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Fuck Me

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Fuck Me



My life had become pretty boring and my sex life non-existent.  The women in my life had all proven themselves to be untrustworthy, transparent and superficial.  I was taking a break from the world.  I just wanted to sit at my bar stool, get drunk and smoke my Cohiba until I could drink and smoke no more.  When the dark haired, dark skinned beauty sat down next to me I was at first a little pissed, that soon passed when I got a look at her tits screaming to get out of the tight top she was wearing.  They jiggled nicely as she moved teasingly from side to side as though looking for someone she had been waiting for.  Nice long and slightly muscular legs crossed themselves nicely all the way down to a pair of shiny black stiletto heels. 


I puffed on my cigar making more smoke than was necessary hoping she would move away.  She was hot but I was in no mood for another high maintenance bitch to drain my pockets.  I watched her from the side of my eye and saw her reach into her bag and draw out a cigarette.  Of course she couldn’t find a match and turned to me, cigarette dangling between her fingers.


“Pardon me, do you have a light?” she asked in a pleasingly husky voice.


I had to oblige her no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t be completely anti-social.  “Sure,” I said and flicked my lighter to life.  She softly cupped my hand with her long fingers taking the opportunity to look me straight in the eyes.  She had big green eyes and full red lips that looked like they were made to wrap themselves around a cock. 


“Thank you,” she said slowly sliding her long nails off of my hand sending an electric charge straight to my cock.  It twitched and I think I unknowingly winced.  She smiled looking down at my crotch.  I turned around to face the bar again and tried to ignore her, but she wasn’t going to make it that easy for me. 


She turned in her seat to face me and said, “Excuse me, I know this sounds like a line, but what kind of a cigar is that?  I’m a novice cigar smoker and am trying to learn about different cigars.  That one smells great,” she said smiling with those sexy green eyes. 


I sighed inside not wanting to insult her and ruin her self image, I’m sure she thought she could have any man she wanted, he would have to prove her wrong.  “This is a Cohiba, made in the Dominican Republic.  It had been one of Cuba’s best cigars before Castro and the trade embargo.” 


She seemed impressed with my knowledge.  “You don’t happen to have another one would you?” she asked raising her eyebrows.  “I’d pay for it, really.  I’m not high maintenance . . . at least not with money,” she said giggling.


I looked at her incredulously and said, “No. I don’t have another, sorry.”


“What about your cigar?  Can I suck on it?” she asked parting her lips slightly.


“I don’t think so, dear.  I never share my cigar with anyone,” I couldn’t believe her nerve.


“I didn’t mean that cigar silly,” she said smiling with a wink and pursed lips.


I nearly choked on my smoke and couldn’t believe it.  Just when I wanted to be left alone, here comes this hot black chick wanting to suck my cigar and I don’t mean cigar.  My cock, which had a mind of its own sprang to life at the offer . . .  traitor. 


She glanced down at my crotch again and must have noticed the traitor springing to life.  Her hand snaked out and grabbed hold of the traitor and gave him a squeeze.  He liked that and grew a little more under the urging of her fingers. 


“Ooohh, your eyes say no, but your body says yes,” she said not letting go of my growing cock. 


I looked around the bar to see if anyone had noticed, to my surprise no one was paying any attention to us.  I quickly closed my legs and her hand left my crotch, her smile even larger than before.  It had been some time since I had sex and my cock kept growing until it was as hard as I could ever remember it being.  I tried to hide the fact but she wouldn’t take her eyes off of my crotch.


“Would you stop looking at my crotch, please,” I asked looking around the bar again.


She picked her eyes up and looked at me with those green eyes and pouted.  “I’m sorry honey, it just looks so yummy.  Won’t you let me play with it for a while?  You don’t have to do anything but let me suck that hot white cock until it explodes in my mouth,” a hot breath escaped her lips and fell on my neck. 


My cock was not going to cooperate.  That just made it harder if that was possible.  I looked at her and said to myself, ‘What the fuck.  I could go for a blowjob.’  I placed a thumb on my nuts and pressed down until pain shot through them.  My hardon soon subsided and I felt back in control of myself.  “Your place or mine, sugar lips,” I asked stupidly.


“Oh baby, we don’t have to go anywhere except to a john stall.”


My eyes widened but I was up to it.  A quick BJ and I was back at the bar with my Cohiba.  “Okay,” I said, “you gonna meet me in the men’s john?” I asked.


“Sure baby. I’ll be right behind you.  Be ready for me,” she said.


I got up and walked quickly to the men’s room before my cock got hard again.  I went to the last stall and undid my pants and let my zipper down.  I waited for what seemed like an hour when I heard the door open.  I strained my ears to hear if they were a woman’s heels clicking on the floor.  The click clack of spiked heels echoed off the walls of the empty bathroom, slowly becoming louder as they approached my stall.  My cock was standing at attention ready for a good suck.  The heels stopped in front of my stall and the door creaked open slowly, revealing the tall, leggy dark woman.  She stepped into the stall and locked the door behind her.  She pressed her tits up against me and kissed me deeply, her tongue flicking into my mouth like a snake, twirling around my own tongue and then sucking on it like a slippery cock driving me wild. 


We separated tongues and she reached down for my cock.  She stroked it expertly and then shoved my pants down to the floor.  She spun me around and sat on the commode so that my eight inch cock was directly in front of her face.  She took a long look and kissed the head lightly looking up at me from under my stiff prick.  “Ready?” she asked and slipped the head into her warm mouth not waiting for an answer.  She sucked hard and my cock seemed to be swallowed up inch by inch until it could go no further.  Her tongue flicked out licking my nuts at the same time her throat was stuffed with my eight inches of hard cock.  I nearly blew my load as she pulled back, all the time maintaining full suction.  My cock popped out of her mouth echoing off the walls of the empty bathroom.  I panted hard trying to hold back ejaculating right then and there. 


She looked up at me with those green eyes and smiled, “Like that?” she asked and grabbed the base of my cock and stuck the head back in her mouth.  Her tongue swirled around the head over and under while her hand stroked the full length of my cock.  I reached down and held her shoulders trying to push her back and let my cock breath.  She would have none of it, instead she sucked and stroked harder and faster until I couldn’t hold it back any further.  Without warning my load roared up the shaft and filled her mouth with warm creamy cum.  She swallowed as fast she could but some cum escaped her mouth and drizzled down the side of her mouth hanging at the edge of her chin.  I kept shooting spurt after spurt into her throat until I finally had no more to give.  She kept sucking up every drop I had to give.  What a greedy little bitch I thought and scooped up the string of cum dangling from her chin.  I held it above her head hanging from the end of my finger.  She reached out with her tongue and licked it off of my finger and then stuck my finger in her mouth making sure she didn’t miss any.


My cock was still hard and ready for another round.  She smiled and kissed my cock and looked up at me.  “Mind if I take care of myself real quick?  That got me so hot I just have to cum at least once,” she said rubbing her crotch. 


I was feeling greedy and stroked my cock in front of her face, “No. Suck me off again, then you can cum.  I’ll even help you, okay.”


“Okay,” she said slyly and shoved my cock back into her hot mouth.  She kept shoving my cock down her throat, in and out, in and out, again and again.  Her tongue flicked out and lashed at the head every time my cock head came out of her throat.  I was speechless, I couldn’t even groan.  This was by far the best blow job I had ever had.  I felt my nuts boiling ready to let another load go, she could sense it too and squeezed my balls and rolled them between her fingers.  She placed my cock head in her mouth and sucked and licked it until my balls let loose another huge load into her mouth.  I could feel her flicking over my dick hole as my cum spurted out shot after shot.  My entire body spasmed in pleasure and a groan escaped my throat and hers as the final spurt left my cock.  No cum escaped her mouth this time and she swallowed with a sigh of satisfaction. 


My legs felt like spaghetti and I had to sit down or fall to the ground.  She pulled my shorts and pants up and spun me around so that I could sit on the john.  I sat back and gathered my breath.  She stood in front of with her crotch staring at me.  “My turn now, you promised you’d help,” she said pulling her panties down.  As she stood up I could see that this was no ordinary woman.  This was a man, a man with a big black dick.  She grabbed her cock and began to stroke it in front of my face.  I watched it grow longer and thicker and felt my own cock growing again.  I was aroused by watching her stroke that fat black cock.  It grew to a nice nine inches long and as fat as a banana.  She must have been pretty horny because a drop of pre-cum formed at the dick hole.  I found myself leaning over to lick the pre-cum off the tip of her dick.  She stopped stroking it as my tongue snaked out and grabbed the large drop.  It tasted salty sweet and I wanted more. 


“Suck it,” she whispered holding it up to my lips.  My mouth opened and she slid the fat cock past my lips and into my mouth.  My lips stretched wide to accommodate the fat piece of head meat and I sucked the shaft in as far as I could.  I didn’t even think about it I just sucked it and reached my hand up to lightly squeeze her big nut sack.  She moaned as I rolled her nuts around with my fingers and said, “Squeeze harder.”  I did as she asked releasing a deep moan from her throat.  She grabbed the back of my head and began to pump her cock into my mouth.  I tried to take as much of her cock into my mouth as I could without gagging.  My own dick had come back to life demanding some attention.  He would have to wait, I was having too much fun at the time. 


She pumped faster and faster her cock head hitting the back of my throat.  I could feel her nuts tighten up in my hand and prepared for her load.  I wanted to taste it and swallow as much as I could.  She stopped pumping and I felt the cum rumble up through the long cock shaft until it finally exploded in my mouth filling it quickly.  I tried to savor the salty sweet flavor of her cum but had to start swallowing or I would lose some to the floor and I wanted it all.  It didn’t seem to stop, it just kept cumming and cumming.  Finally the cum stopped and her cock trembled and softened in my mouth I didn’t want to let it go.  She gently took it out of my mouth and pulled up her panties, stuffing her cock into the tiny panties. 


I sat on the john with my dick sticking straight up into the air.  She looked down at it smiled.  “You’re on your own with that one, honey.  I’ve got to go,” she said and turned to leave.


“Wait,” I said, “can I see you again?”


“If we see each other again, we’ll see each other.  Okay?” she said and left the stall.


I just sat there for a while and thought about what had just happened.  I had sucked my first cock and ate my first load of cum and I liked it.





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