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The day I fucked Jamie Lynn Spears

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The day I fucked Jamie Lynn Spears

Tired of all the paparazzi, fans, manager and the pressure of living in the shadow of her older sister, Jamie Lynn Spears decided to take one day off without telling anyone. She walked down Sunset Boulevard with all the “normal” people, but then two fans recognized her and chased after her, and the two became three, and three became a multitude. Scared and without a way of escaping them, she gets on my car, I was just sitting there waiting for my mom and sisters to finish their shopping. Jamie Lynn told me to drive on, and I did. I don’t exactly know how far we got, but the place she told me to stop on was quite deserted.

She then started to cry, and I did not know what to do, so I gently pat her in the shoulder, and she hugged me. It all took me by surprised, I was petrified, but then something even more surprising occurred, she kissed me so hard and fearless, like lovers do when they are completely and utterly in loved with each other. Her lips where soft and wet with the tears of her eyes, and then with her right hand she reached underneath her red mini skirt and pulled off her panties and then takes her shirt and bra off, and I instinctively unzipped my pants and reach for my penis. Jamie Lynn then climbed over to my side of the car and with one of her hands she grabs my penis and softly insert it into her pussy. She then went up and down, and up and down, and this movement was emulated by her surprisingly large breast, they were dancing majestically in front of my face. I stared at them for like ten seconds and then I kissed them, licked them and swallowed her whole nipple with my mouth. We kept this same sexual position until I finally came and ejaculated inside her, and once I was done and satisfied, I said to myself “damn we didn’t use a condom”.

I can’t remember how long we make love. She didn’t ask me my name. She just told me to leave her on a corner street and then she left.

I went home and google her, and found out she was only 16, and several months later while watching E! entertainment, Giuliana Rancic revealed that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant.


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