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My Pet

uosdwisrdewoh on Transgender Stories

I went into the pet store very excited. I was really going to do this!

I walked up to the girl behind the counter. She was pretty and looked very young to be working in a place like this.

Hi. I’m interested in the pets in the back.”

“Oh? What kind of pet were you looking for?”

“The kind that walks on two legs.” I repeated the password.

She grinned. “Right this way.”

She led me past large fish tanks, rows of rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs in cages and into a storeroom full of pet supplies.

She pushed on a set of shelves and it slid easily to the side on rollers. There was another door behind the shelves and she opened it for me.

“Go ahead and browse. There’s another clerk in the back if you have any questions.”

“Thank you.”

I walked into a much larger room full of cages. Each one contained a naked man or woman. They all stood and smiled at me through the bars as I walked down the aisles. Of course they had all chosen to be here and were very eager to be bought.

I stopped to pet a very pretty redhead. She purred as my fingers traveled over her breasts. I put my arm around her and pulled her against the bars. I continued to fondle her breasts while my other hand traveled down her tight little ass and my fingers slid into her pussy. She moaned happily as I finger fucked her for a few seconds.

The redhead was gorgeous but I wanted to take a look at the rest of the merchandise. I moved away down the aisle.

“Please buy me, Master!” She whispered.

I turned back to her. She knew she wasn’t supposed to speak unless she was spoken to. If the clerk had heard her she would have been punished.

“We’ll see.”

She sat back down, pouting.

I walked around inspecting the women that interested me. The pouty redhead was still in the lead. She was obviously kind of a brat but training her could be fun.

Then I saw her. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. A gorgeous asian girl with a perfect body and caramel colored skin. Our eyes met and she smiled at me. My eyes traveled slowly over her fantastic breasts, not huge but perfectly shaped with little dark nipples. Down her trim stomach to…

A dick??

I looked back up at her dark, beautiful eyes. She was still smiling at me, now a bit nervously.

I looked back down at the dick. It really was very beautiful. It stood out proudly, big and hard. Probably bigger than mine!

I took in the rest of her body. She had smooth, hairless balls hanging under her dick and long, beautiful legs.

I walked up to her cage. “Hi there.”

“Hello Master.”

I reached in and squeezed one of her firm, round breasts.

“This is nice work. They feel very real.”

“They are real, Master.”

“Really? What are you?”

She pointed to the sign on the cage showing her price and other vital information.

It said: Hermaphrodite!! Very Rare!! Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!!

“Hermaphrodite? Wow. You’re gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Master. You’re very handsome too.” She blushed shyly.

So sweet and demure. So beautiful! I think I fell in love with her right then.

I read the rest of the sign.

She cost more than twice as much as any regular woman in the place. She was twenty-four years old, five foot five, and weighed a hundred and eight pounds. Her measurements were 36-22-36-8. The eight being the length of her erect cock.

I reached out and stroked the silky skin of her cock. She pushed it eagerly through the bars for me. I continued to stroke it and stuck my other hand between her legs where I found wet, hot, swollen pussy lips.

I kept jerking her off while fingering her pussy. Her big hard dick was getting slick as precum oozed out of it.

“Oh Master!!” She gasped, clinging to the bars.

Her pussy sucked on my fingers and her dick exploded, spewing cum all over my pant leg.

The clerk, seeing this, jumped up brandishing a whip. “You filthy slut! How dare you get your disgusting fluids all over a customer!”

She threw her arms around me through the bars and cowered against me.

I held up my hand. “No, no! It’s my fault. No harm done. And I’m sure she won’t mind cleaning it up, will you, sweetie?”

The beautiful hermaphrodite shook her head from side to side gratefully.

The clerk sat down, looking very disappointed that she wouldn’t get to use her whip.

I scooped up the cum on my pants and stuck my finger in her mouth. She wrapped her sexy lips around my finger and sucked happily. It was obvious that she’d give incredible blowjobs.

I scooped up the rest of the cum and popped it into my own mouth experimentally. It actually tasted very good.

“Could I see her out of the cage?” I asked the clerk.

“Yeah.” She came over and unlocked the cage. The girl stepped out. She was trembling. “There’s a private room over there. You get a half hour with her. First time’s free. If you want to try out any of the others it’s $50 each.”

I doubted that would be necessary.

I took the pretty pet’s hand and led her into the room. A big sign that warned: YOU BREAK IT, YOU BOUGHT IT!! hung above a wall covered with various restraints, whips, and paddles. I didn’t think we’d be needing any of that stuff.

She stood submissively while I inspected her beautiful body. Those tits were definitely real. She had the greatest ass I’ve ever seen. She squealed as I slapped it playfully.

Then I squatted down to take a close look at her beautiful dick and balls. Her dick was already hard again and I licked it experimentally. It tasted very good. I enjoyed her male parts for a few minutes then told her to lay down on the bed.

She lay down with her legs spread and cupped her balls so I could plunge my tongue into her sweet, tight pussy. She writhed happily as I ate her delicious pussy.

“Master! Oh Master!” She moaned in orgasm.

I crawled up her beautiful body. She’d left a warm puddle of cum on her stomach. I licked it up and then kissed her, giving her another taste of her delicious cum.

Her hand timidly rubbed the big bulge in my pants. I laughed. I was buying a sex slave here and all I seemed to want to do was pleasure her.

I rolled over on my back. “Okay, baby. Show me what you can do.”

She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. She started giving the most incredible blowjob I’d ever had. She did incredible things with her lips and tongue, grazed me gently with her teeth. I grabbed the back of her head and experimented with pumping my dick into her throat. She took it very well and didn’t protest, of course, but she was so good with her tongue I mostly let her do it.

“Oh yeah! Oh I am so buying you!” I gasped as I came in her talented mouth.

I pulled her up next to me and held her, stroking her soft skin.

The clerk knocked on the door. “Time’s almost up!”

That had been a half hour already?? “Okay, we’ll be right out!”

I turned to the beautiful hermaphrodite. “So do you want to be my pet, honey?”

“What I want doesn’t matter but since you asked, Master, I’d love to be yours.”

I kissed her. “Great. So what’s your name, anyway?”

“My name was Rachel, Master, but you may name me whatever you wish, of course.”

“I think that’ll be fine, though I may decide to rename you later.”

I let her pick out a collar for herself. She knelt and I put it on her. She looked at herself in the mirror then threw her arms around my legs.

“Oh thank you, Master! It’s so pretty!!”

I also bought a leash and had the clerk engrave a tag for her collar. The clerk gave her some cheap clothes to wear out then I put the leash on her and led her out.

The girl behind the counter of the regular pet store smiled at me. “Have fun.”

“Oh I will!”

Now that the beautiful hermaphrodite was mine, bought and paid for, I couldn‘t wait to get home and play with her! I fumbled the locks open and pulled her inside and immediately started tearing her clothes off. I pushed her against the wall and started to ravage that perfect body. Her beautiful dick was rock-hard(as it always seemed to be) and she moaned and whimpered as my hands and tongue roamed her body.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

I put her on the bed on her hands and knees and got behind her. I slid my dick slowly into her hot, tight pussy. I kept one hand on her ass for balance and reached under her with the other to stroke her dick as I fucked her. Our balls slapped gently against each other.

“Oh Master! Fuck me harder!” She moaned.

She started thrusting her hips back against me. I pounded her hard as I pounded her dick just as hard.

I buried my dick all the way inside her and shot my load. Her dick spasmed in my hand and I knew she was pumping more of her hot girl cum onto the sheets.

I lay down and pulled her on top of me. Her wet dick rubbing against mine felt amazing. I pulled her forward and she slid back onto my cock again.

I lay back and let her do everything. She sat back and fondled her body as she rode me. She squeezed and caressed her breasts and balls but I didn’t let her touch her dick. I loved the way it slapped against my stomach as she bounced up and down on mine.

We both came and her bouncing dick sprayed hot cum over my chest and face. She never seemed to run out.

I scooped it up and sucked it off my fingers as I pulled her down next to me and put my arms around her. She cuddled against me. Her amazing cock was finally soft.

“I’m going to love it here, Master.” She sighed. “I’ll be the very best slave I can be. I promise.”

Life with Rachel was bliss. Incredible sex two or three times a day, a spotless house and delicious meals(She always puts her special “cream“ in my coffee.), and a beautiful, submissive hermaphrodite who lived to wait on me hand and foot. The paddle I’d shown her on the day I bought her would have been covered with dust if she wasn’t such a good housekeeper. I hadn’t needed to use it once.

Of course she was a pampered pet. I bought her lots of presents and let her go to salons and spas. I love to hold her and cuddle her and give her almost as many blowjobs as she gives me.

Everything was perfect. Until that day I came home from work early.

I walked around the house looking for her and eventually I heard moaning and creaking bedsprings. Rachel must be in bed masturbating. She’d be surprised and delighted that I was home to join her.

I was right outside the door when I heard a scream that definitely wasn’t Rachel.

“Oh Shit! My god that thing’s big!!”

I peaked around the corner and there was Rachel. Plunging her cock into the beautiful neighbor girl. I didn’t know if I was more hurt or angry or turned on.

“Turned on” won out and I peaked around the corner again. They were completely focused on each other so neither of them saw me. The neighbor, I think her name was Cindy, was blond and had huge breasts. They bounced against Rachel’s moderately sized breasts with every thrust. Her long, sexy legs wrapped tightly around my slave’s beautiful ass.

I pulled out my dick and started jerking off as I watched.

Rachel was really pounding her and she was loving it! I’d never seen her that aggressive. But then I’d never seen her with a woman. Cindy screamed and clawed at Rachel’s back as she came. Rachel buried her big, thick cock deep in the beautiful girl and I shot my load just as she must have been shooting hers.

I snuck out of the house and drove away.

I came home an hour later. Rachel greeted me at the door affectionately as ever but I pushed her away. I walked into the bedroom and she followed me.


The bed was neatly made. “Kneel.”

She quickly knelt in front of me. She knew she was in trouble.

“Is there anything you’d like to tell me, my pet?”

“I-no, M-master. Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?” She stared down at my shoes.

I grabbed her chin and jerked her head up to look me in the eye. “Should I be?”

“I-I Master, I’m so sorry!” She started to cry.

“Sorry for what?”

“I’ve b-been have sex w-with Cindy from next door.”

“How long?”

“For th-the last two weeks. It didn’t mean anything, Master. I love you! It’s just…just her pussy feels so good! She was just something to stick my dick into. I belong to you, Master! Only you!”

She tried to hug my legs but I moved away.

“She’s hot, huh?”

“Um, I-yes Master. She is. I guess.”

“If you’d just asked I would have let you fuck her all you want. Maybe we could have had a threesome with her. But I will not tolerate you fucking some little bimbo behind my back in my own bed and then lying about it!”

“Please forgive me, Master! It’ll never, never happen again, I swear!”

“I haven’t been nearly strict enough with you. Bring me the paddle!”

She scurried to the dresser on her knees, pulled the heavy leather paddle out of the bottom drawer, and brought it back.

I sat down on the bed and pulled her across my lap by the collar. Her dick was between my thighs and despite her predicament it started to get hard immediately.

I paddled her until her beautiful ass was bright red. I probably overdid it a bit. She sobbed and clutched at the blanket under me but didn’t move. She was determined to take her punishment like a good girl. Her cock was rock-hard between my legs.

“Stand up.”

She stood and I slapped that big, hard cock. “This is my cock. You don’t get to use it without my permission. Grab your balls.”

She wrapped her hand around her big balls. I went to the dresser and returned with a belt.

I swung the belt and brought it down on her big, beautiful cock. “Mine!”

She yelped but didn’t move and kept her hand protectively over her fragile testicles.

I hit her again. “You won’t forget that again, will you?”

“N-n-no M-master.” She whimpered.

I gave her several more whacks.

Her dick was covered with red welts. She was trembling all over and her long, dark hair hung in her face.

I brushed it out of her eyes and looked into her beautiful tear stained face. I couldn’t stay mad at her.

I sighed. “It’s okay, Rachel. I forgive you.”

She fell into my arms sobbing harder than she ever had during her punishment.

That was about a month ago. I didn’t think it was possible but since then Rachel’s been an even more perfect slave. It’s practically telepathic the way she anticipates my needs and desires and the sex is better than ever.

Now it was her birthday and I’d promised her a special surprise.

She squirmed in her seat. “Where are we going, Master? Please give me just a little hint!”

I reached over and stroked the bulge in her pants. “I know you need someplace to stick this besides my mouth so I’m buying you a pet. The kind that walks on two legs.”


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