'Buenos Noches'. They all looked up and said 'Buenos Noches' back to us. I spoke to them in Spanish and said we had seen them fishing earlier and was wondering how it went. Did they catch anything? Did they camp here often like we did? We were taking a walk and it sounded like they were having a good time. They responded very kindly and invited us closer. They were all a bit drunk and as we walked closer, their stares were pretty obvious (we were wearing short shorts and T-shirts with our bikini tops underneath). After we talked a bit more, one of them said we were both very pretty, that he was surprised he had not seen us before since it was none of our first times there. Then another man said, 'Actually we have seen you right? By the river? This afternoon?' Their group reaction was priceless. All looking towards the man that recognized us then immediately toward us with lots of muffled 'Holy Shit'. One man said we were 'loco' crazy and asked if we knew they were watching us. I said, 'I'll tell you about it if I can have a drink of your Tequila'. (it was my fantasy releasing potion whose relaxing spirit I was well aware of). The closest man handed me the bottle saying, 'I'll deny giving this to you if asked.' I said, 'You don't have to worry. We wouldn't be here if we weren't good at secrets.' They all got very quiet and waited for me to go on.

I took a sip of Tequila and felt it sweep to my head. I handed the bottle to my friend who did the same. She coughed but held it in and swallowed and let out a cute 'yelp'. All the guys laughed. I said, 'OK you want to know what we were doing today. Yes we knew you were watching. It was my idea. Silence remained. One of the men got a blanket and spread it on the ground in front of us apologizing for not having more chairs. He said, 'I can speak for all of us and say we thought you girls were amazing and couldn't believe our eyes. We've been talking about it half the night. So you did that for us?' I took another sip of Tequila, let it free my mind, put my arm around my girlfriend and said, 'I did it for me, I like the feeling of being looked at. I get turned on by it. It was spontaneous for me. My friend here (I squeezed her shoulders) wants to feel like me but needs help. She was nervous today. So that's why we're here. I told her this is a perfect opportunity to explore her exhibitionist side - to feel what I feel. I handed her the bottle and she took another sip, then another. She said, 'I love Tequila!' We all laughed. I said, 'Well you got relaxed in a hurry.'

She flopped back on the blanket, her legs staying in a crossed legged position. Her shorts gaped open and her panties were visible on either side. She didn't seem to mind (or notice but the men sure did). I went on and asked if they were fishing tomorrow - that we might be tanning again in the area. One man described that they'd be just downstream of where they were today and that they would keep an excited eye out for us. Another said he hoped we would be 'completely' comfortable and that we'd have their full attention. Another man said, 'Why wait. We have a beautiful night, a nice fire and two beautiful girls. Ask your friend if she is getting more comfortable - if she's getting what you brought her here for. I leaned back and whispered in her ear, 'Remember what I said about using your fantasy mind to get over your inhibitions and just let go? Do you want to feel the sexual excitement that I feel thinking about these men wanting to see you naked and then actually doing it? And then imagine masturbating to it later - was it fantasy or was it real? The truth is that, to your sexual mind, it doesn't matter. In fact I find it more pleasurable imagining it as fantasy even when it's real. She kept her eyes closed as she turned her head toward me. She said, 'My head is swimming and I think I'm drunk but I understand everything you said. I feel exactly what you describe about fantasy. It's very powerful isn't it? You're good with it I can tell. I'm envious. I want what you have.'

I told her I could help her but she would have to turn her fantasy mind on and not turn it off, to make tonight a fantasy memory to use for the next time she touches herself. She smiled and said, 'I love it already!' I said, 'Good.' and slipped behind her head. I motioned to the men with a thumbs up. They all gave two thumbs up back to me. Three of them scooted closer to our side of the fire. I imitated a blindfold to them and one immediately gave me a bandana that I folded and placed on to my girlfriend's head telling her it will make the fantasy part easier. She willingly lifted her head for me to tie it and rested it back on the blanket. I started massaging her temples to relax her and give her a hypnotic feeling. I said, 'Relax and fantasize.' I saw her body seemingly sink into the blanket, her crossed legs opening further. I was getting very excited myself thinking in an exhibitionist way but instead of me getting naked, it was going to be the pretty once shy girl in front of me that I was about to undress for their voyeur eyes.

I continued to draw circles around her temples. I saw her breathing slow to a very relaxed state. I was happy for her but then I wondered if she was falling asleep or maybe just passing out from the Tequila. I didn't want to disturb her fantasy mind so I just continued hoping she was ' recording her first exhibitionist experience'. I reached my arms up to her waist and grabbed either side of her T shirt. I looked at the men's eyes going from mine to her body and back to mine. I gave a questioning nod with my eyes and they gave a collective yes. I lifted it up to her bikini top and stopped, letting her fantasy mind catch up if it needed. Her chest raised in a heightened excited breath and relaxed again. So she wasn't asleep! It excited me too. I scooted back and laid her arms straight back on the blanket and pulled her shirt over her head and up over her elbows but I got the idea to wrap it around her wrists in a knotted fashion. It excited all six of us I think. I placed her wrists just above her head so I could slide in close to her head and rub her temples again, giving her fantasy mind time to catch up. I looked at her body in the firelight and thought she was perfectly stunning and imagined how much these men must be enjoying her youthful beauty being displayed in front of them. One man put a few more cut tree limbs on the fire, casting her body in a bright glow. They stared at her in awestruck silence. Her white shorts contrasted with her tan. I reached over her and unsnapped them and unzipped them and folded them open revealing her panties and more of her flat tummy. I went up her left side to her bikini strap and followed it under her back until I found a loose end and pulled on it. When it came out, I pulled on the other side until it was free. Her bikini top loosened and the men excitedly watched as I lifted the bottom of it to just below her nipples. She had perfectly shaped breasts, unaffected by gravity and now accentuated by tan lines and fire glow. She was already going on a C cup and still had her young puffy nipples. These men were going to love her! I took her bikini strings, pulled them out to the side, then up over her head. The men gazed and shook their heads in amazement and appreciation. Even I stared at her, having never looked at her in anyway other than casual but now I saw her sexual beauty. The shadows cast by the fire over her breasts made her seem more sensually mature than fourteen years old. I felt I would never see her in the same way after that (and I didn't). She was like art to me then, so much so that I think I wanted to see her nude as much as these men did. I wondered what she was feeling then - if she felt as sexual as she looked. The exhibitionist in me envied her but I was also just as turned on 'exposing' her. A nasty chill went through my mind and I thought to myself, 'I have control of her body and the complete attention of four men. What would I want to see if I was them?

The shadows and flames danced over her firm, almost heavy still growing breasts that rested wide on her chest. Enhanced by her increased sexual state, her now very puffy nipples pointed proudly to the night sky making her seem more sensually mature than her fourteen years. She raised her chest taking in a deep breath and settled back into the blanket. She must have liked it. I whispered to her. ‘You’re fantasy mind is working beautifully. raise your chest again, feel the weight of your breasts, the warmth of the fire in the open air, your nipples puffy with sexual excitement. She took another deep breath, even arching her back a little and dropped back to the blanket. Her breasts vibrated in waves to the side and back together settling quickly to their perky upright position. I said, ‘Beautiful, I think I know what you want.'

I started massaging her temples until she returned to her relaxed almost sleeping state. Then I brought my hands down to her shoulders and up her forearms and back down. It had the effect I desired as her breasts raised and lowered. The men, I could tell, were infatuated with this young woman’s firm shapely breasts and puffy nipples so I gave her shoulders a few rapid squeezes to see if I could make them shake. They did and looked very sexual in a playful way. They reacted with little ‘hoots’ so I decided to show them more of what guys like- bouncing boobs - maybe especially youthful, firm full boobs with nice nipples. I lifted her tied wrists and arms and placed them at her sides resting her wrists on her stomach. Now they looked even bigger. Even I was amazed at the effect. I decided to let the men stare at her lifted breasts and went back to massaging her temples. She gave a sigh of enjoyment and drifted into a very relaxed state. I wondered where her fantasy mind was. Was it conscious or was it in a dream stage. I guessed she was dreaming or at least I hoped she was recording it somehow.

I could see her breasts needed to be shown off so I pushed her forearms toward her chest, lifting them together. She now had significant cleavage, her boobs looking larger than I thought they could. I remember that I liked the weight of them. They were deceivingly full. I made more lifting motions with her forearms being freer to let them fall to the sides. A couple of hoots and ‘oh yeahs’’ came from the guys so I knew they liked it. Its a fact - men just love boobs - and my friends, Sheila’s, were perfect that night. I shook her arms in and out rapidly making them shaked in little waves. Satisfied that I had given them a good show, I moved to her side, pulled her unzipped shorts open more at the top and lowered the top of her panties down her tummy while looking into the men’s faces. They all peered in. I looked back to her body glistening beautifully in the firelight to reveal the top of her pubic patch. I was curiously excited to see what she looked like. If her breast and nipples were any indication of her overall sexuality, we were all in for a treat! As the men gazed, I continued to pull her panties down to reveal more flat tummy below her navel and eventually dark brown and rather long pubic hairs. But they weren’t thick at all and I was surprised at how far down I had to pull her panties down to expose them. I think most girls our age wished they had smaller pubic patches but if she was one of them, I wouldn’t know it from what I, and these men, were discovering.

Her long thin hairs looked very sexy on her flat tummy. I thought to myself that people would be surprised at the sexuality a fourteen year old could possess. I noticed one man ‘adjusting’ himself. I thought that if I was a guy, I’d be doing the same thing! I pulled her shorts and panties together to just under her butt and lowered her upper panties again to show more pubic hairs. She was gorgeous - her pubic hairs were shiny and lustrous in the firelight. Looking up her body over her flat tanned tummy on a thin waist to her raised, slightly pushed together, round untanned white breasts with extra puffy chocolate nipples and onto her pretty face and long hair, she looked like art. Her face had a youthful innocence still but was belied and contrasted by a rapidly sexually maturing body. There was silence as everyone stared and captured the moment. Everyone, including me was in awe.

Looking at her face, I noticed her head was turned to the side and her mouth was partially open. She was more than asleep I guessed, the Tequila having had it’s way with her. I whispered, ‘I think she’s out. Should we go on without her?’ One guys said, ‘I think she’s beautiful. It’s what she would want right?’ I said, ‘Yes, I think she would be willing, judging by the way she has responded so far.’

I sat up and pulled her knees together, motioning for the two closest men to hold her in that position. They gladly obliged, one commenting on how soft her skin was as he glided his hand down the inside of her shin, and I slipped her shorts and panties together from under her and up her thighs to their waiting hands. They took them from me and slid them down her legs over her feet, one of them passing them around with a bottle of Tequila but never taking their eyes of her now nude body. I held her knees together until they were done drinking and then said, ‘Does anyone feel like this is a dream, like me?’ One man said, ‘If it is, I hope I never wake up. I fear I could be drunk and imagining all of this. I think we need to help her fantasy mind complete it’s task. And I need to stop drinking.’ I said, ‘Not me, can you pass the bottle?’ I took a big swig, it freed my mind almost instantly, making me feel nasty, for me and for Sheila. Somehow, one of them picked up on me and said, ‘Is there any chance you are going to join her? Afterall, you are her teacher and, I must say, are doing a great job. Are you in the fantasy mood?’ I said, ‘I am now. You guys have made it easy for my once shy friend. Me? I do love my fantasy life. Let’s see where it takes us. But remember, this evening is all about Sheila. I’m doing this for her fantasy mind but (pointing at her sleeping body) I’m not sure she’s getting much right now. I have an idea. You guys keep her in that position and I’ll take over……just as soon as…….you undress me! Do I have a volunteer?

One man said, ‘Undress you, like you undressed her?’ I nodded, I closed my eyes, raised my arms above my head and faced the fire and closed my eyes and waited. One guys said, ‘Holy Shit. Jim you’re closest. I’m going to watch. This is fucking unbelievable!’ They all stared at Jim and said, ‘What are you waiting for. You’ve never undressed a woman?’ ‘A woman yes but this is different. Maybe fifteen fucking years ago!’ “Well now you know what you’re doing so get on with it and put more wood on.’ I kept my arms up but I was shaking with laughter and excitement. I wondered if they could tell the difference. One man blurted out, ‘Strip her naked, come on Jim, while we have a fire! I want to see this sexy exhibitionist girl. Do you think we’ll ever get this chance again?’.’ I shook my hips in a sexy motion to entice them further. ‘Naked Jim! Take off her shirt and throw it to me. He was very vocal and it worked for the exhibitionist in me. I knew these men wanted to see me naked. Closing my eyes, making reality into fantasy is what I was good at – what I was trying to teach Sheila. I felt my T shirt lifted off my head. ‘Here you go Lucas.’ Now her top – I wanna see her pretty titties – throw it to me. I folded my arms over my head. He undid my back string and then my neck string and pulled it quickly off of me. ‘Catch Lucas, as you requested.’ ‘Wow nice titties’, Lucas shot back. ‘Love those perky nips standing straight out. Man, youth is everything huh guys? Great body Missy. Joe, Her shorts. Drop ‘em and share.’ I felt him reach around me, unbuttoned and unzipped them. He wiggled them a bit at a time off each hip, my panties going with them. Joe said, ‘Oh yeah. Nice pubies.’ As my shorts cleared my hips and butt, he let them drop to the blanket. he pulled them out from under my feet. I was completely naked now with four Mexican men studying my naked body standing in front of a well fed camp fire. It was thrilling.

I felt beautiful and nasty, the way I like it. Joe continued his ‘narration’. ‘Holy Shit – definitely Latina but I knew that from your fluent Spanish but, wow, naked in this light and with a perfect ‘landing strip’, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.’ One guy said, ‘Fucking unbelievable. How old did you say you were?’ I said, ‘Well, we never actually said. I’ll be fifteen in August and Sheila fifteen in June. Joe continued, ‘I’ll probably go straight to hell saying this but you and your friend are goddesses already. I’d like to see you both in about five years, much more of you.’ Another man chimed in, ‘Hell, five years, y’all are perfect now. And you won’t have this innocence…..and these beautiful perfect young bodies. Could I make a request as long as we’re living in this fantasy? From a future dirty old man? I smiled a big smile, showing him and the others that I was completely comfortable being nude in front of them. I said, ‘What would you like? But remember this is just a side-show. Sheila is our main concern, agreed? ‘Oh yes, definitely, Sheila. But can you do a slow turn with your arms above your head like that?’ I smiled again, turned to the side, brushed my hair back, arched my back slightly to let it hang down my back. I tucked my tummy in and slightly protruded my butt back. I held that pose for about ten seconds then turned away from them and struck the same pose. Once in it I stepped wider apart placing my feet about a yard apart (I was very limber from gymnastics and dance). I got a good reaction from the men but it got better as my feet started to slide on the blanket wider to almost a full split. My ass was within inches of the blanket. I felt the heat from the fire as more wood was added. I must have looked good to them. It was more than I’d thought about showing but spontaneity had it’s own way of enhancing fantasies I thought. But what next. I needed to get back to Sheila. Joe characteristically took care of the situation. ‘One final request from four dirty old men, or at least this one. I know you didn’t plan to do a full split but now that you’re there, and it’s very impressive and appreciated by the way, there’s something I want to record in my ‘fantasy mind’. I laughed and looked over my shoulder at him. He said, ‘See you’re a good teacher.’ ‘I guess I am. What can I reward you with?, I said. He said. ‘More than anything so far this evening, I want you to lean forward onto your elbows. I want to see your gorgeous ass and pussy. After that I can die a happy man.’

I closed my eyes, engaged my fantasy mind and let the exhibitionist in me take over. I leaned forward to rest on my elbows. The relief on my leg muscles was worth it! My butt raised higher in the air as I leaned forward. I must have been giving them a good view. I had never looked in a mirror at myself in this position but I felt very exposed to them. I wondered exactly what they saw. Joe obliged me. I said to him, ‘What is your fantasy mind recording? It is ‘X’ rated? Because it feels that way’ ‘Well, yes but ‘X’ for me means ‘X – traordinarily beautiful’, he said, ‘And as long as I’m already going to hell, ‘Gentlemen, I give you the perfect fourteen year old ass and pussy.’ The men all chimed in agreement. I said, ‘Tell me what you see. The X rated version is OK. I want to picture it in my mind’ He said, ‘Gladly. You have perfectly tight little butt cheeks centered around a cute little asshole. Just below that, your sexy dark pubic hairs start and go around your labia, I mean your pussy lips that are, right now, spread beautifully apart, the pink between them, by the way, looks fantastic in the firelight. I can see the hood that covers your clit, which is just peeking out. Have you been told that you have a gorgeous pussy?’ I said, ‘No, this would be a first for me.’ Joe said, Well, you are definitely a site I will never forget.’

I said, ‘Well not to change the subject but it sounds like you enjoy pussies. How about we explore Sheila’s before she wakes up?’ Joe said, ‘That is an excellent transition. Let’s spread her knees now. If she looks half as good as you, I will definitely die a happy man!’ I swung around, got up on my knees by her hips and took her knees from her holders and let them slowly open until they were stretched almost to the ground. I put the bottoms of her feet together and tucked them close to her butt. She was very limber as well since she had been in dance for years. Another log went on the fire. I guess like mine were, her pussy lips were slightly gapped open and you could easily see the pink between her separated labia. I looked at the men, all staring at her, and knew what they wanted to see, in fact what I wanted to show them. Now I could get off to being in control of a young girl’s naked body as if it were my own. I thought about how she would feel about it if she was aware. I really didn’t know for sure. Earlier, she was getting into it. Her fantasy mind was handling it surprisingly well. I only took partial credit. But now she was passed out and I was feeling nasty and exhibitionist. It was easy to pretend she was me and imagine these men desiring to see my naked body. They had already shown that they liked seeing me when I bent over after my splits. I had to curb my exhibitionist feelings then and anticipate doing more later in the evening. I would show Sheila’s body off and get turned on by their reaction. I would find out what they liked and then imagine it being me. I was excited, I asked, ‘Would you like to see more of her pretty pussy?’ Watching their reaction was a great turn on for me. This is what my fantasy mind always wanted for me.

So I pinched her slightly spread labia with my fingers and pulled them further apart, looking into their widening eyes they whole time. She didn’t react so I pulled more. One of the guys said, ‘Wow, she’s fucking beautiful. I love her pink little pussy. Joe, I’m going to hell with you so, please, show us her teenie clit’. I kept her labia spread and pulled the skin away from her clit at first out and then stretched it up. Although it was already bright, another log went onto the fire. Her spread lips and exposed clit looked beautiful in the firelight, a very enticing combination of reddish pink, yellow and orange dancing between her thighs.. I relaxed my grip and pulled my fingers away. I got an idea and asked for the Tequila. After a quick sip, I tilted the bottle and moistened my inserted middle finger and transferred it to her labia stroking them both to the outside, widening and flattening them. I dipped for more Tequila and coated her lips again. She glistened with golden Tequila but she looked sexually aroused, wet for sex. And here she was sleeping through it all! I painted her lips in more Tequila , stroking them outward to spread them as far as they would naturally lie. I started right at her vagina opening, pressing in at first, then painted slowly outward, opening her pussy, a drop of Tequila rolling in. One of the men said, ‘I’d drink from that in a heartbeat.’ Then Joe said, ‘Speaking of Hell, there’s something I’d love to see, to record. Hell we don’t even know your name.’ ‘Yvonne’, I said, ‘My name is Yvonne.’ He said, ‘Well, Yvonne, that’s a pretty name for a beautiful girl. Can you go back to behind her head, pull her arms up and massage her shoulders like before. I said, ‘Sure’ and crawled slowly on all fours in as sexy a manner as I could for Joe since I knew he was an ‘ass’ man. It got his attention. He said, ‘Holy Crap, you do that well. Can you do it again?’ I said teasingly, ‘Maybe later, maybe tomorrow, just for you if you have more Tequila that is.’ He said, ‘I love this girl. Tequila girl’ – he raised his bottle to me in a toast.’ I said, ‘Tomorrow, when we are tanning by the river, I’ll be your Tequila Sunshine.’ He said, ‘I can’t wait, Hell, we might even skip the fishing and just bring your Tequila!’ I looked at him and the other men and said, ‘I really like you guys. Boys my age could never be this cool. Today, when you were fishing, I noticed you were speaking Spanish in a friendly jovial way. I was attracted to you guys because I’m Latino too. I like Latino men. And I’m more sexual, I think, than many girls my age and I can’t see boys I know from school appreciating that in me, certainly not the way I feel it from you guys. Anyone would think I’m crazy getting naked in front of four strangers at their campsite but that’s the way my fantasy mind works. I don’t see me changing anytime soon. It has to be right of course and you guys make it that way. So now you know the sexual side of me that others don’t.’ Joe said, ‘Honey, we definitely appreciate you, and your pretty friend. We’re flattered that you have chosen to entertain us ‘dirty old men’.’ I said, ‘I know you call yourselves that but I don’t see you that way. I see you as men that I can fulfill my fantasy with.’ One man said, ‘Your exhibitionist fantasy. Being naked for us right? Exposing yourself – and even your friend here.’ I nodded yes. ‘But ‘exposing’ Sheila to you guys was a surprise turn on for me. I guess I’m still learning about my sexuality. He said, ‘And I thought only guys had feelings like that.’

I looked at Sheila’s pretty nude sleeping body and imagined being one of the men enjoying her. Then I imagined being her. Amazingly I got off equally to both! I settled on my knees behind her head and spread my thighs apart wide. Joe said, ‘Wow you really are comfortable. And I know I’ve said it already and pardon my ‘dirty old man’ candor but you have the most desirable pussy. There’s no better way to say it. Your pubic patch is perfect. I absolutely love its shape. And if there wasn’t such a nasty shadow between your legs, I’d be praising your pussy too. ‘Don’t say another word’, I said, ‘just pass the Tequila.’ He did and said, ‘Here keep the bottle. Please!’ Another log was placed on the fire. I took a savoring drink and waited for its fantasy releasing effect. In an instant I had a rush of nasty exhibitionist feelings. I wanted to play with Sheila – to ‘expose’ her to these men. Even if the ‘shy girl’ wouldn’t have wanted it, I wanted it for her. I think because she was reluctant, it made it even more thrilling. Before this night, she was never naked in front of any man. It was only her sips of Tequila that started to change her mind. She passed out well before her shorts and panties were removed. She had no idea that she was lying naked by a fire in front of four men that she had not met before this day. Her legs were wide apart, her pussy lips spread neatly open, wet with Tequila. I put my hands on either side of her breasts and pushed them up together forming good cleavage. Her puffy nipples pointed straight up. I relaxed them apart and moved my fingers to make them jiggle until I found the right rhythm to make them flow in waves. I said, ‘Nice tits huh guys?’ They laughed, one of them saying, ‘You sound l like one of us.’ I said, ‘That’s because I can think like you. I know what you want – the Tequila makes me think nasty thoughts.’ Joe said, ‘What are you thinking now?’ I said, ‘Funny you ask Joe because this is for you.’ I told the guys that were holding her knees earlier to take her feet and hand them to me. I got up on my knees and stretched my arms forward and put my hands around her ankles and pulling her toward me, lifted her butt off the blanket. Joe excitedly said, ‘Oh yeah! You rock nasty girl.’ I spread her ankles as wide as I could but not nearly as far as I knew her dancer’s legs could go. I said to the two side men, ‘A little help please.’ and placed her ankles in their strong grips. I said, ‘You know what to do.’ And boy did they! Her thighs separated widely as they tested her flexibility driving her feet almost to the blanket. They pushed her legs more toward me lifting her ass into clear view. Her cheeks were completely spread, her asshole brightly lit by the fire and also glistening from Tequila that had run down and over it. You could make out every tiny hair that started just above it and continued with longer ones that framed her now gaping vagina. Joe had moved in closer and was looking right down into her. Oh this was nasty indeed and even more so thinking that no man has ever seen her fourteen year old pussy completely exposed. Maybe no man ever would again. I think Joe knew that and was taking all of her beauty in – recording it into his own fantasy mind. I understood and wanted to help him further. I shook her breasts again. She didn’t react at all. I pulled on each of her nipples and wiggled her breasts back and forth and then again in a more rapid motion. I could tell they loved it so I repeated it for another minute, shaking them and letting go and starting in again, each time they would jiggle and return to their firm, upright position. I looked up and said, ‘Fun huh?’ Joe said, ‘ You entertain well. I like you as the nasty Tequila girl, especially the shaking tittie play. I like that you know what guys like.’ ‘Yes I do and that was for fun.’

I crawled around right next to her side and got the idea to straddle her over her waist so I could easily reach her pussy and show it to them. But when I stretched my right leg over her tummy, it seemed I got the attention. Joe said, ‘Oh there she is again – that sweet young Latina pussy. You have to show us more of her.’ I said, ‘I will, Joe, just for you, but first, Nasty girl is going to expose our sleeping beauty to the Texas sky and our four new ‘dirty old men’ friends.’ Joe to raised the Tequila bottle, ‘Here’s to dirty old men and nasty young girls. Nasty away Tequila sunshine.’ I placed my hands on either side of Sheila’s labia and pulled up and wide. I stretched her skin to high above her clit and fanned my lower fingers wider opening her vagina as I spread her pussy lips wide and flat. She was showing a lot of pink. I could tell the guys were loving it – they were all leaning in for the show. I adjusted my index fingers to reach just inside of her vagina opening. She was tight but I stretched her pretty wide. They guys pulled her ass higher off the blanket, keeping her legs spread wide and pointed her pussy straight up. They looked right down into her gaping vagina, her rolls and folds of pink soft tissue glistening from natural moisture. Joe said, ‘Can you do that labia spread you did earlier? I like her stretched pink pussy lips’ I said, ‘I thought you liked that.’ I pinched each one between my thumb and index finger and put my pinky out to the side for affect. I pulled them straight out, farther than I thought they could go (probably a good three inches) and then pulled them open about the same three inches. I stretched them thinner and everyone kind of gasped. The firelight was shining right through them. You could see the definite shape of lively little blood vessels. It felt momentarily like we were in a medical school class studying vaginas but in this case it was the pussy of a pretty young fourteen year old girl – a sleeping virgin no less!’ I kept her labia stretched thin and pulled them open and closed, each time holding them wide for the guys to have a good view of her moist vagina opening and outstretched lips. ‘This is your favorite isn’t it?’ I said. One guys responded, ‘It’s definitely one of your friend’s nicer attributes. And, besides, what dirty old man doesn’t like looking at young virgin pussy?’ Joe said, ‘Speaking of young virgin pussy, when do I get to fulfill my fantasy and see more of your sweetness?’ I smiled at him, climbed from over Sheila’s tummy and said, ‘Let’s get our naked girl dressed first.’ Everyone helped get her panties and shorts on and then lifted her to get her shirt on. I tucked her bikini into her pants pocket. She would have questions about that later I surmised. I’d have to think about what to reveal to her. Not much I thought. It was going to be part of my secret fantasy life, unless, of course, she was becoming more like me. After all, she did seem excited by the men seeing her breasts, ones she could be very proud of at fourteen. I would help her with those feelings – tomorrow – tanning by the river. We would both get naked, I was sure of it. I would teach her to make it fantasy and get off on it. It would be nice, I thought, if I had a friend to share my fantasy thoughts with.

Sheila started stirring just as I was thinking of giving Joe his wish. I now wondered how she would react to me being naked. I decided to get dressed and avoid the hassle. I said, ‘Sorry Joe, but we’ll be at the river tomorrow. Rain check?’ I was just finishing getting dressed when Sheila popped up in a daze, looked around and said, ‘OMG, what happened to me? I said, ‘You passed out at the beginning of your fantasy is what happened to you.’ She got panicky and asked what time it was.’ One of the men said it was just after midnight. She sprung to her feet, fell back down and got up more slowly. She said, ‘Are you crazy? If my parents find us not in our tent, I’ll be grounded for a month. Come on let’s go.’ She grabbed the flashlight and my hand, saying, ‘Sorry guys. Nice meeting you.’ They said, ‘Nice meeting you girls’, as they raised their Tequila bottles, howling and laughing. As we ran away, I started laughing with them. She said, ‘What was that all about. You’ll have to tell me what I missed. I told her I would tomorrow at the river. It was amazing that she was spread eagle naked in front of four men and had no idea!

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