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Truth or Dare

PaperCuts on Teen Stories

“Are you here with your friends?” he asks.




Man, this is the "One of Mom's Guys" stories all over again. I suspected that PaperCuts might be JillyBeen posting under a new account when these stories first showed up, now I'm almost positive.

It's a shame that the poster took these down, it's rare to see stories this good on this site.

Hopefully someone had the foresight to save them and is willing to share. Especially The Night Audit series.


His real name his felix, and he has a channel on youtube! He's been making video's for two years. If you don't like

horror/funny, Go play amnesia dark desent. PC game, you can only buy it. If you don't care about pewdiepie,I apoligize for wasting your time!


You know I wanted to see Promethesus as well. Paranormal activity 3, people summed it up as doors randomly opening and closing! Now if you are wondering about horror/funny, Pewdiepie is your man. He pretty much does a lot of horror playthrough (Those of you who get scared easily, All you get scared from is him screaming BARRELS!) NOTES: Pewdiepie was born and lives in sweden. He does 4 to 5 video's a day. (He's not doing it for the money) Barrels and untrusted statues aka ( Knights armor)are his archnemesis He's pretty much a mystery to some people.

Ex: Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Statues are everywhere


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